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  1. Thank you The metal surface on the models looks very interesting. It's not hard to do this If you use high-quality colors. I use great colors Gunze SM01 and Gunze C008, which can be toned by adding a few drops of black or white. It is not necessary to apply glossy varnish. I presented the model Ki-61 on this forum (see this link below). It was my first experience with Gunze metal paints. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235030020-kobayashi%C2%B4s-kawasaki-ki-61-id-tei-red-24-tamiya-148/&tab=comments#comment-2883430
  2. Thank you so much. I really happy you like it. Mirek
  3. Nakajima Ki-44-II Hei 1/48 Hasegawa. Marking: 3rd Chutai, 246th Sentai, Taisho airfield, Osaka area 1944 Colour: Gunze C, H and Tamiya acrylics Accessories: PE parts Eduard, resin kokpit parts S.B.S., decals Revi and wet transfers MYK Design Added: rivets Thank you for watching :-)
  4. Thank you. I am not sure if the colours are correct or no, but I applied Tamiya acrylic colour XF-22 (RLM grey) and Gunze H 067 (RLM 65). Mirek
  5. Hi all This is my last finished project Eudard PP Bf 109E-3 1/48. I used resin parts Quickboost, gun barrels Master PL and masks with decals AML. The marking belongs to 3.J/88, pilot Hans Schmoller - Haldy. Thanks for looking Mirek
  6. To matt....yes, but only over the some places like Hinomaru, stripes, etc. Mirek
  7. Thank you all. I did not expect such a response and a positive feedback. Although it was my first experience with metallic color, the work was funny for me and I got another experiences in fanstatic hobby. The next project is Ki-44, of course in NMF
  8. Thank you James I used the Mr. Gunze SM01, which is absolutely user friendly. Mirek
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