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  1. No critique from me. Loving the look of it.
  2. Looks like a delightful mess. I love it! Those booms are looking great, and in a way it is a shame they are not being turned into their own fighters.
  3. More the merrier! As for the prop, I could not leave it as is. Before bed I glued some scraps onto the cuffs. When I get home, I'll re-sand it to try and capture even an approximation of the correct shape.
  4. I hadn't been planning on it. I was going to continue with a resin sci fi ship, but then I thought about finishing this one during the next GB and that changed to just finishing it before the GB! So, here we go! I'm going to be a little back and forth, so first is the first coat of green on the interior. Detail paint to follow. Then to the nose and how I'm going to mount the prop. It comes with a simple shaft to go into a hole in the nose. But considering the loose fit, I decided to turn it around a little. Some snooping in my styrene rod collection, found one that would slip quite snuggly over the prop shaft. It's quite the snug little fit. I'm going to cut the rod, leaving enough to be glued into the fuselage, after I enlarge the hole with the fuse all together. I won't be able to spin it, but slipping it on and off, to keep it out of the way, is. Then I decided to trim up the propeller a bit, as the connection to the spinner it more than a little fat. Before, A little after... And that's not accurate at all either! The props should come off the spinner without any twist, before it curves. I didn't realize that until after, but it'll be removable - so I can fix it later! Gives me a reason to buy a second kit! Or hope for someone to make a resin replacement... And that's where she is right now. More updates to come! Model on!
  5. That's a great looking bench. My envy has spiked - again! Your paint work looks great, shading and all.
  6. I'll have to keep that tidbit about the radiators in mind when I finally get back to my pair o' 47s.
  7. Having never seen inside the wheel bays of this plane, it looks great!
  8. Love those scratched wheel bays! It's almost a shame to see the wing go together.
  9. Sorry I didn't see this reply before! Your plane is looking good. Do you have a build thread for her? New build thread for this plane is here,
  10. Alright, back into aircraft for a bit. In prep for the Flying Boats and Float Planes 2 GB, I'm going back to a plane that I never finished in the original one. Testor's 1/48 Supermarine S6B. I've modified the cowl, detailing the exhausts and the little air outlets (?) on them. The cockpit has been scratch built and a first coat of paint is on, no pics yet! So, I'm close to closing up the fuselage. Have to fix the wings, smooth out the floats and think of a way to mount the propeller so it can be added after paint. The build so far is here, I will be continuing it soon, as the build is back center-table. Model on!
  11. That is one beautiful looking plane. Will be popping in to see this.
  12. Well, the vac-form canopies came in from Falcon for my 1/72 He-115 - and I am a little disappointed. I expected some clear (if not crystal) canopies, instead they are all a bit fogged. Still better than the kit parts but the clearest parts on them are the framing! Looks like that before I try them, I'll try and sand/polish the kit canopy and clear that up. If that doesn't work then I'll use the Falcons and won't worry about detailing the interior. Thom
  13. You know, until you mentioned it was a kit-bash, I though that was a full kit. Awesome work!
  14. The wing is looking great! As for the new kit, insanity breeds insanity. That, and you were working the best techniques out in prep for the next one!
  15. Nice looking variant of the Lightning. Some good work going on.
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