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  1. Very good. I like the dusty, understated weathering.
  2. I've never found a better combo than Mr Color with their Leveling Thinner - very smooth and hard wearing. It's only the stink that means I tend to stick to Tamiya these days. Nice progress Stef, despite the footie/boiler!
  3. Very neat and delicate construction there, especially the tracks.
  4. This build has been progressing at a snail's pace but the decals are on and a few bits and pieces added inside the turret. The tools aren't finished yet, and I'm sure they would have been painted OD, but I'm going for a light wood grain effect to add a bit of contrast. I also did a pin wash and some very light dry-brushing which is barely noticeable in the photos but does add a little bit more definition. I just need to add the .50 cal and aerials and then it's on to stowage and weathering. And the figure, of course...
  5. Nice little model of a subject I'm not familiar with. It looks great on the base.
  6. Welcome! A very impressive model indeed - colours and mottle look spot on. Sits nicely with the JG 7 262.
  7. It's good to see this being built - one of my favourite Matchbox kits, although I preferred Airfix's way of doing the tracks!
  8. 'Tis the way of things, isn't it? - WOP/AGs, air bombers, air signallers, flight engineers, navs, miners, milkmen... But then it always was supposed to be a pilots' air force. Full circle?
  9. My choice would be the Tamiya one. It's accurate, has extra 'desert details', and of course comes with superb crew figures. I'd suggest it's all you need to build a decent Alamein Pz IV 'Special'.
  10. Welcome. I'm another early retiree, thanks to some Covid and Govt-enforced job shedding. Its nice that you have a supportive wife. A lot of people around here seem to need ways to circumvent them...
  11. Good luck with it. Tiger II 'ambush' camo is factory applied and essentially hard edged with light spots representing dappled light. Probably easier to accomplish with a brush!
  12. That looks great so far. What an incredible amount of detail. I admire your skill and stamina - it's not a kit I would consider taking on!
  13. Nice to see another of these old clunkers. I think it looks good in Olive Drab.
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