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  1. Cheers Col. Nothing that won’t heal but I won’t be skiing this week...stupid, stupid....still silver lining and all that means I will have a bit of modelling time...will be minimalist work as I literally have 4 paints, a scalpel, glue and a file...
  2. Gone away for a cheeky skiing holiday and as a last minute thought threw a kit and some basic tools into the case....good thing too as I managed to smash myself up on the third run and spent the rest of the day in hospital . Anyway my question is whether an Eduard Mig 15bis from Jag 11 in East Germany in 1956 qualified for this GB. The reason I ask is that the Eduard blurb refers to Jag 11 as a training unit. If so am I outside the scope of this build? Col word of wisdom please. Very relaxed if the answer is no.
  3. Thanks Col Its was a busy weekend and Sod’s law I have done pretty much nothing since then! A small update to follow. D Thank you my friend it is certainly on its way...
  4. Why is it some builds take ages to get going and others just throw the selves together....this one has been one of the latter but that may be because Mrs K and kids have been out and about for quite a few hours this weekend. So this is what has happened...sorry for the lack of photos...I kinda got caught up in the build. Everything went together fairly smoothly but as other have commentated the wing joint is a bit of a pig and I didn’t get as smooth a joint as I would have liked. Dave
  5. Thanks John. Have certainly had a fun build so far. Dave
  6. Cheers Wez That thread is really helpful. I found the wing joint a bit of a pain and it’s nice to see someone else had the same iss. Dave Cheers Colin. I have always had a soft spot of a Vampire...probably why I ended up with this one in the stash! Dave
  7. We have a Venom in the GB so how about a Vampire as well? I have just finished a tank like thing over in the Panzer IV GB and so would like to throw my hat in the ring on this one. I didn’t have much in the stash that would qualify but this one was lurking at the bottom of a box of goodies. I believe it’s the Special Hobbey plastic from 2014. I am going to go for Vampire VZ180:F of No.605 (County of Warwick) Squadron RAF Gibraltar 1955-56. I assume that qualifies. Usual spruce shots... Cheers for looking. Dave
  8. Davek72

    Wirbelwind (the little one)

    Thanks Ozzy
  9. Davek72

    Wirbelwind (the little one)

    And after th addition of the barrels and a bit of weathering (not enough?!?!) I am calling this one done.... As always all comments very welcome. Cheers Dave
  10. Davek72

    Wirbelwind (the little one)

    Cheers. I really like it. Dave
  11. Davek72

    Wirbelwind (the big one)

    Hi Stix Sorry work has impacted badly on modelling time and I have lost a bit of mojo. I have done a bit more on this one....photos to follow...but even more on the “little one”. Just about to post on that one. Dave
  12. Davek72

    Quarter Scale Panzer

    Looking v good. Dave
  13. Davek72

    Wirbelwind (the little one)

    Sorry for the lack of communication...work has been hectic. Dave
  14. Davek72

    Wirbelwind (the little one)

    A very belated Happy New Year to you too. Sorry for the radio silence. Dave Cheers Stix
  15. Davek72

    Wirbelwind (the little one)

    Thanks it’s been a lovely kit. The RB barrels arrived yesterday and look lovely. On the small side... Dave