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  1. That's an interesting and unusual subject Nenad, very nicely built, the painting and weathering is also top notch. Wayne
  2. I saw somebody else's and thought it was a good idea. You have some excellent work there Frank. I also have the new Eduard Camels but I really must finish off some of the stalled builds before I start on them, at least this time I will be able see what details and alterations you make first.
  3. Glad to see you stuck with it, it's looking really good. I seem to go through a period on most of my builds when I feel like giving up on them. With these Cents it's often the effort of replacing all of the handles and tie downs that I find tedious, fortunately the prototypes didn't have too many. The mantlet cover looks to be quite an improvement on the AFV ones despite the extra work. Looks like your through the worst of it... apart from those handles. Good luck with the op. Wayne
  4. Thanks John, It doesn't take too much heat from the hairdryer to make them pliable and they remain so for a minute or two so they can be moulded to the basic shape. Once they are in situ additional heat can be added to fine tune them. The amount of heat required isn't enough to melt the surrounding plastic but I was still cautious. How was Telford? Wayne
  5. Fantastic work Frank! I have been dipping into your build of it over on the WW1Aircraft Models forum. You have spotted a couple of details that I missed on my build that I shall have to add. The way you have done the metal cowlings is excellent. It was the main thing that I was never happy about on mine, using real aluminium has made a massive difference to the look of the model and is something I shall attempt next time. Your spoked wheels are another stand out feature, luckily I had some suitable etch ones for mine but I will definitely be using your method in the future. I missed the fact that the prototype had the MG mounts, it would make sense as I presume the weight of the guns would have had quite an impact on the flight characteristics. I've been focusing on building British armour lately but seeing your work has given me the urge to go back to building WW1 aircraft again, I've got plenty to choose from. Looking forward to your next project, any ideas as to what it may be? Wayne
  6. The tracks on the early Centurions were narrower than the later versions at 20 inches wide and AFV only supply the standard width tracks in this kit and those are the rubber band type. Fortunately Accurate Armour kindly sold me some resin 20'' tracks from their A41 conversion set. A little clean up was required and a couple of the lengths hadn't quite cast properly so some of the ends of the links were missing but these would be hidden by the bazooka plates. I found the easiest way to fit them was to glue the lengths together to make the complete run and then using a hairdryer to soften the resin they could be moulded around the wheels. This was my first experience with resin tracks and I found the fitting process wasn't too bad and the final result is actually pretty good. It's starting to look like a Centurion now. Wayne
  7. Thanks Darryl, I was hoping I wouldn't have to add much in the way of detail to this one but I just can't help myself. The texture is Tamiya basic putty dissolved in extra thin cement, I would imagine the Humbrol one would work just as well. At first I thought that's a bit random, someone's parked a Centurion at the roadside, but I guess it's because they were built nearby. I had a peek on Google and I would say it's a Mk.5/2 but I'm no expert. I'm lucky enough to live down the road from Duxford so often pop in to have a look at the real things. I find seeing them in the flesh often gives me the urge to build them in model form. Once you get into your build I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it, the AFV ones go together quite quickly and don't really need much extra work to get a decent result. I imagine the AH ones aren't that different. The lack of mantlet cover is a bit of a pain in the backside though, I feel considering it's such a prominent feature that they could have included something. Wayne Thanks Ed, It's going together quite nicely, I just need to get through the track stage. Wayne
  8. Very nice, it looks like you've put a lot of work into that. Wayne
  9. That looks like an interesting subject. Looking forward to see how you progress with it. Wayne
  10. I used some microscope cover slips to replace the plastic windows on my B-Type Battle bus build. They are pretty cheap and you get loads in a box. You can see how I used them HERE towards the bottom of the page. They will only work for flat glass though. Wayne
  11. Finally I have some progress to report on this build. Most of the construction of this kit is the same as all of AFV's other Centurion kits and seemingly the same as Amusing Hobbies so I thought I would mostly post about the differences in this kit compared to the others. The original release of this kit was from Platz and was part of the Girls und Panzer series but there was an inaccuracy regarding the hull. The kit was basically the AFV Mk.5 with a new sprue for the turret however the prototypes, Mk.1s and 2's had a longer hull at the rear. It was decided on later marks to shorten the hull to save some weight (100lbs). Thankfully AFV have corrected this in their own release and have included some hull extensions, the correct grill and radiators. The final drive housings have reinforcing ribs on them which were only present on the later Mk's so these needed to be removed. There a few annoying ejector pin marks on some of the parts in quite prominent positions. A lot of the sprues come from the original Mk.5 release but the pin marks are surprisingly mostly on the new sprues as can be seen here on the new rear plate. The centre Horstmann suspension unit on the early Mk.'s was also slightly different but AFV only include the latter type. However this will be hidden by the bazooka plates so I decided to let it go. The wheels in this kit are AFV's standard centurion wheels with the vinyl tyres that have the rims moulded into them. They do this so that the distinctive reinforcing ribs can be incorporated and the injection moulding process would make it impossible to do so in plastic. Amusing Hobby have left out these rings completely in their kits. Fortunately there are after market resin wheels available. The early Centurions ran on what were basically Comet wheels which had one less reinforcing ring and a smaller outer ring as explained in this thread HERE by @Das Abteilung. I decided to order some Comet wheels from Brach model in Italy. I still needed to make some alterations to them though as the Comet hubs are wrong, so I had to cut the AFV ones from the wheels and fit them to the Brach ones. The next problem was that the Comet ran on ten wheels and the Centurion has twelve. The Brach wheels aren't cheap and I didn't want to order an extra set just for two wheels so I thought I would be a bit cheeky and cast some myself. I have continued with the rest of the hull and made a start on the turret without any major problems and I have added some texture to some of the surfaces. I will need to add some weld beads here and there and I will also replace the plastic moulded on grab handles with some made from wire and then it will be the dreaded tracks. Wayne
  12. Yikes! I don't envy you, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Good luck with it and the interview. The DEF cover does look good but seems a bit of a faff to get it to fit. I will need to sculpt one for my Mk.1/prototype build so I think I will see how that goes before I decide on getting the DEF one for my AVRE build. Wayne
  13. Glad to see it got through Stix, I've had these two lurking at the bottom of the pile for a while, I wasn't sure which one but I think I will build the RFM Firefly or maybe I could get them both done, how long will we have? Wayne
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