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  2. You;ll have to make it very very bright and then there's not saying your safe, didn't they just tasser a blind man because they thought his folded cain he was holding looked like a firearm
  3. You are supposed to put a bit of Orange tape round the muzzle so the thought police don't get them muddled up with real guns.
  4. It's the old Realistic Immitation Firearm nonsense, isn't it? Happily though, it doesn't look like a folding walking stick, so you might be ok
  5. They do a DL44?! Why did I not know this. I am toying with getting a doopy doo resin kit.
  6. Very creative. However, at the risk of being joining on the "Thought Police" bandwagon, is there a danger that you have made them a little bit too realistic particularly to the casual observer ?
  7. Cool I'll send you Christopher's Han Solo's DL-44 to do when I get a replacement. The first one misfires 3 out of 4 bullets
  8. Barking, as usual.
  9. That looks the business.
  10. Today
  11. I managed a bit of progress today . started on his eyes and added some hair colour to get me started. I've also continued on with weathering the armour more. I find it very helpful to add a bit and revisit again and again . I originally just splattered various. Mig pastels and left then to dry. Now I have applied completely dry mig industrial rubble with a brush working it in quite firmly. then I went over it with an old slightly and horrible stiff flat brush which gives the random scratching effect. I will continue layering it up. In my view the more random the more realistic, particularly at this scale. The pictures will assist onward and upward
  12. Some real tidy paint Tolga, thumbs up!
  13. leg thrusters are ready
  14. Test fitting to the thrust structure. The thrust structure is the next thing on the list for modification. I also need to look at the baffles inside the engine bells. Karl
  15. Nice work. I've got a couple of Double Strikes to paint up over the next few months.
  16. Lovely lovely work Andy. Its never just one colour with you and i like that ! Plenty of colour modulations. Superb
  17. Thats an A+ Wing Lovely work
  18. Just before christmas i bought a couple of Nerf guns for work, as you do. Everything was going great until my colleague said to me, “Lets paint em”. Well - i didn’t need any encouragement. So i set about taking it apart (take photos of this process otherwise your gun aint going to work again) throwing on some black primer and then painting the separate parts in vallejo metal colours. And finished off with some dry brushing and wash. (i think some rub n buff would be great for this process) Like i said, this was at christmas so it has taken a battering since then, and the pictures don't really do it justice, but i hope you enjoy them. All comments and critique very, very welcome. Thanks for looking! Simon
  19. Hi all! Following a house move, this was the first kit i got around to building. Bit annoyed at the camera angle in the video as i was working in confined space and couldn't quite set it up right. What do you guys think of the build and finish? i didnt paint it as it was already in base colour, but feel it could have made a thicker wash.... thanks
  20. So, time for a really quick update. Im bouncing around between a couple of projects but managed to snatch some time in the garage today to start work on one of the items for my R2 display: Yes, yes it is a bicycle frame. It is one of a number of things I'm beginning to scratch build for the bookend diorama that R2 is going to be interacting with... it it is a bit rough and ready, but it's my first ever scratch build so I'm really learning as I go along here. I need to get better before I build the toaster (and yes, you did read that right).
  21. Not any more, he's moved to a production role. The guy that's doing it now has worked on things like Buffy, Angel and Sparticus. I hope he leaves most of the cheese at home.
  22. I think the Hasbro version looks far too busy and has lots of detail that isn't on what you see in the film. Also its proportions look all over the place. Though the cargo container looks a little better, you could aways drill out the hikes that are meant to be there and then back them with some plasticard as they look pretty deep on the 'real' thing. The Revell kit is missing some detail at the front of the chassis, under the neck. There's a thing that looks like a big idler wheel of of something. There's a drop in replacement available from shapeways that can fix that I believe. Just my two penneth worth like, based upon your photos and without me going upstairs to look at my version.
  23. The Pelican looks pretty cool. I'm not a fan of Halo (though I did play through Halo 3 on Hard whilst off sick from work many years ago) but I do like some of the vehicle designs. It's good that they've stuck to 1/100 as it's in scale with the miniatures game and the McFarlane productions stuff.
  24. Hi guys, after a good week of holidays in the Alps, I come back on the speeder bike. All elements are assembled ... without glue, thanks to the Bandaï design We can see the 4 straps fixing the cover, made thanks to the capsule of the an excellent Bordeaux wine The handlebars were brushed with gun metal pigment to bring out the metal side. Spring steel replace the plastic part The matt black seat is brushed with a clear pigment to give a used look. I drilled a hole that will fix the scout trooper A profile view, showing the damage sustained during this pursuit in the forest of Endor The triangular logos on the front wings are painted with red color View on the dashboard, patinated with black wash and pigments. See you soon
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