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  1. It's the putty and sanding part, that never seems to end. But let me predict; this will not turn out perfect...
  2. The clear parts are really the challenge here - large, warped, brittle, and fit is really poor, while the rest of the kit is rather good. It's a pain in the backside, to be clear about it. But I've started it, I'll finish it, and there has been obstacles... I've removed the clamp already and seems to hold. Whish me luck! Already doing the blaster part, where's not that much so see, will post pictures when there's a stage achieved.
  3. Not quite, it was more on the 2 hrs side, to put all the mask on the various pieces, but went rather well I must say. There are a lot of those tiny pieces - and a good set of tweezers is key - but once you've understood the logic behind the arrangement, it's rather easy. Eduard did a good job here. What is a real issue, though, is fit quality of the clear parts, especially of the large main canopy. It's rather warped, and does not really want to bend. Here's how it looks now: Major gaps. I tried first the usual poly fill, then went for gap filling CA, first without then with the help of some accelerator. Did pop open again. I give it a last try, after some cleaning and without accelerator, but with a different CA. Current state: Let's see how this works. But expect some work here anyway.
  4. This kit is about reviving childhood memories, and on thing I did when I was the kid - I guess around the same age when I first build the PK 401 - was doing jigsaw puzzles. Nothing overly complicated, some 500 parts maybe, but it could keep me busy for a sunday afternoon or so. And that's something that build here can do for me as well; spending an afternoon or to, with some unclear original pictures I try to recreate out of a large amount of tiny pieces that don't seem to fit in any means. Yes, I'm talking masking the canopy and other clear parts. Here the pieces: And of course I must admit that the Eduard masks are great and hugely time saving, compared if I cut all of these with a sharp knife on a wobbly vacu underground. I feel just better this way, especially if I look at anything build velocity.
  5. So, as I think I won't find that much time to invest in our glorious hobby in the near future, everything that saves a little time is welcome. This includes the standard canopy, as this fits so much better; Not to mention the addional work with the masking, as I have the Eduard Masks ready at hand. But in fact it is very foggy, so any advice and tricks how to improve this, would be much appreciated. I will polish it at least on the inside with 3200grid up, but I've often heard of something that's called "Future", being sort of a sealant, providing a glass-like surface? I'm afraid we don't have something like this here on the continent, and comparable stuff like Glänzer seems to be significantly different, so your advice is much appreciated. Or am I aiming in the totally different direction?
  6. Hmmm, seems to be the way for me to go as well, from my current state of mind. I guess I've got an idea how to use these, but will likely not use this in this kit. Also, here's where I would definitely "build as a kid"-path, so there's even an excuse for that.
  7. Many thanks for your remarks and support, but honestly I am not 100% sure if I will go this way on the Heinkel. Of course a bit due to the amount of work - which goes on quite good, better than expected - a fine and precise pair of scissor does the job. But I've noticed that the shape of the vacuform is rather different to the Matchbox shape (though I'm sure much more accurate). So it would require a lot of scratchbuilding to fit - especially at the front section, which needs to be cut open and replaced by the vacuform. This would destroy all the structures done so far, right now I'm not sure if I'm willing to go the way. In addition the mask I bought will not fit, as the shape is different - ah, I've already said. Haven't decided yet, but maybe I'll skip this and go on with the original sprues. Haven't decided yet.
  8. Hmmm, not happy, I think I give the cockpitwalls another round of filling and sanding. *sigh* Also, I finally started with the one piece I of work I really tried to procrastinate as long as possible. See: It's a first for me, so any hints, ideas, word of wisdom and encouragement are more than welcome. My guess so far is , this will not be my most favourable part of modelling...
  9. Back after some days off the bench, I sanded down the joint and added a bit of random structure on the closed part of the cockpit. As usual, no claim for any kind of accuracy, but oriented on the bigger brother from SH, which seems to be a fairly good model, btw. Just a bit too large for my limited space here. Here's the state so far: A few flaws though, which I might not 100% fix; most of all I did not manage to create an 100% even wall behind the frontgunners and the main cockpit, which I might just leave like it is and hope it's hidden behind the front parts. We'll see...
  10. True, I've seen much worse than that, and I think we all have (and I'm not necessarily talking strange short run kits). I must admit this might not be the most detailled kit out there, but fit quality is really good.
