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  1. Hi Steve i picked up some of the GW paints as I had been meaning to try them out for other things. The washes in particular are great. I have the specific paint combos written down somewhere if you would like be to post them. D
  2. I used to paint figures about 25 years ago and then stopped. Since getting back into modelling I have mainly been making planes. However my son is now 7 and has started wanting to play Warhammer 40k. I couldn’t resist having a go at painting a few Pox Eaters from the starter set. All feedback my appreciated. Dave
  3. Amazing work. Love them all but especially the splinter scheme.
  4. Really lovely build. Love the colour scheme.
  5. Good to know. I have one of these as well. At one time I had an idea to build every mig I could lay my hands on...haven’t gotten very far. Great build.
  6. Like it always been fond of this aircraft. Lovely build.
  7. Very cool. Have been looking at a rein printer myself. Which one have you got?
  8. Thank you very much. It has been a fun build.
  9. Where has the time gone? I have managed to do some modelling these last couple of weeks but not much posting. This is where I got to on the pilot. Apologies for no more build photos but this is the finished article. Had a few hiccups on the way but I am moderately pleased. Thanks for looking. Dave
  10. OK I am calling this one done. Had another varnish issue but this time with the matt varnish which flogged a bit on the engine cowl. Thanks for looking. Dave
  11. Very touching intro Dave. I am sorry for your loss and that of everyone else in the group who lost someone far too young. Looking forward to following this one. Dave
  12. I think you are right. What do you prefer to use?
  13. Ok made quite good progress yesterday and then had a bit of disaster. First the progress: I was quite happy with how everything was looking. I recently purchased this: The varnish not the beer...although I did also recently purchase the beer as well. I use Vallejo paints (both Model Colour and Model Air) and have used the bottled varnish before but not the rattle can. The vanish went on well and after about an hour (well it did say it was fast drying) I thought we were ready for the decals. The varnish felt touch dry. Anyway whether it was the varnish or the decals or potentially the settling solutions (Microfix) or how they interacted I don't know but the decals once down would only move a tiny bit and only for about 10 seconds. I got most of them right but the main fuselage decal on the left side went slightly off. When I tried to adjust it the bloody thing broke. Managed to get it back together but it is still out of place. Looks ok from the side: But not so good from on top: Bugger. I am using the same varnish on the 1/48 Spit so will leave it 24 hours to dry before doing anything. Grrrr Dave PS more settling solution has got the roundels nice and settled now.
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