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  1. Hi Paul, I don’t suppose there is any possibility of getting a sheet of these nowadays is there? Thanks
  2. I'm 99pretty sure that aircrew had the L22A2 carbine version of the L85. I might be able to confirm this via some of my fellow paramedics who spent time in the military.
  3. That’s a cracking idea!! I’ll look into that thank you!
  4. Thank you for the reply, it seems mad that there aren’t many options for this. I may very well that you up on your offer if I cannot find a full sheet.
  5. Hi all, I am looking for some aftermarket decals to represent the bombs painted on the side of RAF WWII to mark a bombing mission. I’ve looked in all the my usual places (Big H, Evilbay, etc...) but cannot find anything. Would anyone have any ideas on how to source this sort of thing? Thanks Neal
  6. That’s a cracking start so far Jonathan! These Academy F-14 look really nice don’t they? Also I was wondering if anyone knows what has happened to Tony Oliver? It seems his account has been de-activated which is sad as he is such a valuable source of knowledge regarding the F-14. Neal
  7. That’s a nice looking Tornado Tim, I look forwards to the final reveal. Regarding the F-35B you can get decals from xtradecal which have 617 Sqn markings on them. Then you have plenty of choice for the kit between the Hasegawa, Academy and Italeri kits. Keep up the great work.
  8. I’d say that even in wartime they would still probably want to keep the inner wing clean to reduce drag. I’d go with what Selwyn said
  9. That is a very well don tribute to the “Queen of the skies”! Cracking build and thank you for sharing it with us. Did you do a WIP thread? Neal
  10. I saw on scalemates that there is a new tool 757 coming out from zvezda. It might be worth waiting for that one? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zvezda-7032-boeing-757-200--1318416
  11. Some nice progress on the project, that Minicraft 757 looks like a headache doesn’t it? I’m sure that it will come together nicely though.
  12. Hi Phil, No unfortunately I cannot measure the height of the building on Google Maps, you can do a ‘3D’ view but there are no planes at the pier to judge the height. But I did find the photo amongst this document. In it you can see the 777 is about the same height as the pier, that should help a bit with guessing the height. Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 08.21.54 by Neal, on Flickr Neal
  13. Hi, Just a though to help you out on this impressive project. You can measures distances on Google Maps or in Google Earth. Have you tried that? I’ve done a couple of quick measurements for you: Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 14.40.33 by Neal, on Flickr Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 14.41.36 by Neal, on Flickr I hope it helps out a bit and good luck for the build. Neal
  14. Well they must have been in contact with HKM as they got authorisation to use the artwork and poll the public, so if it was defined no goer surely HKM would have said “no you can’t use the artwork and no point polling anyone”. Also HKM have set the precedent with the B-17 and there is a need for a new 48th scale Lanc as the Tamiya kit is quite long in the tooth now.
  15. Hi guys, I don’t know if anyone may have already seen this, but over on facebook at Model Kits for Less ran by Mike Jolly there is a post enquiring about interest in a potential 48th scale Lancaster from HKM. Mike and his team are trying to gather interest and get HKM to scale down their 32nd Lanc, this could be awesome! So if you are on facebook why not take a look, also just as a disclaimer I have no ties to Mike Jolly other than being a very satisfied customer of his. Neal Untitled by Neal, on Flickr
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