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  1. Thanks there - I am so very lucky to have these big fat ladies flying over my head pretty much 34 times a day going in and out of LHR - and I value every one I see knowing that 2023 is the pending year of doom for our Queens
  2. quite stunning - very nice model. I am not normally drawn to anything other than civil builds but having built Hasegawa's egg SR71 recently, the Blackbird has become something of interest and a subject I am now quite interested to see built up in it's proper shape and form, so your forum entry has immediately caught my attention well done to you, very nice work
  3. Wow - what a lovely KLM'er - I am a bit behind on the forum builds but are now in the process of hunting out all the civil builds that have been posted since April time so forgive me for over looking this superb assembly until now. If that is the Eastern Express MD-11 (which I suspect it to be) then you are a brave modeller as I would rather slit my wrists and watch all my life's blood drain away at my feet rather than have to go through another build of that kit. I made the KLM Eastern Express kit in American colours last year and spent more time trying to make it fit together than actually masking, painting and decaling it up. I was unfortunate to have purchased one of the kits whose box contents were different lengths and widths. Anyway - your model looks 100% KLM, very Dutch and just so very perfect in the making Lovely
  4. Hi Ian - cheers - the 'Toes' are dangling - here you go. The base the model is displayed on belongs to my previously built Qantas Wanula Dreaming build. I have a 'special landing idea' of a diorama in mind for the BA Chatham Queen ("100 Above") which I am starting. I gave this big lady a Gloss coat this morning but need to tone the wings down with a satin coat and then add all the various antenna and external fine detailing parts to finish off. I also need to de-weather those trailing edge flaps a bit as they are looking far too grubby now for my liking
  5. The model is almost complete now, with the final wing and tail plane assembly stage up next tonight. Here are the wings now they have been painted and weathered. BA really do need to take more care of their Queens and keep them looking less dirty...
  6. That's a cracking tiddler - quite brilliant in fact - bet those decals were a bugger though - it's all too easy to over weather in 1/144 and overdo a civil but yours looks spot on
  7. Next Time, Fly BA !

  8. thanks John - my next 747 in 1/144 will have all her toes on show!
  9. brilliant work there and I really enjoyed your WIP. It looks great - perhaps you could persuade Revell to use yours as a base to cast their own from ! The 1000 variant definitely needs to be released onto the market to save the plastic surgery needed on conversion kits. The cockpit decal really adds the final touch and top work on your sharklets too John
  10. Hi Ray The link below takes you to what arrives from Shapeways for the leading edge set. I made a mistake on my pricing - the forward set costs £28 and the rear set is £66 - so I guess that does equate to a good few kits as an alternative spend! https://www.shapeways.com/product/VNK86WN69/1-144-scale-boeing-747-leading-edge-flaps?optionId=59746284&li=marketplace John
  11. 100% gorgeous mode and well worth the wait while watching the WIP - forgive me as I am sure you make mention of it but what red have you used please? I used Alcad II Candy Red on my Virgin 787-9 last year but your colour looks nicer?
  12. My fiancé and I flew from LHR to JFK and back last August on G-CIVI with British Airways. I have always been a great fan of the 747 having been lucky enough to grow up on BA's jump seats with a Captain for my dad during the days prior to the locked flight deck door policy. I bought this kit in New York intending to build it as BA's G-CIVI using a mix of Authentic Airliners, 26 Decals and Draw Decals. To add a bit more to the model, I've decided to model her with the leading and trailing edge flaps fully extended at 25 degrees and all 18 tyres posed ready to touch down. I'll work out a base diorama later to reflect a '500ft above' end of the runway setting. There's nothing special or new about building the Revell 747-400 (I've also just completed the same kit in Qantas's Wunala Dreaming livery over on the RFI pages) but I thought the wing conversion I have used here may be of interest to other modellers considering the challenge. The fuselage pictured below is base primed but I did go to the trouble and effort to correct the sunken fuselage cheeks - I am sure others have done better than me here as the first class window area is a very questionable shape when the 2 fuselage halves drop out of Revell's moulds and I could not face a carve up of my pending Zvezda 747-800 front end which would have put matters to right good and proper there. I've also used brass rod pins for the tail plane fixing as the kits plastic pins were useless. Here we go. Cutting out the kits flaps and leading edge flap enclosure areas Using Tamiya 0.2mm plastic card, I boxed the areas in And after a tidy and trim up, and with the flap runner guides adapted with their internal hinges drooped to 25 degrees The third party RB211 singing Rollers from Braz and third party flap set from Shapeways. The forward and trailing edge flap sets amounts to around £64 delivered. I forgot to picture the leading edge set prior to applying them to the wings. Trailing edge flaps And the leading edge flaps now included (port side only so far I am not sure there is much need to add any or more to this WIP as the rest remains pretty much standard civil aircraft build stuff. I hope to have the completed 747 over on the RFI pages in July time. Thanks for looking in John
  13. looks fishy to me - well very brilliant in fact. I thrive on the civil / modern aircraft that arrive on the forum and the liveries just keep getting better and better. Stunning work
  14. Thanks Dave - I have some of their (PAS) 747-8 Cathay Pacific Cargo decals with a similar white underlay decal set - I will approach that build with extreme caution
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