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  1. It’s grey now, following application of primer. Need to tidy up a few seams, then next steps will be to give it a pink coat followed by a yellow topcoat.
  2. Just to let everyone know, I did finally finish this. Stripping the wingtips and repainting was reasonable quick, but had to send away for replacement roundels. Although I didn't finish in time and I ultimately happy with the finished build.
  3. Started on my second build buy painting the deck and the hull. All done using the hairy brush. I also enclosed some wheel weights in the hull before closing it up, to give it a bit of stability when placed on the base.
  4. Not much progress to report. Wings have be assembled, and tail fitted. Dry-fitting, the wing joint to the fuselage is good, so have decided I will paint the wings & fuselage separately. Will make it a lot easier to fit in in the paint booth. Despite the nose weight added, dry-fitting revealed that it is a tail sitter. Experiments suggest I need to fit another 30g in the cabin. Does raise the question as to whether the undercarriage will support the finished build.
  5. Add me to the list please. Have a number of interest FAA / US Navy subjects in the stash.
  6. I do remember "Ice Pilots" Built a Buffalo Airways DC-3 for a previous GB. Did look for Buffalo decal for this build but were unable to find any. Have been progressing slowly over the last week. Internals painted, based of some interior shots from Google, not too accurate but you won't see it when complete. Hopefully put enough nose weight in. Internals installed and fuselage buttoned up. Turned mu attention to the wing. With a large wing span I wasn't convinced on the strength of the join, so decided to install a wing spar.
  7. I have 2 or 3 armoured cars in the stash, so count me in. jb
  8. MV-22B Osprey US Marines. VMM-265. MCAS Futenma 2015. 1/72 Hasegawa + Black Dog Engine & Propeller blades. Opened up the crew access door and scratch built a simple cargo bay interior.
  9. Haven't started properly but could resist test fitting the hull and deck.......Its Small!
  10. Engine nacelles complete and installed. The resin replacement engine looks good. The only thing left was the rotors. Thought about converting the kit blades, butchered a few with out success. With the build in danger of stalling I decided to use the resin blades. I tried placing them in hot water and bending to reduce the visible handed issues, only partly successful. Picture below before painting (apologies for the fuzzy photo) Final outcome wasn't too bad. I enjoyed the build until I got to the rotors, was in danger of joining the shelf of doom.
  11. My second entry is Thornier Armour, a tuna fishing boat originally released in 1978. Didn't plan this built, saw it on eBay a couple of weeks ago, thought it looked interesting but didn't press the button. Price was later reduced to £5, couldn't resist that, so here it is. Not many parts and a sheet of vacform sails. Need to a bit of research, my sailing knowledge is limited, it has been over 30yrs since I got my RYA competent crew certificate, which was also the last time I set foot on a sailing boat.
  12. Sprue shots. Made a small start - not a lot to show, just primed some of the internals.
  13. Wasn't planning on a second build but just picked this up off eBay. For £5 i couldn't resist it. Scalemates suggest originally released in 1978, with this boxing released sometime in the 1990s.
  14. @Dermo245 thanks for the link. Cracking build.
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