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  1. We probably can see all the colours, but don't know what they're called and don't care
  2. Thanks Richard, it does need something there doesn't it. I'll have a look around for something nice to fill that space with, indeed like a small locker or something.
  3. I'm fabricating the hydraulics for the rams. This is the only bit of plumbing I will do on the trailer because it's in a very visible spot. I've decided to attach the bottom half of the rams to the trailer and paint them with it. It's just easier to make sure these things are glued on properly. Starting with some brass tube inserted into drilled holes. Make sure they don't stick out the other end. Insert rubber hose aka thin electrical wire. Tied together with PE cable ties. Cut the tube that holds the ram in the bracket to size and carefully glue it, punched end plates and all, making sure the ram itself still moves. With the quick setting extra thin, it's just a matter of moving it while the glue sets. Quickly, luckily. The hose goes through a hole and is glued to the chassis somewhere out of the way. Still moves. There's a bit of stiffness to it now so the ram holds up the ramp if you're careful. I've looked at a lot of ramps while commuting, and noticed a lot of them are secured using ratchet straps. I have PE straps, I may use those.
  4. Love the Uhlenhaut. Apparently it's currently the most expensive car ever, having just been sold for €135 million. I was in the Mercedes Benz museum this summer and took a picture of it there, not knowing its value at that point, a friend told me that later!
  5. I think it looks OK like this. Now, let's see if I can get that latch flipped over without damaging everything.
  6. I did put them the wrong way around! I had the trailer on its wheels, then on its back and it got mixed up. They're supposed to be like this, but I put the handle on upside down so that needs fixing. I think they're OK, with regard to size and fit, but I've also been wondering about the big empty space at the back. So I think I'll move the boxes back. I'll make mudflaps for the wheels so it's a little busier down there. Maybe the boxes are a little small now, I don't know. I don't really feel like making bigger ones at this point. I'll see how it looks with the mudflaps on.
  7. I didn't have the chance to work on the trailer during the week, but today I've made toolboxes. They'll be mounted between the wheels. I've made some kind of rack, or construction, for safety purposes as well, as you can see. Brackets for the toolboxes. I'll just glue the boxes on after painting them, nothing fancy. You'll not be seeing much of the trailer's underside anyway.
  8. Another good one! Those wheels look really good with your 3d printed tyres on!
  9. You're off to a good start there. Those are nice boxes by the way.
  10. Mine wasn't all too big on washing "the car" either. And he was lucky that my mother did the boodschappen during the week.
  11. Thanks Old Man (that sounds bad!), that's rather high praise. I have nothing smart to say about that... was this in the time when dad went out with a bucket and a sponge on Saturday mornings, trying to keep the rust at bay and failing?
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