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  1. Real nice on the paint and fading. And it's always nice to give an old (unfinished) model some love!
  2. Looks like you're pulling yourself together in true style! That walkway looks good, and the whole plane, just wow.
  3. Enough detail for a model a foot long!
  4. Thank you both! And thanks John_W for the link. Now I need to double check the screen grabs from ANH, cause the toy has a few differences from the gun that it was modified from. Also, got my Space Battleship Yamato laser pistol (water gun) today! Very cool looking. When I get to it, I won't do anything as drastic as with Leia's blaster. I'll hit the seams and use the cover on the back of the grip that conceals the water plug to add weight to the handle.
  5. So I came across an image on the Face with a collection of Star Wars prop guns, and one was the blaster Leia was first seen with in ANH. Turns out there is a toy-version that looks pretty dang good, and for less then $15 on Amazon, I popped for it! So now, I'm working on 'accurizing' this into a prop gun. At first all I was going to do was simply repaint it, but the modeller in me has decided to go a little further. So, first off, how the toy looks out of the package. Again, not bad at all. In fact, I was fearing it was sized for ch
  6. Great looking nacelle and engine! That could sit all on its own. Everything else is just aces!
  7. Looks freakin fantastic! Love the paint and weathering.
  8. Hang in there and grab that mojo with both hands!
  9. They do make some really good looking IPs! And doing an MC.202 as well? Sweet....
  10. Very cool! Can't wait to see this Veltro go together!
  11. Spending a lot of time on her back. Is this a crash diorama?! Again, that weathering is so good!
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