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  1. Looks like an interesting project Roger, not something that I have seen before. Wayne
  2. https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/featured-product/portrait Mine is the Portrait 2, if you shop around there are usually some good deals but I think Covid may have pushed prices up. With the vinyl I use I have managed to get down to 1.25mm high but with some trial and error with the settings and maybe some different vinyl you could get smaller. Wayne
  3. I feel your pain, I've never had great success in printing decals either. I think it's probably because ink jet printers just aren't great for this sort of work. Laser printers are probably a better option. In the end I gave up and bought a vinyl cutting machine and make my own stencils. If you PM me your address I would be happy to make some stencils for you. I would just need to know the dimensions of the boxes and diameter of the circle. Wayne
  4. Many thanks for the information John @John Tapsell, Jack @JackG and Mike @Mike Starmer. I have tracked down a copy of the book John and look forward to reading it. Wayne
  5. Thank you very much Roger @Hamden John @Bullbasket @vytautas @Carius @Peter Browne I have made a little progress before an eye infection curtailed my bench time. The markings were added using stencils and spraying apart from the WD numbers where I used the decals. I decided not to use the Division or Regiment/Unit signs as none of my reference photos show these applied. I have gone with the vehicle that Border has suggested in its instructions even though I don't have a reference photo for it so I have no idea if it's accurate, I do wish manufactures would supply a photo of th
  6. That's all coming together very nicely Andrew. The cargo looks great and nice save with the paintwork. As Matt said the name Tinkerbell is perfect. Wayne
  7. Nice progress Andy, looking forward to seeing this build develop. Wayne
  8. This looks as though it will be another interesting project to follow along with John. The hexagonal punches have an extra rod for alignment. They work very well but I am still a little cautious when I use them as they aren't cheap. Wayne
  9. First class work Steve, it matches your reference photo perfectly. It almost makes me want to build a Tiger... almost. Wayne
  10. That looks like a fun little project Simon. SCC.15 wasn't introduced until early 1944 so they would more likely be Khaki Green No.3 or SCC.2 brown which started to be used in mid 1942. There is a photo of a line up Mk.IIIs in a European scheme with the external fuel tanks fitted. Wayne
  11. I managed to find some time to get started on the painting. Beginning with a primer coat of Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500. As the MRP base colour doesn't have high opacity the primer was followed by an undercoat of thinned white. To preserve some of the shadowed areas this was applied more on the upper surfaces. The wheels were then painted with a lightened Tamiya tyre black. I masked off the tyres and sprayed the inner faces of the wheels in Khaki Green No.3 on the assumption that they wouldn't have overpainted these areas with the desert camo.
  12. I am currently working on a Crusader Mk.III form the El Alamein period and looking at reference photos I have noticed that none of the vehicles are displaying the Division or Regiment/Unit signs. Would these have been removed during battle periods as the photos don't appear to be censored? I'm sure I have seen photos of Grants and Shermans with the signs so I don't know if it was just something that applied to the cruiser tanks. It would make tactical sense to have not displayed them. Wayne
  13. You should be really pleased with the way that turned out, it looks really good. It's been great following your WIP on this build. Looking forward to the next one. Wayne
  14. That's a lovely little model of an interesting subject. Wayne
  15. That's a wonderful model, plenty to look at as well. Wayne
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