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  1. Jb65rams

    Schools Class Locomotive

    Work has continued, all be it slowly on the tender. The moulded on lining and handrails have been removed. The tender was then assembled and some ballast to give the tender some weight. Attention then returned to the engine. Again the mould hand rail was removed, These will be replaced by some brass handrail knobs and wire. There is a larger pipe mould to one side of the boiler, not sure what it is for, to try to remove the appearance that it is molder on I used a scriber to try to give the illusion that is mounted to the boiler. Will only know if I was successful when paint has been applied.
  2. Jb65rams

    Couteau Delta - Fairford, July 2018

    I haven’t checked, but I think best bet would by Syhart Decals, they have a large range of colourful French subjects.
  3. Jb65rams

    RIAT 2018 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

    Great set of photos. Was meant to be going tomorrow but back issues have put an end to that. So just have to enjoy through people’s photos. Thanks for posting.
  4. Good choice. I will be watching with interest as I have a soft spot for HMS Furious, as my grandfather served on her between the wars.
  5. Wow that was quick. I am still removing the flash from my School class kit. Great looking Loco.
  6. Jb65rams

    Schools Class Locomotive

    Would be nice if it worked, but the plastic is very brittle. Thank for the tip on 'plastic parts grease'. Picked up some reference material and after market decals / etched name plates. Also think about replacing the handrailing. With the football on the radio I made a start on this. Subframes assemble and given a blast of humbrol Satin Black. The parts need a lot of clean up. Photos showed up a few areas that I missed with the spray can! Joined the boiler together, used thin strips of plasticard to reinforce the join, before starting the clean up. (Sorry not the greatest photo) The cab and tender have some raised detail that corresponds with the lining that needs removing
  7. Nice to see another locomotive in this GB. I’m just about to start on a Airfix boxing Schools Class Loco. jb
  8. Jb65rams

    Blackburn Beverley

    The museum closed a number of years ago. She can now be found displayed at Fort Paul, near Hull.
  9. Jb65rams

    The Original Airfix Meteor III

    Nice start. Will be watching this one with interest. It was the first kit I ever built some 40+ years ago. Just finished building one for the Airfix Golden Years Group Build.
  10. Jb65rams

    1/72 Meteor III

    Ventora3300 Thanks. Very pleased with the way it turned out. Next up was planned to be the Airfix Schools Class Loco, but this may not leave the station due to a flair up of a back problem preventing me sitting at the bench.
  11. Jb65rams

    1/72 Meteor III

    Thanks for your kind words. Really enjoyed this build, nice and simple. Gallery updated.
  12. Jb65rams

    Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

    Meteor III The Airfix meteor was my first model, built with my Dad. Failed to complete it due to the wings warping when left on the mantelpiece to dry, but I was hooked. So some 45 years later I have finally built that Airfix Meteor that started it all.
  13. Jb65rams

    1/72 Meteor III

    Finished the paint job. Painted using Vallejo Model Air. Took its time as I like to leave a minimum of 24hr before masking for the next colour. Next step to mask of for the yellow leading edge and the decals. With luck should finish it this weekend,
  14. Jb65rams

    1/72 Hobby Boss F-5E Tiger II

    Nice choice of scheme. Will be watching with interest as I have a couple of these in the stash.