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  1. Greetings Paul - look forward to seeing some of your builds. You need to work on that stash.. Best wishes, Ian
  2. That turned out very nicely indeed, Mark. Great photos too. I also remember stippling mottle on with a cut down brush, in those far off days!
  3. Fantastic result. The dunkelgrau looks good as it's dark enough for a model without being overwhelming and doesn't have that weird blue tinge that seems popular with some modellers. Nice figures too.
  4. Absolutely. Hence the huge popularity of the brilliant Honda CB500X, for example, (which I think 'Itchy Boots' now rides?)
  5. I ride a Deauville! Had it from new and it's on 77,000 miles. In fact, I've had three of them. Used for long distance commuting (about 16,000 miles a year when i was going into London five days a week) and touring. One of the best bikes in the universe, in my humble opinion - reliable, comfy, quick enough and handles well. There's a great YouTube video of some bloke on one overtaking everyone on a track. It's not what you ride, it's how you ride it...etc
  6. Many thanks. Yes, that chap was always a favourite of mine as a lad - Matchbox certainly instilled a bit of movement and drama into some of their diorama scenes!
  7. Welcome to the forum, and what a great little model and vignette. 'Luchs' like you know what you're doing! Ian
  8. Excellent paint and weathering. Looks spot on!
  9. Two superb models of types I don't think I've ever seen in model form before.
  10. I hope people won't mind them having another quick outing here but these are my armour entries from the recent Matchbox GB. The models and diorama bases were tweaked to varying degrees and a bit of detail added here and there. It was great fun doing these old classics, although all were actually built from Revell boxes. The only thing lacking was the great Roy Huxley artwork! Jagdpanther rearranging the landscape: Captured Wespe: SdKfz 251 Hanomag and crew in action: BMW R75, SdKfz 11 and 7.5cm A/T gun: Jagdpanzer IV:
  11. Neatly done. That kit takes me back. I did the Hasegawa Daimler A/C too. Some pigments or a wash of earth colour in the tyre treads would look good, if I may suggest?
  12. Hello, This is Tamiya's 1990's StuG III Ausf G Early Production model - still a decent kit which looks good straight from the box. I just added an aftermarket barrel and tow cable, and pinched the two crew figures from Tamiya's recently released PzKpfw IV F1. Markings are for StuG Brigade 242 in Italy, 1944. It's finished in Tamiya's new dark yellow and olive green acrylics with Vallejo Modelcolor for the figures. Thanks for looking and happy modelling! Ian
  13. Welcome. A 1/48 Lancaster is an ambitious second model after 45 years, but what the heck, if space is available, why not? Keep us posted, and have fun. Ian
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