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  1. Repairing, sanding, blending, filling, all of the above and repeat. More scribing in the future as well. Checking the lines regularly. A lot of work, I'm doing it one small bit at a time, 5 or 10 minutes, to prevent getting tired of the whole thing. I'll be glad when I can really put some final primer down on the shell. It will still be a while.
  2. Nope, you're not. I think you're one of the most persistent builders on this forum! Please leave it like this Thierry, the speaker looks just right and to go any further because you feel you're missing a horizontal row in the mesh (or something) is just plain torture and has nothing to do with modelling anymore!
  3. You may put me down for this one please. I remember building some aircraft back then, late '70's, early '80's. Well, I only remember 2 of them for sure, a Stuka and an A10. All the evidence has long since been lost, my builds never lasted very long.
  4. Put me down as wel please, it would make for a nice change of subject.
  5. OK guys, once again this project is back on the bench. It was supposed to be my main build for 2023, but well... we all know how that goes. I've gone quite a few months of this year without doing much modelling so it's not surprising the Golf isn't where I expected it to be by now. Anyway, I did get major surgery done and we're moving again, small steps. As you can see I've started patching up the gaps in the upper parts of the doors, and of course there's some more filling being done as well Masking tape applied this time though, looks like I'm getting smarter about it.
  6. Perfect rendition of a very cool car, well done!
  7. That's looking awesome. I think you did a great job on the adjustment of the sills and bulkheads, compromising yes, but it looks convincing I would say.
  8. Awesome! I love it. As for your rusted turret: just leave it like this, you may find it ott but it doesn't look unnatural to me at all!
  9. That's true! I was lucky, the previous owner marked the parts with the correct number in pencil. That really saved me a couple of times. That's cool, some firsthand experience! I've only ever been in one truck outside of a museum. It was a Scania, I think a 143, it belonged to a friend of my parents. But I do like trucks, especially older ones.
  10. Thanks. I didn't mean those thin lines to be there, I just cut into the window as I was cutting the masking tape (with too much force)! Let's just call it a happy accident then ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Thanks Steve, the design appeals to me as well. I love these boxy '80's trucks. And they're still pretty impressive in real life. How did your op go?
  12. Sjeeeeezzz you're right! Now that is really something else. That is silly. You know, it came off right at the end of the build and I just put it back on and never even looked at it! Not to mention I weathered it while it was like this!! Thanks for pointing that out, I will have to redo all the pics now of course ๐Ÿ™‚
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