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  1. I think i'm almost ready to call this one done, but i might still refine some details. I applied some mat varnish to take away the floor polish gloss and check the shades and highlights i'm still not 100% happy with the eyes so i'll have to see what can be done there still. i had intended to fix the model to a wooden base from the beginning but when trying it i didn't like the result and as i'm doing some plumbing in the house i suddenly noticed pipe connector and it looked just right. Anyway, i'll have to give her a long hard look under good light tomorrow and see wha
  2. I tried to refine the eyes today by adding the iris colour the pupil etc. i didn't have much time and the light wasn't ideal so i'm not to happy with her right eye , but desided to leave it for now so everything was dry and i had some time to think about how to fix it. there's a little tuft of red hair peaking from her helmet, and a little more at the back that's fighting me as well
  3. And here is some color followed by some freckles and more shading and highlighting finally this is all i used so far... a fairly limited pallet... all paints thinned with hg parquet polish. this works wonderful but leaves a glossy finish, so i final mat coat will be needed to tone that down, on the other hand when turning the model to face a light source it helps spot where highlights would occur and allow me to be a little brave and add more aggressive lighting it all needs some more refining but i like where this is headed
  4. Hello everyone, I felt i needed another break from aircraft modeling, so i looked for a new figure to paint. since i had so much fun with the first 1/10 bust i figured another pilot bust would look nice. Although it looked a lot simpler i thought this might be a good chance to try and do a better job without worrying to much about elaborate details. I started by priming the model in black valejo pains and than came in with some mig ammo white from the top Because i can never leave anything alone i i lightly sanded the chin and resculpt the pleats on
  5. as there was a wobble in the left wing roundel due to it distorting from micro sol, i tried overpainting it, but the rings still didn't look concentric and to make matters worse it seems to have shrunk after painting leaving white edges, so... i wasn't going to let it pass, and broke out the sander, fully expecting the decal to yield, but alas... it's quite a tough one. almost looks like it could be weathering no?... Yet there's one sure way to bring down the toughest... Alcohol! and resprayed and awaiting a new decal, witch i thankfully pr
  6. Hello All It took me a while, but the lovely BE2 is finally starting to look like an aeroplane. I've attached the lower wings and tail surfaces and applied the decal markings, these went on with no drama except one deformed due to using micro sol. i must remember only to use set in the future on these home-made decals. I first painted the lovely engine and propeller i added the decals, and yes that is a little revell SPAD i'm also working on. The top wing still sits loose on the center struts. the low
  7. Sill more decal action. I painted most of the major components with some Hataka light tan, and started on the external decals. wood panels: It needs a little fixing here and there but i think the overall effect is a win now i'm actually considering doing the rib shadows on the semi transparent wings as decals to.... to be continued
  8. Here is another small and long overdue update: I finally buttoned up the fuselage after installing my instrument panel, which is a simple sheet of styrene with a home-made decal. in the excitement i totally forgot the forward bulkhead that also contains the rear central struts, so i had to remove hump it has on the back and part the top of the freshly glued fuselage halves again to put it in place. in blown up photographs it looks like the decals are a bit grainy, but in real life they look painted on, so i'm quite happy with that. the bulkhead was coloured with decals
  9. Looks good so far! i have an older boxing of the same kit by revell. so i'll be watching this for inspiration. still it would be nice if someone would put out a new tool kit...
  10. Another tiny update, gave the interior a little more paint and added seatbelts. which in keeping with the apparent theme of this build i first designed in inkscape and than printed on regular paper.
  11. It's clear film, so for the colours to be true, a white undercoat is needed. I applied them over a tan surface and this worked with the overall wood finish. For the roundles I will either need a white decal underlay or spray white. It has limitations but it's easier than masking and painting everything. I'm thinking of ordering some white decal film to see what can be done with it.
  12. Thanks Stuart, i guess that sums up the intention for this model unless you where talking about the modeller, in which you'd be correct as well A new bottle of liquid decal film showed up in the mail today, so after successfully using clear varnish as an alternative (and sadly spilling most of the remainder of the bottle in the process) i now, for the first time, risked running it trough the airbrush... it's fairly thick stuff so i had to up the pressure a bit but otherwise it went on nicely as far as i can tell. Clean-up was a little more difficult, as i don't know what would
  13. And this is what ik looks like with the decals on They need to settle down a bit. But so far so good
  14. Hi all, After slapping on the decal i looked into what the real aircraft looked like and realised only the top portion was wood and the lower fabric with the typical bracing wires so i cut back the decal. but looking at the sidewall detail on the real thing gave me a new idea, so a rubbed a piece of paper over the fuselage sides to get an imprint of the shape and scanned it, so produce this . for a decal these home made ones are extremely strong but also tough, extra thin seems to work as a setting solution though
  15. I wanted to push along, so since i had created a bit of spare texture i went ahead and sprayed it with flat varnish from Ammo by mig, straight from the bottle and gave it a few coats. I didn't expect it to work, but lo and behold, dipping it in water didn't result in any color bleed and the decal slid off nicely. It was fairly thick, but than i did spray on quite a lot of varnish, but that meant, it could be handeled nicely off the backing sheet, almost like a real sticker. it didn't stick all that well but i think with some micro set it will stay put once dry i guess the result is
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