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  1. You've made a nice job of that Ozzy. It's quite a fiddly build at times isn't it? Looking forward to seeing what you are planning for a base. Wayne
  2. You're making great progress with your build. I'm another one that has this kit in the queue. In fact I will be doing the same scheme as you so I thought I would tag along, at least I will know what pit falls to look out for. What was your concern regarding the chassis colour? Wayne.
  3. Stynylrez ( one-shot) does need a bigger needle/nozzle and a lot of air pressure for it to spray nicely. I use an old airbrush with a .5 needle in it and I use 35-40 psi. You can almost hose it on and it will level out nicely. I use it on most of my armour builds although I prefer Mr Surfacer for smaller subjects. I find cleaning up Stynylrez a bit of a pain. Great progress by the way. I managed to miss out the fire suppression handles on mine but some strategically placed tow cables covered up my omission (almost). Wayne
  4. Excellent work David, and very nicely presented. What did you use for the anti slip coating? Wayne
  5. I, for one, am glad you stuck with it. That's a lovely model, very nicely painted and weathered. There is something very appealing about those early tanks. The grey looks just right to me in the first photo. It looks like the white balance is a little on the cool side on the others, giving them a slight blue cast. Did you mix your own grey or have you found one you like? Wayne
  6. Thank you very much Witold! I used this kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-35300-matilda-mkiii-iv--122691 Wayne
  7. They are both very well done. The weathering and painting is spot on and your attention to all the little details has made these an excellent pair of models. Wayne
  8. That pretty much applies to every model I have built. I do wonder sometimes how this hobby is meant to be relaxing.
  9. Excellent work John, I have enjoyed watching this one progress. The painting and weathering look very authentic and the time you have spent on all of those extra little details has really paid off. Wayne
  10. Lovely work Bill, that turned out very nicely indeed. Wayne
  11. That's looking really good Bill, After watching your progress I think I really should get some paint on my Mk.10. As much as I'm looking forwards to doing the Berlin scheme I actually think the Chieftain looks better in the green and black. I thought the Amusing Hobby Conqueror was a great kit. I built the Mk.1 a little while ago. My only issue was that the inner side skirts were badly warped so I had to make some replacement ones from plastic card. There were no clear parts in the Mk.1 kit which was a little annoying. It makes up into a lovely model though and captures the imposing
  12. Thank you all very much, I really appreciate your comments. Wayne
  13. Very nicely done Matt. It makes me want to get started with mine. Wayne.
  14. I'm impressed by the level of detail in that kit and you are making an excellent job showing it. Wayne
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