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  1. Got a little more done after work today. Finished up the saucer blending the top edge and placing some styrene squares up top top match the ones I didn't sand off. Then I loaded up some paint in the airbrush. Clear red/blue and dark copper. Now I can move forward with closing up the ship! More to come.
  2. Real good looking bird! Nice recovery and finish.
  3. For some reason, right now it seems that each kit I put on the table is a bid to restore the old mojo. Quite a few have been put down on the table only to be taken off again a day later. So, struggling to find something that'll catch my attention. Just the other day I made a pilgrimage to the local hobby shop, about two hours away, and came away with a few kits, one of them being the 1/1000 Kelvin from Mobius. I didn't buy it thinking I was going to built it right away, but as I was looking fondly at the new haul, I decided that that was the one! But I don't
  4. Good thing I thought about this one. Went looking for the thread and I happily see that it is out! And now bought!
  5. According to this, they are Block 1s. https://www.whs.mil/News/News-Display/Article/2374251/navy-goes-super-blue/
  6. Back on deck! Very nice progress with the turret. Well worth the wait.
  7. Beautiful ship! Nicely done, and same for the base. Great idea with the newspaper.
  8. Probably not. They did a 1/72 VF-4 and that wasn't transformable. So far, only Bandai has done the transforming Macross models.
  9. A sci fi offering from Wave. This is the planned release of the VF-171 from the Macross anime universe. Sometime next year!
  10. 'Khan, I'm laughing at the 'superior' intellect...' Love that battle. One of the best even today. As much about smarts, patience and tactics as firepower. And those models are looking great! Liking the lighting. Would love some close ups of the battle damage.
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