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  1. I really just need to start. But for an initial step it is a little too big for a workpackage with which I usually start my builds. It's usually a small first step, which lurks me into a build... Did I mention already that I'm quite a lazy guy? Hmmm. Myself I only do that in other WIPs, soo...
  2. As I build most in 1/48 (WWI almost exclusively, except for some 1/32 leftovers and, of course, airships) this would be the option. And, knowing my current velocitity in this, I guess this is a thing for my retirement. So don't expect a WIP here too soon... Looks just the part, just like the Life Color Stone Grey (I guess, can't really remember) I usually use. But can't really say how much the HGW decals will add in colour.
  3. Initially, I thought the same. But here, on this old kit which lacks details, build ootb, it doesn't really matter that much and, as @Erik Leijdens said, this Low Key setup definitely adds to the topic. Especially that upfront picture is amazing. Great example what an outstanding paintjob and overall execution can do to even a basic kit.
  4. Only little process, just glueing ridiculously tiny parts (mostly with CA due to the plastic being covered with decal) in the DVs cockpit. I call it a day...
  5. And the Chicken Tikka Masala I had last friday? Not from any earthly born chicken, I'm sure!
  6. It truly is. I need to ask if there's a chance for a factory visit (it's only 100km away from Vienna and would be definitely worth the drive).
  7. Well, yes, and including some other thing of rather less exciting nature, they call it "daily work". Horrible - don't bother with that. It's a disgrace! I don't know why almost everyone seems to do that on our little yet weird ball in space. I felt too much of that pressure from strange extraterrestrial tentacles reaching out, forcing me to start working on German Luftschiffs (and while not actually in person, than in the urge to follow the standard you showed in your build). Honestly, I thought about starting it some time, but still shying away from the initial scribing of the chamber segments. Too much thinking of it, but too little action. Hmmm, I have to learn a lot, I see. I would have thought of Albatrix, or Albatricces being possible as plural form as well, but Albatri didn't came to my mind. Thanks for clarification, sir. I wasn't aware of that - I have a CIII from Special Hobby in my stash, but no DII or CIX on my radar. I'd love to have a BII, to rebuild the one in our Vienna HGM, but there seems to be nothing available for that (but no real research has been done). Thank you, sir! I'm quite good in messing thing, so an oil stained interior, quite runs up my alley. Thank you, looks good. I guess I take WNWs page of their 1/32 Kissenberth machine for research, and for the 253 Oeffag there is something rather amazing, and a reason I choose this: Craftlab Albatros More of this here, but beware, it will kill some of your time. https://www.craftlab.at/fliegen-albatros-d3
  8. I prepared a few more piece with different base colour. (sorry for the poor quality, I just had my smartphone in my poorly lit workbench at hand) I used a similar brown on the front (upper, with the cartridge case) bulkhead, which had almost the same effect, as well as the engine mount, the upper right part, on which I tried to create a oil-stained look from the Daimler engine. On the aft bulkhead as well as the floor plank (with the instrument on it) I used a combination of brown and light grey which turned out much better and shows the beautiful effect of the wood grain decals.
  9. Tell me about it; this can become quite an addiction! Further plans are to build about 4 Oeffag Albatrosses, of each the mayor Austrian aces - and some Phoenixes. And a Lloyd. And that's only the Austrian types... But back to this mountaineer-inspired build; I already worked on the inside of the DV, trying the new-to-me "Ronny-Bar" decals. And thoug I used the "Pale"-decals rather than the "Rich" ones pictured about, it turned out that the base colour I used, a shade of some light woodish brown, turned out to be to "reddish", like some politicians skin. I will not mind, it looks ok-ish and will be hidden inside anyway, but it wasn't the effect I was looking for. The engine department will not receive a further treatment, I'm simlpy to lazy for that. Hence I also didn't work on the pin marks - they won't be seen...
  10. Above I said something about "usual playground", but it will include some firsts for me. I will use some of Uschi's wood grain decals, but this is no news for me. This time it's the Ronny Bar edition, which I never used before and which have a more distinct wood grain, but I guess otherwise these are as easy to handle as the other types. Maybe a bit different use of base colour, a bit lighter due to the stronger grain, I would say, but that's no rocket science. But I also got me some specifically decals for the Oeffag from HGW, which I only used once before - and found them quite difficult to handle as they easily tear and break. But what's life without a challenge. Another first, but one I'm looking forward to, is some Quinta Studio 3D decals for cockpit, which also includes some parts for the exteriour fuselage as well. I'm quite curious about these, as I always wanted to try them. Here's the extras: The others are the included PE parts for both Eduards kits, I will use a mix of EZ line and Uschi's rigging thread, and, knowing myself, will find myself on the Gaspatch page at some point during this build.
