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  1. Yesterday
  2. I turned my nose up at the Y-wing when you first suggested that scheme but I was wrong. That looks fantastic. I have a few Shapways prints that I need to work on, any suggestions?
  3. This squadron has been a long time in the making, although it only settled in to this configuration with a flurry of activity very recently. Here we have my converted F-Toys Y-Wing with scratch built hull plating additions, and a Bandai Vehicle Model A-Wing and X-Wing that I painted up to match as soon as I'd finished painting the Y-wing and fell in love with the deep red and cream color scheme (it's highly likely that I'll add a T-70 X-wing to this in the future, with extra shiny silver accents to go with the red & cream). The U-wing is still unmodified from when I finished it last year, but fit right in with these ships. The final ship is Nicholas Sagan's McQuarrie Concept A-Wing from Shapeways, painted in the colors from The Last Jedi. It also fit right in once I'd finished the other three. RZ-1 A-Wing Modified Y-Wing T-65 X-Wing McQuarrie TLJ A-Wing Lots and lots of WIP pics in my flickr albums.
  4. Those sandy tracks look really good
  5. Hi guys Whaôoo !!!!! Very nice project . Since LVM project stopped , I considered now an integral scratch build like you with working base an Educraft paper kit . I will follow with great interest your work and hope manufacturers don't forget 50th anniversary of AS 506 !!!! Best regards Pierre
  6. The weathering and dirt effects on the tracks are truly magnificent. This is going to be one heck of a gorgeous model when finished. you've got just over 3 weeks if it's to be ready for Cosford model show.
  7. Sevans Davros mk2

    All sorted, thanks to harddrive.
  8. Right so now I have my sculpey I can crack on! Started by sorting out the damage petal, I thought the damage looked a bit too neat and not great so I tried to make it look a bit more rough by adding a bit of sculpey and making the damage more ripped/random 20180312_130638 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180312_131434 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180312_132931 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And i rolled some sculpey to cover the large bud he is shooting, I was going to add clay and carve out the damage but I decided instead to add petals over the area and then punch the hole through so it'll look better I think. 20180312_132940 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180312_133349 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180312_133644 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Next up I'll define the shape a bit more and start adding the detail and damage Thanks for looking, more soon 20180312_133651 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180312_133933 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180314_132410 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180314_132806 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180315_133459 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180315_133709 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180315_133807 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180315_134030 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180316_133810 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180316_134012 by Nick Frost, on Flickr
  9. Slave 1 Main Nozzles (01115-1/144) 1:144 GreenStrawberry Boba Fett's ship the Slave 1 is one of the memorable designs from the Original trilogy of Star Wars films, and even put in an appearance in the Prequels in a slightly better state of repair under the helm of Boba's dad Jango. The Bandai kit is an excellent rendition of this craft, and if you have both the Boba Fett and Jango Fett boxings, you're going to need two of these. The set arrives in a small cardboard box, with the three resin parts safely inside a small ziplok bag, surrounded by the short and mostly pictorial instruction sheet. The underside of Slave 1 becomes the rear when in flight, and shows three exhausts, one of which is elongated, the others round. The kit parts are probably adequate for a lot of folks, but for the detail hungry, these replacements will be just the job. Each one is covered in detail, especially within the round exhausts, which have exquisite interior ribbing that would be impossible for your average modeller to carry off. The modeller will have to ensure that any raised detail under the exhausts is removed from the base, and once the parts are cut from their bases, which is clear from the instructions, they can be glued in using Super Glue (CA), most likely after painting. If you want to see one solitary photo that will convince you, here it is – lifted from their site: Extremely highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  10. Looking good, as usual! Can’t wait to see the finished product!
  11. slow work on the treads and sort of satisfied on them now. *************************************************************************************************************************************** using coffee stick stirrers, I made this tool last night to use on the diorama base to mark the path of the Sandcrawler treads through the sand. I guessed that by leaving the treads as only the width of one coffee stick, the imprint left in the desert sand might look more like both bogies had travelled over it as opposed to perfect shaped regular spaced imprints. I used one of my 1.5mm nibbler tools to snip out random link joints in the sticks. Thanks for following - nearly there now..
  12. 1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    very interesting - I never knew this kit existed.. as ever, this part of the forum continues to surprise me.
  13. Y-wing- 1/48 scale scratchbuild diary

