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  1. still no sign of Mr Squid's eye from my China ebay supplier - here how it's looking prior to it's new eye and the clear latex body coating
  2. some more work on the squid and the Nautilus nearing completion
  3. Mr Squids eye has been drilled out ready for the 13mm reptile glass eye due from China a week on Monday - I've also decided to build up the squid's body too using Daz and a skeleton of mails to keep it rigid Base silver dusting on now too
  4. That's got to be one of the nicest '27's I've seen - smashing modelling. Love the cargo door decal - not often seen on a model of a seven twenty.
  5. Lovely - you can never tire of Viscounts, no matter the livery or manufacturer
  6. smashing work and great to see this kit assembled (a first for me) - I do love the Pagasus space / sci-fi range - they produce some brilliant subjects as cleverly thought out kits - very nice work there, I love the figures which help add scale
  7. awesome model and quite brilliant photography - top marks on all fronts from me
  8. OMG - a built version - there was me thinking this was one of those massive boxed kits that modellers only bought but never actually built - my model club mate has bought this kit too but I don't expect to see his built for a good while yet so its great to see what a smashing job you have done here.
  9. How Mighty it looks - the Mighty Saturn V is brilliant - its great to see this kit built up looking so nice - I sold mine off sadly now that I have seen yours built up
  10. this is just so 'wow' - looking forward to seeing it completed
  11. The kit is build and all the photo etch has been added - I've added some top-side periscope // snorkel detail to spice the kit up a tad. A top coat of primer has now been added as I have doubts about the photoetch accepting Alcad II paints straight from the bottle
  12. an update - a few more external parts now added now the forward top piece has been cemented down - the top side "eyes" have blue LED's behind them
  13. This one has been in my stash since its original release back in 2013, and I admit to spending nearly 2 weeks trying to find it. This is the 2013 Pegasus Hobbies 'Artists Collection by Greg deSantis' conceptional release of Jules Verne's 'The Nautilus' moulded in a beautiful grey polystyrene plastic (main submarine kit) and grey vinyl (Squid, name disk and base). Prior to assembly, I primed the sprues down in Halfords Red/brown primer as a rusty base coat to work up from. I have not bothered with Para Graphix's additional photo-etch set as it does not really have enough on it to warrant the additional cost vs what you will actually see of it from outside looking in. I have enough spare bulbs and wire to produce my own internal lighting set and have put together a rather complicated lighting rig, only to later find out that what I have produced is actually available as a 3rd party lighting kit - again not worth the additional cost when you already have the necessary parts. I'll feed the power from the battery up to the sub along one of the Squids tentacles. It's a kit so of course it has its issues and niggles, but don't be put off by any online review negativities. Modellers overcome issues and this kit has few; so far I give the kit a well earned 99% for fit and well thought out assembly process. I have made a point of not using other online build references to aid in my own, I want this to be my own unique attempt. I've ordered a glass reptile type eye to replace the kit's squid eye and hope to present this on a miniature ocean floor diorama using the kits squid base and a backdrop of seabed ledges. The library windows - the kit provides a comprehensive mask set The side observation window lights fitted The side observation ribs - masked with Maskol Painted black inside to keep them light tight The lounge lighting You wont be able to see enough even when lit, so conventional dressed 1/144 figures were used as opposed to worrying about dressing them down to Victorian standards I used a defusing matt plastic to defuse the side and overhead LED lighting The organ pipes were added using 0.5mm plastic pipe Upper deck now fitted and side observation ribs fitted - here she is upside down
  14. yum - looks brilliant - a nice choice of livery too. Being London based, this is one of the tiddler liveries I don't get to see, so its good to see one in 1/144 instead
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