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  1. I've never see a camo pixie suit before, I thought they were all the standard buff colour...
  2. Don't forget that a sign would be displayed on the rear of the vehicles: "Even our mums hate us"
  3. You can’t take the sky from me... But the Serenity film was great!
  4. A very different version of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence"
  5. Ok, I'll open the can of worms...what colour should it be? Miniart say Khaki?
  6. Ed Alleyn Johnson's 'Pluto' - saw him busking in Chester recent;;y and bought the CD:
  7. Great model...but good grief, the Navy has some really naff names for its ships/subs
  8. I always reply to this question that for a Chieftain during the 70's-80;, Tamiya Field Grey is the best match for faded IRR Green
  9. Graeme

    Stolly question ?

    I seem to remember they were green
  10. I watched one of these land at RAF Wittering last week, while I was driving up the A1 (not this paint scheme though)
  11. And lots of free parking in the ASDA car park as well!
  12. Bob Todd, who was one of the sidekicks in the Benny Hill Show, was a Lancaster navigator during WII
  13. Whats the grey vehicle to the right of the Bushmaster in the 2nd picture - is that an M-1117 of some description?
  14. Would it not have been easier to do the camo in reverse? Brown then green then dunkelgelb?
  15. Thanks Alex, that video is very interesting, even without being able to understand any word other than 'Da'! Interesting to see at 14:27 that the turret fills with fumes when the main gun fires though...
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