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  1. Stunning build Trevor. Never having done a 1/43 scale build until recently, I have a newfound respect for builds like this since now I know how small these cars actually are. Well done, it's perfect.
  2. Slowly but surely Coops! I have to say, that's a real nice second version. Well done on the spokes.
  3. That's a nice pair! I'd say you did a fine job there, we all know Heller kits can give you a bit of trouble. Why don't you just leave the running boards as is? Black looks fine to me.
  4. Top notch scratch building sir! And very well explained too. Great result.
  5. That's an outstanding build, I love it! The finish on the crane and load bed is awesome. I'm off to read the WIP now....
  6. Sorry to hear about your health issues Olivier, I hope it will be better soon. Anyway, I'm not familiar with the 3D printing stuff, but my thought was, since you printed these parts before, don't you still have the STL file from when you last exported it to feed it to your AnyCubic?
  7. I've not been building lately, but I couldn't resist buying some... I've had my eye on this fine beast for a while. This is the recent re-release with new and improved parts including a hardtop version. It's looking very military like this, but as I've done before I'm going to make a post-war civilian version. There are a couple of choices in the box, but I'll be going for the red and green one. This is a transport company and I also have the trailer to go with it. This should turn out nicely with my MiniArt Dozer on
  8. Oh wow... that's nice! I haven't been following WIP's as of late, been a bit short on time. I'd have seen it pop up in the RFI eventually. Are you starting the Vauxhall after this one?
  9. That's the 1/24 white metal kit isn't it? Bit of a challenge
  10. @Markwk That's a great story! Re posting pics, try here:
  11. And me! I have several of Italeri's 80's tooled trucks.
  12. Please count me in as well Pat!
  13. We don't mind if you stray into the vehicle section every now and then Andy... just don't tell your friends on the other side
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