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  1. And one side unmasked... looking good! Medium sea grey (Hataka red line acrylic) was a guess at the right colour, but it looks pretty close to me. The airframe is of course XW224 which was painted up in these colours to celebrate the 100th anniversary of both the RAF, and 230 Sqn. I had the decal set already (Model Art RAF Centenary). Plenty of touching-up required from bleed-through under the masking, but that'll be straightforward. Now to unmask the other side, fit the side windows, and start joining the who thing together....
  2. That's a really good looking model. Excellent result, especially for a first build.
  3. That's a stunning build. Simply beautiful model. Having just finished a Sword T10, and having two Sword T2/T4s in the loft, it's inspiring to see... and you have my respect on getting the darn thing to fit together!!!
  4. Yes, I was going to try using some sections of very thin tube.
  5. Thank you, it’s not perfect but definitely an improvement on the kit parts.
  6. The worst bit of many older helicopter kits seems to be the huge, non-scale door rails, from what I read at least. Handy for allowing the doors to be moved but not a great look. Dilemma time (purists look away now)... I'd like the option to reposition the doors, but the real Puma has very slim frames and near-invisible fittings. A true scale solution is beyond me, hence a compromise: having bought some plasticard recently (another modelling first) I've made a set of extremely slim, close-fitting rails which will do the job. Viewed from the side, the upper ones are still quite a bit deeper than
  7. Thank you for the reply - I’m too new to ask in Wanted here, but there are none to be found in the wider world (eBay, google etc). Interesting comment re the Combat sheet, shame if yours was a representative sample: there were at least three airframes on it that I wanted to build!!!
  8. Thank you! Going to try a GR4 next, will certainly park it in the hangar again for display
  9. It was just luck re: the pylon fixing pin... that, and the fact I genuinely had nothing to lose at that point. I couldn’t open up the wing again to fashion a new one, so thought I’d probably have to glue it in a fixed position... so just tried a tiny blob of glue on the mating surfaces, carefully located it, and hoped for the best. If any glue seeped over it was such a small amount that it didn’t ‘grab’ properly. Quite pleasantly surprised it worked. Re the stepped fuselage: one other possibility might be to warm the plastic and try to reshape it slightly - pulling out the narrower
  10. Thanks, I’ve already picked a set of the Whirlybird ones
  11. . I did see a Gulf pink build on here a while ago (can’t remember whose it was) but it was a really impressive final result.
  12. That’s just looking amazing. Good work. I really hope someone reprints a suitable decal sheet (I guess Vingtor or Combat?) so I can try similar!
  13. Blimey, congrats on the commendation, they can’t be handed out for any old stuff. You’re right on the Heller kit, I hope I can make a half decent shot of it but there are some phenomenally talented builders on this site... I’m not in that league, sadly (yet). Am going to have a crack at a slightly unusual livery too... more to go wrong!!!
  14. I've fancied a 1/72 Puma HC.1/2 for ages - my brother had the Airfix one as a kid - but that was about the last time anyone produced a Puma kit in 1/72! Picked this Heller one up off eBay a little while back, but only then started researching in earnest. Sounds like lots of accuracy and fit issues lie ahead of me. I don't mind a bit of tweaking; I'm not a competition-standard builder, and I know my scratch-building limits, so as long as I can tweak it enough to look quite a lot like an HC.2, that'll do for me. Initial look in the box doesn't seem too off-putting...cockpit detail a bit simplist
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