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  1. Thank you to those that crawled along with me over the many long months over on the WIP pages while this big beastie went together. She's done at last - perhaps I might add some dusty effects later on in the year but I have already wiped the worktops down in my workshop and moved on to other things. The diorama has already been to a few UK shows (IPMS Shropshire and IPMS Poole's shows) which got the kids asking lots of questions, and one member of the public innocently asked me if it was a WWI or WWII artillery piece last weekend ! There's only one word in reply to that.... "OOTINI..!" I've put my 11 yr old nephew on display here to start with to give you an idea of the kits size in 1/96 scale. That's all for now folks, I've got my other new Randy Cooper Avenger Star Destroyer to start thinking about getting started soon which will keep me out of mischief for a good few months after finishing off a few inbetweener quick builds I have lined up. May the Force be with you, always.... John
  2. my postman delivered me the Randy Cooper Models new resin and retooled 56" long Avenger class Star Destroyer kit today - customs robbed me as usual
  3. Gimme Shelter

    1/144 Z'Gok diorama.

    will he be wading downstream at Cosford or the Telford nationals this year - I'd like to see him in the plastic (and stream) !
  4. Gimme Shelter

    Scratchbuild Spectrum Detector Van

    amazing model - and welcome to the spacey part of the forum
  5. Gimme Shelter

    1/144 Z'Gok diorama.

    excellent diorama - commendable idea - I love the way you have depicted the change of direction as he wades downstream.. magic work
  6. Gimme Shelter

    Lindberg/Round2 Moon Ship adaptation

    true classic plastic and a brilliant modelling job - you have made some very old plastic look like it has just fallen out a modern day mould - top marks - something nice and spacey
  7. Randy's pouring the resin now, he's got about 40 on back order and the first 5 have shipped. Get your orders in quick...... Randy is also working on a new kit of the Hammerhead from Rogue One and he is updating his Blockade Runner I thoroughly recommend his Sandcrawler kit - its a good 8 years or so old now but worth every cent $
  8. long - 50 inches me thinks
  9. Thanks gents - finally got the Crawler completed last night after spending a few more nights in the workshop going around in circles with the weathering effects using sponging and various different dirty liquids - I gave up in the end and decided I had given it my best shot - its a first for me so I will settle with this which is now sealed under a matt varnish to hold any loose pigments down. I have a few weeks to complete the final Tatooine Desert Diorama in readiness for our clubs attendance at Cosford in April and will post pictures of it on its base in the RFI pages then leaving you with this for now...and thanks again for following (or should I say crawling along) and all the encouraging words over the many months it took to build this beast. I'm just waiting for a note from the Post Office to let me know I owe them a ton of money to get my new star destroyer through customs duty paid from Randy Cooper now... OOTINEE and bye for now John
  10. slow work on the treads and sort of satisfied on them now. *************************************************************************************************************************************** using coffee stick stirrers, I made this tool last night to use on the diorama base to mark the path of the Sandcrawler treads through the sand. I guessed that by leaving the treads as only the width of one coffee stick, the imprint left in the desert sand might look more like both bogies had travelled over it as opposed to perfect shaped regular spaced imprints. I used one of my 1.5mm nibbler tools to snip out random link joints in the sticks. Thanks for following - nearly there now..
  11. Gimme Shelter

    1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    very interesting - I never knew this kit existed.. as ever, this part of the forum continues to surprise me.
  12. Gimme Shelter

    Y-wing- 1/48 scale scratchbuild diary

    ditto to the above - stunning work - nice to have something of this incredible level over on this forum as opposed to the RPF site which is where I would normally expect to find a scratch build of the same (now you are going to tell me it on the RPF too..) Looks simply amazing - shame you are on the other side of the pond and that we very likely wont be seeing it at any UK shows once completed (I assume...)
  13. looks amazing - very convincing mud and grime at the back end - 100% convincing all round in fact
  14. looks incredible - I love that sten gun clip lying around on the ground - adds the finite touches of extra detailing
  15. wow - that's is a seriously beautiful 10-11