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  1. Yesterday
  2. Robo-pterodactyl (Zoids Pteras)

    Bit of a gap, I've been distracted from modelling by various things. I think mostly it's because I'm scared of the next bit! On Sunday evening I made the second strand of flags, which means the base is pretty much done. So I went and found the pipes/stand to re-fit them but couldn't find the holes in the top among the scenery - I should've left some bits of paperclip in there when I detailed it. In the end I spotted one and had to dig out a small patch of the top to find the other, which had been blocked by an MDF-coloured speck of grit! I ended up drilling a new one to make the Zoid sit slightly better. However the pose is annoying me more than I thought it would - it just looks so precarious. I can help the bedding of the claws into the rock by building up some ground cover around them, and I'm considering adding some spur claws from spare parts so that it has more of a grip on the edge. It's frustrating - and entirely my own fault for making flying legs and then posing it landed. Oh well. I did consider using the base for something else, but I don't have a pilot in the cockpit now so I think the right thing is to press on and finish it. Cheers, Will
  3. Aoshima Gigant

    This looks perfect for you! I'd seen the kit but have also never seen the Anime. The only problem with this one is every time I see it, I wish someone had made the larger craft from Nausicaa Will
  4. The latest cargo flight to the ISS has arrived safely. SpaceX Dragon CRS-12 was berthed yesterday (16 August) by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. Here's a timelapse video of the launch, first stage recovery, capture by the manipulator arm and berthing to the ISS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2od5IRQW8D4
  5. Thanks Mark, necessity is the mother of invention, and in improvisation I have always been a stunner. Ideas one must have.
  6. Ingenious tool building. You will need microsurgery tools soon!
  7. Hello everybody, in the meantime I have refined my previous clamping device and stabilized it. For this purpose, I fixed my most pointed tweezers with the support between magnets on a steel plate so that the lower edge of the support rests planar on the web strip, which is also fixed between two steel rulers. The clamp is required because the tweezer is non-magnetic. In the clamped state, I could now take them away, because the magnets are strong enough, but it does not interfere, because the splice is freely accessible with the MEK brush. And besides, nothing should shift. This is by the way the finest marten brush (5/0), which I could find. The advantage of this arrangement is that I can position the rulers with the inserted strip relatively easily and above all fairly precisely centrally under the support by careful shifting and can then lower it. And with the necessary calm and patience I will manage it already.
  8. I was idly flicking through HLJ's listings a couple of weeks ago, and stumbled on this, which comes from a '70's anime that I'd never even heard of before, by the name of 'Future Boy Conan' It was apparently the show on which Hayao Miyazaki made his directing debut. I loved the look of the thing, and knew I'd have to order one. As it was, I found it cheaper on ebay, so ordered it strait away, and it turned up this morning. For 1/700 it's a decent size, and not at all bad for £26 inc delivery. Aoshima also do a ship, and a very cool looking seaplane from the same series. I'll definitely be ordering the seaplane once I've finished this one The show's a post apocalyptic thing, where most of the Earth's land masses have sunk, leaving only isolated islands inhabited by the remnants of humanity. I've watched the start of the show on youtube, but have't got far enough in to see the Gigant yet, so I can't really tell you much about it. For those that don't know the show, as I didn't until I saw the kit, the first half of episode 1 is here Before I get into the build, I'll post some sprue shots There are four main sprues for the Gigant itself, moulded in a dark grey with some very nice surface detail. It's certainly in the ball park of what you'd see from Bandai. Sprue A Upper wing sections. Lots of nice panel detail, so an aztec-y look should work well on the monotone finish. Sprue B Lower mid-wing and fuselage, including the wheel well. The tail fin's here too, which has a very novel attachment method that I'll get on to later Sprue C Upper fuselage and engine nacelles Sprue D Last sprue for the main build, with more engine parts and the main wheels and landing gear In addition you get a small clear sprue with a tiny in-scale version of the Falco seaplane that I mentioned earlier. I assume the clear plastic is so you can mask off the glazed areas before painting, but how good that will look at the end I'm not sure There's also a poseable stand, similar to the kind of thing you'd get with a Bandai kit, but a little more fancy, complete with a set of tiny machine screws, nuts and split ring washers to hold it together You get a nice logo sticker to add to the stand as well The last of the parts are a little more unusual, as you get a set of four neodymium magnets, which are used to hold the rear engine and tail fin in place. I've no idea why, as there's nothing beneath then to reveal. I'll most likely attach those parts conventionally, but it's nice to see a manufacturer being a bit more creative, even if it does seem slightly pointless The instructions are standard Japanese fair, with English translations for most of the captions Interestingly, there's a vague, and I mean vague, reference on the painting guide as to how you could weather the finished build The main colour of the ship is listed as a metallic grey, and I'll probably go with something along those lines, but with some panelling effects to break up the finish. In the show it's just shown as a grey colour, so you could read that as being a paint finish or a dark metal finish Hopefully I should be able to get some parts together tonight or tomorrow. Andy
  9. One book which I think would make an excellent four parter is Robert A. Heinlein's 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress'. It has political and social intrigue, a sense of humor and some wonderful action sequences. It is also an excellent depiction of what happens when you try to combat an enemy force that is at the top of a gravity well. Only negative is the Moon's social system involving Poly-Marriages. Very logical in the book, but it would either be embraced disproportionally or completely ignored, depending on who produced it.
  10. Beatiful model ! How long did you build that model ?
  11. 1/500 Revell JJ Enterprise

