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  1. Today
  2. New Space 1999 kits on the way

    Correct. In fact I think its 3D printed in FUD and then primed. Same material I used to develop my custom Eagle.
  3. Thanks Brian there will be details added to them later, just getting them down and positioned for now, and i like that idea!!
  4. I always say to people when this comes up. If you want more foot-fall in a particular part of the forum and feel a bit like you're shouting into the void, you should be the change you want to see. Post, engage others and invite mates to join you. It happened with the AFV and Maritime areas, and I also think it's happening here too. There are a lot of us that have a love of SF (probably for the escapism & cool tech), and a couple of years ago I had almost zero SF kits and now I have more than a few @Blastvader also makes a valid point, which is related
  5. Big DeBoers Enterprise

    Yes because it seemed like i was the only one responding to the updates
  6. Revell Star Wars TIE fighter colours

    The original TIE colour was Pactra Stormy Sea Grey and this is almost an exact match to Tamiya spray "Haze Grey". I once found a topic on this somewhere else in the web with both colours compared directly to each other. From my info all TIE types in all three original movies were painted the same Pactra Stormy Sea Grey colour. I think the Super Star destroyer as well. The differnece on the screen resulted from the change of blue screen in Ep IV to green screen in Ep V and VI. So the dilemma is: Do you want to paint it as the prop looked or as it looked like on the screen :-)
  7. Big DeBoers Enterprise

    You stopped posting updates over a year ago hence the drop off in interest.
  8. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    Cheers you three your all much to kind, going to pick up some of the tamiya tape for curves on the way home to see if makes live a bit easier when masking the head and around the hip parts.
  9. 1/6 Spacebase 2000 Inspired Astronaut Sculpt

    I dont know why but I expected octopus like suckers on the vines but any way it coming along nicely.
  10. "Down that Drone" Diorama WIP

    Looking very good.
  11. "Blue Squadron standing by..." Blue Leader

    Masterful weathering job there Noel!
  12. Makes me want to dig out my X-Wing kit and put it together. Fantastic job!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Thanks for watching Rose. Appreciate your interest.
  15. "Down that Drone" Diorama WIP

    I absolutely love the Falke, its a dream model of mine that I've never managed to get so will watch this with interest. The cockpit and pilot look really good, nice paint and the added details are very cool
  16. Pictures! We need pictures! Trevor a child of the 60’s
  17. Get one quickly before Santa snaps them all up. Latest news on my two. I finished the Kreiger build I was doing the other weekend and found a few minutes since to glue the resin Fireball together with epoxy. I've had to use some filler in various places such as the base of the fin and the wing/fuselage joint, especially where I accidentally made a hole. That was a couple of weekends ago so it should be dry by now, and, when and if I get time this weekend I can get it rubbed down. I also have to sort out a base for it. I still didn't have time to rub down the paint on the juniors. And I still haven't sorted out a photo host. (Obviously). Not really much to see though. I do have a week off in January so maybe things will come together then. I hope so.
  18. Thanks guys, you know my attention to details close to the real thing. I cannot withstand.
  19. The old FM kit holds up pretty well, and your finish of it is excellent - very nicely done
  20. C1-10P 'Chopper'

    Great work Andy!
  21. Wow! That is seriously impressive! Perfect weathering for that X-wing.
  22. Great stuff, always wanted one of these but the prices they go for now are insane! Love the panel work and the base, overall an excellent model!
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