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  1. That is a beauty of a kit! And nice recovery on the spacing inside the intake.
  2. Gives me submarine conn tower vibes. Liking the look of it, but is has Italian genes, so no figure!
  3. Sometimes you gotta say enough with the detailing and move on. Many of mine have stalled that way. Keep up the good work!
  4. Alright, considering that part of the mod done!! I'm sure I'll need to fill in that rectangular gap at the very front, but that won't be difficult. And with that done, I can finish getting the flaps done and fitted. I also decided to do a little work on the burner can. Academy has it as one piece, with the detail buried in the tube. I do wish they had done in it two pieces, esp as Eduard comes with some PE for the burners. So to make adding those easier, I cut it in two. Now, that will be a lot easier! More to happen! Thom
  5. Lil update. I framed the spine with some tape to keep from sanding 'outside the lines' and layered on some ting stryene with TET over the gouged area. I sanded that down until it looked right, then hit it with some Tamiya rattle-can primer. Looks much better, but still need some work. Can't see it in the pic, but there is still a slight ridge on the left side from the removed housing and the patch at the back needs more smoothing. Time to get to it! Thom
  6. I want a kit that is one big ejector pin mark! That aside, she's looking good. Sorry to hear about the divorce, but at least it is on friendly terms. May your situation begin to right itself before you know it.
  7. A start is begun!! Since I'm going to be back-dating this to a C, I need to make some changes before real construction starts. The first is removal of the Bullpup bulge atop the variable incidence wing. But before cutting into that, I need to fill the space on the bottom side, otherwise I'll just cut straight through. For that, superglue came into play. It was pooled into there and allowed to dry for 24 hrs. I could have done it faster, by applying a layer of CA and then accelerator and doing that until it was full, but I had to sleep and go to work the next day anyway... A grinder drum in a dremel started making short work of the bulge after that. I sanded that out flush and then glued it to the top of the wing, both to make the part easier to hold as well as to firm it up as it was a bit floppy ( I did need to clean out some of the CA from the underside as it was fouling the fit, but some sanding and scraping with a hobby knife cleaned that up enough.) Sadly, I was a little too 'free' with the grinder and I took off too much material from the spine near the back. I'll need to build that up and sand it to shape. Then I moved onto the flaps. With a PE saw I started into the hinge line until all four were through enough to work them loose. I still need to cut through the smaller, inner flaps, but I'll get to that tomorrow or the day after. So, a start has been made! Have fun with the plastic torture devices! Thom
  8. All nice choices! the Tomcatters or Sundowners look esp good!
  9. Good start. And I'd agree, a repair isn't really starting. And even if, it is waaay below 25%! 😉
  10. You and me both. Looks like I've only finished one GB - ever!! Good luck good sir!
  11. Bright and colorful. That all green tail looks quite attractive.
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