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  1. Following an emergency delivery of olive drab I cracked on over the weekend. By the end of the weekend I had this.
  2. @Hewy took me a while to figure out was HAF referred too. Sorry to disappoint you but it will be a USN aircraft. I will be using aftermarket decals to finish it as an aircraft operated from USS Midway by the VA-93 ‘Ravens’. Why these markings, mainly because it has a sharks mouth.
  3. The traditional sprue shot and aftermarket. I’ll be finishing the aircraft in the colours of VF-194 ‘Red Lightnings’ CVW-19 Commanders Aircraft. The one on the box art with the colourful tail.
  4. Haven’t forgotten this one. Progress is slow. Got a bit carried away with my entry in the TLC GB. Still learning a lot about using a wet palette, think I have had it too wet.
  5. Been rummaging through the spares box for some stowage. The majority of sub-assemblies have been built up and give a black base coat. Discovered I am out of olive drab, so waiting for a delivery. Finally given the engine a quick dry bushing, won’t be that visible behind a pe grill.
  6. @Rabbit Leader As requested. More photos can be found in the gallery.
  7. Boeing F4B-4 VF-6 USS Saratoga 1/32 Hasegawa + Yellow Wings Decals
  8. Calling this one done. Had to scratch a windscreen as the kit one was missing. A thoroughly enjoyable build. I still have the 1/32 Curtiss BF2C-1 in the stash. That will have to wait for another GB (maybe the proposed Curtiss GB) as my build programme is full with the TLC and F-8/A-7 GBs starting. I look forward to following the other builds in this GB.
  9. Sat down to watch the start of Milano-San Reno whilst assembling a few sub assemblies. Not visible in the photo but I have attached some self adhesive wheel weights in the chassis. I like my armour to have a bit of weight, especially when using rubber band tracks, think it helps it sit better.
  10. The M4 High-Speed Tractor was an artillery tractor used by the USArmy during the 2nd World War. The tractor used M4 Sherman tracks, roadwheels and drive sprocket. Two main variants were produced, one to tow a 90mm anti-aircraft gun (approx 2400 built) and the other to tow a 155mm gun or 8-inch howitzer (approx 3000 built) The rear passenger compartment carried the gun crew and other equipment and ammunition carried at the rear. I will be building this out of the box. That begs the question, what’s in the box?
  11. My second build is Hasegawa’s 1/48 A-7E Corsair II. The boxing decal option is all over grey, will be looking to use some aftermarket decals to produce something a little more colourful.
  12. Have been looking forward to this GB since it made it through the bunfight. I really like the US Navy’s classic grey over white plus colourful squadron markings of the time. The first of my two planned builds is Hasegawa’s 1/48 F-8E Crusader.
  13. You have got some interesting subjects in this GB. I have this in the stash, would it be eligible?
  14. Thanks for your kind words. Made a start on the decals, they are very thin and grab very quickly making positioning them difficult. Need to get it right first time. Couple of things to tidy up, will use some spare black decal to extend the chevron. They provide decals for the propeller tips, I have never had much success with them, so will be masking and painting the tips.
  15. The pink primer has done its job. Made a start using ezy line for the the rigging. A couple of hours at the bench I have this.
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