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  1. Yes, they did use horses on occasion. FDR walked a tightrope to get aid to Britain, and the 'cash and carry' scheme meant we could buy the aircraft but weren't allowed to ship from US ports. Lend-Lease came later, of course. Lovely to see your Hudson Vinnie - very nicely done. It's one Airfix classic I've never built.
  2. That's great. Is that an AFPU bloke taking a photo from the back of the Cromwell? Nice touch if so.
  3. Holiday? What's that..? No abuse, just a big thumbs up from one Ian to another. Nice work.
  4. Yes, but wouldn't a B-24, for example, given its extensive service, still be more commercially viable than a Lincoln, despite sharing the market? And having it to yourself is no guarantee of success. I'm not sure the Nimrod was a bestseller. Anyway, we all realise it's a long shot, wonderful though it would be to see! They're good at keeping us speculating, which is one of the pleasures of this hobby.
  5. I'd welcome both but doubt we'll see either. I'd have thought a re-tooled B-24 or B-29 would make more commercial sense, if they're planning a new 'heavy'. Or indeed a Halifax, as previously mentioned.
  6. I like it. The Airfix 5.5 is little more than a toy but you've made it look half decent there. And welcome back to the fold too!
  7. Fear not. The Tamiya Cromwell is a real gem and pretty accurate, despite its age. I regard it as one of their best AFVs. It's even got decent enough rubber band tracks, which I like. The Airfix one looks interesting though. And at least it's not a panzer!
  8. An excellent result. And if you want to see what it could do, check out Lt John Burns' medal-winning rescue mission on Truk lagoon in 1944.
  9. We enjoy feeding the Red Kites in our back garden. Wonderful, majestic birds. And the slightly smaller ones, of course...
  10. That bottom photo could fool a lot of people into thinking it was an aerial snap of the real thing! Fantastic.
  11. Excellent. The camo and groundwork are especially good.
  12. Incredible. Spent the last ten minutes just gazing at it!
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