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  1. Hijack away Alex, don’t ever a problem when it contributes to the thread
  2. Hi Alex - annoyingly I only found out that the Eduard ones included that part after I had done this, otherwise I would have taken the same route. I now know for the next one though
  3. Hi Craig, there was a point when I wished I hadn't considered it too . Not too unhappy now it's done though.
  4. Thanks Hewy. Though it about time that I did a little update to show that progress is still going on. I am getting ever closer to the point when I can give it a good wash and get some undercoat on, just a few bits left to stick on. The resin parts all went on without too much trouble and just a tiny bit of filler to blend them in. Next the wings went on and only needed another bit of filler in the wing seams, which has got me here: I also spent a bit of time on the bit I have been ignoring for too long, cutting the front wheel out of
  5. Beautifully built Calum and equally as well displayed, really like that a lot. Pete
  6. Thanks modelling minion, pretty happy with it as these tired old eyes are making the detail stuff ever harder. Pete
  7. Time for an update. The cockpit came under the radar next and finding pictures of an OA-4M one proved nigh on impossible, so I just went with what's in the box along with the resin seats. Almost definitely not accurate but who looks after it's built anyway . Still got to matt it all down but that can be done later. And one last one of how it looks as I type. It's all going together quite well so far and, fingers crossed, continues to go that way. Back soon Pete
  8. I guess it makes sense when you think that the OA-4M was converted from the TA-4F airframe. Coneheadff just threw me a googly when he mentioned the super fox intakes in his post and I didn’t think beyond that, shame on you coneheadff . Nice looking build though zebra. Hopefully be putting an update on later too. Back soon Pete
  9. Beautifully built and photographed. I've had this one out of it's box so many times but never actually managed to start it. Builds like this certainly inspire me to try again. Pete
  10. Spent a little bit more time on this one working out the kinks. I tried a set of the Phase Hanger Resin Super Fox Intakes, which were bought for an A-4M that I have, up against the fuselage for this one (Pic 1). There is a step of about 1mm between the two parts, so no way I'm going to waste them on this build. For the same reason the Hasegawa A-4M kit intakes would cause the same problem, if I swapped them out for the TA-4J ones. I then tried the resin intakes against the TA-4J kit ones and there is a 0.7mm difference between the intake width (Pic 2). now that might mean a lot to some people
  11. I figured that the best place to start with this one was by hacking off the bits that aren't needed and getting the resin ready to add a later date. It all went fairly painlessly and fitted really well, fingers crossed that it stays that way. Already looking more aggressive than a standard trainer. Back soon Pete
  12. I did debate getting the phase hanger set but just figured that I’d go with what I already have. That of course may change once I get into it a bit more. By all means post some pictures of the set though. Pete
  13. Time to show the entry for this group build. It's the Hasegawa 1/48th TA-4J that's going to be finished as a USMC OA-4M. Progress could be slow whilst I finish up my current project but hopefully not too long. The kit The bits The decals Going to enjoy this one. Pete
  14. Great looking Porsche Stu. The white base and amount of decals would give me palpitations but you’ve absolutely nailed it. Pete
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