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  1. Hi Paul. Is is it still possible to purchase the 1/144 decals? Thanks
  2. Nice build well executed and an interesting scheme too! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  3. That is quite the progression in a year isn’t it? However your first build is nothing to be ashamed of, I wish my first builds were as good. Anyway the Seafire certainly looks the part, well finished too! Please keep posting you work, I’d love to see where you are in a year’s time.
  4. Good looking duo you have built, the Eduard kit really does have nice surface detail doesn’t it? I love the markings too, nice job all round.
  5. Very nicely done, you would not tell that you had issues with the windscreen. Also I’ve heard good things about the Hataka paints, were these the lacquer ones? And how did they spray?
  6. Wow that is an amazing build!! I have built this kit too and had quite a lot of trouble with it, but in the end it turned out ok. Yours is much better than mine!
  7. So here are the results of tonights efforts. First of all a couple of photos before taking off the masking: Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Then came the dreaded mask removal, I always get nervous in case the masks have not worked!: Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Untitled by Neal, on Flickr So there are a couple of bits of overspray that will need sorting out, nothing too bad though. However I’m not 100% convinced on the red being “right”, the Rega choppers red seems less “orangey”. Oh well I’ll live with it has I am not going to re-mask it up and re-spray it. Thanks for looking. Neal
  8. Hi All, Well it has nearly been a year since my last update on the Augusta A-109 and the reason is that I kinda lost the mojo for this build so she has been a bit of shelf queen since last April. Anyway I have recently decided to get her done, mainly because I am soon to be evicted from the man cave so that our daughter can move out of our room in to hers. So here is what I have been up to: First I painted the base colour for the underside of the aircraft using Tamiya X-2 Gloss White, then the masking fun started: Painting has finally started. by Neal, on Flickr Painting has finally started. by Neal, on Flickr Painting has finally started. by Neal, on Flickr Then I decided to paint a base coat for the red to go on to, I have read that pink makes a very good base for red to go over, so I put done a coat of Tamiya X-17 Gloss Pink: Painting has finally started. by Neal, on Flickr And here she is drying off in preparation for the red coat: Painting has finally started. by Neal, on Flickr Next to do is the main red colour, now I have some choices I have Revell Fiery Red in an enamel pot (I’m not a fan of spraying enamels), I could use some Tamiya X-7 Red or some MRP-184 Signal Red. At the moment I am thinking that I’ll use the MRP. Also I need to spray the rotor blades, the masking there should be fun, not! Anyway plenty to do but I’m glad to have the Augusta back on the bench. Take care and thanks for looking. Neal
  9. Hi guys and gals, So today I went up to RAF Cosford to see the Tornado flypast as a part of the Tornado Farewell, so after enduing a 45 minute traffic jam I was able to park up next to the football fields near the train station and I walked over towards the Museum. The amount of people present was mad!! I grabbed a couple of photos of the aircraft on the tarmac that had been putout for the fly-by: 20190219-04.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-05.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-06.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-07.jpg by Neal, on Flickr Anyways I decided to head back towards the Hunter gate guardian thinking that the Tonkas would fly down the runway line. Once I found a place I got a few more photos of the Tornados on the tarmac whilst waiting for the fly-by: 20190219-01.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-02.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-03.jpg by Neal, on Flickr And then it happened! The three ship formation flew in from over the railway station and banked over the museum (not quite matching my initial thoughts) and I managed to grab some shots of the aircraft, unfortunately there was only one of the special marking birds, but never less is was an awesome sight! 20190219-16.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-11.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-13.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-09.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20190219-10.jpg by Neal, on Flickr And then they were gone!! All over in a few seconds and the last time I shall see a Tornado flying in RAF service, a sad time for me as I love the Tonka!! I can remember sitting in one as a child when my grand parents took my to a show at the NEC in the late 80’s or early 90’s, it was probably a mock up but this awesome machine in wrap around grey/green camo made me fall in love at first sight! So farewell Tonka and thank you for helping the RAF boys and girls keep us safe for the last 40 years!! 20120617-558 by Neal, on Flickr Photo taken at the RAF Cosford Airshow in 2012 when the Tornados were doing a role demo! Thanks for looking! Happy modelling, Neal.
  10. I believe that the Phantom boxings have the 540lb GP bomb in them, if you compare them to a 1000lb GP they are smaller.
  11. Yeah I agree about the panel line wash, I probe should have lighted it up a bit more. That is my plan, I have the GWH Victor and Vulcan in the stash and I think 1:144 lends itself well to having the trio of V-Bombers as the 72nd scale kits would take up quite a bit of room.
  12. -Kit manufacture: Mikro Mir -Scale: 1/144 -Type: Vickers valiant B.1 -Extras used: None, built out of the box -Paints and colours used: Vallejo Model Colour Black Grey; Mr Hobby Aquaous H316 Insignia White, Mr Hobby Aqueous H332 Light Aircraft Grey; Mr Hobby GX100 Superclear III -Other info: Was built for a facebook group build on Bomber Command but was not completed in time. This kit put up quite a considerable fight, but being a limited run kit that was to be expected! I made the decision to pick and choose what I wanted from the PE fret as it was a challenge to sue PE in this scale. My recommendations if you want to build this kits to dry fit, dry fit and dry fit again before glueing anything. I do have a build video on my YouTube channel (see my signature strip). Anyway the model is far from perfect, but I’m happy enough with the result, it looks like a Valiant to me, any feedback is welcome. Mikro Mir Valiant by Neal, on Flickr Mikro Mir Valiant-3 by Neal, on Flickr Mikro Mir Valiant-5 by Neal, on Flickr Mikro Mir Valiant-4 by Neal, on Flickr Mikro Mir Valiant-6 by Neal, on Flickr Mikro Mir Valiant-7 by Neal, on Flickr Mikro Mir Valiant-8 by Neal, on Flickr Thanks for looking guys!
  13. Well I know Tan model have their own in the pipeline but I’m not aware of any other new(ish) tooled Buccaners. So it is a welcome addition in my opinion.
  14. I’m sure Hasegawa do a decent ish AV-8B. And thy can be found for a decent price too. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Marketplace&q=McDonnell+Douglas+AV-8B+Harrier+II+hase*&fkSCALE[]="1:72"
  15. I’d say dummy rounds. Any pictures to help out identifying them?
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