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  1. Gimme Shelter

    WNW Sopwith Pup

    Now that is very nice. I commend your application of the decals over the raised surfaces - another dark art that I have yet to master myself. The base looks smashing making the whole model quite superb. I am due to inherit a Sopwith Pup propeller that my father picked up from the hangar at Hamble where he trained as a pilot - it is a big solid lump of laminated timber which I ran head first into at the age of 4 while he was restoring it in the lounge of our old family home - the force of impact to my forehead left my left me in an ambulance and epileptic ever since. A great model with a chilling reminder of how dangerous the full size thing can still be while being restored!
  2. Gimme Shelter

    1/72 L749 Connie (QANTAS)

    A great subject and very nice metallic panel work - very believable and realistic by my standards. You certainly went the extra mile with all those alterations and modifications so top marks for you.
  3. Gimme Shelter

    Falklands Ejection

    A brilliant idea and superbly well made model / diorama. How proud it makes me feel of our brave servicemen who fought for their Queen and Country all those years ago. We showed 'em not to mess with the Brits...
  4. Gimme Shelter

    BAE Hawk Red Arrows Hobbyboss 1/48

    very nice work there - a subject I have never tried.
  5. I am not familiar with the aircraft type but when I see the word 'scratch build' on the subject header, I do try to explore and embrace the hard work the modeller has placed into their unique own work. What a smashing little gem you have produced - top marks to you ser...
  6. I'm a late starter to this thread but there is some great modelling going on here which has to be complemented, I do so love that Virgin A340 kicking around in the background too (I bought a stupidly expensive resin conversion set from Hannants years ago to convert the -300 up to a -600 so I really should have a go myself). Although I have always been a bit snobby about Boeing, I do have a fond place in my heart for Airbus as I live very close to LHR and see herds of the things (big and Small) coming and going every day, BUT I really cannot get my head around the A350 which has to be the ugliest civil ever built. I just don't see how Airbus could design such an amazing new and economical piece of engineering only to make it look ugly. I wonder if they did so just to make it look obviously different from the 787. Am I missing something - is the A350's nose an aerodynamic and pioneering way forward in aircraft design? Its great to see such talented and well made A350's though.
  7. Gimme Shelter


    lovely model and good to see a non BEA/BA version for a change now that Airfix have provided the market with a fresh decal sheet option. The wing fuel tanks look smart too.
  8. I've had to drop back in for another gander at this smashing '37. Simply superb and with its own unique little scratch built flight deck too. Quite stunning workmanship and such dedication to detail
  9. a smashing and very British build - perfect suited for the website. I really love your work here. So whats the difference between a Super 737 and the Hasegawa 737X that I am building (other than the scale)? The paint guide I have for the very early 737X I am building suggests different wing colours and no lower belly silver. Did Boeing and BA make a change to their Negus scheme on their 737 fleet? Please do let me know as I may have to make some drastic changes based on your feedback. I love the decals you have used - those pilots really add the final touch along with the busy windows. Keep Calm and Negus On...
  10. Gimme Shelter

    Spinosaurus - Pegasus Hobbies 1/24 Diorama set

    Hi Carts Sadly, I got a bit dinosaured out after the other Pegasus Hobbies dino kits I built last year and have put Mr Spino to one side for the moment, I'll catch up with him later this year as I have a waterfall diorama theme in mind for him and have already spent a fortune on various ferns and flora for the waterfall concept. Any updates will appear here later in the summer of 2019 Thanks there Carts John
  11. Gimme Shelter

    British Airways Tristar

    Hi Ian Thanks for the Negus blue tips - I'll give it a go if my local shop has the purple in stock. I have the Hasegawa 1/200 old 737 in BA Negus which I am starting soon and hope to take both the L1011 and 737 as a pair of Negus's to my Feb model club competition- I'll get pictures up as and when both are completed and look forward to seeing yours once you have enough light to shine on it!
  12. Gimme Shelter

    Concorde... this time by Heller in 1/125

    she's looking nice and stealthy - I've enjoyed your notes and if you don't mind, I am going to follow your advice and also build mine as you have with the wings pre attached to the individual fuselage halves as that looks like avery good way to get the top wing attachment lines under control. That said, I am not sure when I will start my kit of the same. Good luck with the remainder of the build - which reg will you be using?
  13. The original kit is the old Hasegawa 1/200 American Airlines 767-200 kit from the 1990's. Bought for £8 from my local model shop in West Drayton (Aviation Hobbies) a few months ago, I have saved this in time for my Farnborough IPMS club's February Antipodean competition next month. Appropriately, I purchased the intended Qantas decals from Australia which only took 2 weeks to arrive by post - and they are the genuine down-under "ROO-DECAL" product! I think the seller must have been having a clear out as I received 3 sets of decals for the price of the advertised single set. Started last night in-between floating the last of the decals onto my last 777 on the bench, the kit has immediately gone together with all the ease and great engineering that Japanese kit manufacturers are well known for. Up against a 777-300 in the same 1/200 scale, the 767-200 looks rather inferior Thanks for looking in John
  14. These 3 are now almost done. The last of the 777-300 decals went on last night and all that remains now is to glue it together. I've enjoyed all 3. The 747 was the biggest challenge due to the age of the decals, while the 777's 3rd party decaling was fun but expensive. Port side complete minus the Royal Mail logo which went on late last night but is not pictured here and the starboard side completed Have you ever wondered what the scale difference between a 777-300 and a 767-200 is? Well here you are.... I get round to sticking them up on the RFI pages as soon as the wings are on and they are varnished up Thanks for following the build, I'm checking out now John