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  1. Unlike you, I'm not into bikes but I love this.
  2. Amazing, what a precision in these tiny parts. Lovely model.
  3. I do love that colour combo, and I think the paint job looks very authentic.
  4. That colour looks fine to me, nicely done.
  5. If I remember correctly the tyres do need some cleanup. You can use a medium grain sandpaper to get rid of the mould lines and such.
  6. Oh nice, I love a good helicopter. Trauma helo's fly in these colours around here too, we had one land like 30 meters from our house on a grass pitch a couple of years ago, holy crab that was intense. I've read a lot about the pilots in Vietnam, guns, slicks and scouts, amazing what these guys could do with those machines. So, I'm in
  7. That's another one of the main components done, I think this is called the main boom. This is the underside. The protruding pieces of rod will be cut to size later on. The top side. Piping will be installed in the other ends of the circular bits that hold the rods. It's now time to start work on the "secondary jib", which is the piece of the crane that extends and ultimately holds the hook. I'm starting to get really curious how it will look when all the components are attached. At this point, there are only 2 resin pieces left, some styrene rods and tubes and 2 large pieces of rectangular tube which will form the jib.
  8. Have a good day tomorrow and make sure you're not too squinty eyed on Sunday, you don't want to spoil that clear coat
  9. Those are both gorgeous Tony! I really like that first shot of the yellow and black one on the mirror. Excellent stuff.
  10. Thanks guys. I can see it's been quite a while since I worked on the crane. Been doing a lot of construction work in the garden the past couple of weeks and didn't feel like doing anything else. But tonight was a quiet night and I felt mojo returning. I dug out the crane parts and started on some of the bigger resin pieces, adding mainly etch but also some other mediums as you can see. It still is an enjoyable build. Sadly I was not able to source decals for the crane, they were not available at the time I bought it and are not available anymore. It will probably look a little bare without a brand name and such. Well. Let's finish construction first. I might have some more time tomorrow evening.
  11. Ah that's always a good sign! You could certainly dream of being inside of one of these contraptions, only I think it would be called a nightmare!
  12. Thanks for the guided tour Bosse, that looks like a very enjoyable weekend indeed.
  13. Sounds like Mrs J knows what's best for you Andy
  14. This is a really nice kit, one of Heller's better ones. The bonnet hinges indeed, be careful with those. I trimmed them so they wouldn't break the bonnet when attachting it. The front axle is a little weird too, the actual thing doesn't quite match the instructions as far as I remember.
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