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  1. Very nice one, and what a tempting subject that is. I'm thinking about going for this one as well, as I do have a crush on those early "Flugapparate", and the strange subject of Austrian aviation in special. Also, the Taube has a very interesting story. That I live quite close to the TMW and just can jump over for checking some details helps as well, of course. But then again; the rigging! The tiny bitsies! I'm getting to old for this! But let's see., maybe once Mr. Jackson decides to offer an Etrich Taube, then there is no more stopping me! Grüße aus Penzing, G.
  2. Ah, yes - and someone who's quoting Pinky and the Brain, must be a good one. With a sense for slight madness, but definitely a good one...
  3. There should be a link on the 'here' in the first line. But what the ever, here it is... (Mind the start date, please...)
  4. Well thanks. And yes, it is quite big. Initially I thought of it as a biplane, can't be that big - but It did proof me wrong. Don't tell my wife, but there is a P38 of that scale in those piles hidden sommewhere...
  5. Very nice! I truly love these "reanimated" kits from days gone by and turned into little gems. Make me think of one or two of these old Matchbox Kits I have in my stash...
  6. John, many thanks, your comments were very appreciated. Hope I could motivate building your own stringbag a bit. It's fun and could be done in considerably less time than mine!
  7. Thats beautiful! I've found for 1/48 the fine EZ Line just - fine, whie I use the heavy on 1/32. Been just through a Swordfish as well, so I can consent to the state of being "overrigged"!
  8. And, adding some pictures of various random details... Many thanks and awaiting your kind remarks, greetings from Vienna, yours, Guenther
  9. After I finished my long-running build of Trumpeters Swordfish (those who are interested to follow it, can do so here) I'd like to post it here as well for you - my first RFI. A brief summary: Started in March 2015, initially planned to do it OOB, then decided to do the rigging with EZ Line thread, used Gaspatch metal turnbuckles, and added a Gaspatch Vickers K instead the basic one. Had a hiatus of almost four years due to moving to another flat, changing jobs, starting my own company, family troubles and solving them, and all those issues that come running along while living everydays life. I'm sure you know of these things and how builds can suddenly take longer... For the build: it went together well, the rigging was easier than expected (though the Gaspatch Turnbuckles definitely required some learning lessons and some new tools), and after all, it was a joy (not each and every moment, but in general: thumbs up for kit as well as upgrades). There are definitely some flaws and chances for imporvement, in it, but I'm pretty happy with the result... So, here are the pictures:
  10. Thanks Ian, went quite fast once I've reanimated her. There are definitely some flaws in it, but it's ok after all. I know about the method, creating turnbuckles out of thin wire, but honestly never tried by myself. I'm shying away a bit due to the extra work (and time) and these Gaspatch pieces look so tempting. But will see what I'll try on the next biplane. There are quit some in the stash...
  11. Ok, I guess it's finished. Maybe, as I sometimes do, I'll take her out and maybe do a bit of additional work (thinking e.g. of exhaust smoke stains on the undercarriage), but this is future work. Before I take some pictures for the RFI, I'll add some last pictures from the mess of my workbench (I've noticed that some are with the non-corrected aerial, so please forgive...)
  12. And here it is installed, front: and rear... Still not 100% perfect, but way better than before....
  13. Did I already show you how these turnbuckles come delivered: Yes, these are really tiny. Honestly it's easier to work with them than expected, but will I do an entire bird, think od an 1/48 Albatros with these? Is it worth the additional trouble? I can't really say right now...
  14. Ok, let's put this short: I wasn't happy with it. So, for another try - this time I didn't make a sling, but just pulled it throught the pinhole and glued it with CA: Btw; a tool I've found hugely helpful in applying CA in vey small doses is this quill (is this correct?): A bit of paint, cutting the protruding wire:
  15. Seems as if the tail wheel stands it's weight, and so the only job left is the aerial wire. I thought of trying out something on this, as an antenna wire usually is much thinner than the rigging wire, so I went for EZ's fine thread instead of the heavy one, I used for the rigging. But, I've also wanted to use another style of turnbuckle, also to give it a test; I've ordered some 1/48 sized in resin from Gaspatch as well, using them on my usual WWI 1/48 models in future. So, first question: will the fine EZ rigging wire find it's way through the pinhole? And; yes, they do! But (and there's a big "but" in it; this is so tiny, I doubt that these are hard to notice after all. I'd say it is about 2mm long, so... Also, I tried to create a real loop and wrap it around a few times - and this makes the wire almost thicker than the entire turnbuckle. Also, the CA reacts with the wire and "bends" it, so it will not turn out as a straight line. This is how it looks installed: Looks horrible, right? But it's so tiny, you almost don't notice from a bit of a distance... Hmmmm.....
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