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  1. Well @Bjorn it's good enough for me but I say we get the headmaster on board as well, what do you say @Wez?
  2. Sporting a proper '80's look there @MR2Don .... I had no idea what an "Avenger" looked like, so thanks for that pic, it saves me a trip to Google. I must say, the name is better than the car itself. It doesn't look very superhero-ish...
  3. Just hang tough and you'll take it home, looking good.
  4. Aha, so you're saying the info on Scalemates is not correct, right? Kit 80479 is a rebox of kit 482, with added parts? Show us the proof!
  5. A nice entry again Dennis, thanks for participating and good to know that at this point you are responsible for almost 10% of the finished builds
  6. How sensible, who whould have thought
  7. I was wondering what "shroma's" were (I don't go to these coffee shops, unlike you ) and I even googled it but came nowhere. Well, I ended up in a little town in Georgia Then it hit me: you mean "shoarma", our national dish at 4 in the AM, when you're good and wet on the inside, on the way home after clubbing I vaguely remember those days....
  8. Hmm... Well I'm no helicopter expert Björn so I can't be sure. Scalemates is not infallable but most of the time the info is correct. I checked Wikipedia (same goes for that one) and the way I read it is that the 315B Lama was derived from the 313. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aérospatiale_Alouette_II So that's probably why Heller new tooled the 313 in 1989. Somebody else may know better!
  9. Olivier, I was way behind on updates so just now I read about your windshield adventures. Congratulations on your result, once again you managed to make it look more like a miniature than a model. Splendid! The effort you put into this build will definitely pay off.
  10. Aah yes, that place where foreigners go to experience the "real" Netherlands
  11. Family-friendly entertainment The Rover looks nice, that was quick!
  12. What, so now you think you can kick back for a couple days?
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