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  1. Very well modelled and finished 110 Tolga, really like it. Pete
  2. Wow, some very nice comments so thank you to all who took the time to have a peek at this build. Pete I did debate getting one of the Hobbyboss ones but haven’t yet. How does it build? I do them both in a pretty similar fashion for the paint but just go a bit dirtier on the weathering for carrier based jets. I’ve often thought that I should try salt weathering but haven’t took the plunge yet. To be fair it builds into a nice model but it’s not without some real time consuming tasks...oh a lot of cussing.
  3. Lovely looking Viggen and, as others have said, great painting and weathering skills. Pete
  4. The latest off of a very slow production line is this one from Kinetic. This is without doubt the most challenging builds that I have taken on in quite a while. The kit had several short shot parts, very few others that actually fitted without a lot of tinkering and truly sucked the fun out of modelling on several occasions. However it's done and I think I've earned my 'I took on the Kinetic Intruder and won' badge. I added the following to the build, one of which added to the challenge but is worth the effort, it being the Wolfpack cockpit set. All in all though I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and glad to have an A-6 in the display cabinet Wolfpack resin - A-6E Tram Cockpit set Master - Pitot tube, AofA probe and refuelling probe Eduard - LAU-10 Rocket Pods Eduard - GBU-16 Bombs Afterburner - Desert Storm Intruders decals Reskit - Resin Wheels As always comments and critique welcomed. Pete
  5. My pleasure Mike, glad that they came in useful. The result certainly looks good and even better sitting next to another aggressor. Pete
  6. That about what my plan was going to be billn53. I also contemplated cutting it out completely to size and then fitting a spacing piece from the inside. I guess that the decision will be made when I get the drill and saw out. Pete
  7. Cheers stoohoo, with all the extras I'll be glad, and relieved, to see it come together too. Hi Lox, I haven't worked that one out myself yet but better had because they need to be looked at fairly soon. The annoying thing for me is I only need the vents from this set as I have the resin exhausts and a lot of the other panels are part of the undercarriage set. I did seriously question my sanity in buying this set but, in the end, felt that they were worth having on the build.
  8. Glad to have you along for the ride. Pete
  9. It's not too bad Loren because, as I said earlier, all the lines are straight apart from a couple that go around the wingtips. Just time and patience which I thankfully can still find one of . Pete
  10. I have the True Details one for it which doesn’t look too bad. I’ll find out when I start fitting it though. To be honest it’s a pretty straightforward kit to re-scribe as all the lines are straight lines. I have got all the big sections done already, just the engine/wing ends and vertical tails to do as well as some odd bits. Hopefully have all the scribing finished over the weekend. I did see a RRP for this recently and thought that £90, all but a penny, was a bit steep for a Revell kit. Then again there is a lot of plastic in it. It will be nice to see what aftermarket comes out for it too. The hypersonic start cart does look nice but I think I’ve already broke my budget on this one
  11. Hi Whitewolf - yes it is. Welcome aboard Matt Hi Billn53 - I have debated them several times but, much as you've said, they do look a pain to fit well.
  12. It's been a while since I did a WIP but thought that this one might be worth sharing my impending pain with you all. I thought that I best get this one out of the stash before the Revell one comes along and consigns it even further to the bottom. I'm sure that it will take a while to get it finished as I'm currently doing battle with a Kinetic Intruder and anyone that's built one will know how painful an experience it is. This one is intended to break the pain cycle on that one but will no doubt just create some more. I can't even remember when I bought this but I'd guess that it is well over 30 years ago so about time it was built. I've added a few bits to the build over the last few years too. And if all goes well then she'll be wearing something from this sheet down the line. Nothing too much to report so far but I have started the re-scribing which is going to take a while to complete. Italeri plastic from this era really is poor and has a habit of delaminating if your not careful, so careful I will be. Pete
  13. You have got to be proud to have this finished and looking superb. Every time I look at a picture another bit of detail pops out that would have missed by most of us, even if we were daft enough to attempt it. Your work is a pleasure to follow along with and can't wait to see what's next. Pete
  14. Echo what's been said Craig, really enjoyed the group build and you spent a lot of time being a great host so thank you. Pete
  15. Thanks Craig, it’s been a fun group build to take part in. I’m now going to poke my head above the covers and take a look at the other builds. I’m so guilty of focussing on my own build and missing all the good stuff going on, including your’s which turned out looking great. Pete
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