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  1. probably the best Diorama I have ever enjoyed looking at online - those broken tree stumps really are stunning. What a fantastic piece of work - far far beyond my abilities
  2. Very nice work there Mr P, and up to your usual standards of course
  3. looks superb and very convincing. I've not yet seen this kit built up so I can only say - stunning job - the original backbone of Britain
  4. Great to see another BEA subject, and with a set of 4 jets as opposed to props this time. Good to see the old kit still being made to look as splendid as Airfix originally intended it to be.
  5. wow - what a stunning diorama, I can almost feel the peace of low tide while scrolling down the pictures. something different and very refreshing.
  6. looks great - and a nice rusty looking base too to match - quite convincing.
  7. Great to see this kit actually built - looks superb. My ex-wife used to buy me this model every year from the bargain bins at Lidl but didn't get the hint that it was not for me even when she knew I had at least 6 of these in my stash. I have spent numerous hours on board the Sark up in London and it makes such a great day out. Lovely to see the kit made up and looking so brilliant.
  8. wonderful - I have enjoyed scrolling down through every stage of your superb build - makes me wish I had otherwise chosen this kit rather than my 1/200 Titanic from Trumpeter. You have produced a very clean and finite build there - much admired work.
  9. what a cracking idea and well built diorama - and a vivid reminder of just how terrible it must have ben for the US boys while rooting out the enemy
  10. Hi Alan - Probably with the use of a Horse Box or similar !
  11. God, I feel so proud to be British having been reminded just what an amazing Navy we had (and still do)
  12. Hi - Yep - they are the Pontos benches with 1/200 figures (Architectural not the KA set but they seem very much the same in size)
  13. What an amazing walk through of yet another fantastic 1/100 Victory build. Sadly, I also find it too scary for me so I think I'm going to sell off my unbuilt Heller kit along with all the extras I've bought for it as this kit is really far too much for my limited maritime modelling talents. This really is a smashing model - tip top, and England Expects Every Victory Modeller to Do His Duty
  14. Hi So with the help of a lot of very knowledgeable Titanic specialists, I have managed some good progress of this kit - thanks mainly to the facebook group builds I must add. The below pictures have been best uploaded in date order. Working with the addition of the Pontos set, I have found that the kit's instructions are best not followed and have therefore added a wide breadth of pictures for you below in case it helps anyone else, particularly around the assembly of the superstructure from the gym, boat deck and down to C deck level and promenade areas etc. The figures now seen below ar
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