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  1. i tried to unify the fuselage with some white ammo mig one shot primer. never really used the stuff before and i kind of regret it It didn't seem to be all that "one shot" but rather multiple layers, and from a distance it looks ok, but it actually turned the surface of the kit into sandpaper fortunately it's sand able so i think i've made a start at a rescue attempt with some careful sanding. i'd rather not strip it with all the details on this one. I'm not sure what i did wrong, i suspect i might have to sprayed from to far away o
  2. there would be quite a few different variants of those to build so they would sure sell me a few
  3. That is looking rather lovely! for being one colour i's say it's almost mesmerising, looking forward to see the thing together. Btw there is a full size replica under construction at the army museum in Brussels. I sadly haven't been there for over a year now so i'm not sure about it's current state, last time i went the fuselage skeleton was done and in progress of receiving the metal front panels. Some parts of the wing to if i recall correctly. It will be a static display only but it's constructed using original blueprints so it will be quite spectacular to see the thing in the f
  4. I don't have the Italeri version but i do have a couple of their S55 heli's and i half suspect Hobby boss took some inspiration from the Italeri kit, they al least look fairly similar especially the seat design etc... than again, it's the same subject so, there's only so much you can do. I'm no expect on this heli so it's mainly a fun build. There's always a risk in getting caught up in details and failing to produce an attractive kit. At least for me... Ironically my best models are those where i had fun just putting it together and putting on some paint rather than doing to much
  5. Hi all, i've making some more progress on the heli. Because there where many small differences between the real thing and what came in the box, i've been going over all the photo's i could find and make small modifications. these mostely consist of antennae and grab handles that where added, and some holes for original items that needed filling. the most difficult modifications was a dome on top of the cockpit (radio compass?) and a large navigation light behind the rotor i looked for a suitable piece of sprue and found this nice tree trunk
  6. A very nice start! I have this one sitting in my stash so it will be interesting to see how she goes together!
  7. True, although I'm not sure in this scale they are really doable in injection plastic. They are quite thick but at least the holes are represented. I resisted attemping scratchbuilding them as they can hardly be seen. That said something like precut masks could make a very convincing fabric seat.
  8. Hi all, Having some time over the weekend I was looking for another quick and cheerfull kit to build. Since i build mostely models in a Belgian livery finding kits that come with Belgian decals is always a treat. I've build a few hobby boss kits before and they usually go together very well, and are nicely detailed however not always as accurate as i'd like. the Sikorsky is no exception. I'm no expert on this helicopter, and i don't want to get caught on trying to replicate every last rivet, or try to superdetail it but some things need some attention to better replicat
  9. That looks pretty good! I have had good results by taping the clear material to a bit of card with a hole in it that has the contours of the canopy. That way if you push through the master shape the edges won't destrot as much. I also tend to mount the master on a base so it can be pushed in a little deeper. That said, your canopy looks the part!
  10. Hi all, To counter a few stalled builds that are awaiting paints or decals to arrive, i wanted to build something quick and fun. It doesn't really fit my collection but this kit seemed quick and fun to build. Revell can be a bit of hit and miss, you might find a state or the art kit or something from the 70's. in this case it's a fairly new re-box of a Zvezda kit, and the engineering is superb, mostly snap fit, yet pretty well detailed! There is a lovely 3 piece pilot and and option for folded gear that actually looks rather convincing (wheel wel
  11. Having build this kit myself i can only say you took it to the next level!! excellent paint job and finish. I found it a very enjoyable build, and a great kit overall, not to mention the Belgian decal option. Just to bad Airfix only included the later four spoke wheels rather than the iconic 5 spoke ones that are accurate. In my case Marabu's set of photo etch spitfire rims came to the rescue. very inspiring!
  12. Lovely build! SV4's sure like a splash of colour and this one is no exception. well done!
  13. That's coming along really nice! given my recent lack of progress this one might gracefully soar the living room skies long before mine
  14. What a coincidence, i've recently picked up the Italeri kit and have a few gladiators in my stash to. In an interesting twist of history just prior to ww2 Belgium was able to buy some Cr.42's from Italy as also some British Gladiators, to "modernize" it's rather interesting but hopelessly outdated collection of interwar planes. Ironically after the capture of Belgium Italian CR42's where stationed here as well. All of this to say this pair or biplanes share quite an interesting history. It will be interesting and inspiring to see this pair come alive. cheers
  15. i have this close up of a late xiv spinner... since we're on the subject looks a bit loose and very well might be in this static restoration interesting how the baseplate and fillets are not the same color as the spinner, but again, restoration.
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