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  1. Some more paint has flown today, that being Tamiya white. I hit the nose gear well and once dry I'll do some detail painting and weathering in there. Then it was onto the intakes. The upper surface with the 'splitters?' was done with Tamiya rattle can white. The little pistons in there were painted silver. And then the trunking. There's a diagonal demarcation between the inner white and the outer color that I'll need to mask and replicate. And the tunnel sjust before the fan blades. This will need to be dirtied up as they are none too clean in real life. In that way I won't worry about the ejector marks that I filled being slightly visible from straight on. A dirty wash will nicely conceal them when looking down into there. I had bought the resin seamless tunnels available from Quickboost but those can go to the next Tomcat build. The less sanding I have to do the next time the better! You can see by the thinned walls where I was just sanding and sanding and sanding... And then the exhaust was painted too. Pics show a white interior with concentric circles of 'weathering' and I think I can replicate that with some q-tips and dark powders. And that is all for the nonce! Model on! Thom
  2. Nice! Very few Raptor builds. Gonna be checking in on this one!
  3. I see no short comings here... Looking god! EDIT - or good. take it either way.
  4. May have been said already, but that would look good for Space 1999 and 2001 as well! Very nice!
  5. Thank you @Roberto! Since I will soon have to mount the cockpit tub onto the wheel well I set about 'fixing' that. As is from the kit and the part is pretty bare, with detail only on the roof of the well and nothing for the sides. So I took an hour or two and drilled and fitted some wire and spare pieces of plastic to liven it up. Looking toward the rear. ...toward the front... ...and straight 'up.' Not exact certainly but better than what came before. The thick white piping is the cord from an old set of ear buds. I removed the electrical wire from inside and replaced it with some metal wire so it could be bent to shape. In fact that same braided copper wire from it was used on the side for more cabling. The little tank, made from thin evergreen rod is just sitting on it's shelf until after painting. Now to paint it. Model on! Thom
  6. It's not the kit that makes it shine, it's the modeler! Lovely paint work in the bays and those 'pits are sublime.
  7. If they keep the plastic from dimpling or shorting, I'm alright with a lil extra snipping.
  8. Been wondering about the wing sweep smudging myself and came across this on the y-tube. Looks like an easy method to use. I'll probably put some tape down before the pigment to keep from having to clean too much extra from outside the effected ares.
  9. And now I'm wondering, do I have the correct seats for a D-version SuperTom?
  10. The 'pit is just about done. A little weathering, some belts made from thin-cut tape and it should be ready to go. I did run out of my Tamiya flat clear, so I'll need to make a stop for that. And one of the seats, now just missing some belts... ...and the black hash-marks for the pull handles. I'm thinking some real thin and short black decal strips. I tried painting them, even using a pen, and they looked rubbish. Model on! Thom
  11. Lovely looking detail on those sprues! Not mourning at all the incomplete Modelcraft build I sold off!
  12. That is once nice and busy gear well!
  13. Cool progress. You boneyard comment reminded me of the mystery jets found out West. A few F-14s and F-4 hulks found in the 'wild.' https://sofrep.com/fightersweep/abandoned-us-military-f-14-f-4-found-field-anyone-know-got/ Would make an interesting dio.
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