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  1. Well quite. I've been looking online and it seems there were a few claims but none that can be corroborated by RAF records. We'll probably never know. But I'd have thought that just getting back alive after flying that thing would have been reason enough to celebrate!
  2. I think it's disputed. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it could have been a Typhoon shot down by the airfield flak? Nice model. Another one on the shopping list.
  3. Definitely. I'm not saying it's wrong to do lots of chipping and rust on a tank if that floats your boat. It's your model. And a properly realistic model can sometimes look a bit boring, so I don't blame people for choosing a more artistic interpretation. Also, I still use the old dry brushing method - for instance, a darker colour can be used quite successfully to recreate the effect of dirt and dust being rubbed off edges and hatches, to create a used look. I look forward to seeing your next build!
  4. I like that. The mud effects are great. Too often models feature lots of chips, rust and worn metal, but very little actual dirt and mud. Yours looks like it's really been churning up the ground..
  5. It looks good, but like everyone else they couldn't resist the hedge-cutting prongs on the front, which I believe were never actually used operationally? Gives it a meaner appearance though!
  6. That looks very sleek and smart, Bill. Every inch a Spitfire! Excellent work.
  7. Interesting to see you've done the wing mods. I never bothered on the two I built previously, but will do so on the next.
  8. The latest boxing looks good - No. 1 Squadron markings, France 1940. I've just asked Jeff Bezos to send me another one.
  9. Brilliant. Perfect paint job and restrained weathering. Makes me want to get back into braille scale AFVs.
  10. Nice one. I agree that the mottle looks quite effective. Sometimes the real thing looked a bit 'heavier' and less perfect than the way it's usually portrayed on our models! Especially when touch ups were added by ground crews in the field.
  11. Excellent NMF and weathering. A real stunner.
  12. Excellent job. From an era - Saladin, Spartan, Samaritan, Scorpion - when I knew 'modern' British Army vehicles!
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