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  1. Thanks. I certainly enjoyed the base and will have another go soon.
  2. So Mrs K and I had a few people round last night for dinner...nothing massive but a fair number of bottles were consumed. Kicked the last ones friends at 1.30 this morning. Now a key difference between me and Mrs K is that she really really suffers the day after. As a result she has been mainly bed or sofa bound today. So notwithstanding 2 kids under 8 I managed to get a really good amount of time at the work bench (aka dinning room table). That is a long way of saying I've finished. I took the opportunity to also try my very first attempt at a base as well. I can't believe that in 47 years (37 ish modelling) I have never build a base but there you go. Moderately happy. Looks better than some of my 1/72 efforts. Thanks you for looking. Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks Peter. I have to hand it to Eduard it is a lovely kit. Dave
  4. Looking amazing. I only hope mine turns out as nice
  5. It would be nice if modelling ruled life
  6. Despite being offline I have managed some build time All the plastic together (other than ordinance which I may not add) and some etch. Then some careful painting with brush...airbrush not available at the moment. Next step some gloss varnish, the decals and a bit of weathering....then all I have to worry about is the canopy...gulp. Cheers Dave
  7. Hi Greg. Thanks for your question. Corsair very kindly jumped in with the answer Thanks for watching. Dave
  8. Cheers Corsair Apologies have been offline for the last week.
  9. Thanks Greg. Looking forward to it. Dave
  10. A little late to the show I would like to join with the second of my Ju 87B's from Eduard's delightful 1/44 dual combo. I built the first one in desert colours for the MTO last year and enjoyed it a lot. This time round I am going to to the Condor Legion markings. I have a possible plan to build a Stuka in similar colours in 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48....not all for this GB though. The part count is, as expected, pretty low. If past experiences are to go by it will go together fairly easily...its the painting that tricky. Cheers Dave
  11. Looking forward to this one Enzo.
  12. Thank you everyone for looking. I am calling this one done, Thanks for looking. Cheers Dave
  13. A belated thanks for this Colin. Dave
  14. So far so good. Colour is a bit funny in the pics. Dave
  15. Thanks CT I am going with Zoukei as this looks closest to the photo. It’s this stuff that makes modelling interesting. Dave Thanks Patrice. Always a pleasure. Dave
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