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  1. That’s a lovely build. How did you replicate the front canopy shape where it joins the nose? Looks like the real thing! Apologies, just noticed your Wip link. Love that kind of detail work, really makes the difference in my opinion. Dave
  2. Built a 7 in flight a few years ago so know exactly how much effort and attention to detail you’ve put into this. Absolutely stunning result. Dave
  3. Beautiful build. I have the Eduard version of this kit, will probably do it in flight if there’s issues with the landing gear. Congrats! Dave
  4. Thanks for sharing. It’s an understatement to say that is a wonderful build. Stunning work David
  5. That’s a super realistic finish, a beautiful model and display.
  6. This is super! Having just done the same with the 72nd Academy kit I definitely feel your pain but the effort was well worth it. Fantastic Raptor.
  7. Shame this kit has the original release upper fuselage with the old style ECS exhaust pipes when all the decal options have the newer type bard stacks and even show the correct style on the illustrations. Bit of an oversight by Eduard. I will say though, Quickboost aftermarket stacks look a lot more accurate in shape than the correct Hasegawa upper fuselage ones so I suppose all is not lost. Dave
  8. David W

    WAH-64D Apache

    Nice to see some progress Shaun. Did you make the HIDAS sensors on the end of the stub wings or are they part of the Heritage set? I've got the Isracast set somewhere for my next attempt but don't think those later style sensors are included. Will you be tempted to use the Master Model M230 Chain Gun and the Eduard Brassin Hellfire set? David
  9. I'll be watching this one with interest as I have a Hasegawa Gr.7 in operation Telic guise at the decalling stage. I too am using Flightpath Paveway 2's & Model Alliance decals but mine will be in flight with a custom made pilot. The Paveways are beautiful, the decals not so great. Not sure if you've built the Hasegawa kit before but it's obviously complex and takes some care here and there. Good luck! David
  10. Simply beautiful! Very inspiring work. David
  11. Lovely hurricane. The colours look spot on to me & your weathering very restrained. Good job.
  12. Thanks Dave that's great.
  13. Hi all, I'm currently finishing off a 1/48th Harrier Gr.7 from Operation Telic & have a couple of Eduard Brassin AGM-65 Mavericks to arm it with. Eduard provide lovely seeker head detail & clear lenses which I'm a bit reluctant to paint but pictures online seem to show them to be a cloudy orange colour & I'm guessing the RAF's missiles are the same. Pictures of Harriers I've seen with live Mavericks don't confirm this. Anyone know if my assumption is correct? Cheers David
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