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  1. Another small but rewarding update. I remember from doing the ADV version that the tail end is a fiddly exercise when you want to close the reverse thrusters and add Aires exhausts, so thought that I'd tackle this bit before it gets harder to handle. Both top and bottom plates need a few protusions and webs removing before they can be glued in place. This is to give clearance on the exhausts. I've only shown the top plates but both were treated the same. The holes in back end need opening up as well and the reverse thrust actuator gear is removed from the middle
  2. Hi Colin, Hobby Boss made a better job of them on the ADV kit but this one is not even close. A really simple improvement though, so worth the effort.
  3. Great start and love the scheme that you have chosen. It was a popular one when I built it in 48th scale for a previous Tornado group build. Pete
  4. Gorgeous looking T-38. I’ve got this one in the pile to build one any definitely inspired by the job you’ve done. Pete
  5. Hi Shalako, I’ve been drawn into the Tornado group build, so this one hasn’t had any progress lately. I’m not sure what squadron yet but it will be a green/grey wraparound scheme. I used Hataka Modern Royal Air Force Vol.2 paint set for a Canberra that I finished recently and will use them again for this one, as they looked pretty close. Pete
  6. Echo what everyone has said Martian and wishing you healthier times ahead. Pete
  7. Spent a night gluing things together and cleaning up some of the bad bits on the kit. There's a horrible little step on the nose parts that's awkward to clean up but patience and a good file and sanding stick does the job. Next I ignored the instructions, which is a common theme for this kit, and glued the air brakes in place on the top fuselage half. It makes it so much easier to control the gap which you invariably get if you leave them until the fuselage is glued together. At least I did when I built the ADV version of this kit and didn't want the same problem
  8. Hi AIhenderson - I think that the real ones would be whole lot less stressful to get the belts on Thanks Marlin, I'm pretty pleased with them and think that they'll look ok once in place. Pete
  9. Time for a small catch up after a break for a holiday. I spent a few fiddly hours on the cockpit and, apart from a bit of dirtying up, it's ready to get glued into place. I've never been a great fan of Eduard printed etch but it does make an improvement over the kit parts. Back soon Pete
  10. Martian, I found the leading edge to be a fairly simple improvement because the plastic is so thick at that point that you don't break through. I also drew the shape on the inside of the plastic, before I got the file out, just to be sure. Great work so far though. Pete
  11. Long time overdue catch up on this one, I've been a bit distracted by the Tornado group build. I bought the Phase Hanger Resin intakes in the hope that it would save a lot of work correcting the Airfix ones. Well they saved having to correct them for sure but boy what a dog of a fit. I spent a few hours with filler, files and swear words to get them in place. There is a cast recess on the back of them which, I guess, should fit with the corresponding part on the Airfix fuselage. It fits but leaves a 1-2mm gap between the resin and plastic at the back. That's not too difficult to ov
  12. Mike - I've been looking at that too and I think that I did it that way last time. It's so much easier to clean up the joint without the intakes in place and allows you to align it all a bit easier. It's easier to paint the area behind the intakes too before you glue them on. Thank for this, I was already beginning to wonder what to load it up with when the time comes so this site is a good source of information Pete
  13. Hi Mike, I built the ADV version some years ago and quite enjoyed it. I think that the GR.1 has a few different problems but hopefully still going to be fun. This was the last one: Pete
  14. It's been too long since I took part in a group build but couldn't resist this one, so time to pitch my entry. I was debating either the Hobbyboss or the Revell kit for this one but thought that I'd get this one out of the pile and have a go. The problems with this kit are well documented but I'm only going to deal with a few of the bad points and gloss over the rest. The aim is to build it as 'Foxy Killer' from the Gulf War era but that may change if the mood takes me that way. The kit The first extras - there will no doubt be more And, ho
  15. I think that you're already passed the point of common sense prevailing Martian Pete
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