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  1. Thom216

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    I stalled again! I've been 'close to closing up' for two weeks. Don't think I'll finish it, at least not in the GB. I keep doing a little work here and there, but nothing to get the ball rolling with any concerted speed. If not in this GB, then I'll make a build thread in Work In Progress Aircraft. Thom
  2. Thom216

    B17E Old Maid ser 41-2409 Finished 09/01/19

    Nice work on the paint, and the 'Old Maid' came out pretty good.
  3. Thom216

    Revell 1/72 Fortress Mk.II FINISHED!!

    Looks fantastic! Great scheme choice.
  4. Thom216

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Nice stuff! And I just noticed that the rails are integral with the PE deck. Should make that part a lot easier.
  5. Thom216

    1/48 Focke Wulf Fw-190 Anton

    Very neat work. Looking good.
  6. Thom216

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    The 1/32 Lanc looks like a beast! And of course, the best way to start is by erasing things.
  7. Thom216

    1/48 Airfix Blenheim Mk 1f

    Looks like it that, if it has any problems, would be modeller invented. Very lovely work and seeing all that is making me want top get one.
  8. Thom216

    pizzapaolo's Academy B-17G "Thunderbird"

    Great looking 'bird!
  9. Thom216

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    Is it a shame that I had to look up Meccanos..? But no, just plastic and a drill bit. And yes, except for the guns themselves, all cut or bent plastic. Thanks a lot! It will be. But I have the pics to remember it all by! And if it wasn't courting a temporal calamity by putting a book from '44 on a plane from the late 30s, I would see about painting the top book with that cover. Thank you very much! Now if I can just keep from stalling again...
  10. Thom216

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    Great looking additions. Nice bit of scratch work.
  11. Thom216

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Really good looking bridge. Nice adjustments.
  12. Nice work and adjustment on the exhaust. W$elcome back to it too!
  13. Thom216

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    I'm back! What, you thought I was lost to the wilds of America..? No, just lost the mojo for a bit, but after a quick spray of some parts, it has come back. Some real nice progress made in the Build in the meantime, and now I have to catch up! First thing was spraying all the interior parts with Tamiya Nato Black, then masking those to leave them as nonskid. An aluminum coat followed, which didn't turn out all too smooth. I think I needed to add more thinner to the paint, but it's alright for what's there. Then dark green was sprayed for the radio room and cockpit walls and the nose office. The rest was finished up by brush. It is a little rough in places, but it's not going to be a cutaway! Pics! Don't strain your eyes reading the journal! And I've started adding PE and also the resin oxygen bottles. Not too sure of where they go, but I figured some would look good and not hurt at all. Still need to finish the PE, add the cooling jackets to the guns and do the seat. Model on!
  14. Thom216

    Lassie and her Lads

    Lovely looking plane and in a great setting.
  15. Boy, someone loves their ejector pin marks!