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  1. Thank you for comments and attention to my model! I'm glad that you like it)))
  2. The similarity of photos happened by accident)
  3. Thank you for comments! I think it was original painting only on this aircraft.
  4. Hello! This is my new model! This is a great set from Eduard! As additional sets i used armament set from Master, exhaust and ribs with brace locks from Quickboost and wheels set from Reskit. Painting Mr Color. Weathering oil paints, washes and pigments.
  5. Thank you all for comments!!! I am glad that you like this model!!!
  6. Thnk you allfor coments! It's not black. This color from instruction. It's mix of 2 colors. Dark sea gray and black.
  7. Hello! This is my new model! I think it's one of the best sets what i ever build!In the assembly, the set is very pleasant. As additional I used PE from Eduard, exhausts from Quickboost and MG.131 and pilot tube from master. Зainting Mr Color/ Weathering - pigments and oil paint.
  8. Thank you all for comments and attention to my model! Reskit set has no mask for the exhausts. This is a tricky question for a Reskit and for me. I have advocated for masks or cut on details for the dark zone. My partner and nozzle developer were against this. I hope I can convince them. Canopy in my kit without gaps. Details fit together perfectly.
  9. Thank you for ommets! I am glad that you like this model!
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