  11. After some time where I spend only limited time here, just adding some unqualified posts here and there on some fellow BM's builds (sorry guys), I thought I start something on my own again. So, please feel invited to pay me back and drop your load of happy nonsense here... I don't know, though if this will tick anyones boxes; I felt like entering some more familiar ground again and do something in my homeground of biplanes in quarterscale - and, by using plural in the title, you might have guessed it will be a double build. I messed it up the last time and failed on the Camel, so why not do it again and wreck twice at one. Anyway, it's something I have in my stash and planned for quite some time now, building two variants of the famous WWI fighter, the DV from the Berlin based Albatros Flugzugwerke and the Oeffag license build DIII from the second 253 series. Both models are based on Eduard kits, one the standard Profiback, which I think is still available, and the other from the "Viribus Unitis" boxing, which I think was a limited series. The DV will be Otto Kissenberths famous black Edelweiss 2263/17, and the DIII will be Fiala von Fernbruggs 253.24. These variants, as pictured in the - as usual quite good - Eduard instructions: I try to build the Dv a bot more weathered than usual, while on the Oeffag I will put my emphasis on textures; the wood from the fuselage, the linen on the wings, the metal cowling and fuselage applications. So, if you feel this might be your cup of tea, grab a wicker seat out in the airfield, don't be afraid of oil stains from the Daimler engines and have a Schnaps. An guadn, as the bavarians say!
  12. Will follow here as well, I promise not to disturb this build too much (but I cant promise that I will keep this promise). Ihave the 1/48 Hobby Boss in my stash, will be a much more average build than your attempt. But at least some background information we probably can share. And of course this is the OTHER available livery of this little jalopy which I will NOT build mine in. One of the very rare chance to build something of a patriotic topic, innit? Unfortunately this is the first part where I cannot help, thoughI thought I could. I remembered that I took some pictures recently, but it didn't reveal anything from the inside of the wells. We have a J29 standing around here in Vienna - I do have the chance and drop by, so can make some pictures now and then.
  13. It's been so long that I worked on it, so I honestly can't remember if there where any turnbuckles visible outside. By the time I was working on it, say some seven years ago, most likely I didn't consider turnbuckles at all. I will do some research when I start it again, and of course only apply where it makes sense. ( A quick look at Dixie II does show some, but not sure if this is correct for the original plane as well.)
  14. Interesting thread, as it's topic changed over it's long run. When still active, I bought two, and at that time these where absolute value for the money; 69,- $ incl. Shipping to Austria from New Zealand for the Sopwith Tripe in 2014, and the same price for an Albatros DV a year later. I started to build the Tripe, which at one point paused, and never started the Albatros. I will definitely continue with the Triplane, but add turnbuckles despite their recommendation. The build was a joy, as far as I went. You definitely can build a great model with average work and skills and a true museum piece with just a little extra effort, that's what made them stand out. And they really raised the standard in research and material provided. Would I buy old stock for, I don't know, 200,- € plus? I don't know, honestly, as I switched mostly to 1/48 - smaller models, faster builds, bigger range of topics, but as Paul said: is sometimes a drag - I failed on some at this very stage. Are they worth it? Not me to judge, but I think these have been simply the best engineered, well researched and most lovingly created kits available. A bit like a Hiro kit - something in a different class. I you want the best in 1/32 biplanes, I'd say yes, they are worth it. But one has to decide for himself. To me the question is, are there any heir to the throne in sight, to fill the gap? Well, things have changed, and there are some silver linings in this field. Think of Gaspatch, maybe not as far as the wide range is concerned, but I have their Salmson in 1/48 in my stash, which shows a similar quality - though I haven't started to build one. But it's just so a lovely executed created and presented kit and looks very well engineered. And in 1/48 it ticks my box. I never had a CSM, but would love to test one. Heard good things as well. What I've heard about the new Roden Spad is very good as well (the old one wasn't definitely anywhere close to WNW quality), and let's see what's next wo come. Will Meng continue to work on this field? ICM has a few interesting Biplanes from the interwar period, maybe they will step in WWI as well? Let's see what's coming up, but even though WNW has left the market, they definitely did spark this field.
  15. That's where my hope goes; some new sprues for the engines, as on the 321neo these are quite nice. But let's wait and see...
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