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  1. Jadlam link Had an email from JADLAM saying it was a 1/24 kit (as link) did think that was an odd scale for TAMIYA, so a quick check on here sorted that query. Not for me in 1/24 or 1/48 but hopefully a B will follow IDC Rich
  2. Thanks for clarifying can you say when it will be announced?
  3. Beaufort @ Creative Models Creative have it in stock for a mere £53.99
  4. Any link here between these 3 posts or is the first just a red herring??
  5. As you are based in East Anglia I guess you are in the know, any chance of a hint?
  6. I see from Hannants site that they mention that they cannot buy any more Pavla. So I did wonder if that means they are bust and that might be a source of this new kit? Although looking at scalemates, can’t see any British Cold War subjects. Probably just a wild and inaccurate guess.
  7. So had a look on Scalemates of the kits released to date: XTRAKIT X72001 Meteor F8 (MPM) 2006 X72002 Meteor NF11/12/14 (Matchbox) 2007 X72003 Sea Vixen (MPM) 2008 X72004 Canberra PR9 ( Sword) 2007 X72005 Meteor T7 (MPM) 2008 X72006 Spitfire XII ( Sword) 2007 X72007 X72008 Vampire FB mk.5 (MPM) 2014 X72009 X72010 X72011 Hunter T7 (sword?)2011 X72012 Swift (Sword?) 2009 X72013 Scimitar (Sword) 2009 X72014 Spitfire Mk22 (MPM) 2010 X72015 X72016 Sea Harrier FA2 (Special Hobby) 2008 As you can see there are a few gaps in the kit numbers and the chronological order doesn’t reflect the numbers, so makes me wonder if they had a set of kits planned and some didn’t make it ( for whatever reason). So will the new kit fill one of the existing numbers or will it be no 17? Also note that they are all British subjects, so assume that theme will continue?
  8. Mmmm… had a look on the future Xtradecal releases and I see there is a Westland whirlwind ( helo) it’s probably aimed at the Airfix kit, but could be for this?
  9. From a Hannants email ‘Teaser Alert! We have a new 1/72 Xtrakit arriving soon, details to be added to the website in a week or so. Keep checking it!’ now on the site; two boxings: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/XK72017 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/XK72018
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