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  1. very nice. I must build my Hobbyboss Kursk soon. That's a nice collection you have there.
  2. What an amazing subject and thank you for the historical overview which add value to the enjoyment of your model. Based on your overview, I am very glad I wasn't around in the Navy at the time and didn't get to serve on one of these....
  3. That's a very nice waterline diorama there. You have done a very good job and the sea effects are superb.
  4. I do love this. I confess to having spent hours playing call of duty with one of my sons years ago and one of the maps was based on aJapaneseSub like this so I have a basic insight to the subject. I've also seen a few documentaries about these subs and from memory, that the US captured one???
  5. What great work. I was enjoying the first few pictures thinking about how much effort must have gone in to the build and then I see the 50 pence piece picture and realise how small the kit is, and can really appreciate the detail even more. Tip top
  6. Wow. I am not really a ship modeller myself but this part of the forum has always been my favourite place, and your diorama is testament to why in my opinion. What a brilliant diorama. You must be extremely pleased with your work.
  7. Oh wow - another stunning build - I love it. You really do have a brilliant way of presenting your work - very, very nice
  8. never seen a BA S61N?..... you have sadly missed out there, they were wonderful and provided a real touch to any journey over to the Scillies back in the day before BA handed the route over.I made this years back to remember the experience
  9. Hi Eric Dad took his Command with BEA on these old girls Eric having to step back from Trident 1's & 2's at the time. He was very pleased to go back to props and enjoyed the twice weekly night stops in Gib or Malta while skippering on Viscounts. He used to race up/down the Mediterranean Steps on the Rock with his fellow crew during a turnaround in Gib in the days when they were on the Tarmac for 4 hours. Run a google image search on the painting called 'A Touch of Class BEA Viscount painting' for a trip back down a hot sunny Gibraltar afternoon memory lane. And yes Eric, this is a prompt to ditch those decals and grab a BEA set instead ! - Catch you online tomorrow night - JL
  10. Wonderful model - so nice to see these old ladies still appeal to the modeller. Best choice of livery too IMHO Keep those 1/144 civil kits coming,
  11. 'Look out Port Stanley, here I come...' This looks stunning. Brilliant. What a belly full of trouble she's carrying. Beautifully presented. I am building the Trumpeter 1/200 Blue Steel variant so your model got my full attention. Tiptop General M.
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