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  1. The enlightenment of a booze-fuelled apocalyptic meltdown and what can happen when grown up man run free without legal guardian...
  2. Maybe excluding toddlers, as there might be a chance for saving them from this unspeakable insanity that has us earthlings, martians, venusians or venerable citizens of the old city of R'lyeh are infected with. Ftaghn, says the chief...
  3. I see, this thread has reached again a point where it simply fulfills a nationwide educational task. It should become mandatory for anyone above toddler age...
  4. Please keep on posting, and if you ever plan to release stuff for sale keep us (or at least me) informed. I'd love to work on that Sopwith(?) handle... Hopes are high...
  5. As a member of the expert group in the ongoing study, I can confirm that. So far we came to a point after excessive testing that, considering all opposing opinions alike, Stroh Rum slightly tastes better in some application scenarios. One use case we could agree on a larger scale is, that Stroh Rum has a slightly better finish than Russian Gas when used in "Jagatee" ("Hunters Tea"), which is considered by some to be the local equivalent of the Pangalactic Gargleblaster. But no definite outcome or decision so far.
  6. Gott zum Gru├če back, dear Sir and initial-sharing fellow-suspect. Aaah, Stroh Rum you prefer; the ultimate revenge of the Austrian Navy! I will roll over a barrel, of course, but be advised these are not allowed on Zeppelins or most other vehiclesbe them air-, sea-, or roadbound, due to not only t's alcohol content but also because of their it's high flammability. As well, if you had some of this in one of it's stronger incarnations (it is sold with up to 80%), one poor and innocent Hilfsmaschinist could easily etch a hole in the ground of the gondola or the hull, if he can't hold it any longer. It is said, that in a rather mounty region of Austria there once was a prison or K.u.K. Gefangenenkompanie near the small village of Lupitsch, not to far from the infamous Toplitzsee. There the residents had a drink which is now famous under the name of "Luppitscher", which is in it's very essence tea where you replace the water with Rum. Think of Stroh 80% and it is clear that you didn't need any fences there. Prost from Vienna!
  7. All the best and get well soon! I rely on the same treatment which seems to be weapon of choice on Mars; inhale a lot of paint fumes to confuse all those nasty little sickness-causing thingies. It even work sometimes (or I feel better for other reasons, so lighthearted, soft, relieved of this earthly burden...) Great progress, I must admit; raises the need for me to start on my own attempt. Which will stink off, of course, but hey...
  8. Membership of any kind will never be the same after Austin Powers...
  9. They shouldn't find out I invest in styrene and Britmodeller's Goldbars. Bitcoins is so 2015...
  10. Perfect - you've already established a beloved habit of this forum: making jokes about Austrians. But sis pipls reeli don't spik propa inglish! All the best from Vienna, Guenther (And another habit is making puns of fellow modellers as a show of appreciation. So, I'm totally fine, in case this wasn't clear. Other is, to be kind and welcoming. Oh, and to be slightly mad. That helps as well).
  11. Oh, I feel! Very! Honoured! This is, well, the term "Honour" doesn't reach by far not far enough, much more, I'm drunken of joy, just like when I had too much of that pangalactic gargleblaster recently... But of course, dear Martian Sir and, you, my venerated community of fellow-suspects, I will try and do this promotion justice and continue in misbehaving properly as well as furthermore emanate only the weirdest of remarks, whatever the subject may be! *TheAustrianNavySalutestoMars*
  12. I think, I have read about this deeper understanding of geometry before, where straight and parallel lines not only do meet in a distant point, but rather bend their parallelity and straightness to loops, strange knots and - after those psychedelic straws from the seventies have disappeared - things never been considered possible even by the flexiblest of the most flexible contortionist. Was it Lovecraft, maybe? Anyway, I suggest to name this geometry, this reaching-beyond-non-Euclidian-thinking, simply the "Martian Geometry". And I work on a thesis, that will be known as the "Cohibian Amendment". Uhm - Zeppelin? What Zeppelin?
  13. In one of my more clear moments I already got the idea,that this WIP is not one that follows the straightest of lines, all remarks solely aiming at the mere point of building a 1/350 model of an ancient airship. May I be correct, if I found myself noticing the slightest of deviation now and then?
  14. Sorry, been away a while, for some other cigar-shaped oddities (I've grown a strange favour of modern day submarines). I'm afraid I can't add to that. I have a newspaper from 1912 and a book from that time, concerning the Zeppelin-mission to Spitzbergen, but not anything specific about this period. I do have some period correct material on some later type jalopies though, so i one of your current builds involves the following: It covers the following types: I should have a look in some of my favourite antiquarian stores, this could be an interesting topic....
  15. I can hardly believe this is brushpainted - my own failure in achieving such a result made me get my first airbrush (and don't get there all the time, even with an airbrush. Great result!
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