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  1. Fantastic. A superb build of this classic kit.
  2. IanC


    Hello David Welcome to BM. What floats your boat - wings, wheels, tracks.. silly sci-fi things? Ian
  3. A small update - the tracks are on and hopefully I've achieved some proper sag once the super glue has cured and the timber removed! I'm having a go at scratching the side skirt mountings and front mudguards. The skirts themselves were often torn off or removed and so I won't be adding them. Well, as long as I can get the tracks to stay down I won't...
  4. Well, it's 1944. Their world is crumblin' down and they feel like they can't go on...
  5. It looks great. If I can offer a suggestion for next time, you could perhaps tone down the spare track and cables? A dark grey would be less glaring, and offer better camouflage. I like the mud effects too.
  6. Possibly they brought the screen closer to the pilot to reduce reflection and glare issues. I believe this was a problem with the Blenheim Mk I. That's just a guess though. I may be way off!
  7. My third entry will be the Panzer Jaeger IV L/70 aka Jagdpanzer IV. I've never built this one previously so I'm looking forward to a totally new and exciting Matchbox experience!
  8. Is see no-one is doing the Panzer IV/70 Jagdpanzer IV (PK-87) so please put me down for that one. It's an old boxing and I'm a bit worried about the rather stiff tracks which may well convert themselves into link & length items at a critical moment. But as it's one of my favourite AFVs and it's had a cushy time in the stash up till now, I'll give it a go. Best wishes, Ian
  9. I wish I'd snapped up more of the old AFVs when you could get them for about 7 quid a pop. This latest move by Revell to stick in a cheap brush and a few paints and charge 20 quid is worrying. I'm assuming that if and when they re-release the Matchbox Panther and Panzer III, which I hope they will, they'll be in the same very expensive format.
  10. Matchbox Spit. Commando comic book. Ultimate nostalgia!
  11. I just checked out that build review on Track-Link. Wow! It's magnificent, but it's not modelling the way I want it to be - or could cope with, to be frank. An amazing kit, nonetheless.
  12. Incredible work Mark. I still can't get my head around being able to design and print your own replacement parts! I feel like I'm living in the past..
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