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  1. Count me in…absolutely no idea what with.
  2. Ok so work has been manic but I did manage some bench time....what I was less good was taking any photos!!! So I am calling this one finished. Sorry for the quality of the photos. In the photos it doesnt look like the matt varnish worked very well but it looks much more satin in real like. As always all comments welcome. Kind regards David
  3. I will finish a GB, I will finish a GB, I will finish a GB.... Work has been manic and the mojo has been lacking. Covid in September didn't help either. I may still finish my French Fancy Mirage but will need to find some replacement parts after the carpet monster ate a few. Anyway didn't have anything in the stash for this one but a quick order to Hannants produced this: Looks very nice. A little flash but nothing serious and the engraving is very fine. Relatively low parts count (well it is 1/144) so hopefully will go together quickly. The above photos were taken at about 9am yesterday (Saturday). I decided to treat this a little like a blitzbuild and managed to set aside about 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday to do this. That's as far as I have got tonight. I have really enjoyed the build so far. Unfortunately I discovered on Saturday that I don't have quite the right paint colours to hand and so another order has been placed. As a result it will be a few days before the next update. As always all comments welcome. Cheers Dave
  4. Thanks that it interesting. I was wondering about missiles.
  5. Afternoon all. A bit more progress on this. First up I masked and painted it using the Hataka Argentinian paint set. The paint went on well but the blue colour was too light when compared to the suggested blue and the only photo I could find of this airframe which at the follow webpage (sorry I couldn't make it appear as a link). Photobucket | 336646_257093970996893_100000888753975_792487_541324635_o.jpg So after some consideration I made a filter and using a couple of layers ended up with this to which the decals were added. Cheers David
  6. Cliff Can I ask for adjudication as well pls. I don’t have much in the stash but I do have a special hobby Heinkel He 162 Spatz. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/special-hobby-sh72341-heinkel-he-162-spatz--1264369 I think that counts notwithstanding the jet engine sitting on top? Cheers Dave
  7. Hi Mario Thank you. Hope all is safe with you and yours as well. No major problems I had some issues with aligning the nose and there was a bit of a gap at one wing root but these could easily have been my error rather than the kits. Dave
  8. As mentioned above I have made finally progress this week. Started in the usual place.... It all came together very nicely. Especially after a few washes and some seatbelts. The photoetch seatbelts came with the kits for which I am always grateful. Then a jump to post everything coming together. Sorry I was in the zone and forgot to take photos for a few days! Now with canopy and tanks. Getting a smooth finish on the tanks was tricky and I am not 100% happy with the result. Thanks for looking. Cheers Dave
  9. Thanks Pat Unfortunately a combination a Covid and another C in the family has meant precious little bench time this summer. Sometimes there are more important things than modelling I have however managed to make a bit of progress this last week. More to follow. Dave
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