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  1. Hi Alistair Thanks for your post and good luck with your build. I did put some pins in the front strut of the floats but otherwise it was tamiya extra thin and superglue. Onwards to the painting. Cheers Dave
  2. Getting this far (and it looking almost symmetrical) with butt joints aplenty is probably the trickiest modelling I have ever done. I have come close to chucking it in the bin a couple of times in the last 24 hours... Cheers Dave
  3. Getting their slowly but surely. Built a rig out of my sons Lego to help line up the wings. Cheers Dave
  4. A couple of pics of the cockpit. Fairly basic. Cheers Dave
  5. Pete Thank you very much for your post. As someone who has been regularly confused on the issue of the "correct colour" debate it is really helpful to have posts like yours. You may not claim to be an expert but input such as yours is invaluable. I have, after some thought, decided to go with my colour scheme and paint combo. It may be wrong but hey the reality is (a) it is unlikely anyone can prove it one way or another, (b) the kit manufacturer and the paint manufacturer suggest this is the correct colour and I think (possibly erroneously) that I should give some credence to their skills, and potentially most importantly (c) I build models because I enjoy it and enjoy the end result. If the colour is a slight hue off then of course I would prefer I was not in the wrong BUT it doesn't detract from the enjoyment factor....at least in my book. D
  6. Ok I will give you that one S. I have a spare carving knife if that would help....
  7. Looks fun. Never seen one of these before. Dave
  8. I have made a start on the cockpit. It doesn't look much but will mostly be hidden anyway. I have sprayed it with a coat of the new Vallejo Model Air RLM63 (shading and highlighting to follow)...now to light the touch paper. The cover art and various other models I have looked at online have this aircraft as a kind of light grey. Others however suggest a green grey as per RLM63. I am aware of the ongoing discussion re RLM63 vs RLM02 but also note that the Mr Color call out on the Special Hobby instructions whilst staled as RLM 63 also looks very grey when I look online. Anyway I appreciate that there is probably no definitive answer and in any event I am going with Vallejo unless people say I am mad.... Dave
  9. OK so a few sprue shots... Them be rather large gates and quite a bite of flash....out with the nippers and the sanding sticks....
  10. Thanks Jaime I will do my best. I think it might be "challenging".... That is an excellent comparison.
  11. It would be great to have another He51B-2(W) in the GB...
  12. Cheers Doc I couldn't agree more. Are you sure we can’t persuade you to break out the Hasegawa kit?
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