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  1. FinnAndersen

    Mustang seatbelts

    Interesting, any photos to back this up? Also, when putting in the said harness, did they install British, Spitfire style, control stick handles? /Finn
  2. FinnAndersen

    How to make clean oval holes

    What about doing it with printed decals? HTH Finn
  3. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk VI and VII cockpit colours

    Thanks, green it it is, then /Finn
  4. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk VI and VII cockpit colours

    I've started on a pair of those and have come to a sudden full stop. I've picked up the idea that Spitfire cockpits were only painted cockpit green in the place where the pilot was seated and silver behind the seat and forward of the bulkhead where the instrument panel is mounted. Both the VI and VII had a rear pressure bulkhead and the question is what colour that should be painted, silver or cockpit green? /Finn
  5. FinnAndersen

    RAF Spitfire serial in Italy 1944.

    As far as I know, there was never a definitive standard font, so you are on your own. However, as far as the examples I have seen, the four almost always looked like this 4 , but the five comes in a bewildering number of styles. In your example, the six is sort of semi rounded, indicating that you will want to match that. Anyhow, nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever be able to tell you that you have used a wrong font. I'd just make sure that it looks alike, the five and the six. HTH Finn
  6. Probably because the OP posted a question about a deliberate kill of a S/L.
  7. I've followed this thread with interest, but unfortunately without any knowledge to chip in with. If, however, a group of pilots came up with a plan to shoot their CO down, they had to be dammed sure that they were not found out, else they would face a firing squad themselves. I find it very hard to believe that anyone would take that kind of chance. On the other hand, an author like Martin Caidin would have loved the yarn. /Finn
  8. FinnAndersen

    Fillercaps Spitfire

    I use a small flat miller in my Dremel or drill stand to gently make a slight recess. /Finn
  9. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire pilot pistol

    Fanny Orton being mentioned by Paul Richeys in his epic of the Battle of France is the only time I ever seen a reference to a RAF pilot wearing a pistol while piloting a fighter. As other have said, there was enough straps from parachute and seat harness make the wearing of a pistol an uncomfortable ride. You can certainly get away with a pilot without one. Good luck Finn
  10. FinnAndersen

    92 Squadron BoB decals

    I'm afraid it's not so easy. You can buy decal sheets with generic code letters, however in my experience, they seldom have the right size for a Spitfire. You can do the same with serials, but in my experience it's a tedious and difficult affair. For myself , I've bought a set of clear decal sheets that goes in to my injet printer and that way I can print black serials that are aligned and can be applied in one go. HTH Finn
  11. No apologies needed, I'm impressed by your effort to find such an elusive (and obscure) fact for a total stranger- As the OP, I salute you! /Finn (I suspect that I'll make a Rxxxx bird, and dare any of you to prove that it's not the right one for the race )
  12. FinnAndersen

    1/72 Spitfire- where does adding detail end?

    An example of how far you can go is in the new Eduard 1/72 spitfire kits that come with etched parts. I've in the process of doing a batch of these and the Eduard pretty much hits my limit. That said, if you don't want an open cockpit, there's a limit to how much detail you can apply to a Spitfire. I personally never do the dropped flaps and then there's not much to do. With an open cockpit it's a entirely different ballgame, as most kits (Eduard the exception) has the cockpit lower wall follow the wing fillet, which just screams for a fix. HTH Finn A
  13. FinnAndersen

    In flight props

    Well, I model to get a representation of the real thing, not a photo of same. When looking at a real plane with the engine working, you can't see individual prop blades, even at idle. A camera may, but not the human eye. My 2 cents /Finn
  14. FinnAndersen

    In flight props

    Been around small propeller airplanes most of my life and the prop blur isn't what it looks like in real life. IMHO, the only thing that looks realistic is small electrical motors. If you don't want that (and I fully understand), the best ting is to leave of the propeller blades. If there's a spinner, paint a diffuse black band on it, it should not be solid color. /Finn
  15. FinnAndersen

    Best way to make a Spitfire VI in 1/72

    Or you could take the easy route by getting the Pavla pack for the Tamiya Vb. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVU72075. I'm sure it would fit any Spitfire V kit. I'm not sure about the windscreen if its early or late. HTH Finn