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  1. Beautifully finished model, good work - and I’m admiring your photography too!
  2. Great build, some amazing details in there. Such an interesting subject too!
  3. I like your “1ft / 2ft” description too...recently found some kits that I built as a teenager, they’re definite “next street” viewers
  4. Despite all the issues you list, that’s turned out pretty well! Even zooming right in, it’s hard to pick out faults.
  5. This looks really good! Very realistic finish and weathering look, IMHO
  6. Thanks both for the comments. Re the u/c, the more I googled photos of the real thing, the more my heart sank! They’re just so complicated. I mostly wanted to represent that big cylinder which is set behind, and at an angle to, the main leg. Managed a fair copy of it, at least for 1/72 scale Thanks John for the kind comments and the technical info too, appreciated as there are at least three more Jags in the stash...
  7. I had one of these kits as a kid! Despite all the issues you describe, you’ve made a very tidy-looking model.
  8. Thanks kindly! I’ve occasionally had this before where I get an error message (“drive requires formatting”, can’t be read in camera or PC etc) for a while, but it starts working again some weeks later. No idea why but I’ll look out recovery software in the meantime.
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind comments, as a relative newbie here it’s incredible to get such positive feedback, from some very skilled modellers too. Quite a few comments echoing my own reaction when I first saw the Noy’s Miniatures “Modern Fighter Hangar” on somebody’s posts here - it’s an amazing backdrop. One tip for anyone considering buying this hangar scenery: originally I bought the 1/72 version (as that’s the only scale I build in), and built a rough frame from foamboard to mount them on. The side and base sheets are A4-size which is ok but it doesn’t extend too much beyond the model, meaning you need a pretty careful and tight crop on the photographs. I recently treated myself to the 1/48 scale version and that’s the one photographed here, with the sheets just propped up on the insides of the frame, resting on top of the 1/72 versions. I don’t think it looks out of scale at all - I can’t really tell the difference when comparing shots taken in both - and it gives a bigger area in which to pose the model, with more space around. I know it’s more expensive than the 1/72 version but from experience of both, I’d definitely recommend the bigger size - it’s much easier to get decent (and therefore realistic) photos with.
  10. You’re way too modest. Beautiful looking build, lovely finish on it too.
  11. What a great looking build, a pretty unique subject too. Good work
  12. Thank you all very much for the kind comments, I’m not the best builder on this forum (by a long way), but I know enough camera stuff to hide the worst of the model’s shortcomings!!!
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