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  1. I tend to concour. Since to upper front edge of the rudder has a different color shade than both the top of the red rudder as well as the empennage. Michael
  2. I'd say that can be ruled out. There is a distinctive difference in the light colored area of the rudder and national insignia to the rest of the fuselage. Example 1 - scroll down Example 2 Initial batches of Harvard's came from RAF stock. That would support the yellow opinion. Best Michael
  3. Question for the historical experts. I know this is a long shot. I recently purchased the excellent 1/72 Special Hobby Harvard boxing of Academy's T-6G molds and would like to build the AT-6G of the Lebanese Air Force as provided on the Armycast Texan decal sheet Clicky Unfortunately, I only found two black an white pictures of Lebanese Texans and the question remains, is it overall natural metal or yellow? Thanks for the support. Best regards Michael
  4. The inability to land back on the carrier with 6x AIM-54 is an urban legend. It was possible and apparently very rarely practiced, but not considered sensible since the fuel reserve in case of problems during landing was ridiculously low and hence not desirable during peace time ops. Retired Tomcat RIO "Hey Joe" Parsons clarified this in countless posts on FB. B/r Michael
  5. I have the Hasegawa kit with the VA-52 USS Ticondoroga CAG markings. I don't need them. Send me a pm in case you'd like to have 'em. Cheers Michael
  6. I don't know if you speak spanish but here is a nice article about building a Spanish T-6 as flown in the Sahara conflict. The fuel barrel in the back seat which he mentioned was a local mod but it was painted in the same grey as the seat. https://manupedia.com.es/2017/05/01/t-6d-texan-lagarto/ Regards Michael
  7. The company has an Ebay store. It is located in Lithuania. I have it and an just waiting for Wolfpacks release of the T-6 this year. Supposedly in May. The resin is very crisp and delivery was very fast. B/r Michael
  8. It's an autocorrect mistake. Sorry. I answered via my cellphone. Gun needed to be loaded and they flew with hot gun in Afghanistan. I have some pictures from when I was the Flight Safety Officer of Mazar-e-Sharif back in 2008. I'll check where I have them and could send you some via PM. Cheers Michael
  9. Luftwaffe Recce Tornados are, as previously mentioned IDS Tornados with a different panel in the rear cockpit. There were different recce pods over time so check your timeframe. The gun had to be pawed due to weight and balance constraints. When recce wing 51 deployed for the first time to Afghanistan a high german politicuan visited the wing and asked for the possibility to remove the ammunition , obviously in fear that the Luftwaffe Tornados could be used in anger for instance extended self defense as per theater ROEs B/r Michael
  10. The lower one is the IDF/AF refueling probe modification for their Phantoms post Yom Kippur. B/r Michael
  11. I am curious about the accuracy of the MK-15 tail units for the MK-82 Snakeyes. No kit manufactuer got them molded correctly so far. And those AAMs would be a good addition if the fins are molded not as thick as Hasegawa did back in the day. B/r Michael
  12. Hello Gents, Does anybondy know the dimensions of the white Landing Zone boundary markings? Not just the longitudinal white stripes but also the lateral fatter stripes. How far would the centerline markings be from the edge markings of the landing zone. I want to create a 1/72 scale section. Your help is very much appreciated! Regards Michael Quote
  13. Interesting post e8n2. The only thing is that Victor Alert indeed was the nuke and Zulu alert the air defense mission . Regards Michael
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