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  1. Yesterday
  2. Not a huge fan of the bulky base either, so I’m hoping to thin down the arm and integrate the actual base into a custom one by having it slightly ‘sunken’. Haven’t had a proper look at the base yet to see how feasible my plan is, but I’m hoping to be able to do something along those lines with it. The kit parts themselves look lovely and crisp on the sprues though.
  3. Hey folks, yeah, yeah, yeah, still these boring gutters, I can not change it, sorry. In the case of the dull gluing of the gutters, a smooth seating and an exact fixing of the position is very important, so that nothing can shift. Then the seam was gently painted with Gator's Grip and let it to dry. And as one can see, the gluing also holds this time. Tomorrow I will carefully smooth the seam. And so once again back to the Gutter 1 on the Side 2, where the two parts also had to be glued bluntly. Here, at first, the fitting test of the two parts, which I made this time even more securely aligned and stabilized before gluing. And this gluing was also successful, and can be smoothed tomorrow.
  4. They really do compliment each other well. Excellent stuff. Cheers!
  5. Thanks Pete. I haven’t tried the melted sprue technique, not sure I’m game enough to at this stage of the build. I’ll just dirty it up in the hopes that covers it! So, I have good news and bad news, my friends. First, the bad news. As feared, the 25 year old decals have not held up well. They appear to be quite brittle, and prone to cracking and tearing. I applied a couple of light coats of Vallejo’s satin varnish with a few drops of orange mixed in as suggested by Will and Andy. Came up quite nicely, so when that was dry I tried a decal on one of the forks. As you can see it had trouble over that raised area and ended up cracking. I suppose it’s not that bad, and in the end will just look like routine wear and tear. As it was was a bit late I thought I’d just try one more simpler decal, so I did a shoulder one to see how that came out. Not too bad. Clearly these will tak a lot of patience, as well as a lot of Markfit Strong. Now, the good news! As I had finished my yellow base coats I took off all the masking and put her together loosely to see what she’ll look like in the end, and I think she’s looking pretty good! (Although a bit lemony in these pics, she’s more orange in real life) So I think my plan is this. Hand paint all the bits that need to be silver/metal; the forks, the pistons, etc. Then tidy up the black padding bits, they need a new coat and some touch ups where the masking wasn’t perfect. Once that’s done I’ll give it a coat of gloss varnish as I’ve got a can of mr hobby top coat sitting there. I want to give the decals as much of a chance as possible to go down smoothly. Once the decals are done I’ll give it a matt coat as I don’t want it mega shiny. And then the fun begins as I get to dirty her up. Any opinions on the best way to do the decals will be appreciated! Cheers, Tom
  6. HG Zaku High Mobility The Origin kit

    A small change to HG Zaku but one that make the shield a bit more interesting. I cut down the active Heat Hawk to make it inactive and made a small mount on the shield, also extended the bottom of by 2mm.
  7. BanDai 1/72nd Scale Y-Wing

