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  1. Arma offical comunication on May 30: Plans Unfortunately, we must revise our release plans. The 1/72 model of the aircraft planned for June will not be ready until July. Therefore, we are postponing its release to the beginning of September. We decided not to launch the model during the holidays. Hurricane 1/48 expected in September will therefore go into October. The P-51D Mustang 1/72 would be available at Christmas or New Year. The plans are, of course, indicative. We hope that nothing will stop the news from being released. I feel awkward not being able to announce the date clearly. Unfortunately, we do not have the production process under complete control yet. Our moulds are made in Poland, and there is a lack of processing capacity in the tool workshop, mainly due to the lack of qualified employees.
  2. a lot of resources were drained by the 1/35 serie of Torpedo Boat during the last decade, we have to consider this. Large big tools draining a lot of money and research. I see italeri has change its policy in these last years: big projects of large scale kits instead of several little 1/72 and 1/35 (armour) scale kits. The torpedo boat line was at the beginning though as a 1/72 new line, I remember the news fly reporting the first issue: it was an Italian MAS, after one year the project was cancelled and a new 1/35 line was announced, the first kit was the american PT boat ( in the same year of the MAS in 1/72, if I correctly remember, it was announced and never materialised the Caproni Ca3 in 1/48, in the Armour/tank line there was the FT in 1/35, all these projects disappeared the next year. The US distributor was not interested in such projects so Italeri preferred to cancel them instead to risk for)
  3. Curtiss 75 is a nice choice: wide and nice selection of decals options, multiple versions ... a family Arma can develope in several years. SpecialHobby officially has spoken about a new P36 ( it wa the end of 2021), anyway after the initial rumours, generated by the same SH, in 2022 all about such item was forget apparently, may be for the Clear Prop Hawk 75? May be ... perhaps Arma could not be so influenced by the Clear Prop potential in developing a family from the Hawk 75N first issue? we ll see
  4. the list is only dedicated to 72nd scale aircraft kit, so if we consider the 48 and 32 kits the question is simply: is Italeri market still focused on 72nd scale aricraft as in the past? not anymore .... Italeri market department is thinking that other scales are more profitable. That's all.
  5. This is not a re-realised kit because the first RS kit was a resin kit while this one is a plastic injected kit so we have to desume it is a complete new tool !
  6. Despite a new Skyraider is a really interesting subject ( several versions and decals options), I think the size is larger than the actual Arma standard in 72 kit. Too interesting but too big !
  7. on WWII propeller side: Spitfire MkVb-c-a , Allison Mustang_A36_P51A, Bearcat, on modern side (Arma started the plastic adventure with the polish Iskra): Aermacchi M346 , Texan II_PC9, Bayractar TB2
  8. No, it was 2019 and the kit is a brand new tool of 1/72 F35B Lightning II. In the same year or at distance of some months also Academy was out with a brand new F35B, the Academy is finer in may opinion, anyway in the box Italeri is quite nice.
  9. OOTB you get a Mustang I fuselage with a kind of D wing, the fuselage of a real P51 A has different underbelly radiator air scoop. Have a look to these drawings. http://soyuyo.main.jp/p51a/p51ae-1.html
  10. even if in the box you don't find a proper P51A ! This is the original P51 Italeri issued more than 20 years ago, with no modified parts to resemble and obtain a real P51A. The only P51A details are the decals ! Another Italeri "monsterpiece"
  11. the Eduard Spit breakdown, as previously written, makes possible an MkXI fuselage with minor works on the original Ed pieces. Just a template for the Camera holes and a new piece for the enlarge oil tank under the engine .... the more difficult piece is perhaps the canopy, adapt the MkXI one on the MkIX fuselage, the rest is possible ... of course with a new wing. A kind of conversion but possible and plenty in the Arma possibilities.
  12. and if it's the result of a cooperation? For instance: the Spitfire Mk IX Eduard with new wings and details for a new version, a recon version, an Mk XI (not pressurised version). Considering the breakdown of Eduard Spit it's a possible and reasonable operation . A competitor for the AZ kit ... and we like competition because makes the model world always better
  13. considering Italeri's policy an Academy P51B rebox is the more probable option, anyway the topic is about an Arma Project. A Spitfire MkV b and later A and C is perfect for Arma ambitions. I hope in a new T6 Texan family, a lot of possible version and colorful options, different conflict, ecc ... but no polish insigna. Considering the Iskra I think a new M 346 is possible and should be a potential winner.
  14. Do you remember the Spitfire Mk XI from Arma? Yes, we remember the Bearcat, the first Arma kit, anyway at the end of its "resin period" Attak had a Spitfire Mk XI in its catalogue ... it could be the best contender for the new AZ/KP ... we'll see.
  15. The Italeri MB339 had to be the same FREMS reboxed in Italeri's box, Italeri did not succeed in making the agreement with Frems so at last the kit was cancelled and we never had a Frems 339 in Italeri box, Italeri did not have intentions to develop and make new 339 kit, from the beginning.
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