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  1. Hi, You are more than welcome Tony, i look forwards to seeing what you have to offer, I’d be particularly keen to see a dual AIM-9 adapter if you have one in the pipelines! In the meanwhile take care and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more Tomcat goodness here. Neal
  2. Hey @Tony Oliver, I’ve just re-read through the thread briefly to go back through your builds and must say the workmanship is amazing! I seem to recall that at some point talked about making some upgrade sets available to purchase from you. Is this still a thing? If so I would be quite interested in what you had planned. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it with us. Neal
  3. It is a Paveway II that is being carried, I can’t tell from that angle though if it is an Enhanced PWII or not though.
  4. Hi Tone, yes I saw that but then others contributed about videos waffling on and other points that I mention. I have done videos where I put a slide show in the video but that isn’t the main content. I agree with you that if that is all the video is then it isn’t always the most interesting thing to watch but then again the like of RobBasicModelling I find entertaining to watch. At the end of the say we all like different things and dislike different things too! Anyway going off topic it is nice to see you have started building Tomcats again!
  5. Hi guys, So I might get a bit of hate for this but hey so be it. I am one of those youtubers who has a modelling orientate channel! I have not posted a video for ages, not because I do not want to or can’t be bother but as pretty much all my scale modelling and related hobby it has ground to a halt due to my 1/1 size daughter taking up most of my time know. Coming back to Youtube videos, mine are no where near the same quality of video or indeed build as say Plasmo or Scalemodelaircraft or Phil Flory’s videos, however I did enjoy doing the videos, and yes I’ve done inbox review (which I think should be called a sprue tour as unless you build the kit you cannot really review it), yes I have done the monthly waffle update videos, yes I have gone off topic. But I got enjoyment out of it, th cleaning how to “edit” a video, the learning camera setting, lighting, etc... and I think that my videos improved as time went by, just the same as my kit building improved with each build. Now what I would say is that if people did not like the video or had suggestions to improve it then they can always put a comment on the video in a civil manner, just as you would on this forum. And just as one the forum if you don’t want to to watch it then skip it and look at something else instead. At the end of the day people who do youtube videos do it for the same reason as they post up on here, to exchange with other people on common interest and get enjoyment from it. Take care. Neal
  6. Hi Tony, It was pretty easy but the kit is not designed to be built wheels up, but nothing some minor surgery cannot sort out. You can see what they looked like in my WIP thread: I’d love to see you build some Aussie and Spanish F/A-18’s Also good to see you back at your Tomcat builds! Take care and Merry Christmas. Neal
  7. Hi I’ve only just spotted this thread and it is a gold nugget on information. Regarding the QRA duties which squadrons did these duties? Thanks Neal
  8. NealParkes

    F/A-18E CAP load

    I know that these are inert weapons but it’s a “I mean business” load out, 8 x AIM-120 & 2 x AIM-9!!
  9. Nice working on the revamp of this one!! Have you got any further with the idea of selling some of your resin mods?
  10. Hi guys and girls, So firstly I’m not 100% sure this is in the right place, but hey ho here we go anyway! So I’m about to loose the mancave , as our daughter really does need her own bedroom soon and we need our own space back! But prior to this I want to do a quick project and build three “Cute” planes in order to make her a custom mobile! The chosen kits are the following: Tiger Models Cute BF-109 by Neal, on Flickr Tiger Models Cute Spitfire by Neal, on Flickr Meng Kids Lancaster Bomber. by Neal, on Flickr My wife will be joining in and will be building the Spitfire! Which means a lot to me. Also these kits will be painted up in some nice a bright colours: Pink, Purple, Blue, etc... and will probably have some fantasy camo schemes. That is all for now folks, take care and happy modelling! Neal
  11. Hi all, So I’m still on my clean up of the photo library here are my photos taken at SMW18, as always a fantastic event and some top quality work on display! I hope that you enjoy the photos. Neal
  12. Don’t you hate it when two of your favourite things clash! I suppose though in your case it was an easy decision, Cosford will have another show next year, the concert won’t! Regarding egg planes I’m starting a build of three of them to make a decoration for my daughter’s room, even the wid is getting involved so hopefully lots of fun on the build. I’ll do a WIP thread on the forum.
  13. Hi Chris, No problems glad you enjoyed looking through them. Neal
  14. Hi Whofan, I’m sorry you missed it this year, Cosford is my favourite show, in some ways I prefer it to Telford! I love the dips too and egg planes always bring a smile to me face, they are so funny and cute! And in a way they are what the hobby should all be about having a laugh and enjoyment, not getting too wrapped up in exactitude.
  15. Evening, Continuing with the cleanup of my Lightroom library I think that I have not shared these photos that I took at the Shropshire Model Show 2019 held at RAF Cosford. The show at Cosford is one of my favourites and I try to get to it every year! Anyway here are the photos I took whilst there:
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