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  1. No pics at the moment. But as I was test-fitting the lower wings to the fuselage, I found the need to redirect the piping in the gear wells. Always got to be careful when you add things to areas that will have things going through them...
  2. @Adam Poultney And that could be double-edged, as I usually end up making more trouble for myself. So, fitting the tank cover, and I really wish this part had been integral to the fuselage halves. Putting it in place showed a gap on the right side and a slight step on both sides. Between the two, I'm less concerned about the slight step, so I concentrated on the gap. I traced the shape onto some thin styrene and glued it in place as a filler. And it was hit with some dark paint to check how it looks. And according to the ins, t
  3. Good looking Cit. I like the color choice.
  4. That is one beauty of a plane! And quite unique with the closed over nose. Sure. This is the Do-335. I kept them light on this one. The Dinah, And the Corsair (may have gone a little too heavy on this one...),
  5. Very nice. And I also use artist chalks for the exhaust trails. A lot simpler for me with still good results.
  6. Cool! Don't mind breath as I lean over your shoulder...
  7. Three steps forward, and then two back. Sounds like my modeling method! I like the interior.
  8. Luvely looking train. Nice job!
  9. That looks so funky! And a contra-prop too. I love it. Now I want one in 1/48. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/short-sturgeon.54213/
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