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  1. Hi Rick, If I read the Bu No correctly (166620) then this is a later than block 26 Hornet and you would need parts 36 & 37. Pete
  2. Hi Infofrog, The parts that you are referring to are the bard stacks or environmental control system exhaust vents to be accurate. Parts 38 & 39 were for Hornets pre block 26 ( pre Bu No 166420). Parts 36 & 37 are for Hornets built after this. Depending on the aircraft that you are building then you will fit the appropriate ones but some of the test squadron (China Lake / Patuxent River) early aircraft were retrofitted with the later stacks. The Modern Super Hornet Guide, Jake Melampy, Reid Air Publications) is a great source of information if you can find it. Pete
  3. The second one finished today is the sublime Eduard Spitfire Mk. IXc. This is really a superb kit to put together but does seem to have more parts than are necessary, especially around the undercarriage bays. Finished pretty much OOB apart from some Eduard exhausts andthe aerial cables. Absolutely won't be the last of the Eduard Spitfires either. Comments and critique welcome Pete
  4. Finally managed to get something built after a bit of a lull. This is the first of two Spitfires across the line today and it's the latest from Airfix, the Mk.XVIII. I used the bits in the box to make it into an FR XVIII though because I had some decals that I wanted to use. Beyond that I added some resin wheels and exhausts. Not much to say about this besides the fact that it really is a fun kit to build and I'd like to add a few more if I ever get time time to finish the ever growing pile of kits that I have already. Onto the pictures and, as always comment and critique welcomed. Thanks for looking Pete
  5. Great work Stoohoo and I really like the finish you've achieved. You can't not love a well built F-14. Pete
  6. Jaw dropping as I scroll down the pictures, superb. Pete
  7. I never tire of seeing your builds Brewer, they are so beautiful built, finished and photographed. {ete
  8. Ditto what Farmerboy says, why do you need an Eduard version when you can make the Tamiya look this good. Superb modelling and photography. Pete
  9. great result and really good job on masking the markings, does look so much better than decals. Pete
  10. Hi guys, Just thought I'd chuck an SR71 in that isn't Revell. I wish it had of been though because this is a tough kit to get anything good out of. I added quite a few extras to try and spruce it up but to paraphrase a well known food eating challenge show - "In the never ending battle of man versus model........model wins". Glad to have one in the cupboard though. For completeness the extras were: Metallic Details Exhausts, Undercarriage, Nose, Grills and Intakes. Afterburner Decals SR71 Blackbirds New Ware Canopy Masks True Details Cockpit Thanks for looking Pete
  11. I'm back!! Can't believe that it's been 5 months since I updated this post. I've really been stuck in a rut and struggling for motivation to build anything lately but have been ticking on glacially, so time for a long overdue update. First thing to get done was the cockpit, which wasn't too bad. Shame that, once fitted, you can't see much without a bright light shining in. Next came getting the undercarriage parts glued together. I have to say that the Metallic Details sets are superb but do take a little bit of finesse to fit. I sprayed them in their basic colour but will dirty them up a bit more later. Then the bit that was a big cause of the lethargy on this build, fitting the vents. It's not that it was a hard job but it was very time consuming and fraught with potential disaster. I taped the vents in place and scribed around them, Then took a scalpel and began the long, long process of removing plastic. One down, nineteen to go. All done it took about ten hours of work over several days After that was simply a matter of gluing it all together. Did I say simply?, This kit is well known for being a bear to get together and it didn't disappoint. I don't ever remember having to use a clamp this size before. Patience won out though. Followed by a lot of filling around the back end. I'm sure that they'll be more once I get an undercoat on but good enough for now. Then on with the gluing bits together and a bit more filling. The resin nose fitted pretty perfectly with just a bit of sanding at the end. Finally, the grids, inlets and exhausts got added to bring us up to this morning. Nothing too painful in fitting the resin just some very careful cutting, filing and sanding. I pre-painted the exhausts internally but forgot to photograph that, so will show them later. Just got to add the last few bits now before a clean up and undercoat. Back soon, maybe. Pete
  12. Pretty amazing first entry on the forum. The weathering really sets it off. Pete
  13. Superb modelling and painting. I do like the scheme you’ve chosen too, not often seen but really looks good. Pete
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