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  1. Might it be the Revell incarnation of the P40E in 1/32? I remember having build this kit when I was a kid, and it having a lot of structure on it. Highlight for me was the possibility to retract the wheels, where I learned about the turn-mechanism of the P40 wheels. Me had the boxing with John Belushi on it, so I guess it was tight in the merchandise for Stephen Spielbergs "1941". Hope it's ok if I post the scalemate link here? https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/revell-4103-p-40-flying-tiger--941436 This was 79, but there have been other boxings earlier as well.
  2. Not really time for doing big things on the strutter, but starting to sort things. This will be not so much a straight build like the Camel's supposed to be - and we'll see, how straight it really will be - but leave more room for improvements. One thing might be the cockpit, or the dashboard, to be more precise. It's a mere plastic board with some PE part you can glue on: I guess one could get this into something with some wood decals and some drypainting, but I'd like to try something else: I am very curious about these,
  3. Not really high adventures here, but some very minor grinding - but a lot of - to bring the main body bards for the next steps together. I was honestly a bit surprised how much work it required to get here, not really Eduard-like. Especially on some parts there was some more work to be done due to offset issues, than expected. I mean, I don't believe that Revell has lesser quality control than Eduard, so maybe just some bad luck. And of course, nothing that can't be solved, but on these tiny parts it is a mayor thing. But we're here, here's some dry-fitting:
  4. No Les Paul, no Strat, not to mention Gretsches or Rickenbackers. Pheeew... (Kidding - these look great).
  5. Guys, I really can recommend these. I have another set of these in my stash, so I can throw them into the some say D.H.2 once I'm mad enough to do one. If you order some of these, better take a second one, as these are really reasonably priced and you won't pay more one logistics. I really like them. Only trade-off is, they do the cushions only in 1/32 and correctly without a cushion the belts wouldn't be correct.
  6. Couldn't help but redo it... I know I would have dreamed about it, if I didn't...
  7. Just minor steps in the meantime, not really worth posting, so I thought I let a few thing gather. Worked a bit on the interior pieces of the Camel, a few lines to add some structur in the inside and simulate the internal braces - after I managed to do so I found out I've made a mistake, as the bracing in the cockpit area would have been between each strut, not between each second strut, making the usual 45° angle like I know from the Albatrosses. But here it is so far, not sure if I leave it like that or redo it. What I worked on as well was the wicker sea
  8. I can't debate about any mistakes compared to the original, but the model definitely looks great. What scale is it? And how did you do the rivet lines - the usual trumpeter riveting wheel oder something more sophisticated?
  9. I'm running it since end of August, and while it really was a pain the backside in the beginning - it didn't start until I set up the entire PC again, tinkering around with drivers, then needed a new joystick - it's rather stable now. Also, the community seems to grow and quite some aftermarket sceneries are already available. Planes not that much, only an additional Mooney M20, so far, but my guess is there will be more soon. Sceneries are added rather fast, and in general the flightsim community seems to adopt it rather quickly. Helicopters are not available, but MS commited to a
  10. Hi Pat, the answer is, No, but Not yet. It still is here and just requires a severe kick in the lower parts (the builder, not the model). I plan to restart this in the more near future and finish it. I just need - see above... (Btw; this " 2 years later" button is new? Quite frustrating to see... Cheers, Guenther
  11. That's a great idea, I will definitely enjoy that. And what a topic; one of the maddest emanations of early aviation engineering, the Pushmi-Pullyu of Aviation, so to say. And of course, I will follow even on a longer amount of time... Don't need a seat, I sit on the stairs!
  12. It's a great build and turned out just fine, and as John just said the wrong number is a tribute to the Gods of Modelling Chaos, who will doom the next build after a totally perfect one. You've skipped this, be glad! As well as for the tire seams - wasn't that the season with Ferrari's infamous middle tire wear? So, it's totally fine, you've recreated that! Kidding, especially the paint looks great, you did a marvelous build.
  13. Feels like I'm among frieds here - so many Camels on the workbenches... Also thanks for the recommendation on "Duelling..." - just ordered, I found one on the bay. Cheap, but the postage was almost double the price. I haven't really decided on the scheme, but the USS Texas definitely look nice. But on to the build - I've worked on some parts on the Camel, and as it's Eduard, it's familiar homeground. I'd say in this class (one below WNW, but above ancients and stort runs) they pretty much defined the standard. Things go together easy, and one doesn't have to dig to
  14. I thought about getting this very book as well, but mainly for research reasons, but the reviews claimed it's more about focusing on the life of Tomas Sopwith - just as the title implies - and less on planes. So I'm still after some good literature for sources. There was a Schneider from Special Hobby, but currently they just have the Tabloid/Lebed. Which I am thinking about, but...
  15. Initially I wanted to start with the Strutter, to work on the more easy bit, but found that the sprues need a wash - the paint just didn't stick, so I being the liberated husband I am, I made some dishwashing... Yes, it's the one with the clear sprues - wouldn't have been my decision, but here we are. A few things I know already to add on - the Eduard PE set, which wasn't included in the Revell kit and some resin wicker seats from Baracuda: Aren't these true gems? I think these are the pieces I waited for
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