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  1. Thanks John. It does work well for making this style of camo net but I don't think it's exactly right for this time period. In the photos of the actual vehicle the net has a lot more tape on it, but it didn't look right when I tried to replicate it so I will leave as is.. Once again Dan thank you for the info, you have been very helpful for this build and I really appreciate the compliment, I have seen some amazing builds of this kit so it's nice to here you think this one is up there. Looking through my photos again I noticed that Takom have got the 'winky p
  2. And to you Ed. Nice to see this progressing again.
  3. Nicely done Ivan. I do like that colour scheme. Wayne
  4. I do like the look of the Panther and you have made a lovely job of both of these. Wayne
  5. Those are both really very nice Lee. Wayne
  6. Very nicely done Andy. I really like the way you have painted and weathered this one and the way you have photographed it shows that off perfectly. Straight forward builds are great to get the mojo back again. I did a similar thing with Tamiya's old Churchill which I now use as a bit of a test bed for weathering techniques. Wayne
  7. Nice start Vytautas, you are making an excellent job of the extra details. Wayne.
  8. Nice progress Rob considering the amount of detail Miniart put into their kits. It will be interesting watching this one develop. Wayne
  9. Outstanding work Simon! There is a lot to take in with this build. I will need to go and have a look through your build log where I'm sure there will be a few ideas and techniques that I can pinch from you. Wayne
  10. Nice detailing work Nik. Like you I think PE is a bit off a necessary evil sometimes. It's not my favourite medium to work with but on certain parts there is no other option. Wayne
  11. You've made a great job of that Bish. The paint work and the way you have done the weathering look give it a very nice lived in look and the base sets it off nicely. There are photos in the Berlin brigade book of a MK.7 ARRV carrying the plastic cans which predates the Mk.11. Wayne
  12. That really looks the part Dan, seems like your on the home run now. Wayne
  13. Thanks for the prompt reply! That makes perfect sense. I wonder if the sheets stacked on top of the NBC pack could be similar sheets for the engine deck then. In the photos they are definitely brown so I guess they were specially produced for the Berlin brigade. Wayne
  14. Thank you Lee! Thanks Vytautas. Milliput is an epoxy putty, if you use the fine version it can be rolled out very thinly. You need to cover the work surface and roller with talc to prevent it from sticking. It can then be rolled up and modelled. It takes a few hours to harden so you have plenty of time to fiddle with it. Thanks A. The end is in sight now. Wayne
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