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  1. That's the idea! I'd like to finish the Benz too, day off tomorrow so if I don't manage today then certainly tomorrow. Then the Scania will reclaim the bench! Still some paint to strip first, which reminds me to throw some parts in iso to soak for a bit.
  2. Basic painting finished. I've wanted to try Tamiya's Oxi primer for some time and this morning was my chance. Great stuff, gives you a good base colour. I then added some random red-brown. Hard to see but here's a pic for the sake of it. Then I clearcoated it, after which I applied hairspray. I like this method for larger surfaces. Then on with yellow. After a bit, not too long, I went to town on it with water and a stiff brush. This should give me a good base for further weathering. Not that much is needed but a bit of drybrushing, some texture and some variation in rust tones would be nice.
  3. Just give it a good push this weekend Spiny!
  4. Fantastic progress! Great stuff and I think the solution for the roof is perfect. The red oxide seems a better choice to me but a side by side is necessary to make a decision on that. The white looks a bit too modern to my eyes when compared to the interior's atmosphere.
  5. OK that's the bin completed. Now, paint! Well, tomorrow. I've decided to leave it empty. This project's been two years and I really want to move on! Final bits were the rollers. And the "ramp locks", for which I fiddled something together from strip and lead wire. I think primer, then red/brown, then ultimately yellow(ish). It shouldn't look too bright
  6. Really nice, those numbers... these cutters are very handy indeed!
  7. That'll teach you, finishing kits like you do... tsk...
  8. Really nice Andy. I like the black trim. Aren't you running out of space yet, with al these completed models?
  9. It looks very classy. You could make a couple of shots with the car closer up, it's rather small in the first four. That's my constructive criticism
  10. The perfect vehicles for such a dio! I like how you've done the wheels of the little 2CV.
  11. I understand... the easy solution would be to just cake it in mud but in that case you would lose the detail. I think this is just right, like early in the race.
  12. I'll say... nice work indeed. The cream colour looks excellent.
  13. Great work John! Convincing all over. 12 points for the metal "rack" on the flatbed to keep the logs from wandering off.
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