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  1. So the new AK Interactive 3G paints arrived Friday and I found some time yesterday to have a play. Very nice indeed. Sprayed neatly but need to pay around with the settings a bit more. Ended up with this. I hope I got the greens and the beige/grey the right way round Quite happy. Now for some varnish and decals. Dave
  2. Cheers Marklo and good luck with the resolutions. I have made a clear distinction to myself that buying kits is against the rules but equipment and consumables are all good...probably why my work desk now has a load of new tools on it!
  3. Sorry to hear that Steve. Happens to us all. Dave
  4. Thanks Looking forwards to it. Thanks James. It certainly looks slightly more straightforward…..but then we have the resin!
  5. On a trip a few years ago on a trip I visited a LMS and picked this up. I wasn't actually looking to buy this or indeed any other kit but I kinda feel a modeller is honour bound to buy something when you visit a LMS especially when it is off the beaten track. Anyway this jumped out at me because I like 190s and like Eduard kits...I also wanted to revisit an Eduard 190 because of a disastrous experience the previous time. I now know that early Eduard 1/48 190s were slightly over engineered...hence my epic fail. This appears to be a newer release so I might not make a pigs ear of it! The eagle eyed amongst you may note that I already have a GB in The Salty Sea Dog GB....well two of my New Years Resolutions were: 1. Enter as many GBs as possible...NB this doesnt necessarily mean finish them all 2. To try and streamline the stash by not buying new kits unless I absolutely "have" to Anyway onto the sprues: Thinking of this scheme. Fw 190A-5/U3, W. Nr. 0150 1437, flown by Ofw Johannsen, 7./SchG. 2, Catania, Sicily, July 1943 After capturing Catania and the nearby airport by British XIII. Corps on August 5th, 1943, this aircraft was discovered on the airbase. Two days ago, Ofw. Johannsen had landed it here due to the engine troubles, the following day the airplane was damaged by Allied aircraft attacking the airport. The aircraft operating with the attack units were marked with the letters as opposed to the fighter units which marked their airplanes with numbers. The letter “O” in yellow, indicating 7. Staffel, was accompanied by the yellow color of the vertical stabilizer and rudder indicating I. and II. Gruppe SchG. 2. On the engine cowling the aircraft carried the II./SchG. 2 insignia – Mickey Mouse sitting on the bomb and holding an ax in the hand. It used the a resin cowling from the kit. Which is lovely but resin always scares me! As always all comments welcome. Dave
  6. Thanks Tony. It is a lovely kit. Thank you again for the donation. Dave
  7. Made some good progress over the weekend…well for me anyway! Kate on the left and the wings have been undercoated. Kate on the right is still in progress. Am going to pause there for a couple of days. Realised I didn’t have all the colours I needed so have splashed out on these to give them a try… https://ak-interactive.com/product/wwii-ijn-aircraft-colors/ Have heard good things and love trying out new modelling gear . Cheers Dave
  8. John you have just jogged my memory and I think I also picked the original kits at the Works!
  9. Another week another dollar...or pound...but maybe not much modelling time. I have made a start on Kate No.2. As you will see the wings have been sliced...very easily. I also decided the build the cockpit completely before painting by airbrush. Might be easier that the previously approach. Dave
  10. Either way you are a gentleman…let’s see where the build gets to.
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