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  1. Alright, so except for some placards on the legs, the gear legs are done. I had painted it silver first to help with the oleos, but after painting the white I was able to scratch some of the paint away to the silver underneath. I then hit them with some panel line wash, and once given a flat coat they will be set aside for later. Tomorrow I'll get the main gear well set into the fuse and mask and install the intakes. Thanks very much for the great words. Model on! Thom
  2. Lovely! Outstanding work on all the shape changes.
  3. Dang, the beauty of that kit is making me want to get one.
  4. Cool! I have just finished building the Tamiya version. I'll be hanging around in the back, just peeking from the shadows...
  5. She looks fantastic! Great job on the paining, esp the fading/weathering on the nose.
  6. Short update. (I really need to work more on this...) The main gear legs were 'detailed' up, with plastic rod, scrap, 22 gauge guitar wire and lead wire wrapped around a pin. The guitar string was used for the smaller spring closer to the wheel axle. The wire wrapped around a needle was then slipped off and slid onto the horizontal plastic rod as a larger spring, and that's connected to the rod going up beside the main gear leg with a bit of scrap plastic. For the backside, thin wire and stretched sprue were used to make the hydraulic lines for the breaks. Huh, can't see the stretched sprue from that angle, but it's there! Then I hit them and the gear bays with a black base and then the white. Still need to do the detail painting in the bays. I ended up adding the hose that goes into the nose bay but that was it for there. Need to let that all dry and start weathering and pull the tape off the oleas. Finish detailing the main gear bays and that'll be added to the fuselage, as well as masking and adding the intake trunking, then I can glue that to the top piece and start on the elevators. Till then, model on! Thom
  7. The dreaded last minute rush! I feel the same thing when a show is coming up. Don't give into it. Your build has too much to live for! Give yourself a mojo break before then with a quick side-build.
  8. Real nice paint job. Makes that detail pop.
  9. This has been side-tracked by other projects... Currently doing a 1/72 Super Bug as a pseudo-commission for a co-worker. Might not get back to this for this BG. Heck, I might not even finish my 1/48 Rufe for this BG...
  10. The forum title is Work in Progress - Aircraft. This hits both criteria. Yes it is. Though I have to say I did not watch that anime. For me it's a Folgore in a cool/unique red scheme. Although, now reading the wiki I may check it out.
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