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  1. Guys, while I do have some other kits running (or, honestly, just resting a bit), I'm turned into a cold war state of mind due to whatever reasons (maybe because of snow and dark weather here, so this city looks much like the dark and grey Vienna I remember from my childhood days in the seventies). So, to fulfill these dark desires I plan to work this gloomy mood of into the Kineti Starfighter I have in my stash. The starfighter is a plane that has always interested me a lot, not only because of it's pure design, also of course of it's twisted history especially in German service - I sti
  2. Thanks again for the review, I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. It's good that it's not only about kits and stuff here, but a little bit about background as well. I'm really looking forward to this one. (And yes, please do read: You're making a great job in running this forum. ) As I was raised in a part of Vienna that was part of the Soviet sector after the war, my mother could tell a lot of stories from that time, about the finest gentlemen among russian soldiers to real horror stories about rape and mere cruelty as well. Lucky us, my mothers family was not considered to b
  3. Many thanks for pointing this out, just ordered. While I imagine this being quite a valuable resource for Diorama builders of a rather rare topic, for me this is more the history lesson I guess it is meant to be, and I think it will give quite some impressions to match the stories my mother told me about this very period. She was about 7 when Russion army liberated Vienna. I guess for this it will not be the typical easy stuff for me to read, as I won't get more personally connected with WWII history than this very topic. Even in the preview I recognize some familiar streets, and I guess
  4. Did you call the XK8 a "soap bar"? Grrr....
  5. Sorry guys, this took me some time. Not only did I underestimate the closing of our first full fiscal year of our company, also my old Revell airbrush compressor finally deceased after long time suffering. As i wanted some more "professional" after the more toy-like Revell (which lasted more than 12 years, so no complaints), but didn't want to spent too much money (think Revell-range) it took me some time to find something second hand that fits. I don't have a picture of the compressor, but at least can show the change on the aibrush side. That's before:
  6. Guys, a bit late but definitely wanted to share and post this! When I ordered the Merit Duck this summer, I've added your bunch of usually Eduard stuff and masks around it - and this is how it arrived: Isn't that great? They all stuffed it in one box and wrote a small letter to it, reducing packaging material to the minimum with such a simple yet effective measure. Now, this means it is not your usual eco-friendly blubber as any company segregates nowadays, but an actual and effective measure they take. Though this seems a small gesture, it neve
  7. Hi Rob, welcome back again, and ejoy: you'll find a complete new world of modelling as it was way back then. And especially the Airfix Walrus is a great example of how things have changed. When I started modelling in the seventies myself, Airfix kits used to be some lumps in a blister bag, and now you really could build an work of art out of it. With all the joy and obstacles that lies in such enterprise... There might be a few new techniques to learn (at least i had to, compared to what I did way back then), some are easy and straight forward, like drypainting or preshading, some
  8. I've finished the preshade see-through masking on both the Camel as well as on the Strutter and here we go: The Camel, with a base layer of linen-ish cream, to have a contrast to the planned Brown-Grey struts preshading (the blueish drops are masking liquid, as you might guess): On the clear Roden Strutter kit, I thought it's a good idea to do only preshading the struts, and let the rest transparent, cause, hey, that's the desired effect, right? Semi-opaque, transparent, you name it. Guys, let me tell you this was the most pesty wo
  9. That's a bit of the issue - the builds one misses when he's doing a WIP. The skid is one thing, but the wires are the one that really scares me - it's Uschi's "almost-not-there"(means super thin) rigging wire, which is too thin for 1/48. But I've glued it in, so it stays. In the meantime there is some kind of a quite tedious late night work happening, almost finished for the see-through-preshading-masking on the Camel. Tomorrow's a good days for continuing on the Strutter...
  10. Also started prepainting the wings... This time I try a shine-through effect, which i haven't done before, so let's see how this will work our...
  11. Guys, many thanks for all the support and resources here - very much appreciated. Progress here is quite slowly, right now i happen not to find larger chunks of spare time than half an hour, so progress is limited, I'm afraid. So I just happened to smoothen the body halves up and down... The tailfeathers still hanging loose... This is one of the next steps after mounting the wings, to finish the tail and close the tail rigging.
  12. Servus aus Penzing, if I may add. It seems as if there are some guys from Austria round here! I'm sure you'll feel comfortable enjoy the builds and sometimes slight madness, which lies within...
  13. A night of thoroughly drying and a day of work helped to let it set, and it seems to hold: Also the uplifting of the seat seem to work, it looks to me like a proper height now: All dryfitting, still. But closing of the halves seems to be not that far away. Prior to closing I will mount the cables for the heck, rudder and elevators from the inside - and not to forget the tail skid!
  14. Yep, the panel mount looks kinda interesting engineered, but not field tested. For now, the small angle seem to hepl, but don't dare to take photos. Wish me luck that it hardens overnight (will smear some CA around anyway. Just in case).
  15. When in dry-ftting mode (this takes a lot of dry-fitting here), I've noticed that the seat sits very low in the fuselage, which looks not right. Not only it looks wrong, also the wicker seat disappears in the fuselage, and as this is such a cool piece I think I want to place it more prominently, so I think off adding some structure under it. And, as I'm already fiddling around with some plastic...
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