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  1. Wasn't planning on joining this group build, but found myself in Monk Bar Models this afternoon whilst doing some Christmas Shopping (if anyone asks I was looking for a present for my nephew). They had Tamiya's 1/35 Panzer Kampfwagen II on sale for a penny less than a tenner, as this was the first Tamiya kit I built back in late 70's/early 80's, I saw this as a sign and felt compelled to purchase it. So I am in.
  2. C57D Space Cruiser - Forbidden Planet 1/144 Polar Lights - Deluxe Edition (With lights/Spinning engine)
  3. Tempting. A quick google show that you an get an appropriately sized Robby the Robot. Also a company called Lunar Models produced a Forbidden Planet Set which includes the disintegrator guns, vehicles, crew, and the Id Monster. No idea of scale and guess it is long out of production.
  4. Had the day off, so managed to crack on with this. Into the paint booth, first time using Humbrol Metal Cote Spray - Polished Aluminium for the majority and Polished Steel for the saucer edge. Gave a good result. Installed the electrics. Engine test. Looks very effective with the LEDs and the spinning inner engine coil. If I can work out how to share video I will post one up. Finally added the dome and central landing leg and the build is complete. I really enjoyed this build, simple quick, after failing to finish a couple of other GBs this got my mojo back up and running. Will take some better photos for the gallery over the weekend. Now I have finished it leaves me one problem, where to put it as it won't fit any of my display cabinets.
  5. @Pete in Lincs think that was the 1/72 version also by Polar Lights. One of my favourite films as well, along with other “classics” such as Earth vs Flying Saucers, the Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and Them!
  6. Having run out of time on my Sea Vixen build for the Year I was born GB, I am determined to finish something before Christmas when I have to return my modelling room back to a spare bedroom. I made a start on this. Has only a few parts so progress was quite quick. Stairways assembled and painted. Stairs fitted to the saucer section, clamped to hold them in place. The ramps are spring operated to allow them to lock in either up or down position. The electronic gizmos checked, all working. The engine cover (for lack of a better description) painted. This will attach to the motor and spin to give the impression that the engine is working. Finally I have joined the upper & lower saucer sections together. In a departure from the instruction I am going to prime it / paint it before installing the electronics. This will reduce the need for a lot of masking to protect them. The controls / battery will be installed under the domed section. As you can see it fills the spray booth, about the size of a large dinner plate. No idea where I am going to display it.
  7. Life & Work has intervened again, I am not going to complete this build in time. The kit has been primed & white under surface painted.
  8. Two V-22 Osprey low, in formation over York, heading east.
  9. Nice build. Gave my feedback and filled in one of the forms they had, although asked for 1/700 so it fits with the other carriers in my collection.
  10. @PeterB apologies for the delay in getting back to you, been busy with work. That's testing the memory. I know it wasn't from Hannants. Think it might have been A2ZeeModels. A quick google shows that the Aviation Megastore has a couple still in stock. Still in the cycle of fill - sand -prime but getting there. Took a bit of work to install the wing folds, still needs a bit of surgery to get them to fold to the correct angle.
  11. I’m in. Probably a V-22 Osprey. Oops - wrong GB, already signed up for this, planning a floaty thing.
  12. I know what I would like to see, but also know I have more chance of winning the lottery. Both in 1/48 Blackburn Blackburn Fairey IIIF
  13. 2021 would be fine for me. Already committed to too many STGBs next year and we haven’t had the GB bunfight yet.
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