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  1. Interesting idea to cast the rubber tyres. I'm curious to see the result.
  2. This kit is still on my wishlist so I'm very interested in your build, looks promising so far!
  3. Hope you didn't forget the rear view mirror like I always seem to do... And do it all again
  4. Thanks Biggu. Well, I don't mind at all that the thing is bent, like you said it's par for the course. I'm just afraid that it will keep snapping off the chassis. If that's the case I'll figure something out but I'll be sure to put the plate back on in bent state
  5. Yeey, my Revell Land Rover series III just came in The body is moulded in grey with nice detail. A whole bunch of sprues as well, also in grey. Both LHD and RHD dashboards provided.
  6. Tonight's harvest: a radiator and a connecting hose, mounted on the chassis. It seems to lean forward a little, I see now. Should be alright when it gets connected to the cab, the whole thing is quite flexible still. Handling is getting a bit awkward though, I inadvertently disconnected the PE parts holding the rear license place to the chassis. I was able to glue it back on but it's even wonkier now than it already was. I doubt whether it will hold for the duration of the build. The connecting surfaces are really really small. If I break it one more time I'm replacing the license plate mounts with something more sturdy. And maybe I'll do that anyway.
  7. Spiny, please get an acrylic marker, it's so much easier than masking and brushing, really! I use a 2mm Molotow myself, it's excellent for this kind of stuff.
  8. Uhm, I just finished one of these. Well, in fact, the project isn't even completely finished, but I liked this little truck a lot and when I was browsing the second-hand site last Saturday I saw this one for a nice price so I couldn't resist. The guy who had it for sale only lives 5 minutes away so no shipping which was great. This kit is even older than the other one! I'm going to lengthen the chassis and make it a 4 x 2 flatbed truck.
  9. I still felt like doing something tonight so I went ahead and painted the rest of the chassis black. Radiator and exhaust are next, then the running boards. And doing some drybrushing on the chassis of course. It's definitely starting to look like something now.
  10. Thanks for the comments and encouragements guys, very much appreciated! Best not to disappoint you all then The chassis is complete, everything that's supposed to be on there is on there, and it stands on its own 4 "wheels" now. The back, underside. And the front. Next up: painting al the grey bits so everything has a nice black basecoat. Note to self: be careful around engine and spare wheel.
  11. Amazing result Thierry, maybe not perfect in your eyes but who can say he has done better? It certainly adds something to the car, I can't wait to see the end result.
  12. 58 with the 2 center hubs on the front wheels which I added before painting today Incredible amount of parts but they're the nicest non-rubber tyres I've seen so far.
  13. Wheels! I had to paint the spare wheel before it could be mounted on the chassis so I thought I might as well paint the lot. Two front wheels, two doubles at the back and a spare under the chassis. The wheels are black, the tyres German grey. I drybrushed with some light grey and orange brown which gives a nice dusty look. This should match the overall look I'm aiming for, a little dusty, a little chipped but otherwise in good shape.
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