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  1. Some nice Mosquito's there. Let me add my three to the collection. All 1/72 Tamiya with Paragon Conversions. Mosquito Highball Mosquito Tsetse Sea Mosquito
  2. Finished. A really interesting subject but if I am honest I didn't enjoy this build. It tested me all the way. I can now sit back and enjoy everyone else's build. Thanks for a great GB.
  3. Piper L-4 "Grasshoper" with Broadie Hook Trials Aircraft. USA. 1943. 1/72 Kovozávody Prostějov The Brodie landing system was a method of landing light aeroplane devised by James H Brodie, a Captain of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. The method of landing involved catching a hook attached to the plane with a sling which itself was attached to a cable. The idea was the system could be fixed to small ships and also proved useful in landing aircraft in normally unsuitable terrain, such as the jungle or in mountains, and also afforded good camouflage. WIP can be found here.
  4. Photos now uploaded to the gallery. Really enjoyed this build. Thanks for a great GB. Will watch the rest of the builds with interest.
  5. Renault Ft-17 French Light Tank 4th Platoon, 1st Company, 29th Tank Battalion. May 1940 1/35 Meng. Built OOB. Build log can be found here.
  6. I’m in, got ICM’s ZiL-131 Emergency Truck in the stash. Or maybe depending on timing Airfix’s Austin K2/Y Ambulance which I have on back order.
  7. Nice start. I will follow along if I may, have a number of 1/700 Combrig kits in the stash, with a grand plan to build a number of the ships my Grandfather served on in WW1. Just haven’t found the courage to start one yet. why the interest in ships called HMS Gloucester?
  8. Gloss coated and decals applied, they behaved very well, thin and settled down without needing a setting solution.
  9. Stix. Thanks, It is a great little kit. I do like the early French tanks, I also have Meng's Riveted Turret version in the stash, will save that for another day. I added the remaining fittings and am calling this one finished. Will take some better photos for the gallery at the weekend.
  10. I am finishing the aircraft as one that took part in trials during 1943, this means she will be finished in Yellow Orange. To achieve this i am using the 'power or pink'
  11. Almost finished. I have applied the decals and done some light weathering, followed by a matt finish.
  12. Guess the solution depends how often you need to put it away. I have a semi-permanent set up in my spare room using a couple of IKEA trestles and a work surface, they come in various sizes. Gives me a solid work area but the ability to break it down when I need to turn the spare room back to a bedroom. Before I settled on this solution I tried some folding camping stables, the main issue I found is they were not quite big enough. (I am a messy modeller)
  13. I have a Midway Vindicator in the stash. So count me in.
  14. A great set of photos. Really like the early morning ones with the mist. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Not sure I am solving any troubles, but do seem to keep finding them. I found the glazing and frame a pain. Progress it one piece a day to give time for glue to set. Decided to try to fit the wings before closing the canopy up. The final canopy piece didn't want to fit. either ended up with a step at the front or rear. Just a bit of tidy up then it will be ready for primer.
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