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  1. A slight breeze will make you want to go shopping Andy...
  2. Very cool build John, that turned out really nice.
  3. Thanks. I completely understand, I have the same with aircraft. I like to build one every now and then (well, I completed one and the other has been almost done for a long time), because it's something different, but they don't "click" for me like trucks do.
  4. Hi all, I managed to locate the leftover decals from the Emhar Bedfore Wrecker build and they're perfect for the Scammell, despite being 1/24 scale. Just goes to show how big that thing is. I took some new pictures!
  5. Thanks, I really should finish it though. It's so close!
  6. Thanks guys. I took some new pictures and put them up in the gallery as well.
  7. You did? Oh I missed that, I'm going to check it out. Built one for a Blitz Build. So cool, these Bedford kits.
  8. Thanks Ian, and of course you couldn't be more right. I looked through my box labeled "Decals" earlier in the build and couldn't really find anything suitable. But then I looked in my cabinet again, with the Scammell standing next to a 1/24 Bedford Wrecker... they're about the same size. So I started decal hunting again and .... I found my leftover Bedford decals (from 2 builds, including that wrecker) in another box! So I used some of those and they're a good match. I just put them on so they're still drying and in need of some more Microsol but I think they have the desired effect. Well, don't let the scale put you off. The thing is massive. And besides, I've seen you building 1/20 scale stuff as well, so there's really no excuse for not building in a different scale
  9. I did spray one more coat of the chrome paint. Looks good now. Once it dries, I will buff it and it will be nice and shiny. I also did my lettering and logo's, again using my Silhouette cutter. Another addition to the Van Dordt fleet! The masking around the vinyl stencils was a bit sketchy though. But I sprayed very carefully and managed to pull it off. Both the procedure and the masking, that is I can clearcoat this tomorrow.
  10. I wasn't entirely happy with the finish on the cab. I removed one of the grab handles on the front because I want to apply lettering and it was in the way. Also, the paint was a little rough in some spots, with a bit too many specks of dust. I sanded some of it, primed some of it and then shot a lighter shade of yellow on it. I added a little more than 1 part of white to 3 parts yellow. Just a tad. Nice and bright now I also chromed the hubcabs. I'd primed them with Alclad gloss black earlier and now I shot 1 coat of Greenstuffworld chrome on it. You have to spray this stuff very lightly, just a once over to see what it does. It does this: It's really nice stuff. Dries quickly too. I already buffed it some. I'll see how it looks in natural light tomorrow. Might spray one more coat.
  11. Ah, cool! I always look on scalemates which doesn't seem to list this one. Nice. I'm guessing the $65 shipped doesn't apply to NL
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