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  1. Thanks for all the positive feedback and likes, much appreciated. I initially thought that I'd just get these three out of the way, so that I could concentrate on the newer kits later. The truth is though that they really aren't a bad kit at all. With a bit of work and a few extras they give a great result. Robert - I used Alclad for all three matted down with Xtracrylix Flat Varnish. Pete
  2. Finally, after what seems like forever, managed to finish something. I started a triple build of Hasegawa P-51D's a long time ago and just got bogged down with life, but a month ago managed to rediscover my mojo. The result is these three crossed the line and now ready to share. All three had the following extras: Master P-51D gun barrels (an absolute test of patience but look better than the original plastic) Eduard P-51 Cockpit etch sets Barracuda Resin - P-51 Wheels (beautifully cast wheels) Quickboost & Ultracast Flaps (Took a bit of work to make these fit the Hasegawa kit but nothing overly difficult) The first is the P-51D of Captain Fred Hutchins from the 302nd FS 'Tuskegee Airmen' - Little Freddie The second is Captain Ed Heller's "Hell Er Bust" from the 486th FS Finally Lt Jacques E Young's "Jumpin Jacques" of the 3rd FS As always comments and critique welcomed. Onto a Spitfire frenzy now which, hopefully, won't take as long as these did. Pete
  3. Well worthy of all the comments Chris, that looks so good and the weathering is as good as It gets. Big thumbs up from me. Pete
  4. Long time since I signed up for a group build but enjoyed the Tornado group build in 2011, so please put me on the list for this one. Probably going to be a Desert Storm ‘Foxy Killer’ build from the Revell kit but lots of time to change my mind. Pete
  5. Hi Peter, I have just revisited your Tornado from 2011 and noted that you were looking forward to the next tornado group build yet haven't signed up for the Tornado farewell group build next year. 

    We would love to have you aboard, find us under 'Tornado Warning ' in future group builds. 



  6. Great finish all over but the mottling and weathering really stand out. Pete
  7. Great looking Typhoon, particularly like the way that you’ve achieved the fuselage underside staining. Pete
  8. Sorry for slow reply Larry but I will try to find the photos and re-load them. Watch this space Pete
  9. A return back to the forum after a few months achieving nothing. I started this model just to get it out of the stash. A few years ago I bought an F/A-18E model from our favourite auction site and the seller very kindly sent me this kit as part of the deal. It seemed like a good simple way to get back building after a mini lull in production. the trouble is it really isn't the best of kits and desperately needs some extras to spice it up. As I hadn't paid anything for the kit I figured a few extras wouldn't hurt, so added: Aires Wheel bays Aires Cockpit SAC - Undercarriage Master - Static Dischargers Royale Resin - F-16 Wheels The cockpit and wheels bays really are a drop fit, even though they are designed for the Hasegawa F-16. Not really a coincidence since both kits really do bear an amazing similarity to each other. Construction isn't too bad apart the usual intake troubles with most F-16 kits and a really awful fitting wing to fuselage joint. Lots of filler and sanding sorts that one out though. Painted with Hataka paints and matt coat provided by Xtracrylix. The decals were Afterburners 'Bentwater Aggressors' sheet and a Two Bobs inert weapons sheet, both performed flawlessly. All in all another build finished from the stash and another one added to the planes I've seen theme, that I often like to do. Onto the pictures:
  10. Looks great Bjorn. I do like the Camera installation as well, looks superb. Pete
  11. Looks superb, the burnishing on the engine panels is a real highlight and well worth the effort. Pete
  12. Been pressing on with this one and a little bit more to show. As is pretty well documented, this kit isn't the best of fits in both the wing to fuselage area and the intake trunking. I took the plunge and glued the top wing to the fuselage before gluing the bottom fuselage on. This created a few gaps underneath but did minimise a big gap that would have been on the top otherwise. Pretty pleased with how this turned out in the end, a little bit of filling to do still but really not that bad. The next step was the nose cone which, again, wasn't as bad as I'd feared. The worst but was the intake trunking which was an awful fit and took a bit of filing and sanding, followed by a re-scribe to get something passable. The inside of the intake was not even worth the effort of cleaning up so I'm going to fill it up with a Steal Beech Intake plug. The other thing I've added to the build are the gorgeous Royale Resin early F-16 wheels, a really beautiful piece of resin craftsmanship. Onto some pictures: The Wings The Nose Cone The Intake Something to fill the Intake with And lastly those lovely wheels Back soon Pete
  13. Finished hacking about the SAC undercarriage set and it's all dry fitted in place ready for the next phase. All in all it's turned out quite good and wasn't the hardest job to make it fit the Aires bays. The main gear needed the white metal casting cutting out between the legs and then cleaning up. The front leg casting was pretty poor and nowhere near as good as the Aires parts, so most of it was cut away and thrown in the bin. I just used the lower part of the leg and super glued it to the Aires parts. Just need to glue it all in and get some paint on now.
  14. I finally decided to pick this kit back up and am truly shocked that it's been over 3 years since I started it, where does time go? I've been picking away at the cockpit for a while, when the mood struck, and that 's just about ready to be glued in. I also took a look at the plastic parts for the undercarriage bays and legs and they really are shocking, so the Aires bays and SAC metal legs have been added to the build. I was talking with a fellow Britmodeller and office worker yesterday, Stoohoo, and said that I kept reminding myself of the statement "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should". This build is more like "Just because you shouldn't, doesn't mean you can't". The Academy kit isn't the greatest piece of plastic ever moulded but I'm on a mission now to make it better. Anyway, a few pictures to bring it all up to date: The cockpit dry fitted and ready for some glue: Then the undercarriage bays cleaned up and dry fitted, which fit pretty well to be honest: Fitting the SAC undercarriage will be fun though, a little bit of chopping and cleaning up but definitely possible. Back soon with some more Pete
  15. Great story to go with a lovely looking build. Pete
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