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  1. It looks smashing Andrew - and I prefer the 'with' wheel hub options myself. That mesh you have used has certainly added a special touch of fine detail. I'm looking forward to seeing the beast in the resin once we can next meet up at club night and shows.
  2. Thank you Mrs P - I remember your model of the same very well and was an inspiration to start this off about 4 years ago or so Many thanks TT cheers Paul - I may need you to help me lug this in and out of shows next year !
  3. I guess you could call this a Dinorama as opposed to a Diorama. I've used 7 of the Tamiya Educational prehistoric Brachiosaur parent and baby sets to come up with the display which is about 5.5 foot long x 1 foot wide. Although the parent kit has a choice of 2 different front leg poses to choose from, I wanted to ensure the herd looked as individual as possible so I made numerous alterations to each adult and baby. After a lot of cutting and filling, the end result provides 7 different neck, mouth, tail and leg poses and I could not resist a go at making the classic Jurassic Park Brachiosaur rearing up on it's hind legs; this took a lot of re-sculpting work but I think it hits the mark now. I've used a tree from the CollectA prehistoric tree collection but again making my own changes to it and adding external roots and a total repaint of the tree; it helps add a bit of scale to the diorama. Deluxe materials clear resin water effects were used for the pond water, mixed with a dash of acrylic olive green to give it a nice murky look. It is nice and easy to work with and settled well around the plant and lilies in the pond itself. I know its not the norm, but thanks for looking in; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it (approx. 3 months in total over a 4 year period)
  4. nice work - looked even better in the 'plastic' at club night last month Andy
  5. super cool model - part steampunk and part SW Pod racer ! I love it
  6. An update on this nasty looking crustacean. Even when fully assembled, it's easiest holding it between pinched thumb and index finger as you would hold the real thing
  7. A few more photos of the resin crab before it starts being assembled
  8. I 99% sure that that is precisely what they have done - the crab is far too finely details to have been sculpted - I am pretty sure a real crab has been dissected and parts cast individually with some clever parts from the spares box added to tool them up.
  9. Looks like this kit of mine is one of a series of 3 designs available - SII Garage Kits
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