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  1. Great looking 190. It'll look real good with that glide bomb on the bottom.
  2. Some great looking progress. I have the same kit in the stash and will be following. It's I wish they had done in 1/48 though.
  3. Great looking pair of Beaus! And nice display cases. I hope to have that problem.
  4. AWWRIIIIIGHT!!!!! Bring on that 1/48 beauty!
  5. Shame about the mishaps. They do happen. It's easy enough to say 'push on!' but sometimes, as you say, stepping back is the best option. Hopefully she is salvageable later down the road.
  6. Just begin with one line and then start making half-arcs? Looks a lot more intricate than that. Good show.
  7. Jeez, my hand would be cramping up after one nacelle! Very nice and intricate work.
  8. Lovely looking plane! Actually making me like the '109!
  9. Well, long time since the last update. I think I should choose a simpler build for the next BG, maybe something 90% OOB and 10% aftermarket. But for now, I finished putting the noses onto the fuse halves. I still have to re-panel line them, but the joins are nice and smooth and just waiting for me to mess up with the scribing. This shows the great fit between the fuselage halves. But that is surmountable! And good news was that the Shapeways exhausts arrived! WOOHOO! Because of their 3D nature, they are not drop in replacements. The area has to be cut out so these will be put in before the halves go together. They'll also need to be sanded lightly to get slight roughness off them. An interesting look inside, seeing where the 'indent' for the kit exhausts don't even match up. And a test fit of the new exhausts. After some carving and sanding the fit is suitably tight. Now just have to do that with the other three. And that's it for now. Need to get kicking on this. Just a whole month and a half to go! Model on. Thom
  10. Nicely done Twin 'stang! Gives me some incentive to do more than just look at mine sitting forlornly on the bench...
  11. Nice idea with the stand. It's looking very good.
  12. Outstanding job! I like how you worked the stand and all. Very neat.
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