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  1. FinnAndersen

    RAAF Spitfire Vc A58-254 QY-V Rima II colour problem

    Hi Peter No, it's not too long at all and answers questions I never thought to ask. I was not happy with the light earth anecdote, tempting as it was to produce an unusual Spit. I have also recieved a PM from Ed Russell that ties in with your answer. As I told him, caution has become my initial reaction to stories of special paint jobs on fighting aircraft in WW2, as too many people would have been involved in doing work agains orders, it's simply not the military way. So my model will have a paint job of Foliage green, Dark earth and Azure blue in the non-standard scheme that your pictures show. Again thanks for your time and effort, it's much appreciated Kind regards Finn Andersen
  2. Many moons ago, I modified a Spitfire into this subject with a balsa Vokes filter. Those were the days... Fast forward to 2018 I started a Sword Vc to update the idea, as I rather liked the subject. I still have my old references, which stated that the Spit was repaired and repainted for the 452 CO in Foliage green, light earth and sky blue. In the meantime, I did purchase the High Planes Vc, which had these marking, so now the transfers were secured, however, the colour notes from HPM specifies the colours as Foliage green and RAF dark earth. The photos in my references (Spitfire Markings of the RAAF Part 1, Smith&Pentland) shows a non-standard camouflage scheme that could be consistent with the repainting story using Light earth. So, does anyone know more? HPM quotes Peter Malone and Steve McKenzie, are they members of this forum? TIA Finn
  3. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire V film 64 Squadron at Hornchurch 1942

    Now I can see it, thanks /Finn
  4. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire V film 64 Squadron at Hornchurch 1942

    Bummer, "BFI Player films cannot be played outside of the UK"
  5. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk XII

    This is tha assembled dihedral on Eduard VIII, Tamiya V and Sword V /Finn
  6. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Is that fully assembled? /Finn
  7. FinnAndersen

    Martin Baker MB-5 AZ-models

    You learn something new every day, thanks This is my take on the MB-5, a mean looking beast; 1:72 CMR resin /Finn
  8. FinnAndersen

    Martin Baker MB-5 AZ-models

    Trust me, it was never placed in production. AFAIK there was more than enough Spitfires, Furies and Tempests around in '45 and '46. The RAF was looking firmly at jet aircraft by then /Finn
  9. FinnAndersen

    Martin Baker MB-5 AZ-models

    There was only one prototype, R2496, in OG, DG and Yellow, with Prototype circled P's on the side. /Finn
  10. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk XII

    To add to Graham's post, I've always liked the Hasegawa kit, short or not. It's very easy to assemble and produces a model that anyone will identify as a Spitfire. I also agree that Eduard has pushed engineering a but (too?) far on their IX family, however I consider the result worth the effort. Coming back to the starting topic, if I had a Paragon nose, I'd use an Eduard IXc early as the basis kit to produce an XII. /Finn
  11. FinnAndersen

    RAAF Beaufighter- Colour Film Footage

    What? No copper exhaust collector rings? Really nice find, wanted to see pictures like this for decades. /Finn
  12. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire VIII Questions

    While this would be true just a few years ago, Eduard has given us new challenges with their attention to detail and the VIII and IX had different wings, not just ailerons. Diverging, a result of this attention to detail and engineering, is that the Eduard kits require new skills, i.e. learning that if it does not seem to fit, then it's the modeller that has a problem, not the kit /Finn
  13. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Everything is possible, given enough funds. I'm not sure to what extent the XII was strengthened compared to a V or IX, so that could be an issue. /Finn
  14. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Tried to find an Xtrakit some time ago and failed. You will probably need to go to Ebay or similar. As I said earlier, I gave up on the nose; something weird about how it mated with the spinner. If I could get a new Paragon set, I'd try to mate it to a Eduard IXc early as I did with my BR114, where I have made a copy of an V nose and oil cooler from a Tamiya kit /Finn
  15. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire VIII cannon bulges

    AFAIK, only very early production Vc and IXc had the wide bulges, so I would go with the narrow. /Finn