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  1. Thom216

    Coastal Command Boeing Fortress 1

    So, a bit of repair before the build. But at least you have all the parts! Except for the prop of course. Resin replacement?
  2. Thom216

    Revell 1/72 Fortress Mk.II

    No criticisms from me! That is looking great. Really like the wood look of the table and floors/
  3. A lil tubby bird! She's looking nice.
  4. Thom216

    Tamiya Pearl Harbour Zero

    Great job on the belts.
  5. Thom216

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate it. It's like a shot in the arm to keep the momentum up, and tell myself not to have another half-build under the table!
  6. Thom216

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk Vb

    I use fantastic, and incredible a lot when showing my appreciation for my fellow modeller's builds, and that's because they deserve it. Same here. Incredible. Fantastic! Your detail on the walls, factual or not are outstanding. Great stuff.
  7. Thom216

    Tamiya Pearl Harbour Zero

    Looking very good. And nice with the Aotake. I went and bought the Mr Hobby color - and now I feel like I cheated...
  8. Thom216

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    Great looking detail.
  9. Thom216

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    Great work on the wheels. No need for the after market if you can make them look that fine!
  10. Sanding! The bane of us all, mostly worth it in the end!
  11. Thom216

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    Thank you very much! Again, most of it probably won't be seen and I'll probably give myself a little slap atop the head when I'm done, but just in case right?! As for now, my slow build pace continues. I made another fire extinguisher for the rear bulkhead and mounted it into place. This pic is just before the lintel snapped off and had to be replaced... And I have to give props to Ol' Scrapiron, without whom I would not have tried putting handles on the radio gear and ammo boxes. Thank you! I've had to replace a couple of those handles already, as my thick fingers are tending to bulldoze into the radio room whenever I pick it up! I then started to build the rear floor. From the pics it looks like a split level with a 'bridge' going along the side passing the belly gun position. Here I wish I had pics of the B model's interior, as what I've built is definitely more indicative of the C model, just with a blister position rather than the tub. And pretty much done with the floor here. Just test fitted here to see how it'll go. Next up is the guns. As well as some PE replacement barrels, I need to mount them as well as creating the hardware to do that. In the waist positions, they rest in gimbles inside the bubbles. so I'll try to mount them similarly there. Or try to fake the look of the gimbles and mount them as instructed. Top and bottom will be tucked into recesses. Or at least with the bottom gun, made to look like it's tucked in, as there is no room in there without some major surgery for the whole gun. Then I'll be back into the cockpit, and hopefully with the PE seats in hand as they are still in the mail... Still moving along and hoping to get to painting the interior soon! Thom
  12. Thom216

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2

    Such good work on display here! How weathered is she going to be?
  13. Thom216

    Flying Fortress Mk111

    Nice choice of livery.
  14. Progressing along nicely. Shame you're hitting so many bumps, but you're crossing them with evident ease.
  15. Looks eager to join the formation!