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  1. Same here, it's nice to see the differences plainly shown, and tackled in fine phasion! Ambitious, but well worth it. Never be afraid to take a saw to plastic!
  2. Great progress! But now I am wondering how it would look mated to that Meteor wing!
  3. Great looking Centauro! Glad you found the parts to finish this beauty.
  4. This is just a place-holder post for a build that has been sitting idle for ten years now, pretty much because new products have come along, and what was driving it at first has long since passed into memory. Just have to finish up my 1/48 Silver Girty in the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes mega GB, then I'll pull that one out of it hibernation. Thom
  5. Nice work on the painting and wood effects! And Eduard put a lot of detail into this, so very nice.
  6. Welcome back to the hobby! Not much into figures, but your little Marine is nicely well done!
  7. When I get home, I'll compare it some other Spits in the stash, and see how she measures out.
  8. Not that I have noticed! The nose doesn't look short, and since I've already started that just may have to be good enough. As Derek from Vise Grip Garage would say, "I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that."
  9. Okay, so the kit is here (and has been for about two weeks...), the decals are here, as well as all the PE, the new resin wheels, some more resin goodies from Quickboost and the paint masks. As mentioned, this is the Hasegawa in a Revell box. Draw Decals Cockpit PE and assorted resin blobs. And so, I'm starting with the first goof! Not taking a pic of the busy starboard interior! Which almost all had to go. Looking at pics of Girty, the interior panels, at last above the horizontal frame are pretty sparse. I started with trying to scrape and sand out the misc wires and boxed between the vertical frames - and the decided to just chuck it and sand it all out! I left the details down below, figuring that the clutter below the horizontal frame will keep things busy down there and may not be too clearly seen around the seat. Before sanding off the detail, I made some black marks on the sill show where the new styrene vertical frames will go. And those in place. So, not a big start, but it's a start! I'll neaten the tops of the styrene frames and put a horizontal sill along the top, then I'll start using the pics of the actual plane to begin putting some details back in. Model on! Thom
  10. @Mjwomack Looks like it'll be starting sometime next weekend.(?) So, just enough to time to get started on yet another kit...
  11. Noice! I have some (meaning so many!) kits that I could put back on the table. Maybe I'll see about finishing that Pegasus...
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