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  1. As its well known that the 1/24 Mosquito is the most profitable kit for Airfix, it makse sense for them to issue more large kits than once every 5 years Especially as the fisrt issue of the Hellcat was sold out (5000 kits i belive) There are only 2 1/24 Kits available from Airfix at the moment (Hellcat & Car Door Typhoon) - I cant recall Airfix ever noyt selling a 1/24 SPitfire - so would not be surprised to see a new kit - they must have all the relevant info to produce a new large kit So my guess would be a new 1/24 SPITFIRE 1A in time for the 80th BoB Anniversary
  2. I know there is no fixed correlation between Corgi releases and Airfix releases but Corgi have just issued a new Wetland Wessex in 1/72 https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/diecast-models-c68/aviation-military-c1/corgi-1-72-westland-wessex-hc-2-xr500-a-raf-no-78-squadron-sharjah-trucial-states-1970-p15196 and a Halifax Bomber https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/diecast-models-c68/aviation-military-c1/corgi-1-72-handley-page-halifax-b-iii-lv937-mh-e-expensive-babe-raf-no-51-squadron-snaith-march-1945-p15200 Both i would say are very credible new tools - I can see the Halifax being a Telford Announcement ? and not to over look a 1/48th Phantom FG1 https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/diecast-models-c68/aviation-military-c1/corgi-1-48-phantom-fg-1-xt864-007r-no-892-naval-air-squadron-fleet-air-arm-hms-ark-royal-november-1978-p15201
  3. Off the top of my head: Venom, 2 Seat Vampire, Blenheim IV & V, Battle, Hudson, Baltimore, Meteor T7 & NF12-14 - so quite a few still out there
  4. We have "Fake news", now have we got "fake speculation"?
  5. Not according to their website https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/aircraft/dogfight-doubles.html
  6. Dave, good to hear from you - i am OK thanks, hope you are too. Now down to this speculation stuff I see that we have wish lists, the doom mongers, the optimists (me), the moon on a stick hopefuls and those who love to debate some detail or other. It all adds to the joys of modelling and who knows what Airfix will release (other than Hornby of course) We get the odd good clue and they have told us on many occasions that they will only use manufacturer's drawings or the real thing. Even then it deosnt mean it will make it to a kit (This happened when they planned a B52 - but found too many design variations in the drawings) Somone on here spotted an F35 when they released a video of the Hellcat or something in the design office - so that would make sense to issue There is the old issue of what gaps they have in the market i.e the 1/48th Mustang - and hence why Eduard are doing them too, these come at the expense of a wider range of subjects but each company has to make money So my guess would be around 4 new tool kits I would expect to see the following in the next 2 years 1/350 QEC 1/72 or 1/48 F35 1/72 Vulcan 1/72 MOSQUITO Modified tools 1/48 Hunter F9 1/72 Wimpy 1/72 Naval SeaKing 1/72 RAF Bucanneer 1/48 Hurricane MkII 1/72 Beaufighter (MkI and long shot MkII) 1/48 Late Stuka D or G? My Suggestions/Wish List 1/48 Lysander 1/48 Hunter T7/T8 1/48 METEOR T7 1/48 WESTLAND WASP/SCOUT 1/48 CHIPMUNK 1/72 CANBERRA B2 1/48 HAMPDEN/HALIFAX/LANCASTER (really think any of these would be a big seller) 1/48 SEAKING 1/48 PHANTOM (SPEY) 1/72 JAVELIN 1/48 GAZELLE off the wall suggestions: 1/48 Wildcat 1/48 Zero 1/72 Venom 1/72 Tornado 1/72 Typhoon 1/48 SABRE 1/72 MARAUDER 1/72 B24 and i could go on and on So keep the speculation coming Rich
  7. Just had a response from Airfix that the Club is to be relaunched in November this year Hope its not going to be the Telford Announcement
  8. Hannants have these 2 listed https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/YLF72030 (CANADIAN CAMO) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/YLF72033 (Mk21) - AUSSIE SCAHEME No release date info or prices
  9. Excellent build of my favourite chopper and it’s best scheme cheers Rich
  10. Great work, really good to see a kit come alive in this way look forward to seeing the final pics cheers Rich
  11. Asking about which version canopy for the Hawker Typhoon.  John

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