    Looks good Y- wings are one of my favorite starwars fighters
  8. Hannants have (had!) it in stock now. I have one waiting to be built
  9. This isn't so much a build (the things just fall together) as a painting progress. I actually constructed this kit and painted up the cockpit and pilot in February..... 2016. It has since languished on the shelf in all it's raw plastic glory waiting patiently for me to decide how I was going to tackle it..... until yesterday. So.. the box art we should all be familiar with by now. Cockpit and pilot painted up and weathered I wanted to keep the astromech droid body for a diorama I had in mind so I made a copy that would take one of the domes and look convincing in the slot. Thought I'd paint up the standing pilot figure at the same time And this is the condition in which it sat on the shelf for the next 20 months. Pretty, but too clean. On Sunday I grasped the nettle, took the bull by the horns and put my best foot forward. I also decide to paint it....properly. First things first, disassemble it into the discrete components that will each get an individual weathering treatment. The blue-grey and yellow parts were to get and undercoat of the top colour mixed from most of a bottle of Tamiya XF-2 White with about 10 drops of Deck Tan to warm it up. All the rest would get a rough base coat of thinned XF-63 German Grey. In the areas where I wanted chipping I thinned down some Vallejo Chipping Medium and sprayed it in an even coat. You can see the shine from it in the images below. I then applied the top coats over the relevant parts. Light Blue for the canopy and the front ribbed sections of the engine pods along with a masked stripe either side of the nose section, vallejo RLM 04 for the Yellow bits including a thin masked area at the back of the engine pods forward domes and everything else was the Tamiya off white mix. Unfortunately due to a rush of blood there are no images of this intermediate stage so here are some pictures of it after I had let it dry and then used a stiff bristle brush and water to get the paint to strategically flake off. At this point I had also added some light dusting with XF-85 Rubber Black around the engines and other appropriate areas. After some washes, decals... very small decals, and a painted up droid and stand, we arrive precisely here. Once I have a matt coat applied and the right lighting conditions I'll post up an RFI Thanks for looking in Phil
  10. Their mechanical casts are really awesome. I have a few add on kits for existing models from well known sci-fi manufacturers like Bandai and Hasegawa. I purchase all over to get what I want, I have no compunctions about buying from someone who is essentially keeping up with demand. I wish I could draw a direct comparison to the historical modelling genre, but I will have to use re-pops of auto parts and aftermarket accessories as an example.
  11. Enterprise NCC1701 (TOS)

    Cracking job, an awesome addition to any trek collection, well done. just a footnote: the Revell Enterprise depicts the upgraded model with panel lines, used in the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations, also the Klingon cruiser had added surface detail. Revell based their kits on these studio models from DS9. All the best Chris
  12. Spice Mining and Sandworm

    Unfortunately I'm busy with other stuff at the moment for someone else, so I don't have much spare time for my own projects. I really want to get back to it but when I do have more time I ought to finish the Pteras, 00 Raiser and maybe Jedha dio first. [edit] I had no idea Maiden did a Dune song. Too cool :horns: Sorry! Will
  13. Hi Rover Yep - its $550 USD - from the link below http://randycoopermodelsdesign.squarespace.com/new-page/ It takes a month for Randy to cast and ship over to the UK, probably shorter for in-country US orders- allow for around £65 import duty for the UK Bye - John L
  14. I don't see why not. The only part you'd want to keep - aside from the wires - is the interface plug, although I think you could break it down even further, if you keep your wits about you Caveat - I have the kit, but I haven't built it.
  15. Last week
  16. I am very familiar with the carpet monsters that eat small parts!
  17. They're a bunch of thieving recasters. That is all.
  18. Thanks Nigel for looking in on me, this tiny stuff is nothing spectacular, but must also be finished off ... BTW, every now and then a support has fallen down on the floor, but they are so small that one can not see them sitting down, and so I have to go to my knees to find them again, or also not ...
  19. Thank you Not had much time to add to the build ... sorry ... dreaded work has got in the way again. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more photos soon. Pete
  20. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    Thats a shame, there was really no viable competition when they re-issued the 72nd falcon but there is a better competitor in 144th so revell should really be beating bandai on price, at the moment it's likely we will get a less accurate revell re-issue and a steeper price, --illogical .
  21. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    Ha! - Return of the 1:2700 ISD. Sooner than I thought. Hope it will not be sold out as quickly as the first edition. Edit: OK it is already out and still available.Somehow I completely missed it. Maybe because of the new box design.
  22. Yeah, it wouldn't be a big job for them to do it as a regular kit. So perhaps at some point they'll get to it.
  23. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's just another Fine Molds re-issue. And more expensive than the Bandai 1:144, too.
  24. I've never used e2046 myself, but I hear ok things about casts of 'organic' models (ie figures, anime girls) and pretty horrible things about any time they try and cast a robot or vehicle.
  25. OK didn't know that. I'd be keen for an in flight look. This means that theoretically you could take it off the stand, modify the under "cover panels" to allow a thinner tube to hold it "in flight". I assume for the adventurous the stand base could be disassembled and the wires run up the tube to the X-Wing to maintain the lighting for example. What do you think Steve ? Could that work ? Why do I always seem to want to do the difficult route ??
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