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  1. Outstanding. Another classic Airfix build!
  2. Annoying isn't it? I scour ebay for old classics like this for a cheap nostalgia build but invariably end up missing out when they get snapped up by collectors. Or Steve.
  3. That looks great. It's a superbly engineered kit. And it's not that expensive really. I've had mine on the go for well over a year. Which equates to 1p per minute of modelling enjoyment/frustration/ something else shiny comes along...
  4. Blimey Steve, you're a one-man Classic Airfix Kit building machine !! Super job, as ever.
  5. Brilliant. Can't wait to see shots with a sky background. The oil slick streaking back from the feathered engine is very convincing.
  6. Looks very good. I seem to remember that marking option was offered in the ancient Matchbox 1/72 kit. Not that it has any relevance! :-)
  7. Looks the cat's whiskers.. As to the silvering, try painting on a small amount of Tamiya X-20a. Go easy though!
  8. What a beauty! Very impressive. The wing roundels are fine too - there were variations in size, but the smaller ones seem to have been quite common.
  9. Lovely. Looks very good in that scheme.
  10. It has to happen eventually. They've done the Blenheim, Whitley and Wellington. Just leaves the Battle and Hampden. And then the Stirling... And then.... oh dear, here we go.
  11. Standard colour until replaced by green later in the war. Think it was actually a sandy buff colour in reality. Nice Battle Steve. I've never built one. I'm waiting for the new tool kit that's in the Airfix pipeline. I hope....
  12. Excellent job. If you have an airbrush, maybe give the whole thing, blokes included, a very dilute spray with buff or sand to get that all over dusty look?
  13. It was a basic recognition marking for the tanks, so friendly forces knew they were British. Not always applied. Later supplanted by the Allied white star. Nice Valentine Nenad!
  14. It fires pellets? That's my pigeon problem solved then...
  15. Nice. Painting and weathering look just right.
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