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  1. @Planebuilder62 Thanks for the heads up, a quick check suggests they are all identical. I will investigate further when I get the kit on the bench in a couple of weeks time. Still have a couple of other ongoing group builds to finish first.
  2. My entry for this groupbuild will be Hasegawa's MV-22B Osprey. I have been fascinated by this aircraft since I first saw one, especially the way it folds its wings/rotors for storage. So ambitiously I am going to try and build it in the folder configuration. Haven't been able to find a kit that offers this, barr some 1/350 offerings. Also haven't managed to find a builr example on the inlet. My googling however suggest that the Hasegawa kit might be the best option to start with. To help I have purchased some resin to help the build.
  3. Nice choice. I am hoping to enter a Hasegawa kit into this GB.
  4. Been busy with my SU-122 entry in the T-34 STGB but have made some progress. Centre section of the wing fitted and the outer sections built. Whilst doing some tiding up I cam across a set of 1/48 FAA Corsair decals I had forgotten I had bought. End result, a Tamiya F4U-1A in on its way thanks to Mr eBay. It may make an appearance in this GB later on, depending on how I get on with my entries in the T-34STGB, Chopper GB and Battle of Britain GB.
  5. Its been a week since I last posted, but progress has continued. First up I had to fill the gap between the bottom of the hull. This was achieved by using a couple of strips of thin plasticard. Proceeded to complete the main hull. At this point I decided to break out the tank riders and try them out. Next the tank was given a coat of black primer. The observant will have noticed there has been no mention of the wheels yet. These were also give a coat of primer whilst still on the sprue. As they are fixed using rubber caps, they will only be installed after painting. Now the fun part start, the camouflage. I used Vallejo Russian Green. The 'rubber band' tracks where fitted and bits of coffee stirrer where used to hold the tracks in position whilst the glue dried, in and attempt to get them sit on the top of the road wheels. Before I knew it I had an almost finished tank destroyer on my hands. Just the fuel drums, tanks riders and crew to finish. This is the third Tamiya armoured kit of this vintage I have made in the last year or so, I really enjoy them, they got together quickly. I think I prefer the simple approach to some of the new all sing all dancing kits I have made.
  6. If it is the Matchbox version, a copy of the instructions can be found on the Scalemates website. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/0/4/7/147047-80-instructions.pdf
  7. High Planes Models does an replacement set aimed at the old tool airfix. https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-bristol-beaufighter-essentials-for-airfix-1958-tool-accessories-1-72/
  8. @PeterB Nice looking scimitar. I've been looking for a kit of one for a while but have yet to find one.
  9. Not off to the best of starts, sometime between taking the photo for the opening post and starting today, I managed to snap the front of the upper body shell off. No idea how it happened. To solve the issue I attached the broken bit to the frontal armour part and when that was dry attached it to the body shell. Taped in position while I glue it on place and reinforced the internal joint with scrap sprue.
  10. Comes with two types of tow-bar. One that attaches to the tail wheel (reverse towing) and one which attached to the main wheels (forward towing). I am going for the reverse towing option as show on the box art. I have made good progress today with the cockpit and assembling the fuselage. All out of the box.
  11. @Ozzy Should look good wheels up. Below a detailed photo of the UC, might help. Sould be straight forward to do. Thinking about it I would cut the oleo's just short so they only just extend under the gear door. When closing the doors I usually hold them in place with a blob of blue tack on the inside which allows you to move the door to get a good fit before applying Tamiya Extra Thin.
  12. Made a start, with the Moto Tug. A nice little kit in its own right. Went together really quickly.
  13. @Ozzy The main advice I would give is to decide which marking option your going for and to read the instructions carefully, as there are a number of subtle variations between each option. You will enjoy it as it is really a nice kit.
  14. My entry for this group build will be Tamiya's 1/35 SU-122 Russian Tank Destoyer. One of Tamiya's classic golden oldies originally release in 1976/77. A simple kit, so hoping for a quick build. Just to add a bit of interest I am planning to a couple of tank riders.
  15. I've finally finish my entries for the 'A kit I built as a kid GB'. Spitfire STGB and the Buccaneer STGB. Plan is to tidy the bench this week and with a forecast for a wet weekend will aim to start the Corsair. Haven't decided on a decal option yet but leaning towards the one from VBF-86 USS Wasp.
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