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  1. Sending you all our best for a speedy return to a degree of normality….and access to CA!
  2. Thanks Wes. Never made it to the Falklands. Did end up in Argentina in 2007 on the 25 anniversary of the war which was “interesting”. So far the build experience has involved injection marks, vaguely fitting parts and flash….Eduard it is not. Still that’s half the fun of modelling.
  3. Off to a cracking start Paul. Looks good.
  4. After the abortive start that was the Mirage F1C (I didn't actually start just realised I didn't have all the bits) I have rooted through the stash and found this I have a particular interest in Argentinian planes and so will be building one of those schemes. I seemed to recall some fit issues but lets see. As always comments very welcome. Dave
  5. Bad news is that I am missing quite a few parts…good news is that I think I have enough of the bits to complete an airframe minus weapons….right I will stop highjacking your tread now Dave. Will follow with interest.
  6. Thanks Dave. Slight problem here. Opened up the kit and it’s missing quite a few parts. Very odd. Good luck with your build.
  7. Great choice Dave and exactly what I just liberated from the stash. Mind if I do the Tiger Meet scheme? Dave
  8. I can’t remember if I signed up for this one Wes but I certainly meant to. Will raid the stash later and see what I can find.
  9. Made a bit of progress…. But we may have a slight problem. Looks like the carpet monster may have got one of the undercarriage stuts. It’s not on the sprue and I can’t find it anywhere. Doh. If I can’t find it then this one is going to stall. Dave
  10. Off for half terms seeing the in laws for the first in ages but will definitely be in for this one. Have a couple of Eduards in the stash. D
  11. Nothing like raiding your son's lego box....
  12. Thanks Stix Thanks. It is going to be fun. Whether she ends up a looker is another matter
  13. Some progress. All of the cockpit components are done. There is some lovely detail there but as is so often the case it is all going to disappear once the fuselage is closed up and the canopy on. Never mind, as the old saying goes "I'll know its there". Cheers Dave
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