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  1. FinnAndersen

    Preliminary inquiry - correction for Academy Catalina.

    I'd be interested as well. I only plan on doing one cat, but would want it to be accurate. HTH Finn
  2. FinnAndersen

    Bf-109 G-6 DB 605 engine

    More or less. The DB605 engine has direct fuel injection (as far as I was told), so what we are seeing is just that the engine gets an excess of fuel, i.e. what amounts to a rich mixture. But the point were that a lot of WW2 pilots has mentioned this as a fact when chasing ME109's
  3. FinnAndersen

    Bf-109 G-6 DB 605 engine

    Very nice video. Also love the sound of that kind of engine, but did you notice the black exhaust when he poured on the coal? Something that has been mentioned again and again in accounts from WW2. /Finn
  4. FinnAndersen

    Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    Perhaps kit-bashing the High Plane wing on an Airfix would work? That is, if you can get one. /Finn
  5. FinnAndersen

    Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    High Planes did a Mk II in 1/72 HTH Finn
  6. FinnAndersen

    Replicating camouflage on models

    Absolutely agree and talking of the Spitfire, I rate the accuracy (yes, I intentionally used the a-word) of a commercially made mask by looking at the camouflage demarkation under the canopy at the starboard side. Studying pictures of wartime Spitfires, it's surprisingly many that has the exact same shape there. /Finn
  7. FinnAndersen

    Replicating camouflage on models

    Printing out masks from paper or other to fit 3D compound curves is more or less impossible. I'm doing a significant number of spitfires and for that purpose have invested in a cutting machine that can cut Tamiya tape sheets. However I needed a master to cut from; this was made by tediously cutting out a mask that was fitted and adjusted to a trial model and then peeled off and scanned. This is just plain hard work. May I ask you to try buying a mask? Try this https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AMLM7339 /Finn
  8. FinnAndersen

    Mustang seatbelts

    Interesting, any photos to back this up? Also, when putting in the said harness, did they install British, Spitfire style, control stick handles? /Finn
  9. FinnAndersen

    How to make clean oval holes

    What about doing it with printed decals? HTH Finn
  10. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk VI and VII cockpit colours

    Thanks, green it it is, then /Finn
  11. FinnAndersen

    Spitfire Mk VI and VII cockpit colours

    I've started on a pair of those and have come to a sudden full stop. I've picked up the idea that Spitfire cockpits were only painted cockpit green in the place where the pilot was seated and silver behind the seat and forward of the bulkhead where the instrument panel is mounted. Both the VI and VII had a rear pressure bulkhead and the question is what colour that should be painted, silver or cockpit green? /Finn
  12. FinnAndersen

    RAF Spitfire serial in Italy 1944.

    As far as I know, there was never a definitive standard font, so you are on your own. However, as far as the examples I have seen, the four almost always looked like this 4 , but the five comes in a bewildering number of styles. In your example, the six is sort of semi rounded, indicating that you will want to match that. Anyhow, nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever be able to tell you that you have used a wrong font. I'd just make sure that it looks alike, the five and the six. HTH Finn
  13. Probably because the OP posted a question about a deliberate kill of a S/L.
  14. I've followed this thread with interest, but unfortunately without any knowledge to chip in with. If, however, a group of pilots came up with a plan to shoot their CO down, they had to be dammed sure that they were not found out, else they would face a firing squad themselves. I find it very hard to believe that anyone would take that kind of chance. On the other hand, an author like Martin Caidin would have loved the yarn. /Finn
  15. FinnAndersen

    Fillercaps Spitfire

    I use a small flat miller in my Dremel or drill stand to gently make a slight recess. /Finn