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  1. FinnAndersen

    In flight props

    Well, I model to get a representation of the real thing, not a photo of same. When looking at a real plane with the engine working, you can't see individual prop blades, even at idle. A camera may, but not the human eye. My 2 cents /Finn
  2. FinnAndersen

    In flight props

    Been around small propeller airplanes most of my life and the prop blur isn't what it looks like in real life. IMHO, the only thing that looks realistic is small electrical motors. If you don't want that (and I fully understand), the best ting is to leave of the propeller blades. If there's a spinner, paint a diffuse black band on it, it should not be solid color. /Finn
  3. FinnAndersen

    Best way to make a Spitfire VI in 1/72

    Or you could take the easy route by getting the Pavla pack for the Tamiya Vb. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVU72075. I'm sure it would fit any Spitfire V kit. I'm not sure about the windscreen if its early or late. HTH Finn
  4. Can't see the images. Get a message about insufficient permission. /Finn
  5. FinnAndersen

    Invasion stripes, any pointers?

    I learned this about masking from a house painter: When painting something usings masks: 1: Paint the base colour. 2: Mask 3: Paint base colour over the mask edges 4: Paint top colour This way, if you have paint creeping under the masks, it will be invisible. Can be used on canopies, the base colour then being a clear coat. HTH Finn
  6. FinnAndersen

    Best source for RAF WWII serials and codes (1/72nd)?

    You can get clear decal sheet to go into common ink-jet printers and you just might be able to print red codes. I've done it to print Spitfire serial numbers in black and it works as advertised. /Finn
  7. FinnAndersen

    Malta Spitfire V's

    Point taken, they are a bit too pristine.
  8. This is the Sword 1/72 Spitfire Vc as inspired by Osprey "Malta Spitfire Aces" (#83). Of the construction, I only had some trouble getting the canopy on right; for some reason the rear fuselage was a bit too wide, but it may stem from my selfmade cockpit floor. Another thing is the tail wheel, which I find odd shaped. The kit is definitely a shortrun job and requires an extra bit of care to assemble, compared to Tamiya stuff. First one is BR190 Ao2 flown by Flt Sgt Paul Brennan RAAF. This is in overall Extra Dark Sea Gray overpainted desert scheme over Sky Blue, The second is BR387 GLoW as flown by Plt Off John "Slim" Yarra RAAF. This is in overall Extra Dark Sea Gray over Sky Blue. Fun project and a welcome change from OG/DG/MSG that is the common fare for so many Spitfires. /Finn
  9. FinnAndersen

    Airfix 1:72 Mosquito AO3019 series 3

    Looking at a picture in the ultracast link above, it shows a two stage Mosquito with spoked wheels, so yes, it's never easy /Finn
  10. FinnAndersen

    Westland Whirlwind wing question.

    Why has no-one mentioned the DH Hornet?
  11. FinnAndersen

    Best Spitfire Mk. Vb in 1/72

    Apart from the canopy, which does not look right, the Tamiya kit is my favourite. I've got the Falcon vac formed canopy set and intend to fit one of these to my next Tamiya. Still Graham's got a point: Why not try out another and see if that will be your next favourite.
  12. FinnAndersen

    Very Interesting SAAF Mustang MkIII

    Hmm, link not available or expired? FB mentions that it may belong to a closed group. /Finn
  13. FinnAndersen

    Getting decals to stick down?

    How long do you soak your transfers? If they are in the water for (too) long, then they loose some of the adhesive and you will have difficulty in getting a snug fit.
  14. FinnAndersen

    Blenheim Nervous Breakdown

    Stamp collection isn't without its moments: You've just recieved the stamp that completes your collection and then you find out it has a flaw and that you have been s.....
  15. FinnAndersen

    Vintage Airfix Kits

    Well, I would not be doing this, building a vintage Airfix model. As I remember, vintage Airfix kits has been surpassed a long time ago and trying to fight one into submission would be a worthless case. The only resonable excuse would be to build one to prove the point, namely that it's not worth the time and effort. Just my 5 cents.