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    Work in 1/1 aviation to pay for the 1/72 aviation!

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  1. Thank you. (Can’t actually think of any other 2-seaters which look nicer than their single-seat siblings!)
  2. Haha yes I came back to mine after an extended break... and nearly did the same as you!
  3. That’s kind, thanks. I’ve only used Hataka since starting airbrushing last year and I’ve found them absolutely fine. This set was ‘modern RAF test and aerobatic aircraft’ so perfect colour matching. Initial masking results were excellent, it was only later that I started messing up on detail areas (largely over-applying paint, then trying to remove and respray).
  4. Superb build (and like someone else said, great photos too).
  5. Wow! Very impressive looking model, you’ve done a good job there
  6. I needed a break from grey RAF fighters! The ETPS schemes are always a nice change. Here's the old Italeri 1/72 kit with a slightly hybrid livery - I don't think XX145 was ever in this (newer?) version of the scheme, but if she's ever restored and repainted, who knows! Mostly built OOB but with a little aftermarket etch from Eduard, and resin seats and wheels (can't remember where from though, as I started the build ages ago). Decals were from the Air Decal "Raspberry Ripple" sheet which I found on eBay, over Hataka Red Line acrylic airbrushed paints. I'm not sure if the various shortcomings in fit and finish are from the kit or my lack of skill, although it was certainly much more of a struggle than the last kit (the fantastic Airfix GR9). Don't peer too closely! Thanks for looking (from a distance). And with a previous T.2 (Hasegawa kit)...
  7. That is a LOT of decals! But worth it, such a great looking build, good work
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