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  1. Thank you all for comments and attention to my model! Reskit set has no mask for the exhausts. This is a tricky question for a Reskit and for me. I have advocated for masks or cut on details for the dark zone. My partner and nozzle developer were against this. I hope I can convince them. Canopy in my kit without gaps. Details fit together perfectly.
  2. Thank you for ommets! I am glad that you like this model!
  3. Hello! Here is another my model! In assembly it was a very nice model. I would say perfect. As additional sets i used Aires ejection seats Eduard PE set Eduard GBU-31 bombs Reskit BRU32 with ADU-703 Reskit AIM-9M "Sidewinder" Reskit wheels set Reskit open exhaust nozzles Painted the model with Hataka paints. Weatherig- oil paints, pigmets ad washes.
  4. ThanŠ» you all for comments! I didn't expect the model to get such a positive response!
  5. Thank you all for comments! Nose ring and nose are metal and nose ring is not painting. I didn't use stancil. All freehand. By the way it's very simple
  6. Hello! It's my new model. The assembled is very simple and pleasant. Moreover, I to assembled MiG-21 mMF model before. As additions, I used Eduards rockets R-3, exhaust nozzle, ejection seat from Neomega, nose and air intake from Mini World, Masters pilot tu,e and wheels from Reskit. Painting Ganza and Hataka. Weathering- oildots, washes and pigments.
  7. Thank you all for comments and attention to my model!
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