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  1. saw it last week, il be honest the whole movie just p'''sed me off. taking all the stuff i enjoyed in my childhood and stuffing it all together for fan service. take away all the stuff they ripped off from other properties and what are you left with? a D-grade advernture movie.
  2. no but most can stand on their own, heres stands, cost few quid. https://banzaihobby.com/Kotobukiya-MB48
  3. the line up of new kits puts bandai to shame, its quite clear to see that bandai are releasing alot less mechs now they have the star wars license, kotobukiya is stepping up and releasing more.
  4. yeah ive got it in the backlog, the backlog has got totally out of control this year. i need to build and paint more and stop buying.
  5. hay not posted much lately. just thought id share 2 third party kits coming from china soon. firstly, the nillson 1/60 red astray gundam. this to me is kinda interesting, i have the bandai 1/60 PG red astray, it looks alot bulkier than the master grade kit, alot of people like prefer the slimmer destign of the master grade, so this company called nillson has made a 1/60 kit based on the master grade design, i love this idea, perfect grade gundams to me are always over engineered and have far too many parts. other kit is sinanju 1/35 bust, by same company that did the unicorn bust. think it has 20 plus leds, decals and metal parts. i get my chinese stuff from taobao but if you dont use taobao a guy called samualdecal on facebook sells these kits and other stuff from china. https://www.facebook.com/Samueldecal/
  6. some kits are recast from outside sources(yellow resin with another caster name on the instructions) and some are recast inhouse(white resin, really poor casting, literally not worth any money, straight into the bin) i scrapped i nightingale resin kit it was a mess.
  7. i thought black hole, thats the movie everyone remembers from childhood watching on TV but 99% of ppl cant name it.
  8. hay been looking at Italeri 1/6 kits, they seem really good with seporate fork parts. but ive also found that they did some 1/9 bike kits(really want the 998 ducati and mv augsta f4) but the quality of the 1/9 kits look really bad, does anyone know if the 1/9 kits are reboxed protar kits? as ive already wasted 40 quid on a protar kit and it was a total mess.
  9. yeah, i dont buy the idea that sunrise do all the design and make anime first then bandai figure out models, im sure bandai do kit model designs first, then sunrise make the anime to fit the models.
  10. red flag when they said they are designed and produced by revell america. if they were done by german wing of revell i would have gladly pre ordered.
  11. yeah, stay clear of e2046 ive no issue with recasting, but their quality is really really bad. i will never buy from them again.
  12. not sure where to stick this? but seeing how it is make believe aircraft i guess its here. also first time for kotobukiya to make a scale model aircraft.
  13. im sure that all aircraft is also licensed, i only say that because on video games, you can see the licensing agreements by boeing and all the other firms. personally i think its a real shame, even though most of my backlog is bandai i hold zero loyalty toward bandai they do alot of shady things like charging extra for waterslide decals, charging more for kits with only different colored plastic, making a kit and then 6 month later they make an upgraded version with a few new parts but dont sell the parts seporately so only way is to buy a whole new kit, making some gundam model kits only for japanese market.
  14. the chinese 3rd party gundam kit maker has been raided and shut down. the company that started as a bootlegger, but then started making their own improved designs of kits in the last few years. they had 2 kits in pre production a perfect grade destiny gundam and a blue astray 3rd form, both of which were not bootlegs but designed themselves, retailers will be issuing refunds for pre orders in the next few days. i you were thinking of buying any of their kits that are already released, i suggest you buy now as i think their price will rise soon when stocks run dry.
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