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  1. There is also a FAA Vought Corsair, a Walrus and Hunter T8 at Yeovilton, not that these are necessarily the targets, but Airfix don’t have a Corsair in their catalogue of new tools, nor a 1/72 Walrus ( now that they have broken the downscaling rule).
  2. I see that the Tamiya Website can’t handle the traffic, so it’s not just Airfix that have a website problem on news day.
  3. I see the pic is dated 2nd Feb, so if that’s it I would say it’s very underwhelming unless you are into 1/16 RC tanks. Looks like the Challenger is the only new tool in AFVs/Aircraft as surely the 1/48 Tiger and P38 must be modifications of existing tools.
  4. Would love to see Tamiya add a 1/48 Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter to their AFV range ( but not holding my breath).
  5. The price rises are disappointing but inevitable Hannants issued an email last week with future releases and warned that ICM kit prices are rising steeply with a £30 kit increasing to £40, so a 25% increase Others will follow no doubt.
  6. 3D Printed looks stunning as a CAD model
  7. Are we sure it’s 1/72? the newsletter looks to indicate a 1/48 kit ‘ The SH team are also working on a new Hudson tooling, and mentioning the quarter scale, ….’
  8. Whilst I was impressed by the kits shown, I was quite surprised not to see any new dogfight doubles which seem to be a USP for Airfix I am intrigued by the statement on the site that says ‘Airfix presents our first selection of product announcements for this year’ I also notice that with the exception of the Anson, the new tools are all due in the summer. Could we see more releases later? After all they have now down scaled for the first time, released a 1/24 kit after 3 and not 5 years , plus are breaking into the 1/43 car scene. So why not have a second set of releases for the 1st time. Makes sense from a business pov. I was certainly expecting a few more vintage kits such as the TSR2 and Bloodhound based on the Work bench issue for Friday 7th Jan Time will tell, maybe the catalogue will give us some clues
  9. 1/48 Hudson? Not sure if I read that correctly, but that would be a nice surprise
  10. Airfix have laid their cards (or kits) on the table, so what do we think? There are some nice new tools and subjects that seem popular ( 1/48 Bucc and Anson) plus a magnificent 1/24 Superkit Spitfire A few more oldies brought back to life in the vintage range, good to see a Beaver and the Whirlwind ( Helo) made available again. For me I would give the new range 9 out of 10 and think that Airfix have made some great choices, I particularly liked the way they laid out the range by category. Most of the negative comments I have seen so far are based around the wrong scale and price. So was it a hit for you?
  11. Renders look stunning, thought they might have added a Grey/White scheme to mix it up a little.
  12. Expect the Big H to put out a couple of sets of Xtradecals for this stunner to add to the excellent schemes that are included.
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