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  1. Hi James - Mine sat at Osaka airport from the the 5th June until the 29th June, then moved to the shipper, where they sat for another 7 days. They are now in the UK somewhere but who knows when they will turn up. To be honest, if I'd have know the The48ers had them then I would have just gone there in the first place. It's not Jeffrey's (Hypersonic) fault, just current climate but still frustrating when you want to get on. At least I will have a couple of canopies in the stash for future builds. The wheels are from CMK and do look nice. Not sure how much will be seen under the belly of this beast but we will all know that they are there. Jamie, that's why I got all of my added weight as far forward as I could. As you say it's a pretty simple lever equation. It doesn't help on this kit that there is so much mass of plastic. I don't think that I've ever seen plastic so thick, not since the old Frog models of my youth anyway. Pete
  2. I finally think that this one is ready for a wash and a paint job. I got fed up waiting for the Japanese postal system to get out of its slow down and ordered a replacement Hypersonic canopy from The48ers and that arrived pretty quickly, so spent a few hours getting that stuck on. Then a final clean up, followed by, what felt like, a marathon masking session. That brings me to here and ready for a weekend of undercoats and making good before getting some colour on. Pete
  3. I saw your build and it didn't sound fun. This one isn't without it's pitfalls but at least, with the Airfix plastic, there's plenty of thickness to sand away and make good. I contacted Ted yesterday and ordered the update set. so that I can add a few improvements too. So I'm glad that I saw your thread. Long way to go with this one but hopefully something good will appear at the end. Pete
  4. It's a kit that takes some work to get a good result but you've managed it and ended up with a great looking Spitfire. Pete
  5. That's exactly how I feel about them too Markus. It was quite a relief to get it done, just got to take care putting the other little bits onto them now. Pete
  6. Wow, that's an unusual version of a Lysander but beautifully modeled and presented. Pete
  7. Ha-ha, thanks Amos - appreciate you dropping in. Pete
  8. Small update but massive step for me. I really dread it when it comes to the time to cut out vacuum formed canopies. It is absolutely the job I like least and even worse when you only have one shot and the parts aren't available anymore - No pressure then. I didn't want to spend any more hours correcting things before tackling this and it all come crashing down so spent a few careful hours getting this done last night. A few clean up gaps but, all in all, the best result that I think I've ever achieved with a vacform canopy. I still need to fettle it a bit once it gets fitted but happy for now and, as the canopies are going to be raised, I don't have to lose sleep over any minor gaps. Back soon Pete
  9. Do like the P-47 in that scheme and lovely personal touch to the build too. Pete
  10. Long time without a post on this one but have been building an Airfix Canberra alongside it, is there a prize for the craziest modeller I ask? Since I'm stuck waiting for some bits to arrive for the Canberra, I thought it about time that I did some work on this one. The first job was to get the fuselage glued together and the nose attached. All in all a pretty painless exercise but did take some time to sharpen the panel lines and rivets up as these are really soft on the whole kit. Ignore the plastic dust, what with two Airfix kits on the go at the same time, there's lots of it. All super glued in place now though and cleaned up ready for some fine fettling in due course. Next came the wings which wasn't as straightforward. When you cut the flaps out of the Airfix wings you soon realise that the panel lines weren't in the same place, top and bottom, and this leaves an uneven cut-out. Thankfully only did one, so the other side was much easier. No great pain though, just added a bit of the original flap back in place and cleaned it up. The front flaps were a little bit more easier but still require a bit of finesse when re-shaping the wing and cutting a few notches in for the new flaps. I took the time to thin the trailing edge of the rear wing too, as it looks really thick once you offer the flaps up to it. A five minute job and well worth doing. Last job for now was to do something about the almost impossible seam to clean up on the top of the fuselage, where the intake duct sits. I cut out the plastic and cleaned up, including thinning the trailing edge of the slot, before adding a support under where the new piece would sit. Next shaped a piece of plasticard to fit the hole, or as close as I could get anyway, and then glued that in. Once under a coat of paint this will look a lot better than I would have been able to achieve, if I hadn't taken the plunge. I would say that a lot of credit and thanks must go to Neil for having shown us all the way with this conversion, on his amazing build from a few years ago. Off now to get the hoover out and make room for modelling amongst all of this plastic dust and shavings. Back soon Pete
  11. Looking good Jamie. I had ordered a couple of sets of these too, for future builds, and it's pleasing to know that they are a stress free fit. I'm stuck waiting for the Japanese postal system to return to normal and my Hypersonic canopy set to arrive before I can progress any further with my build, but good to see one of us getting on. Pete
  12. Maybe Alistair, but it works perfectly. Pete
  13. Got to love a PR Mosquito. Great looking build Alistair and I do like the base that you've sat it on, simple and effective. Pete
  14. Two really well built P-51's, particularly like the Duxford Eagle, the checks really do set that one off. Pete
  15. Thanks Spec7, sadly most of it will probable disappear by the end but I will know it's there. Pete
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