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  1. cdk

    RLM 83 Dunkelblau ?

    Hello Troy, thank`s for your posting. Now I will see se AK colours with a more critical eye. Claus
  2. cdk

    RLM 83 Dunkelblau ?

    Hello, I think the latest news about RLM83 Dark Blue are in the new book from AK. Real Colors of WWII-Aircraft. Now a original recipe of this color was found and Mr. Jürgen Kiroff, the well known Co Author from Mr. Merrick`s last Luftwaffe books, had mixed a color sample to this recipe. So I think the best is to buy a bottle of AK Real Colors RLM83 as a sample. I will go this way, using the AK RLM83 as a master and try to mix my own in enamel paint. In the book is a printed sample but I found no usefull match in FS, RAL or BS standards. Hope it helps Claus PS Up to date I was not able to buy one.
  3. Hello Finn, Ian K. Baker in his -RAAF Spitfires Camouflage Special- has A58-254 as an profile and give the same colours for it. Also his impresson is that the airplane was polished. Have a look in the Spitfire Markings of the RAAF Part 1, Smith&Pentland under the pic of A58-254 is a pic from BR539 in desert camo. The Mid Stone is in his greyscale not so far away from the lighter colour of A58-254. So I think Light Earth can it be. The camouflage pattern on the fuselage follows only very loosley the factory drawing so a repaint in Australia is a possibility. That is only my impression and I hope someone with moore knowledge will jump in. Best regard Claus
  4. Hello Dave, have send a PM. Hope it work. Claus
  5. cdk

    USN 1941 Light Grey

    Hello Peter, in April 2014 Nick Millman in his Bloc show a Fuller paint chart. One colour was : One Coat Enamel TL-8703 NS Light Gray. Do you think that this is the underside colour for the Martin bomber ? The Milk White for the flying boat underside was DuPont 71-021 Sky Type S gray. See post #13 from topic - Hurricane IIb underside Colours - from this year. Best regard Claus
  6. cdk

    DAP 21 "the saint"....

    Hello Olivier, Geoffrey Pentland in " RAAF Camouflage and Markiengs Vol2 " on page 94 show a profile off Beaufighter A8-23 EH-C. In the caption he writes:" ...white aeras around the engine cowlings were treated with special heat reflecting paint. " Other pics in that book show also Beaufighter with cowlings not unlike that in your pic posted above. Claus
  7. Humbrol 44 is little as FS35488. It is also a little darker as Methuen 22 B 4. All the best Claus
  8. Hello, Michael Ullmann in his german edition of his book about the Luftwaffe colours give for the Do 24 K with date from 4.Oct. 1937 a coat of DKH Ölgrund grün L40/41 as a primer with the 2. coat as DKH Nitrodecklack Silber L40/51. I am not 100% sure, but I remember to read somewere that the floor was coverd with Linoleum. A word to the beaching trolly on my modell. This is a pure product of my fantasy. I think the Dutch have lost such equipment on there return to Australia. So the australiens must be done some improvisations for beaching the Dorniers. It is made from same plastic profiles and wood. The wheels are from a Hasegawa Mavis and spare. My knowledge about the mistakes on the modell are from an article in the old german Modell Magazin No.12-1978 and No.1-1979, done by Karl Kössler. He checked the Italeri modell against some original dokuments and drawings. Claus http://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/nein24.htm this link may be also some help
  9. Hello Stephen, some years back I was also doing a RAAF Dornier. The Italeri Kit has some mistakes that will be corrected for all versions. The front turret must be moved 3 mm back, the Flossenstummel, the little wings on the waterline, I don't know the english word, must be 2 mm thicker and then bring to shape, the tailend must be widend by 1,5 mm to fit the turret and the complet tailplane is set 2 mm higher. Also the double fin and rudders are to small and must be corrected. The rescue hatches for for the T version are on the wrong place and must only on the left side in flight direction. The bulleyes must be a little higher and the missing entry hatch willalso scatch built. The engine mounts are also 2 mm too short. Also are missing the external reinforcing stipes and other small items. The flap hinges are a little to small. The ailerons must be corrected to look moore like the "Spaltklappen". To built a Dutch/RAAF Dornier we must also built a new cowling, the fairing from the middle engine on top of the wing must go more far back and we have 2 landing lights. The Dutch also can have some bomb racks. For the verion with 3 identicel ALCAN turrets the opening for the middle one must be reduced in diameter. Reading all that you will be give up before starting. But most corrections are not a big task and the endresult is in every way a big improvment over the original kit. I have built my Modell from an original first edition. Your Edition have a much better interior. If the hatches on the cockpit are closed, you will see not so many from it. Hope images bive you some impression. Claus
  10. Koblens is not so far away from Bonn. Here you can visit the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung, a Museum in the hands of the German Army. It coverd all aspects of militaria and aircraft. Nearby is a Modell and Book shop wich have also a large collection of books long out of print. The name is Collectiana or so.
  11. Hello Mitch K in an old Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol.7. No.2 Ian Huntley give Red Sand Methuen 7E5 and FS30117, Dark Red Sand 7F4 and FS30108 and for DArk Sand 5E3 and FS 34128. He writes that FS30117 and 30108 are very aproximate. FS34128 is far away to the 5E3. Maybe it is a printing error. I can only give some Hombrol mixes I had made for me. Dark Sand Humbrol 72+33, Red Sand Humbrol 186 and Dark Red Sand Humbrol 98+133. Hope it helps Claus
  12. Hello, in - The Royal Air Force of World War Two in Colour - by Roger A. Freeman on pages 2,52,56 and 126 we can see some Spitfire interior colour. It is my personal feeling that there are different shades and that there are lighter as Humbrol 78. Can someone cive a comment on the code letter on page 56? when the letter is Sky we have a direct comparison to the colour on the entry door. Only my guess Claus
  13. Thank you again, Supercuber as Rogozarski Zelena was also used as a cockpit colour, are any evidence around in Yugoslavia about the cockpit colours of an ZMAJ build Hurricane? Can it be the same as the underside colour? Claus
  14. Hello Supercuber, great info for the MaketarPlus4. I will wait and see. I have a FS Fan Deck and an AGAMA catalogue with an painted sample of Iz5M. I am very surprised how green the graygreen is. Claus
  15. Hello Supercuber, many thank's for showing the pic's of the IK-3 modell. Do you know what are the neart FS colours are for it?. I have searched the YASIG with no result. Hello Warhawk, also thank you for the clarification on the colours on your nice IK-2 modell. This avoid some confusion about modell colours and real aircraft paint for all non yugoslav reading people here. Best regard Claus
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