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  1. I'd prefer the definitive 1/72 Mosquito series. And the Stirling...
  2. I think it's supposed to be OD, as it should be for 'Lady Gen', although it does appear very dark. Always good to see a Black Widow. I love that thing!
  3. Fantastic. The camo is really well done. I'm looking to do one of these soon, as it's one kit I never did as a lad. Hope it turns out as good as yours.
  4. I'm glad they didn't. I think the proper scale for big multi-engined types is 1/72 - despite the recent glut of massive bomber kits from other manufacturers. That way you can actually afford to buy them, are more likely to finish them and have the space to display them. Even in 1/72, the Vulcan will still dominate any display cabinet.
  5. Which would be a great excuse to re-tool the service police dog from the Bloodhound set!
  6. Amazing. What paint did you use for the silver dope?
  7. Thanks. I'm afraid I cheated a bit and used a pre-cut mask set from Eduard. Otherwise I think I'd have gone mad!
  8. Thank you. It's weathered a bit, of course. I used pastels for the black exhaust stains although I was going to make them a lot blacker as seen in many photos. Plus a bit of dust and some scratches - don't show up too well in the photos. I don't like going too far in this scale.
  9. I just about remember those days! Great job on your Provost. I keep seeing these made up and they look good. Must get one.
  10. Hello everyone Here's the Hasegawa He 111H-6 with Airfix props, MGs and a few extra details. Markings are for KG 53 on the Russian Front. Not a good choice of subject if like me you hate masking and dealing with complex canopies. It took far too long to finish - most of this year to be honest - so I'm glad to finally get it over the line. I had planned do it with a heavily weathered whitewash finish, but just couldn't bring myself to cover up the paint job! All the best and happy modelling! Ian
  11. Excellent job. And a sad story too. It always seems more tragic when crews got the chop so close to the end of hostilities. That was, I believe, the last raid flown by main force Halifax squadrons. Ian
  12. IanC

    Airfix 2020

    It's interesting how historical aircraft continue to hold people's interest long after they've faded into history. The Spitfire and Lancaster will probably be remembered forever, but for how long will Airfix, or other companies for that matter, look back to the Second World War for inspiration? We're still being spoilt with all sorts of wonderful kits from an age which will soon pass out of living memory. The school textbook subjects chosen for the 1/12 Historical Figures series seem archaic now, and would never be revised, but a 1/48 torpedo-bomber from the 1940s (for example) might still be considered a perfectly realistic commercial proposition. Long may it continue!
  13. IanC

    Airfix 2020

    Yep. And we've got eight weeks of Christmas adverts and a General Election to endure before we're even half way through...
  14. I've used Winsor & Newton Galeria gloss over enamels with no problems. Maybe check you're leaving the paint enough time to harden off? Some seem to take a while. But have you tried polishing the paint rather than using a gloss varnish? I do that now and find it works so much better. The final matt or satin coat is much less fraught to apply than the gloss!
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