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  1. Hello Antti, thanks for the insight. One more thing. Usually, life A2A missiles in the Swedish Air Force were overall green. What would inert rounds look like? The reason I ask is that I found pics of Drakens with green or white RB27 missiles. Cheers Michael
  2. This thread got me hyped up with the Draken. The GDR Plasticart 1/100 J35F was one of the first models I ever built ages ago. Searching the net for Swedish Drakens, I noticed that the white numbers on the upper wings of the green/blueish camo'd jets were at a certain point in time not there, but huge white rectangles instead. Here is one pic showing a line up of J35Fs on a snowy ramp, armed with RB27 and those white rectangles, another shows four of Drakens marked like that in flight ) Does anybody know at whixch timeframe th<t pic might have been taken? When did the white number came along? Thank you Michael
  3. I cannot post pics on the forum since it requires to use a hosting provider which aren't for free anymore maybe someone could prove me wrong?). Send me a PM with your email. I'tryto dig ' an out and send them to you. Best Michael
  4. Yes, I have it. It is more or less equal to their EF-111A kit and F-111A kit It came with the decals of the 495th Boss Bird, which was on of the two 495th jets to deploy to DS and one of the two which dropped the GBU-28. The kit comes with an extra spruce with the GBU-28 and semi merged AVQ-26. I only bought it because it had the crew names for the nose gear doors as well, something I am yet to find for any other DS F-111 kit/decal. Best Michael
  5. The QRC-160/ALQ-71 was a bit smaller in size and the body more circular than the ALQ-87. I took two pics of it when visiting the USAF Museum in Dayton a few years ago. In 72 scale it can be found in the Monogram F-111F kit. I guess it's a leftover from an F-111A kit which I do not have though. The F-111F kit came with two of those pods. Which, although not aftermarket quality, are a very good starting point. B/r Michael
  6. Scout712

    Fine moulds F4

    I have the Finemolds 1/72 scale F-4J kit. It is very nice. However it doesn't come with weapons just like with the Hasegawa Phantom kits. FM produces a separate AA missiles set. I have that one too. Well that one is hit and miss. The AIM-9Bs are very nice. The E version is horribly wrong, the G (which is needed for the F-4J) is a fantasy form and the P/J has wrong rear fins. I made a comparison with Hasegawa , Academy and Revell AIM-9s on the German site Flugzeugforum. It's in German but the pictures tell a lot already: FM AIM-9 comparison The AIM-7s are not bad and the inner and outer F-4 weapons pylons (both NAVY and USAF versions of both) which come with it are utmost excellent. Cheers Michael
  7. In my time flying Phantoms with the Luftwaffe, green Aim-9's were load training rounds only. Not being flown. And of course they would carry seaker head covers.Ground crews need procedural training too. AIM-120 load training missile bodies were grey with blue bands and also not flown but that is off topic. Regards Michael
  8. What happned to that release? Can it still be bought? B/r Michael
  9. The RSAF shot already several Have already before. Its the first shoot down for a RAF Typhoon but not for a Typhoon. B/r Michael
  10. The J Siderwinders are not correct for the F. Early on, the F carried AIM-9 B (although improved ones produced by the German company Bodensee Gerätetechnik) with Aero-3 launchers as USAF F-4 (except C models and late E/G). With the Peace Rhine modification in the early 80s, LAU-7 rails as carried by NAVY F-4 (and USAF C'c) were introduced , together with the AIM-9L. Again this missile was produced and updated by BGT and evolved stage by stage into the AIM-9Li-2 (i for improved) in the 2000 years. With ICE the APG-65 came along with Laser INS , different shaped stone and AIM-120B. Back to the topic. The J's are identical in shape to the P version of the sidewinder which was carried by the USAF E models through the bigger parts of the 70s and 80s. Michael
  11. It can be done. Hypersonic models provides some very nice slotted stabs. And the AN/ARN-101 mods can be done with some scratch building skills. I did it about six years ago. http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=16391 B/r Michael
  12. The spoilers could be pulled up when hydraulic pumps were inop (I.e. engines shut down / no external hydraulic test dolley connected). Our (Luftwaffe) maintenance crews did postflight checks on the inside of the spoilers where for instance the actuator for the aileron could be seen. Quite some force was required to pull them up though. The spoilers crept close due to gravity or could be pushed down again. Speedbrales crept open only about five fingers as soon as electrical power was lost and no airflow pressure kept them close. You could pull the open but I rarely saw completely opened speedbrakes. BTW, Luftwaffe Phantoms had red colored inner speedbrakes with red actuaturs but the well itself was a dark zinc chromate green. B/r Michael
  13. I tend to concour. Since to upper front edge of the rudder has a different color shade than both the top of the red rudder as well as the empennage. Michael
  14. I'd say that can be ruled out. There is a distinctive difference in the light colored area of the rudder and national insignia to the rest of the fuselage. Example 1 - scroll down Example 2 Initial batches of Harvard's came from RAF stock. That would support the yellow opinion. Best Michael
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