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  1. Today
  2. Very, very nice! You've nailed the weathering and colours perfectly.
  3. Nice job Love the burnt out motivator thingy. I've ordered one of these and I'm going to try and convert him into Chopper from Rebels.
  4. Great work. A lot of people tend to neglect Revell because Bandai have spoiled us with their Star Wars line but you've shown that Revell can look amazing too. I like the larger scale as well.
  5. Very nice! How'd you do your metal effect on the arms? Looks great... Those claws look terrifying!
  6. Looks great! Wouldn't touch it again if it were me, revisiting models after they are finished is courting disaster. One paint spill and it's 'Dear oh dear. Perhaps boba just cleaned his ship occasionally. 🤔
  7. Damn you... I'm trying to be good and stop adding to the stash until I complete a few more kits but you're making want to get one of these!
  8. Looking great. I love the extra details you've added. It's those little custom differences that really make models like these stand out and grab everyone's attention.
  9. Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I Bandai Slave I (1/144 scale); completed in Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics, MIG enamels, and Secret Weapon Miniatures pigments. The stand and the Star Wars decal are from the Fine Molds version of this model and the mythosaur skull was made with my Cameo cutting machine. All and all, I think this kit turned out great. I was pretty nervous about starting it because the paint job is pretty complex, but once I got in the thick of it I was okay. It could probably stand to use some more weathering and I'll probably do some before I take it to the model club meeting next month, but for now I'm calling it done. Comments and criticism is welcomed as always!
  10. What Gimme Shelter said! Fantastic work so far!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Any more progress? Impatient? Moi?
  13. Experiences may differ! Cool review, it's nice to see the bits of one of these things and also to discover the backstory, I've noticed them for sale here & there and they look kind of tempting in steampunkish sort of way.
  14. Kudos for the papier-maché solution.....Very effective.
  15. Nice build andy👍 Have you though of using some kind of pipe instead of the plug? i honestly don't know how big the diameter of the hole is but an arrow shaft might be appropriate. mine at least have nice thin wall relative to their diameter in any case - nice build and good luck to find something for the joints. Levin
  16. He's coming along Andy, and the eyes look ok now we're seeing them in context of the rest of the build. Not quite a bright and contrasting as the original, but there was precious little you could do really without resorting to lighting. Speaking of which, where's Warren with the pic of his lighting attempt?
  17. As I mentioned a couple of posts up, I've started work on the legs, or one leg to be precise. One of the things I needed to check was whether I could make the knee joints without using the clear inserts, which are there to add some friction resistance to the joints. On the real droid the joints are completely open, which is how I want to make them. The clear plug sits inside the centre section of the knee joint Then the two outer halves of the joint clip over the plug from each side If you leave the plug out, it looks like this, which is how the real thing looks With the plug out, the joint is just about tight enough to support the upper leg, but there's no way it would support the whole body with gluing the joint in a fixed position. You can also see that the upper leg has quite a prominent seam line where the two halves join. This sanded out okay, but you have to be quite careful with this kit because Bandai have used a really soft plastic across all the parts, soft enough that you can leave a mark in it with your finger nail. You have to be really gentle with any sanding to avoid leaving deep marks in the surface. The lower leg is also a two-part assembly, but the join is on a panel line, so it doesn't need any filling/sanding. There's surprisingly little articulation on the legs, at least compared to the earlier figures, but that's probably down to them being so spindly As you can see, as soon as the hips and torso is added, the whole thing collapses from the weight of the upper body, so the joints will definitely need gluing I've also been painting the shoulder rings. These had a metallic base coat like the body and head, then a coat of pale grey with more hairspray chipping The yellow band and the panels were then masked off and sprayed. There's actually two different greys on the panels, a mid shade on the lower panels and a darker grey on the upper ones They had a black pin wash on the panel lines and were clipped into place on the shoulders. The torso has been detail painted too. I didn't bother with any of the supplied decals, as they aren't that good. The white outline that goes on the front of the chest was particularly bad. Instead of a solid white line, the decal was made up of diagonal checks. It was easier to run some white paint into the panel line, then wipe off the excess Andy
  18. Lucky sod, thats spot on.
  19. More progress to report. Whilst waiting for my paper mache to set, I decided to cut the holes in the waist section, for the hip joints Handily the hole is marked with a groove in the waist. I ran a pencil round it to highlight it. Spent the next half hour with a 1mm drill, chain drilling just inside the pencil mark. Just a case of running the point of my scalpel round and joining up the holes. Cleaned up with a bit of whittling and sandpaper. It doesn't matter too much that the holes aren't perfect, as the hip joint will hide them.
  20. thanks! I'll keep an eye on it
  21. Hi Diego, not yet as far as I know it's due to be published early this year. ......hopefully you'll like it.
  22. did the article came out? which issue was it? thanks! diego
  23. So that went awry... At any rate, I think the rebels were good shots and knew where to hit them.
  24. I'm just happy it does not look like Nicholas Cage; not that I don't like some of his movies (Gone in 60 Seconds) but I am afraid I was not a fan of Ghost Rider. Does look Josh Kirbyesque though Pete - I see that look too.
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