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  1. Been of for a few days, and back to the workbench with some new enthusiasm I tried to do some dry-fitting. Well, it took me some time of sanding down all the flash - which at some parts look like it is meant to be a positioning edge - I'm at this stage: This looks rough, and there is something left to sand down, but the plastic is rather soft and bends easily into shape. But the overall look of an overall linen Strutter is already be there. Funny, how this quite rough lumps of styrene plastic parts are turning into a beautiful shape. So, it's sanding and not to forget - again - to mount the wires before glueing it together. I think I'll mount the base plate with the seat after closing the halves, before the upper part, for positioning reasons - based on the dryfitting it can be done and is easier to find the right place. Will be a bit different procedure frm what the manual suggests.
  2. And, here's the engine. Not perfect, but it doesn't fall off to the Camel's engine. In fact the engine part itself is more delicate on the Roden than on the Eduard. Interesting.
  3. Well, thanks again, but apart from my sleazyness when it comes to treat paint and brushes properly, I have no clue. Cheapest paint (Revell Tar and silver for drybrushing), dirty, not-taken-care-of brushes, and a dirty workbench - the secret recipe for this. Honestly, I'd try some time to get a proper burnt exhaust effect or copper wire, but I'm not there yet. (Yes, I could go for Alclad, but that would be easy.)
  4. ...and perfect pushrod material is the 6th/high e-string of an electric guitar. The string has the perfect diameter I'd say, thinner than the plastic piece and not flat, like the PE part, but round. And one needs some of them: The grand pushrod cutting jig (a hole in a plank, if it can't be seen properly),... Making those was rather easy, a bit of a ty and error on the length, but the third hole did work. Mounting them will require some work, too, I guess.
  5. Many thanks, to be honest this is an Eduard kit, so asking for much less of madness modellers skills than the strutter. I thought a nice little entry in working on the strutter again could be, well, like working on the engine. I mean, it's the engine, what could go wrong... Well, how's that for a start: But hey, there's a PE-part included, so off with the rods and on with the brass: Well, you bet: the hole in the middle of the brass piece is to narrow, so it sits to high on the crankcase: Opening up the hole? You see it after my attempts to do so. But I have an idea...
  6. After finally having closed the body, and finished the upper and lower wings, including the inspection windows and drilling the rigging holes (but minus the levers - to high the risk in breaking these before moving on) I have to justifiy this as a double build. But here''s a few impressions from the state so far: Now, on for something completely different, as someone once said - Strutter!
  7. Jupp, I guess it's just like that. Just a nice little trick or, do I dare to say, "showing off"? How modest I am today... Just bit of drybrushing and the frame is done, installed, on to the next...
  8. That said before you start the rigging, right? I hope your tentacle do sport some skillful spinning glands (is that the correct term?)...
  9. Yes, Stroh Rum - we have quite a supply with that! You get it in your local super market, even at you local gas station, literally everywhere. It's sold in 38%, 60%, or 80%. I know that it is technically possible to drink that stuff, but... That's why I go for Islays; the subtle taste, the mild finish, the reserved flavour... About the exclusion of the "almost"; I don't drink Schnaps. At least not on a voluntary basis. And I don't ski. So I might not be your typical Austrian. Prost, then! But here is more the big pangalactic gurgleurp the drink to sip, right?
  10. After fiddling around this and comparing it with pictures of the real thing, I'd say I skip the little feat with the pulleys. I'm sure it could be done, and may try this on another one, but here it would be a bit to much fuzz for only little effect. I think I concentrate on something that would be more visible and try to paint a proper frame around the window, this might make more an impact.
  11. And, right after the holiday, while still waiting for a proper kick in the backside the right stellar constellation for finally closing the fuselage, I thought I'd do a bit about the rudder wire pulleys in the inspection windows. First part of it went rather fine, the punch set I got for say 10,- € from somewhere round the web worked fine, and apart from I don't really know what diameter I used, as the lettering can't be seen (my guess 1.5mm) it worked fine. Here's a test pulley, dry fitted in the window recess: Yes, it's tiny! But apart from the the size, which hurts my wee eyes, no real problem. But, Eduard/Revell did modell the window glass as one part, fitting from the upper surface into the hole in the bottom. So placing the pulley piece between the upper and lower part is no option, simply because there is no upper or lower part. Of course the part fitting into the lower window could be sanded away, the pulley could be placed below the remaining upper half, the lower could be filled by some transparent resin, but I'm not sure. This was the part where the last build went bananas, and I'm extremely slow on this anyway. But otherwise, I don't know; would it add to the model? Or is this something that wouldn't be seen anyway? What do you think, guys?
  12. Aah, back from a few days abroad, in a little hideway with no intention to look at anything internet. Well, it *almost* did work... Well, thank you! Of course "steampunky" could only be understood in no way other than highest praise, and by all means I feel that this is not justified for this build. Nor the photographic skills, just a mobile cam and a shaky finger, randomly pressing the shutter button. But maybe that's my secret modelling super power, working the finest brush and most delicate colours like a dirty old mop splashing mud and dirt out of a latrine bucket over the model. Quite spot-on, I'd say.
  13. Since I saw this, I am looking for the right term. I don't get it; it's not really sexist, not really "unprofessional", nor "inapprobriate". Not like the Eduard ad recently, the one with the ME109, that was all of that, but this... Wait, give me a sec, it pops straight up now; Got it: it's CHEESY! That's the definition of it, cheesiness! I love their kits, but I don't consider myself a target audience for that ad. Nor anyone of this forum (it says "adult" somewhere)...
  14. I *almost* got it together... A few impressions, before I leave the workbench for a few days in an attempt of something people usually call "holidays"... I'm getting close...
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