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  1. Thanks Andy I don’t think I misplaced and cross-members but I will check that; I can’t post a pic as I don’t use a hosting service. I think next time I will follow your way of building the chassis and do it before painting so I can see what is going on!
  2. I know this post was done sometime ago, but I have a question about how you installed the driveshaft between the transmission and the rear axle - the shaft in my kit is around 6mm too long to fit, so did you have the same issue and just cut the shaft down? I have double checked and both the rear axle and the transmission are in the right place on the chassis I can see that on your build on The Modelling News the driveshaft is in place so I cannot work out where I have gone wrong - any thoughts?
  3. How big are those kits? TB4 is tiny but TB1 abs 2 looks like they are a reasonable size?
  4. It’s great painting and weathering techniques but I have to say that none of the pics I have seen of the real thing are anything other than immaculately clean Still, it’s a great build
  5. He’s still alive, although he has been ill recently
  6. My favourite version of the Leopard, the Leo 1 was in service when I first went out to BAOR in ‘75 (although they were painted that Olive Drab/Green colour then)
  7. Panic over - it was down to me mis-interpreting the instructions
  8. A question for anyone who has built, or is building this kit...there are two cockpit frames shown in the instructions which are not numbered and don't appear on the sprue drawings (these are the frames in front of the pilot's control columns, and behind the Observers seat)- but various images of other people's build show them in place on their kits. In section 2 of the instructions the cockpit frames are shown in dark blue - including these two 'missing' frames - so where are they, or what am I missing?
  9. I was brought (dragged?) up at a time and place in which coal as our only source of heating, and I cannot remember ever seeing a coal lorry in bright colours at all! You’ve done a great job on a difficult kit - I’ve built the Old Bill bus and have the civvy bus and the military lorry yet to build, but I’m not looking forward to trying to get those ultra-thin railings off the sprues again!
  10. I don’t think there is anything wrong with The different heights of the springs - it’s just been moulded as if one spring is compressed (I.e the valve is open) which is correct -it’s not possible to have all of the springs at the same length at any time as some valves wil be open and some closed
  11. I have on3 of these about ready for paint...you need to very careful about the various linkages along the chassis as they are very fine and also will only fit at both ends if the placement of whatever they attach to is very accurate - I seem to have located the engine very, very, slightly out and it has caused lots of problems
  12. Looks great - I have one of these in the stash but am working on their B-type buses at the moment. just for info, as I can’t tell from the pictures, but the fuel injector pipes that you have added to the engine, should in reality all be the same length (so the same amount of fuel is delivered to each cylinder), not like spark plug leads on a petrol engine which can be any length (within reason)
  13. I've never see a camo pixie suit before, I thought they were all the standard buff colour...
  14. Don't forget that a sign would be displayed on the rear of the vehicles: "Even our mums hate us"
  15. You can’t take the sky from me... But the Serenity film was great!
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