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  1. Hi there The wing fold is a part of the Airfix kit, thankfully. It's a shame that I didn't buy more of the kit, as it is a real peach is is becoming increasingly harder to find. Ho Hum..... Onwards!
  2. Apologies for absence - change in season is not good for me and I've been in a proper sulk... oh, and the Quack (not out beloved Quack of fine standing and infinite jest) has diagnosed me as diabetic... feel like me bloody throat has been cut.... So - not much mojo to progress... but, as Mrs. Russmeister so kindly reminded me earlier... it's the 2nd week of November and I have a commission to nail together..... Big-boy pants firmly pulled up... I did a thing..... This is the first draft.... I've researched on line and it seems to be that BS381C/627 which according to my maths is RAF Light Aircraft Grey, is the colour of the pit.... I always thought it was Admiralty Grey? Meh... whaddaIknow? I've used this in my current build (AK Real Colours RC298) and it seems far too creamy and warm. It could just be my aging eyes, but as this is for a commission, I don't want to screw the pooch, as it were... Now, I know that the Eduard Look set isn't the best for colour accuracy, but, as a baseline, it's OK for my purposes... (Put your pitchforks down.. I'm not a Heretic really) Definitely too warm.... As I recently celebrated another orbit about the large nuclear furance at the centre of our part of the galaxy, Mrs. Russmeister purloined me a wet pallette... Game changer!!! Really happy with it... So, custom mixes ensued.... this is the result. Still not happy with the colour blending.... I decided to add the decals to the consoles... Then!! Like a flash of lightning, I had an idea.... carefully paint the Look IP's too!!! This is the result... When it's all closed up and the FDA (Firey Death Avoiders) are in place it will look OK... at least thats what my delusioned brain is telling me... Right - I'm off to go rock in a corner and stick pencils up my nose, a la Blackadder
  3. Level playing fields are for wimps I will use the ancient art of midget flinging (It used to be called midget tossing, until I had an unfortuante experience with a misunderstanding when a little person turned up at my door expecting a massage with a happ... you get the picture...) to its fullest extent to breach your defences (I've read your blog... I know to come prepared with anti-pirhana spray and 10lbs of prime rump steak) The rest will be easy.... ish
  4. Construction begins having taken care of both a huge ejector pin mark on the inside of the fuselage where the burners sit AND a sink mark that resulted from it on the outside. Pretty mundane stuff, and I've not been feeling too chipper... so I've only been nibbling at bits and pieces as I've felt like it.... I've removed the bang seats from the casting blocks and given them a primer coat. They look lovely, but I really need to devise a method of square-on sanding so things are flat, and not cock-eyed as I have a right hand bias... any ideas would be gratefully received! Holes drilled in the ventral plate where needed Nose wheel well placed in position Three fuselage pylons assembled. The Eagle-eyed among you will note the replaced location pins - as the kit ones are extremely fragile... D'OH!
  5. Great job!! Very atmospheric and well weathered.
  6. I’m happy to take direction on this point All suggestions greatly appreciated
  7. It’s behind part 2 in the pack It’s behind the other sheet… I put both sheets into one bag
  8. Hey y'all Time for my next project - and it's a commission to boot - so I'd better get it right.... Oh, and it's going to be a Christmas present too... no pressure then I've already got the following A/M Brassin Wheels Master Pitot and AoA probes CMK Bang seats Eduard Look set for the GR.1 cockpit vibe Kits World 3D printed seat cushions and harness/handles - Note - the CMK bang seat and the Look set also have harness options - so I'm spoilt for choice here New Wave canopy and wing swing area masks Xtradecal PT.2 for the 617 Sqn sexiness I'm led to believe that all I need for a GR.1 is in the boxing of the Farewell GR.4... OK, so the walkways aren't the right colour... I can live with this minor detail My plan is to mount on a fairly simple base, possibly even just plain old wood, with both Squadron and Station Crests printed as decals. (Obviously, the crests are from the time of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) Wish me luck my friends... I'm going in!
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