    ditto to the above - stunning work - nice to have something of this incredible level over on this forum as opposed to the RPF site which is where I would normally expect to find a scratch build of the same (now you are going to tell me it on the RPF too..) Looks simply amazing - shame you are on the other side of the pond and that we very likely wont be seeing it at any UK shows once completed (I assume...)
  14. Good morning all, Just a very quick post asking if anyone has the decal sheet spare from the Bandai K-2SO i.e. they have used the sticker sheet instead of the waterslide decal sheet? The reason is that I have made the figure (lit him.....thanks Warren from Tyridium), but I now want to weather him! I have applied the round decal on his upper arm/shoulder, but destroyed it removing it! Funds can go into a Paypal account or postage immediately. Many thanks all & happy modelling.........Riggers
  15. Astronaut Birthdays for March

    March 16th Vladimir Komarov (1927) USSR Selected 1960 Voskhod 1, 12 - 13 October 1964 (1d 0h 17m) - First multi-man spaceflight Soyuz 1, 23 - 24 April 1967 (1d 2h 47m) - Killed when spacecraft crashed after parachutes failed to open Total flight time 2d 3h 4m First man to die whilst actually carrying out a space flight Walter Cunningham (1932) USA Selected 1963 (NASA Group 3) Apollo 7, 11 - 22 October 1968 (10d 20h 9m) - First flight of the Apollo CSM Retired August 1971 Michael Bloomfield (1959) USA Selected 1994 (NASA Group 15) STS-86, 26 September - 6 October 1997 (10d 19h 20m) - Seventh Mir mission; also crew exchange (Wolf up, Foale down) STS-97, 1 - 11 December 2000 (10d 19h 57m) - Delivered the first set of solar arrays to the International Space Station STS-110, 8 - 19 April 2002 (10d 19h 42m) - Delivered the S0 truss segment and the Mobile Transporter to the ISS Total flight time 32d 10h 59m Retired July 2007 Information from Spacefacts website
  16. 1/8th scale accessories

    Little big man, yep I remember having one of those and being a bit underwhelmed. Now,Cyborg, Muton and Android were much better...
  17. Sevans Davros mk2

    Hey Dan, I've shot you a PM
  18. Last week
  19. Y-wing- 1/48 scale scratchbuild diary

    I have enjoyed this WIP immensely; looks stunning!
  20. Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    Yeah that frame is looking really good. From what I've read this is supposed to be one of the best if not the best PG kit I've found that doing some sponge chipping is really helpful because it disguises the wear marks from assembling or posing. Especially if it's in the same kind of colour range as the plastic! Cheers, Will
  21. Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    Excellent metal finishes, very cleanly done.
  22. The MSM-07 Z'Gok 1/144 HG

    Not for me. I would be very happy with it as is.
  23. Sevans Davros mk2

    Hi folks. Have just acquired a Sevans Davros mk2. To build the kit you need the mk1 instructions plus the mk2 amendments to the originals. All my kit has is the amendment sheet. This means I will struggle to build the kit without the original Mk1 instructions to refer to. Does anyone know either a place online I might find them, or have a contact for maybe Sevans (Stewart Evans if memory serves). Or failing that, maybe someone here has a copy and a scanner to hand and outif the kindness of their heart email me a copy!? Please, any help much appreciated. P. S ironically and embarrassingly I had the mk1 kit and built it in about 1997, I'm sure I kept the box and instructions for some years and that would have got thrown out by me slong with Davros himself when I moved out of home in my 20s, probably thinking I was far too grown up to ever enjoy models again. Cheers Dan.
  24. 1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    Looking very nice indeed. I've not seen one of these before but it must be quite a size in this scale once finished. Pete
  25. The MSM-07 Z'Gok 1/144 HG

    That looks fantastic ! Its a same about the resin shrinkage around the edge but in no way does it detract from the diorama. The sense of movement through the water is very very realistic. Pete
  26. Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    How much of this will remain visible once the armour goes on remains to be seen ( not a lot I'll wager ) but I have the option of leaving bits off so at least some will be on show. Pete
  27. Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    All put together And in with the aluminium on the raised bits type thing knee bone connected to the thigh bone ( elbow to shoulder in this case ) and page 1 is pretty much a done deal
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