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  1. You have got to be proud to have this finished and looking superb. Every time I look at a picture another bit of detail pops out that would have missed by most of us, even if we were daft enough to attempt it. Your work is a pleasure to follow along with and can't wait to see what's next. Pete
  2. Echo what's been said Craig, really enjoyed the group build and you spent a lot of time being a great host so thank you. Pete
  3. Thanks Craig, it’s been a fun group build to take part in. I’m now going to poke my head above the covers and take a look at the other builds. I’m so guilty of focussing on my own build and missing all the good stuff going on, including your’s which turned out looking great. Pete
  4. Great looking Starfighter and, as said, the paint job is really well done. Pete
  5. Hi exdraken - no these were only used as forward air controllers and wore several schemes during their service. I know what you mean though because it does look like an aggressor scheme. Hi supersonic - I used white-tac to mask the pattern, as shown on the furball decal sheet.
  6. I've had a bit of a lull in the production line lately but managed to get this one across the line today for our very own Skyhawk Group Build. It's the TA-4J Skyhawk kit converted to an OA-4M using the following: Steel Beach - OA-4M Conversion Set Quickboost - A-4 Ejection Seats Reskit - Skyhawk Wheels Eduard Brassin - LAU-10/ A Zuni Rocket Pods Furball Aero - Low Viz Devil Dog Scooters. I took care of one of the kit errors by lifting the front flap area up to be level with the top of the wing. I also replaced the pitot tube with a pin and some tube to make it a bit sharper than the plastic one. Painting was done using Hataka paints which sprayed great but the green really isn't even close to the colour of the decals, which is disappointing. I'm certain the paint is several shades lighter than FS34095 but equally the decals look a lot greener too. Either way it's what it is and I couldn't motivate myself to repaint it. All glossed with Future and then matted down again with Xtracrylix Matt Varnish. A bit of dirt came from Flory Models Dark Dirt and some AK Interactive Landing Gear Wash. All in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out but still niggled by things that could've made it better. As usual, comment and critique welcomed Thanks for looking Pete
  7. Time to add another to the gallery. This one is the Hasegawa TA-4J converted to an OA-4M using the following: Steel Beach - OA-4M Conversion Set Quickboost - A4 Ejection Seats Reskit - Skyhawk Wheels Furball Aero - Low Viz Devil Dog Scooters
  8. OK, so there I was beavering away on this one and suddenly it was finished. I had a couple of great days modelling over the weekend and crossed the finish line today. Last picture here and then off to update the gallery. This group build has been great fun and can't wait for the next one now. Pete
  9. Thanks for your thoughts on the weapons Craig. I am really struggling to get any definitive information on this part of the OA-4M. Pete
  10. Back with another small update but some good steps having been taken. I started to get the decals on and it soon became obvious that the colour mismatch between them and the paint is quite huge. I used Hataka FS34095 Field Green but it's not even close to the decals. In fact, when I then had to touch up a bit of green on the decals, I used Xtracrylix FS34092 to match them. I therefore have no idea which one is correct but not going to lose too much sleep over it now. The longer I look at then the less annoyed I am, so onwards and upwards. The decals went on without too much trouble but there's always one and this one was one of the MARINES decals that caused me a bit of grief and led to the aforementioned touching up afterwards. Thankfully there weren't that many so didn't take too long. After that I added some dirt using Flory-models dark dirt, which got me here: Next was to add some of the loose bits and get it ready for a matt coat: I'm trying to work out what sort of armament that the OA-4M would carry and, as far as I can see, a combination of LAU-10/A Zuni and AGM-45 Shrike on the outer pylons wouldn't be wrong. If anyone knows different then please let me know before I go too far down a wrong avenue. Pete
  11. I'm back.... Not the most inspiring of pictures nor updates but I thought that I'd better post something to show that I'm still doing something, even if it's at a snail pace. All the colours are on and it's all shiny, ready for decals. I'm finally at the stage where it starts coming together. Back.. sometime soon Pete
  12. Hi Craig, yes but not moving as quickly as I’d like. I’ve got some paint, bottom and one top colour, on it but not there yet. There should be some pictures soon though, just need to get a little bit more focused. Pete
  13. The Airfix kit can still be turned into a great model and this one definitely ticks that box, very nice. Pete
  14. Hijack away Alex, don’t ever a problem when it contributes to the thread
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