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  1. cant wait to see this stunning piece of art completed
  2. good luck with this Mr P - faces and figures are not my idea of fun...
  3. Gimme Shelter

    "This is no moon" II (Bandai)

    love the shadow - I saw the kit on a shelf in New York last month but this is the first I have seen what the box contents look like. Its bound to be a popular choice in the range from Bandai "That's no Moon, it's a Space Station"
  4. Gimme Shelter

    1/4 scale C3-P0

    "R2-D2 where have you been?" What a brilliant touch of workmanship
  5. I am lucky to have seen this kit twice between our club and our clubs show over the last 2 weeks - its a crisp and very good quality new kit - the builder has brought the true potential out of the box contents and with the final touch of using pigments on the base, really brought this kit to life. The decals are superb well done Mr P - we all knew you would not be able to resist building this one even with a house move going on at the same time.
  6. Gimme Shelter

    Sevan's 1\5 Movie Dalek

    nice to see a sink plunger free Dalek model - great work - love the clamp fitting, a nice alternative from the toilet de-blocker alternative
  7. I've had to drop back in for another look at such a great model - love it just as much the second time of looking in
  8. Gimme Shelter

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    a brilliant model of Giger's most iconic artwork - he certainly had some weird stuff going on in his head but it became legendary. Your diorama certainly captures a very classic moment in sci-fi history
  9. great to see this classic plastic being improvised upon - good luck with the rest of your build
  10. "R2-D2 where have you been?" - your build here inspired me to purchase a set of these decals last week - I hope to build my 787 as soon as Revell send me a replacement portside upper wing as my sprue was so badly warped it could not be modelled from. Your Droid looks quite superb
  11. Gimme Shelter

    Tupolev TU-144 Prototype Nitto 1/132

    nice model - glad to see you built it - my Revel TU144 never made it out the box before being re-homed...
  12. what an amazing piece of modelling you have produced there - very splendid indeed
  13. my favourite Doctor. I shall look forward to seeing this in the resin once completed Mr P.
  14. I am not really a Back to the Future fan however my recent 2 large scale resin kit builds supplied by Randy Cooper models has left me in regular contact with Randy. He is re-working his BTTF Flying Train Model to release it as a kit for general distribution. If you are interested, you can watch the action here: https://www.facebook.com/randycoopermodels/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdyYY0e6o4Xbi0k1NVuTBvMnAtKIciwbLozDm49OqDva1g%3AAdxP_Z6P-QOFao2v88BFjp6jrhAC3BQoOy9lLqi4uPEEfw