    OMG this part of forum is amazing !
  12. Further - the recent acquisition of "Venator". "Revell" the lower part of the body gives very close to the prototype, but the prototype is boring, so I decided to "stultify" this case a little And this is the original Well, and began to refine the nozzle - the idea with a corner from the "Everigin" - not exactly then, I'll think ...
  13. Anakin_Solo_(Imperial_II-class) Because the chosen prototype is equipped with an invisibility generator, projectors of gravity wells and generally heavily modernized version of the "Emperor-2", decided to allow some liberties in the work, well, and add small things. Especially since the attempt to cut and increase the height of the superstructure was not entirely successful. I still added to my work-it's all right now to putty, sketch out, cut the cutout ... Here they are the emitters of the invisibility generator Well, and added everyone to the front panel of the felling
  14. got another pla act kit by plum, bit annoyed at a £8 booking fee for a £4 customs charge.
  15. 1/100 │ MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka │

    oh dear there is a lot of parts for legs...
  16. Hello everybody, on my macros it always looks so huge. But that is not the case, how this photo here from my normal working position at the desk shows, whereby I hope that you do not ask now, where the support is ... The problem with this matter is the extremely difficult handling of these tiny parts, as well as their fragility, since the bottom edge of the sickle is only 0.1 mm "wide". But by the glueing with the lower flange the things at least stand upright, which might perhaps facilitate the later assembly on the gutter. The stupid is only that there are hardly any suitable places to grab with the tweezer, because only the front approximately 1 mm long but very narrow part (0.3 mm) comes into question, since the lower edge (0, 6 mm x 1.6 mm) must be accessible for the MEK brush. The tip of the scissors tweezer is almost too large and also squeezes this front narrow web too much, which is why you need a different solution. I had first helped me with a clamp over a normal tweezer, whose bite was tolerable thereby. And this clamp handle must now be positioned only still centrically over the fixed narrow strip, and then the pointed MEK brush comes. For glueing together the supports onto the gutter I imagine that I fix the gutter with the rounding upwards at an end stop, and then the supports are sinked in the clamp grip over the roundness and carefully painted with MEK, after which they hopefully stick. This sounds adventurous indeed, but could work. Before the assembly of the gutter, the next tricky procedure of the airbrush painting would come, presumably first outside and then inside, for which I still have to think over a skillful holder for these fragile structures. And not until then when the complete gutter is painted with all the supports, it can be glued to the top edge of the MLP, what is still a mystery to me. But somehow I'll make it, I think, even if the gutters should get some bumps, but the real gutters had also their traces of usage back then ... Source: NASA But initially I still have to struggle with the rest of the supports ...
  17. Last week
  18. 1/500 Revell JJ Enterprise

    Lights Camera Action One Great build,thanks
  19. Fine build Enjoyed.
  20. Paper Falcon Cockpit

    Because he can, he does and the templates are free to download for a limited time. http://uhu02.way-nifty.com/ Have a look at some of his other models whilst you are there.
  21. I present my recently completed Bandai box scale(1/144) X-wing from some rather obscure movie franchise or other. I decided not to go with the more familiar rebel/red 5 out of the box scheme as the kit markings are supplied as stickers(not waterslide decals!! ) The colour scheme depicted is my take on the partisan x-wing which featured briefly Rogue One. The kit was finished in a selection of Tamiya/Mr.Color paints that I had to hand and some PITA masking due to the small size of the kit.
  22. Thanks Rich for your compliment, and let's have an icecold drink on our nice hobby.
  23. Zaku Head Exceed.

    And there's more! I get too much thinking time as we drive around delivering the booze! Okay, Zaku head, up on supports of some rustic kind. On top is an old radar/satellite dish as a rain collector. The head is now a water tank. Underneath chains hang down to operate shower heads. In the background underneath are shadowy adult figures washing clothes etc (no need for detail). In the foreground are Japanese anime kid figures (the ones with spiky hair & too large mouths) romping around in the water showers like kids used to around fire hydrants in the USA. Now this one probably wouldn't work as I don't know if you could get the figures, But I think it would make a great illustration. The follow on idea to that one, similar jerry rigged mounting for the head, but there is now a bunker dug out under it. Satellite dishes are wired into the head and computer screens etc glow in the bunker. Maybe lights in the head too? This time the figures are rebels in bits of military kit/jeans etc using the head systems to hack into their opposition.
  24. Very clever technique Manfred! Have a beer and take all day to build those tiny supports. They look great and will make the gutters stand out perfectly.
  25. 1/500 Revell JJ Enterprise

    Sorry no work in progress with this build as it was all new to me at the time and i just went with tips from Boyd Comptons build on his Trekworks youtube channel,hope that helps.
  26. Another book I read many years ago. I had forgotten some of these. A book that would easier to do is Robert Heinlein's "Time Enough For Love" Sadly, my local library has gone all 'coffee shop' and internet cafe. Where there used to be shelves of SF is now a modern sculpture of some seagulls. All the big names of SF are missing now.
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