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  1. The first one over the line for this year is the Hasegawa F-15A Eagle 'ASAT'. It might be an old kit compared to some modern tooling's but it's still a lovely kit to build. On September 13th 1985 an F-15A piloted by Maj. Wilbert Pearson took off from Edwards Air Force base and climbed to 35,000 feet before launching a missile which carried on upwards before hitting and destroying a satellite in orbit. I’ve tried to build ‘Celestial Eagle’ as it was on that day complete with a live ASAT missile instead of the usual inert one. This one comes with a lot of ext
  2. Another group build completed and I have enjoyed this one a lot. I have built the Hasegawa Hi-Grade Series F-15A Eagle with ASAT Missile. I didn't add much beyond an Aires resin seat, Eduard etch and some metal AOA probes. Decals came from Two Bobs and the rest from the box. Pete
  3. I had a great days modelling yesterday and managed to squeeze an hour in this morning too. The result is this one is done and ready for some better pictures later on. Last one before the gallery and the only question now is 'What next?' Pete
  4. Hi modelling minion - I use an every decreasing bottle of future for the gloss coat. Sometime, in about 4-5 models I'm going to have to find something else, so who knows what it will be like after that. I've got several other concoctions but not been brave enough to try them yet. Pete
  5. A bit of a bigger update and getting ever closer to the finishing line. Three gloss coats went on without much fuss and then came the decals. I always try to put the main markings on first, just in case it goes wrong whilst I can still change direction. These ones came from Two Bobs, so printed by Microscale, and went on without too many problems. About an hour in: 10-11 hours of decaling later, over a few days. I always think, when I'm doing a model with lots of stencils, about the time that I first went into a Hannants Air Show tent. It would
  6. Just been catching up with this Martian and glad to see you back and managing to get some hobby time in. The tail mods are definitely worth the effort though and look so much better. It’s one of the few easy wins on this kit. Fingers crossed that the therapy sessions give you some health gains too and life gets easier soon. Pete
  7. Really eye catching build and scheme, I’d definitely be please to have that in the cabinet. Pete
  8. Lovely looking Tomcat and, as has been said, great weathering. Pete
  9. Just one little picture to show that progress is being made and I'm nearly at my favourite stage, adding the decals. A few gloss coats, in the cold garage, to add now and then I can stay in the warm for a while. Pretty happy so far. Pete
  10. Time for a long overdue update. I've been beavering away without stopping for photos, so time to put that right. Nothing much to report on the assembly of this kit. I did take a different path to assembly the front end though, to try and avoid the usual misalignment problems, and awkward clean up, around the front end. Instead of gluing the hump behind the canopy to the top fuselage, I glued it to the front section first and this makes it so much easier to align. Next it was glued to the bottom fuselage section and lastly to the top. This worked so much better and will be the way f
  11. A small update on this one. I've been gluing lots of the later build parts together but managed to do a bit on the cockpit too. I haven't gone too crazy but did feel that it was worth making the pilots oxygen hose from a bit of round plastic and fuse wire. A little bit fiddly but It's too obvious a part to ignore. Still got to get the ejection seat painted but thought I'd show something and get the build back where I can find it in the build posts. Pete
  12. Hi modelling minion - Not sure whether it will be an aggressor or possibly an A-4M. I'll have a look in the loft and make the decision, who knows it could be both. Pete
  13. Definitely interested in this one, please add me to the list. Pete
  14. Haven’t built a Phantom for a long time so please add me to the list. Pete
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