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  3. Straight Tamiya X-7. Only added thinner.
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  5. Thanks everyone, it's been really fun to do this bit. I'll try and finish the face next and do something (relatively simple) to the spikes. The airbrush shading has worked out pretty well this time, presumably because he's big, so I'm not sure that every little thing needs brush-painting over the top. I also need to make sure he fits in with the "I built a model" VTOL, i..e not go too far down the figure painter extreme highlights path. Cheers, Will
  6. The white is good and should look great with some washes in the panel lines, but that red is gorgeous! So rich. Will
  7. Great looking robot,I see from the nameplate this is from Rogue One,So is it a baddy Robot or a goody Robot?
  8. I don't own either kit but I recall seeing the prebuilt Skylab stack in my LMS. The parts were visible through a window in the box and I remember being surprised that the so-called Skylab had a J-2 engine which the real one didn't. (It had a flat octagonal radiator.) If this is indeed the case then that would work as a standard third stage for the Saturn V; however you would need the complete Apollo spacecraft including the LM adapter and Launch Escape System. Dragon did this as Apollo 10. However I don't know if this would fit the top end of the 'Skylab' as they may have done some modifications for the Skylab shroud.
  9. Got a lot of the painting done. I need to retouch some with white, and of course all those panel lines are now nearly completely covered up... What happens when I have trouble spraying white...But they still look good, and at this scale I think you're less likely to see shades anyway on panel lines. A little touch up needed here and there, then I can start on the stripe and the other colors. Unfortunately, the flash is washing out some of the top color. I'll have to take some better pics. And Haruna at the top of the pick needs another coat of red. The color contrast can be seen better here,
  10. I am interested in building the Dragon 1/72 Saturn V Apollo rocket. This is an elusive kit. For the longest time I did not know it existed. It appeared to be available only as a prefinished/painted model. The only kit I found was the 1/72 Skylab. After much looking I started finding hints and then evidence of an actual Saturn/Apollo kit. The problem is, the kit is out of production? There are none to be found. The question I have is: Are the launch vehicles for the Apollo missions and the Skylab missions the same beneath and including stage S-IVB? I am not concerned with small discrepancies that can be overcome. The reason for the question is, I am wondering if a person could buy the Skylab kit and then buy the other 1/72 Apollo Dragon kits (LM, CM etc.) in order to have the Saturn V/Apollo. Thank you for any help that may be offered. G
  11. He's looking spectacularly good Will. Andy
  12. Thats made a massive difference, he looks great.
  13. Oh sweet he's looking great Will! The teeth look very toothy!
  14. I'd kill for a model of the Pillar of Autumn or the In Amber Clad. I'd ask for a Forward Until Dawn and Spirit of Fire, but that would just be greedy.
  15. I'm waaay more excited to see you posting about Bulmar than I ought to be. I'll leave my favorite giant monster inspired rock song as inspiration.
  16. He looks even better with his teeth in I added various GW washes to the skin, and worked on the belly plate - lots of washes carefully applied in the crevices, then some drybrushed/blended oils over the top. His mouth has had the teeth painted (so fiddly, I had to find a thinner-handled paint brush to do the backs) and again various washes and some highlights in acrylics. I also started filling in around the eyes but there's a lot of work to go there still. Cheers, Will
  17. Very nice. The probability of people liking your work is high... It's very high.
  18. Last week
  19. I like the Warthog, the Spartans (figures) look very detailed and interesting in their own right too. The Pelican shape looks about right but it seems a bit free of surface detail? I do like Halo (at least the earlier installments) but the UNSC designs are very post-Aliens. Although the Covenant vehicles feel like their own thing which balances that out somewhat. Wil
  20. That would be fantastic ... thank you. I'm leaning towards having a few lights in the command module ... even got a simple lighting kit. Pete
  21. Hello everybody, but before I go on with the gluing of the supports on the other ring line, I want to start (again) with the preparation of the Water Bags, which I had already begun a long time ago, until the reconstruction of the SRB exhaust holes up to 1:144 has stopped me. Since I now intend the presentation of the MLP both with and without Water Bags, I first had to think about how best to solve this constructively. These elongated foil water bags, which are suspended into the SRB shafts, are filled with water only to a height of 12" (approx. 30 cm), as can be seen here again. Source: NASA With a width of the (most) bags of also 12'' and a length of 20' (6,10 m shaft width), the result is about 550 liters of water per bag, which corresponds exactly to the volume of my aquarium. First, I want to start with the bags in the back of the chamber (Secondary SRB Hole), with the first part reaching from the shaft back wall to the 18'' outlets (Ø 46 cm) which contains 18 of these red bags. This will inevitably become a few less for my MLP because of the modification of the SRB holes ... As can be seen in this picture, the first water bag is hanging between the chamber back wall and the 36'' feed pipe (Ø 91 cm) and is therefore somewhat narrower than the other bags in front of the pipe. The next two bags are somewhat wider than the remaining ones and also shortened in front ot the feed pipe, which should be taken into account in the following design. Source: (Andrew Sheer) So I first took measurements and made a new template for the partition walls, and therefore get to work! Since the distance between the back wall and the feed pipe is rather small, the first bag can be only 1,5 mm wide. For the gluing of the parts with MEK, I have carefully placed Teflon foil underneath. Since the bag has a bit jammed during insertion, the length had to be adjusted slightly. Therefore the question for insertion came up, so it is probably more favorable to insert the bags later from the bottom into the shaft with installed ring line, because the SRB Blast Shield slightly protrudes at the top edge and therefore would disturb. And now to the small-scale production of the individual parts. For the "normal" bags I will use a square profile (2 mm x 2 mm) for the lower webs, and for the partition walls 0,2 mm Styrene Sheet by Evergreen. The next time, however, it will go on with the two wider bags next to the feed pipe (Ø 6,2 mm), for which I will use a rectangular profile (3 mm x 2 mm), after which the normal bags will then follow.
  22. I'd pay good money for a Sabre fighter, or a UN Frigate
  23. Thanks, it helps that the detail is moulded quite deeply. So for the "glowing" markings I filled the recesses with enamels and then cleaned off any spillage. I was tempted to paint the turrets but decided discretion was the better part of valour and ran away Will
  24. Yah! Bemulars back,and looking good.
  25. Hi Glueman,great re-working there, I think I have one of the kit pods somewhere in the spares box. Will send if I find it.
  26. Never did much with the game- not very good with FPS, but I do like the 'credible' scifi designs. Too many scifi vehicles are either over stylized or look like they were sprayed with glue and rolled around a junkyard.
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