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  1. Mine is my Dad. The person responsible for introducing me to this hobby. Taken late 44/early 45 at RAF Maiduguri, Nigeria. He was ground crew attached to 1560 Met Flight. Photo is of him sitting in a Hurricane. Name is a combination of my initials JB and my shirt number when I played for the Yorkshire Rams American Football team
  2. Pete, I believe this one is a Case X. You are correct, they do offer both as different boxings.
  3. I have been searching for some aftermarket decals. I came across a sheet by Wolfpak Decals, for the century Series. As well as containing an interesting F-106A it contained a scheme for an F-104A which I had also been looking for, so I pressed the BUY NOW buitton. I will be completing the F-106A as the 'Cornfield Bomber'. For those who don't know the story, the "Cornfield Bomber" is the nickname given to a F-106, operated by the 71st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron. In 1970, during a training exercise, it made an unpiloted landing in a farmer's field in Montana, suffering only minor d
  4. @Col. Yes, George Busg boxing does refer to the former POTUS. He flew it when he served in the 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron, Texas Air National Guard. Looks like its been 2 months since I last looked at this thread. Found on the last page. I have made some progress on this and the F-106A but just haven't documented it. Apologies. Cockpit completed. Fuselage came together very quickly. I have decided to build this one all 'buttoned up'. The F-106 will have its panels / weapons bay open.
  5. My entry for this groupbuild will be ICM's Model T 1917 LCP with ANZAC Crew. Plan is to raid my spare's box for some stowage and produce a small diorama base. A review of the kit and sprue shots can be seen here in @Julien review. Sprue shots far better than anything I could take.
  6. Finished this one over the Christmas break. I am happy with the way it turned out.
  7. F-86D Sabredog 4th FIS USAF. Misawa AB, Japan. 1/72 Hasegawa + Eduard Etch
  8. Agree. Also would be nice to see their Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann in 1/48.
  9. I am sure I can find something suitable in the stash, so add me to the list please.
  10. Progress has stalled. On the plus side, still have three weeks left. Might look to celebrate the New Year with some bench time. Can’t go anywhere, nothing worth watching on TV.
  11. Interesting project. I built WL419 in 1/72 Few years ago. From memory I kept the rear cockpit very sparse, removing any instrumentation detail and painted it black. I used Blue Rider decals, they had an article in Insignia Magazine (?) which explained the conversion and had some photos. I hopefully still have it. I will see if I can find it, won’t be able to look until the back end of the week.
  12. An interesting idea. Put me on me on the list. It will either be a ship or a car.
  13. Sign me up. Just put Copper States Models WW1 Canadian Armoured Carriage on back order.
  14. @Col. Thank. It is a nice kit, a bit of flash, but goes together well. She is out of the paint shop, used Humbrol Metalcote Polished Aluminium from a rattle can.Then picked out a few panels with some different shades by brush, using artistic licence! Just to break up the colour. It was then given a couple of coats of Klear in prep for decals.
  15. Add me to the list please, I have a couple of 1/48 kits in the stash. Should be able to finish one.
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