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  1. Cheers Chris. Zvezda do some really nice figures. I honestly think he's the best bit in this kit! That and the very reasonable price.
  2. Many thanks Troy. Good spot - I actually sanded the spinner down a bit to improve the shape. Thanks Joachim. I like to polish the paintwork at various stages using Micromesh and Flory polishing sticks. I also rub various pigments in using a Mk 1 finger!
  3. This is Zvezda's new 'snap fit' Hurricane. I didn't enjoy doing this one as much as their earlier Bf 109F. One problem is the way the wing halves go together, with an awkward and difficult to remove join line which runs diagonally across the flaps. Other parts are a bit crude but then that's to be expected when no glue is required. Two excellent pilots are included, though - an RAF bod and his Soviet equivalent. I chose not to use the kit decals, preferring to do this very famous aircraft flown by the CO of No. 87 Squadron, Denis 'Splinters' Smallwood. I repositioned the pilot's head to add a bit of movement, and gave him a colourful silk scarf! All the best, Ian
  4. I prefer 'Scrooge', the old b&w version of 'A Christmas Carol' with Alastair Sim. Never bettered, in my opinion.
  5. 'It's a Wonderful Life'. What are the other two?
  6. Another great little model. I'm a big fan of these Matchbox re-pops. It's just a shame Revell didn't want or couldn't get the artwork rights as it would have been the icing on the cake to see Roy Huxley's work on the boxes again.
  7. You have my sympathy. I have a similar problem with the yapper next door. There are other mutts in the road which bark too, and sometimes it sounds like a dog kennels. I just don't understand why you'd want to give house room to one of these things. I've nothing against properly trained, well-behaved and quiet dogs, but sadly they seem to be in a minority.
  8. I like the look of that one. Nice weathered appearance.
  9. A new 1/72 P-51D will come. New Bf 109Gs too... And of course they'll be definitive, as the Eduard Spitfire IXs, Fw 190s and Hellcats are. Just like the Arma Hurricanes and Wildcats. But the P-51B/C is desperately needed, and Arma will provide, so let's keep the spotlight on that one for now.
  10. Nice man cave there. All the usual products, present and correct! Welcome to Britmodeller. Ian
  11. Neat little model there. I wonder if this vehicle actually got to engage the Luftwaffe, given the much reduced air threat.
  12. Excellent. Could be 1/35, not 1/48th. I like the groundwork too.
  13. A work of modelling art. Realistic paint and weathering and some wonderful details. Bravo!
  14. Yes, the yellow wing 'V' was ordered to be painted on Luftflotte 4 aircraft in Sept 1944 as it was believed the Soviets were using captured Luftwaffe aircraft on the Romanian front.
  15. Yes I wish it was easier to get hold of some of their early bike kits. I had quite a few but got rid and would love to do them again.
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