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  1. Hi all, last week I entered my first GB which starts tomorrow, the Nordic GB. I guess I got infected... I found a suitable Heller Classic: Suitable for me that is, because I usually build trucks and Heller didn't release that many during the time period which is eligible for this GB. I've seen this kit for $100 on ebay but luckily I didn't pay that much for it! Well, I wouldn't have anyway. I'm looking forward to it!
  2. I read this week that the actual Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in the movie was recently sold for 3.4 million dollars!
  3. Indeed! What I bought is more of the modern type (they didn't give me that much of a choice) but we'll see how it looks. Maybe a stray log fel on the old lights and they had to mount new ones
  4. Well, I don't usually build in this scale so I had no stash of parts whatsoever but I found some nice aftermarket stuff which is now on its way!
  5. I'm very curious to see this coming together. Tagging along!
  6. I should probably also double check for the instructions not being backward and inside out
  7. Yes, I will use the Swedish plates. I've been to Sweden and I never saw so many trees in my life so I think it will be fitting. Also, I'm thinking to complement the yellow with blue (instead of red of the box art) to get this whole Ikea theme going
  8. Please don't give up on modelling! This looks amazing even in this state.
  9. 1/144th scale? That thing must be tiny, it looks good but could you include some closer-up pics to show some detail?
  10. Sure, and just like that he turns new arches The new wheels look very good btw
  11. Nice paint job Mark, obviously you've made the best of this kit.
  12. That's a wrap for the wheels. I don't really feel like doing anything else tonight, but: I'm going to force myself to paint some small stuff like license plates, steps for on the rear mudguards, windshield wipers... that sort of stuff. It's only 15 minutes, but... I always get this when I'm almost done... the next build is beckoning!
  13. Nice model! I like the weathering you've done very much. Or "There's free parking just down the street"
  14. A bit of progress on the tyres tonight, they are all sanded and got some pigments and weathering powders and should be fine. For the truck itself, not really progress but one step back and another one forward but in a different direction. I wasn't happy with the mudguards, I felt I had overdone the chipping on them. So I repainted in flat brown, applied some of the masking fluid (a lot less than before) and repainted in black. It looks better now, so I guess it still counts as progress. I discovered that there is a speck of something white clinging to the inside of the windshield... unreachable of course... I hate that!
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