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    Work in 1/1 aviation to pay for the 1/72 aviation!

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  1. Thank you @alzictorini, much appreciated. Hope I did you justice with the tiny paintbrush . V interesting info too re the loadout, thanks. Can’t remember much of the hangars when I did a cadet camp at Coningsby many years back… too busy drooling over the F3s! Thank you!
  2. Beautifully finished model - looks awesome!
  3. @KingTiger435 thanks - and no, the only proper Paveway IVs I could find were from Air-Graphic Models (item no AC-141). I’ve used various LGBs / Paveway II etc in the past which looked close enough to me but apparently didn’t have the correct harness modelled. These certainly looked pretty good to me!
  4. Thank you - interesting re: the intake trunking, which seems to be the biggest shortfall with the Revell kits. I did put a little plasticard in at the back of the intake tunnels, but only a crude light blocking fix - I decided not to look / photograph too closely into the intakes once it was built…So I suspect you’re being modest re your version!
  5. Thank you all very much for the kind comments! The Noy’s hangar is a great backdrop for this sort of thing.
  6. 100% this - such clean glazing work especially for 1/72
  7. thank you for the compliment; after working with that Tamiya quick-setting cement, I’m not sure of anything anymore! Potent stuff
  8. Thanks, it’s a great effect - now I have to try it with an older-era model to see if that works too…
  9. Thank you all, really appreciate the kind feedback - I’m definitely a fan of this “night” shoot style!
  10. Thanks guys… I discovered this method by accident with my last build - a small torch gives a very convincing scale lighting setup!
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