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  1. Note to myself - get a new scribing blade, before starting mine. This will need brute force. But your preshading does the job, really looking great. Apart from needing so much putty that it could be the work of a master mason, the strange imbalance between so many little parts and the crude surface is one of the things that kept me shying away from starting it. I will take this as a lesson in zen meditation.
  2. According to Flugrevue it's been the bolts that connected the tail with the mid section, and the same issue like in Sweden. I think this will be an option when I build mine. I mean, in "tail-off"-state...
  3. Let's say we have the most "peaceful" versions. I've heard it was configured by some "Zivildiener" (consciientious objectors, who do service in hospitals or the like) a few years back then. But let's go not in any discussion about this. But I've forgot that the SK60 is still in service as well. And the US are still operating some U2s, so maybe these are the oldest plane still in service?
  4. Had a meeting with some guys from the Austrian Defense Ministry recently, they claimed for themselves being famous for insisting on an OE version of everything as well. Btw, did we break the record for running the Draken the longest period of avtive duty for a jet fighter plane? Or with the 105 OE right now? And no, we didn't have B17. Well, at least not right now in active duty...
  5. I just received the DNModels masks today and will follow - but honestly have doubts I will reach out to this level!
  6. Wow, I must admit I've learned a lot and can't (and don't want to) compete with the experts on this topic. But I think some guys - like me - are lazy chaps and therefore in need of a somwhat easy and fast approach. So, what I'll usually due is identifying the sprues with the guns and give them a base coat of mostly Revell acrylic 06 Teerschwarz (don't know right how these are called in english) with the airbrush. Then, when detailling I give them a more or less intense dry brush with gun metal, and silver, and, after clearcoating, a wash with black. I once tinkered around and mixed some steel with a bit of Lufthansa blue and added a turn of dry brush with this as well. It looked not so bad for an experiment, but I don't do that regularily. Usually on smaller scales (and on more detailled models) this looks quite good for a fast approach.
  7. May I add at this place, how impressed I am by the immense collective wit, wisdom and education of this very community!
  8. But if we spinn this idea a bit further, it points maybe towards some kind of a radar equipped nightfighter, maybe a Beaufighter or Mosquito? As the secret weapon then was the Longbow, and in WWII was the radar?
  9. Yes, I agree it's moving towards a fighter. But, according to the symbolic power this might have, it has to be Spitfire. Maybe a Mc XIV? If we're spinning this further, time would be around June 44, so it could be available, making it one of their first appearences maybe?
  10. Got me on the edge of my seat! This is 1/72, right? Think I have to order that Mr. Color SM08 as well - I have a larger P38 to paint, my guess is this is quite consuming?
  11. After the christmas nostalgia has passed (at least most of it), I decided to go far a real plane, so this will be the early all red Richthofen Plane, 425/17, What I did the last days was mainly smaller bits, like opening the eyelets for the rigging on the tail: Before: After: This will definitely be lesser rigging as with many other biplanes, but this tail rigging might be quite a bit fiddly. Yesterday I finally did manage to close the body (which required some considerable force), and cleaned the joint between the two halves (which also took me a second round). Also I did some considerable amount of grinding and polishing (of which I took no pictures) and painted it in the custom red, I mixed: The red is Revell Carmine Red #36, which is matte, with about 5% black in it, wich makes a weathered brick red. I think this colour is more suitable than the usual bright red seen on most of the Richthofen Fokkers, and which just don't seem right to me, at least given the idea that this plane was really used in combat. For the Cowling and the upper fuselage, which is supposed to be made of metal, I used a different paint, a mix of Revell Fiery Red (who invents those names?) #31, gloss, which is a bit brighter (and glossy, of course), which I also darkened with black as well, to have approx. the same shade as the body. It still is a bit brighter than the body, but with the chipping and the washing (still to come, of course, after a layer of Alclad), this might be be just the right effect I wanted to achieve. Doesn't look to bad in dryfitting, at least to my eyes... Next I think I will complete the body, with the eyelets finished (the usual dark grey base with steel/silver drybrushing) and probably even finish with decals, before mounting the wings. Will see...
  12. In the meantime, some pilot figures have arrived (a pilot and his interest, to be precise...). Unfortunately, there a bit out of scale...
  13. Just a few last impressions before closing the body. Early dry fit looked a bit better than with all the bits mounted, but I hope for not any mayor troubles, or at least nothing our good friend C'n'A can't help about... May I lead your eyes to one little part that not comes with the (quite stuffed) kit - it's the little silvery box under the seat: It is a little magnet that I glue in a midsection of most of my WWI kits - I found it an easy way of mounting the model on a stand, or just fixing it for transport, e.g. It holds the weight of the kit quite easily:
  14. Now that took me a while to get! Honestly my wife did, I failed...
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