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  1. Superb. Love that view of the prop and engine!
  2. Excellent. You've done wonders with the old dog. What I really like is the subtle 'in scale' mottling. Makes it look bigger than 1/72.
  3. Excellent. But I'll wait for the 1/72 one.
  4. Neat work Steve. I love that scheme. For me, it's too hot for building models (my excuse..) so I'm just enjoying looking at other people's! Roll on autumn and the modelling season.
  5. Brilliant. Those are really nice. And it's good to see the recce and bomber versions rather than the more usual fighters.
  6. Excellent Steve. Crisp and neat. I love the Maryland - and the Baltimore too.
  7. The Mosquito gives us a pretty good idea! Lovely model. Ian
  8. Fantastic. Such an atmospheric scene, and so well photographed.
  9. Very effective weathering. Can I ask which paints you used for the main colours?
  10. Stunning work. The base and figure are particularly good too.
  11. Indeed. From that viewpoint you're absolutely right. But I was referring to the aircraft as delivered to the RAF. So while the Manchester was a disaster, and the Halifax struggled with design flaws, the Lancaster was a success from day one of its operational service, and remained essentially unchanged until the last. Apologies for labouring the point!
  12. It was a bit more than teething troubles. The early Halifax was definitely inferior. Some crews described it as a death trap - underpowered and aerodynamically unstable. The loss rates are the proof, which is why the Mk II and the V were eventually retired from main force operations. The initial design had to be modified extensively, but once the the re-engined Mk III became available in numbers at the end of 1943, yes things started to look up. It was almost a new aircraft, but sadly by that time the Lanc - almost perfect from the start - had established itself and would remain the prime wartime heavy bomber. I don't blame Harris for wanting to stop production altogether. He needed a proven bomb lifter, and the Halifax, like the Stirling, had had its chance.
  13. Fantastic build. And great interior detail - even a Gee display on the nav's table! Ian
  14. Really nice job you've made of that. Top notch weathering.
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