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  1. Thanks Col. I have a stupid work schedule over the next month (and I also have signed up for a meteor) but wanted to join in here as well. Dave
  2. Sorry if this is a stupid questions but would the Vasteras air show scheme count as a special scheme. It’s the on,y thing I can find in the stash that’s close 🫣
  3. Thanks Steve. Your F104 looks fab. Anymore updates?
  4. Not sure what Hastings duties are MM but I think you know what I meant
  5. Ok back for 5 days and had a final push to finish my F104. And here she is… All in all an enjoyable build and a nice little kit. Thank you everyone for your comments and reactions. Cheers Dave
  6. Cheers MM. Didn’t get to see anything in person but did do a fair bit of “research”
  7. Double snap but mine was my prized 70/80s Star Wars toy collection…have never recovered
  8. So I have gone on holiday and for the first time in 3 years we have gone abroad to lovely Portugal. Whilst I am loving the sun, sea, sand etc I realise that one massive bonus of holidaying in the Uk for the last 3 years has been the ability to take some modelling with me. I reckon I have done 50% of my years modelling whilst on hols over the last 3 years. Anyway I don’t have any models with me and a quick Google didn’t find any shops nearby so I am spending more time than I should on certain model shop sites and Britmoddler . I have also realised I have a couple of unlisted photos. This is where I have got to. I will hopefully get to thE decals very shortly on my return. Cheers for looking. D
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