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  1. Please, someone take up the Shepherd's crook and lead this flock of Contra-bros to the promised land!
  2. Sounds cool @Bertie Psmith This will be a small build though, as the only models are available in 1/500 from fine mold and 1/1000 from Bandai. Though, funnily enough, with the size increase for the reboot series, they are just about the same size!
  3. @Bertie Psmith You know, yeah! I've been thinking about doing it for years, so this would be the right bit of bottom-kick,
  4. I got no bun in this fight, but here's some inspiration. And I've always liked this picture of the City of Adelaide.
  5. Great looking progress! I like how the 'pit turned out. I've decided to put the rear parts of the engines on at after paint as well. Make like a little easier where you can.
  6. The part for the rear decking, A9, is angled up as it goes under the above deck. To continue it further forward, the 'ramp' was snipped off and grooved styrene used to add decking and walls to the rear deck house. (mind the dust) I admit, not the cleanest job, but most of that will be under the deck above anyway. And in-situ. That's being glued down now. So, what's next...
  7. A quick work with a saw cut out the old doors. They will be retained, to act as formers for the styrene to be wrapped over, thus keeping the curvature. I used Car Siding Evergreen sheet for this, as it was what I have in stock, and the spacing looks correct on it. It was a little more involved than just wrapping the old parts. I had to cut down the inner side and use a smaller diameter round rod to tighten the curvature to better match the bulges. Not prefect, but I think certainly better. And done with that. The next in the instructions is the decking, although the front deck section on A9 will have to be 'adjusted' next.
  8. That looks fantastic! Love the Ta and you done her justice!
  9. I having fits just thinking about working on parts that tiny - much less making them! M'gawd!
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