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  1. I've added some random pieces of styrene, mainly something that could look a bit of a cartridge chute (but doesn't have an exit hole), and a piece at the bottom one could interpret as something tank-ish. Not much, but guess will leave it like that. Not much can be seen anyway. What's more important that the dryfitting looks good, even with the additional pieces installed. Yay!
  2. I used them here as well, and one can clearly see that they are too big for this dashboard at least, and mounting the bezels wasn't possible as well. I have the Oeffag Albatros decals from Quinta studio and will use them on one of mine, and of course they look terrific. I really look forward to work with them. I guess it won't be that extra work to make a sheet with only some of those - would be a rather simple job, I guess, at least compared with some of his other decals.
  3. That is maybe my main source of inspiration, as not that much is available online (and hasn't been part of the WNW docu). I'm wondering how Mr. Jackson managed to gather all this information. Well, maybe he did have a time of travelling around, talking with old Junkers, Sopwith, DFW contemporary witnesses, and collecting old photos. Well, living the dream! I can't use that much, as the Roden kit has a bit of a different layout (but would definitely rather trust the WNW kit) and lazy me doesn't want to go scratchbuilding the WNW kit in 1/48. But what I did learn from , that for the fuselage only one piece of tin was used, so has to be considered in the shading.
  4. Looking at this, one really would like to wipe his hands clean from engine grease, grab a camp chair, open a bottle of red wine, some cheese and rest from working on the Deux Chevaux. I can almost hear the bees humming and smell the gasoline. I think that's the most atmospheric build I've seen for ages!
  5. Thanks. It was the mere minimum I had to do here - but just the naked plastic isn't, well, it simply is not an option. I'm thinking of suggesting to Alexandre from Quinta Studios to do some generic WWI dials and gauges. A few more parts installed... Must be the angle of the camera, as the seat turned out to be only slightly sloped, I think/hope it will not really be apparent once the fuselage is closed...
  6. That's what we love here at Britmodellers; madness obsession dedication based on knowledge! My own experience with the Lightning is only based on the Matchbox kits from my youth, when shirts where loud and trousers wide, and this was an epitome of British modern aviation to me. Got my inspiration fired up to do one again, the new Airfix molds look tempting.
  7. As this is meant to be a Mojo build for me (a term I just learned over at @(ex)Sgtrafman 's relaxed and beautiful Chipmunk build, I take my time with this. So I only managed to glue together the front pieces of the cockpit. Fit is good, in general, but a few parts have a rather significant offset, so I had to tweak them a bit to fall into place. But so far it's a rather stable joint and with a few part makes a nice little engine and cockpit section. I feel I will slide in a bit more styrene parts, maybe for a tank or cartridge slide, just to add some life it. Not to gain accuracy, what this build is definitely NOT about...
  8. ...I think you just invented the term "Mojo-Build" for something I guess we all been in and (hopefully) passed through with builds like this... All the best for the Chipmunk and, of course, the new job!
  9. And some first attempts in preshading with the basecoat. Here's the parts, unpainted, just a few leftover random stains from a dirty workbench... Masked... and painted; One part is missing, which is the top piece for which I bought a resin part from Karaya. Parts provided with the kit have parallel lines, while the original had convergent lines. Tbh, not that big of an issue, but as I bought the set for the exhaust, which had an already open end (something i usually mess up,) I thought I could use this as well. Let's see how long this will take.
  10. The seat. If anyone ever could tell me how to bend this f...oobar seat, I'd get wise, i guess. I used 89 - 90°C degree water, and it already started to neck (is that the correct term?) before it nearly got to be somewhat soft enough to be bend. So it broke. Pooh-pooh (or whatever would be the correct term to transscribe my rather heavy swear into this rather child-freindly forum). Snarf. Anyway; scraped it and got me some leftover PE wicker seat wannabe to mount. Here it is: Good enough for this /&%)/&% pile of styrene, I'd say.
  11. Oh - the Miskatonic expeditions Ford Trimotor! I read your WiP way back then, but following another aspect - I was researching which plane Lovecraft (most likely) meant the expedition used by Peabody-Dyer. I play in Team Wal, as far as this one is concerned. But this is a larger discussion I don't want to open here for now. But, consequently the model I want to apply my - hopefully new and soon working- technique is Amodels 1/72 Wal, which I want to modify to fit the purpose of the Miskatonic expedition. I love to add some little Lovecraft easter eggs in my builds. Fthagn! But for now; back to the Junkers!
  12. What does look quite good is the engine; two options are provided, for the BMW and the Daimler engine. This is, I think, the daimler one: That's fine enough if you want to keep it ootb or is a good base for super detailing it (which I won't here).
  13. While pondering about the finish, I'm still stuck at the interior, which is rather basic. I already painted it in some dark grey and will probably add some more drybrushing, and some parts will be added, but this will not be an overly crowded cockpit. Fine with me, let's keep it easy. Two things, tough; first - the dashboard has no dials, decals, whatever, and I think there has to be something done about that. I'm a bit of a dashboard fetishist. Second; the seat consist of two parts, where as the back has to be bend in shape. Spoiler alert; it did break. Alternative needs to be found. But here's for the dashboard: I have some WWI dials and gauges, which I randomly spread across it. It's not perfect, but adds a little life and will be covered in the cockpit, so it's fine with me.
  14. Honestly, that looks terrific. What powder did you use here? And how did you fix it? That's nothing I did before, but looks very promising. I think of experiment with some structure in the base coat, and/or maybe different aeras with various Alclad colours, i.e. Semi Matt Aluminium, White Aluminium, like that.
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