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  1. Paul amazing work. I love all the little details. My great uncle was General Sir John Hackett who had a little run in at Arnhem and told me some of his stories when I was a kid. Your dio brought a lot of these back. Thank you. Dave
  2. Great work Eva. Lovely finish. Welcome to BM.
  3. I have no idea what I will build but count me in.
  4. Cheers Pat. I might have a few more palm trees somewhere! Thanks Ian. Looking forward to seeing how finish yours off
  5. Thanks Chris and appreciate all the comments. Dave
  6. Thanks Adrian. Much appreciated. Kind regards Dave
  7. Thanks Derek. I am not an armour guy either. This one was pure nostalgia but really good fun nevertheless. Dave
  8. Apologies I have a bit of a session last night and forgot to take any pictures. Anyway everything went together nicely. The only issue was my own stupidity. I was using a rattle can undercoat. I must have forgot to shake it enough because on one pass it left a grainy finish. Anyway I polished out most and the residual looks like wear and tear to me.... As always all comments welcome. Dave
  9. Hull and part of the top of the Wespe are together. There really aren't that many parts! I have hollowed out the barrel but otherwise its OTB. Dave
  10. I take full responsibility Chris and if you really don't enjoy the experience will even cover the cost of the purchase!
  11. And I am calling the base finished… and have also made progress on the figures… cheers Dave
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