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  1. Soooo we're 14 builds in at the time of writing and I think it's time to counter these 14 builds with something that does NOT have wings. May I throw the 1/24 scale classic Scania 141 into the fray.... The box art is simple yet attractive. This is an old school '70's / '80's truck, I love them. I got this kit used as soon as I noticed this GB. They are quite rare in the original boxing. A bunch of sprues, but actually not that much. I think the parts count is not that high. However, as you can see some of the sprues have suffered from having been repacked and (probably) stored at the bottom of a stack of boxes (that was before I got it). I'll just have to see how much trouble this will give me. The chassis seems to be relatively straight. Some more chassis parts: Fuel and air tanks. Cab parts. I like the fact that the doors are separate. But... but... this is serious damage. The rear part of the cab, seen here bottom left, has some pronounced warping... Luckily, there's an inner part (top left) which is pretty straight so that should help. This shows the warping a little better: Well, it is what it is. A lot of hot water and careful bending should come a long way. The engine has been started but this is way under 25% I have some Kit Form Services rims and hubs which are almost always far better then kit parts. The kit tyres are a bit strange, they're soft but there's 2 halves for each tyre. No side detail at all. Luckily I have a heap of standard Italeri tyres so I'll use those instead. Some clear parts. The windshield is missing from this sprue which gave me a bit of a scare but I found it floating around in the box. A wee decal sheet... Finally, some nice PE badges and lights from Czech Truck Model. Now, the only thing I desperately need is time! I have no idea whether I'll be able to finish it but I'll make a start anyway.
  2. Thanks @Das Abteilung, the Archer decals look promising. Still having trouble finding registration in the formats "3A 0001" or "03A00168" which apparently were used in the '60's. Most available stuff is either WW II or modern, not much in between. I did find reg codes in a format which looks a bit like what I'd want so if all else fails I'll resort to that.
  3. Hi all, I'm building 3 AFV Club US Army trucks for Vietnam GB. They are M35 Gun Truck, M35 Cargo Truck and M49 Fuel Tanker. Only the Gun Truck had Vietnam era markings and I used them on the fueler. Or rather, attempted to use them, I'm just no good with decals... I killed some of them and I only had enough markings for just one truck. So, what I'm on about are markings like the ones on the side of the hood. The "US Army" and the truck identification. Also, the five pointed stars on the doors. Sadly, as it stands now I'm bingo on all markings... I don't have spares because I've never built US Army trucks like this before. And I haven't been able to find AM decals of this specific type. Time to turn to the community.... What I would like is three sets of numbers (with enough to spare, taking my clumsiness into account ) and also a bunch of five pointed stars in a couple of sizes, for all trucks. Is there anyone who can help me with this, either by pointing me to a decal supplier, or supplying me with a file to print (I've never printed my own decals though), or even print them for me? I would be forever grateful. And pay for them when needed of course
  4. Nice job so far, the engine especially. I helped my wife build one in the lockdown (she was getting bored, very bored ). An iconic vehicle, some fitment issues with front and roof which are all described by @mbdesignart in his build. I would also suggest doing something about the attachment of the wheels. It's a "push on" system which should allow the wheels to turn but once you have the wheels on it's all very wobbly. I noticed it, tried to take them off again and broke all kinds of front suspension parts. Not the best "builder" kit but the end result is nice.
  5. Nice work! The new seats are really good.
  6. Thanks... I do feel better now Unfortunately, in this case I don't have any spares because these are the first 1/35 US Army kits I've done. I was very short on markings anyway because the Gun Truck was the only one with Vietnam era markings. I think I'll go and find a Dutch supplier who can print me a bunch of these truck numbers.
  7. Oh, bugger... As usual I managed to ruin another one... I had 2 number markings left to place on the side of the hood... and now I have only one. They're quite thin, these decals, and one end folded over onto itself and what I did I couldn't get it to fold back... After some fruitless effort my normally mild temper got the better of me and that was it. Model companies should provide some spares on their sheets... for people like me.
  8. And... We would be celebrating a "century" GB
  9. I try to avoid decals whenever I can get away with it .... maybe for that reason I just don't get enough practice
  10. I've always liked it when Ken Block does his thing (he does it well) in these monster cars. I mean mostly he does the same tricks each time but they sure have a knack for putting camera's in the right places ... the way he's slamming through those gears makes it obvious how much power is under the hood.
  11. Cool! And now you made me go and watch some Hoonigan vids on youtube....
  12. I couldn't resist checking on the rear doors so in a spare moment I tried to take them off. No problems at all and no paint leaks on the insides at all. It looks rather smart like this, I think I'll add some "look out!" decals on the insides of the doors to make them more interesting.
  13. Seems to me you're doing great for a "non car builder". Keep it up, it's an interesting project!
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