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  1. JeroenS

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    The 280s is a right beauty indeed!
  2. Some progress on my first ever scratchbuild project... using this as my reference after some shaping and sanding of last weekend's production, I was able to create something I'm happy with: So far so good I think. The join of the horizontal and the vertical parts needs more work of course, but I feel I can use this as a base and start adding bits and pieces to it.
  3. JeroenS

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Almost forgot! I'm sure you'll like this one. This afternoon, as I was leaving for home, on the parking lot:
  4. By the way, to account for your "missing driver", you might as well throw in some mobile roadside sanitary facilities!
  5. Compromise? It doesn't sound like you Olivier
  6. JeroenS

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Can't you just mask the upper part and respray the lower part?
  7. JeroenS

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Great cooling system in place there...
  8. JeroenS

    Revell Trabant Universal

    The colour of the carpet looks fine to me Spiny.
  9. It's been a good while since I posted anything on the Benz. I completed the 2003 WRX, while at the same time making some progress with the truck, but nothing really worth mentioning. Last week I was able to spend some more time on it. Earlier on I had put together most of the parts that still need to be fitted to the chassis. I took advantage of some nice weather and was able to paint the lot in various shades of brown, plus coat them in chipping fluid. Now they're waiting for some black, and I'm hoping that with a bit of chipping I can get some wear and tear on the parts. For now, it's just a pile of parts really. Painting wasn't happening this weekend, way too wet so no trips to the shed to get some spraying done. I had a go at the hookloader frame, after some false starts I think I have a rough outline of the inner parts of the frame, that will actually do the hooking and loading. It's ready for (a lot of) sand, fill, repeat. Yesterday I was actually able to finish a part of the cab: the seats. I looked at a lot of pictures of '80s truck interiors and I really liked the brown ones I came across, finished off with some nice, colourful, checkered patterns. So I got all creative and was able to fabricate a lovely pattern if I say so myself. My mother will be proud when she sees this. I simply printed the pattern on regular paper and used white glue to make it stick to the seats: Must be a really comfy seat Thanks for watching! (by the way I changed the title of the topic now that I've actually started the hookloader thing and didn't chicken out of that one )
  10. I second that! This DBR1 will be very hard to top I reckon
  11. JeroenS

    AMT Piranha Spy Car

    OK I've never seen this car before, had to google it... I'm too young for the Man from Uncle I guess
  12. JeroenS

    Help! Overspray issue

    My first build was a two-tone scheme and I was also struggling with the masking and bleeding paint. The first time I ended up stripping the paint and starting over. Eventually I had a result that I was happy with, but it didn't come naturally so to speak. I started masking in multiple layers, towards the part I wanted to spray. Later, I read about people "sealing" their masking tape with some clear, I might try that next time. I remove the masking tape after the paint has settled for a bit but before fully cured like Marco says. On the other hand, some wait longer. It's probably a personal thing. Sanding to remove the bleeding is tricky, you'd have to be very very careful. I found that if the paint has not settled, you can gently remove it with the tip of a cocktail stick / tooth pick depending on where in the world you are. A cotton bud might work. Of course, no guarantees. Last resort is starting over. A lot depends on the quality of the masking tape (something to experiment with) and the masking itself (practice). Good luck! By the way it may help to post some pics of the result, that could generate some more advice.
  13. Good morning Faust, I'm sorry if I didn't sound properly astounded . Look, clearly you put a lot of effort into building and "story-telling" your kits, and the end results are absolutely worth it. Your skills are obvious. As for the forum, I can only speak for myself on this, but for me the purpose of being on a forum is exactly that: being on a forum. It's "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" (which for a lot of people here, me included, is scary enough), and it's also a great source of information. There's a search function on the forum that can be used to search for specific information about a brand of paint or the use of a technique or whatever. That's the added value of posting that kind of information on here. That said, I'm not here to tell anyone what they should or should not do, to each his own like you said. One thing though, I'm sure you didn't mean it like that, but saying "anyone can build a kit and post pictures" is not very nice to the rest of us mere mortals, also there are quite a few people here who put a lot of effort in posting on the forum and in creating very informative and entertaining threads. Have a good day, looking forward to more of your work!
  14. Nice progress on the bed, that looks the part.