  11. Well, uuhm, I think this is the very way Murphy (with strong support from my own hands' clumsiness) did contribute to this. But the front floor panel being the only thing that fell off I'd say, this went out to be rather robust. I wouldn't have thought that. So, here's the state since yesterday evening, I'll keep it in this Schrödinger-like state for a little more while until I dare to take these off. But looking ok to me, these gaps (think of what i stuffed in there) look manageable. In the meantime I have noticed to have lost the decal sheet somewhere in the middle from moving around my various workplaces - contacted Revell already. Also, I found out the Propellers suffer some more serious mold issues, and as I didn't want to start major 3D corrections, I found myself on the Hannants page. No 1/72 He-115 resin propellers available, but ordered a set for the Ju 88 (look similar) and two sets for Ar-196 (same engine). And, a set of MG 15 as well. Oh, boy...
  12. Guys, many thanks for your support and compassion on this tragic loss. And yes, here in Austria we have the same zoo of part-swallowing monsters, or I think more of spontaneous black holes and worm tunnels of precisely the size of 1/72 thrust levers, rear view mirrors or floor panels. But not this time, armed with enough styrene to build an entire Graf Zeppelin Flugzeugträger in 1/72 and a totally new and dead sharp scribing tool, i stopped searching and made it on my own. Take this, carpet monster - go and rot in your strange dimension of lorn pieces of whatever scale you care to eat. You won't enjoy me crawling an hour for this, nor will I open the vacuum cleaner for this. Not this time! Here's the piece I scratched: This also makes the front gunners place finished and also shows all the parts of the main cockpit. Here's the rear cockpit, and the bulkhead with the rear instruments and some lines: Rear seat, with belts mounted: So, I'd call this finished. Next is to nail the pieces together, which I hope can be done with the usual amount of clamps, glue and tape. And then - yes, entering the new and exciting world of ruining vacuform canopies. But not today - for now, it's good night, and good luck, folks!
  13. Well, hopefully the Vacuform canopy will reveal at least a bit, apart from the option to build it open. That's the reason I got it, the original Matchbox part looks just like it hasn't been cleaned since the time it was first issued in the seventies. But I'm not there yet, so let's wait and see. Isn't that one reason we're here; to show the things we did to make parts look good before we close the thing? Also there is a spiritual part to our hobby, isn't it? To me, it just happened that I found Nirvana. It's right under my modelling desk, and it makes things disappear. I've made a awkward move, the bodyhalf with all the interiour pieces fell to the floor and the front gunners floor piece went off. And disappeared to some other dimension or wherever. But when I'm already into scratchbuilding, a small piece of plastic should do. But: oooomph!
  14. While good people doing their carwash on a sunday morning, lazy guys like me maybe find some time to do a bit of modelling, just after a long and relaxing breakfast with my wife. I bit of progress here and there, the rear section is starting to find shape, with the PE dashboards and floor panel installed... The white plank was a bit of an accident, when I removed the already installed rear bulkhead, so installed a new one, but yet have to paint it. Main cockpit with seat installed... Here's the seat with the belts... And here's another thing to be corrected; the rear seat structure is too wide, as it has to be mounted in the recesses of the wings (or at least I guess so). Initially I wanted to install it in there, but after some obviously not so precise dry-fitting I thought it would be too narrow, so I closed it. Well; it's not to narrow. Bending didn't work out, so I make a new base plate from styrene, and mount the cushion with the belts from the PE set. The upper, green piece ist the PE, the lower in white is the styrene base plate I'm just working on. The ugly green thing with the dials on it is the rear bulkhead to be installed, but I think I want to add at least 1 or two cables, just to give it some life. In general, you see this bits look rather crude, but 1.) as these are in 1/72 and really tiny, the zoom of the camera is quite merciless, and 2.) when installed these should do blend together, and most of the putty lumps or rough edges will disappear. At least I hope
  15. And some more tiny steps - a little progress in adding some PE prts in the front cockpit... As I've still some styrene strips and semis in the stash, I tinkered around in adding some random structures in the cockpit, and closing partly the inner wing sink (in the part left I think of adding the rear seat) ...and working on a floor panel, to give a bit of structure... As said before, nothing of this claims any histric accuracy, just tinkering around in some attempts, to add some life to the cockpit.
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