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  1. That's very impressive. I've not had chance to build one of these yet. The cockpit canopy looks better than the Airfix version. The fuselage seems longer - not sure if that's right or wrong. Cracking paintwork too, and the decals look painted on. My only slight criticism is that the radio aerial is a bit too noticeable - in that scale it should be almost invisible. Ps. Keep building 1/72 - the one, true scale!
  2. Peewit self-adhesive canopy mask, Peewit being the company name. Like the ones made by Eduard but cheaper. I got mine from Hannants. I sometimes mask up using ordinary Tamiya tape but the pre-cut ones make life a lot easier!
  3. Wow. That's an average of more than one a week for the last 48 years !! And you still have them all? I'd love to see your collection..
  4. Cheers Steve. Have to admit I cheated and used a Peewit mask. I'm getting lazy...!
  5. That was the plan. A recruitment tour in New Zealand. Unfortunately he was killed before the order was received.
  6. Thanks. I'm planning to build another Spit and Defiant this year to join it in a little Battle of Britain 80th anniversary tribute.
  7. Hello everyone. Here's the Airfix 1/72 Hurricane in No. 615 Squadron markings. It's a lovely little kit, albeit with some inaccuracies, and many of you will be familiar with it. My only addition was a set of etched seat straps. The cockpit detail is very good as it stands. I used Vallejo Model Air paints over a Tamiya priming coat. Then W&S Galeria varnish and a little bit of weathering with pastels, oil washes and a silver pencil. With his big brother.... Best wishes Ian
  8. Such a relaxing hobby, isn't it? But it certainly came out well in the end. Brilliant result with a realistic worn whitewash look. Nice one.
  9. A clever and very poignant diorama. So sad that he got the chop only months later. Just one of the 55,573...
  10. Smashing Hurricane and a nice collection. I've just finished the Airfix one using this Vallejo paint set and for my money the colours look pretty good. I think I prefer them to Gunze Mr Color, if only because I don't have to wear a gas mask while airbrushing.
  11. Yes, that's a really nice paint scheme for a Gustav.
  12. Three nice builds there, especially the Finnish one. Looks good.
  13. Yes that's me, although I'm slightly younger! Dad introduced me to Airfix and I always did WW2 aircraft. Later I built an N Gauge railway layout, and used to make a lot of 1/35 Tamiya armour kits too, but I soon went back to aircraft and have stayed with them ever since - mainly RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe, and nearly always 1/72 'nostalgia' scale.
  14. That's the old Airfix Heinkel?! I'm astounded. They're all fantastic. And the Beaufort is sublime.
  15. We've already got it. It's finally been announced after years of wrangling over scale and marking options. In fact, many people argued passionately that there was no need for the kit at all. But an equal number of people were thrilled to see it finally cleared for production. So far all we've seen are low quality test shots, but already it looks like it won't live up to all the hype. In fact the new Brexit may well prove to be a lot harder to put together than previously thought. I've seen a leaked copy of the instructions - they're incomplete and rather baffling. And I think the makers have taken huge liberties over accuracy. But if you're the sort of person who likes a challenge, you'll love it. The finished version is supposed to be on the shelves at your local stockist at the end of December, but frankly I'd take that with a pinch of salt. And when you do finally get to open the box, don't be shocked at how far removed the finished product is from the artist's impressions in the catalogue all those years ago.
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