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  1. Looking forward to this one. I have a number of 120mm ACW figures in the stash.
  2. Fantastic result, really enjoyed watching this come together.
  3. I was inspired by that build as well, and as a result have the kit and etch in the stash. I will be following with interest.
  4. Just a quick update to show I haven't forgotten this kit. Been finishing my entry in the ANZAC build, then got sidetracked by the Anything but Injection GB. The skyhawk is in the paintshop. WIll be slow progress, I am using vallejo paints and like to leave each coat 2-3 days before masking over.
  5. Model T 1917 LCP (Light Car Patrol) WWI Australian Army Car. Palestine 1918. 1/35 ICM kit + aftermarket stowage + resin base
  6. Got carried away and forgot to take some progress photos. Just the figures and decals to add. Just need to matt the decals, will then post some photos in the gallery I have really enjoyed this build, i think the ICM range or Model Ts are great little kits. This is the second one I have completed and have the Model T RNAS armoured car in the stash.
  7. Add me to the list please, have a number of FAA interwar aircraft in the stash. Although not sure a biplane is the best thing to start with!
  8. Count me in, have a few Italeri old armour kits. Hoping they re-release the 1/12 F-16 cockpit at some time.
  9. Yes please, have a 1/32 Roden SE5A kit in the stash.
  10. Add me to the list please. Just been tiding up my stash and have found a couple of kits that qualify. Either a Hasegawa 1/32 Boeing F4B-4 or a Curtiss BF2C-1.
  11. Thanks for the reminder. Got a couple of entries lined up. Just need to finish some of the builds I have underway in other GBs to make room on the bench.
  12. Flyhawk do a 1/700 Dido class Cruiser, HMS Naiad.
  13. Great start. Looks like it is going together well. CSM certainly produce kits of interesting subjects, have built the Lanchester and have a number of the others in the stash. will e following with interest.
  14. @bentwaters81tfw Thanks. Looking at the TV schedule, looks like it’s on the Tuesday. More details here. https://yesterday.uktv.co.uk/shows/secrets-of-the-transport-museum/
  15. @Black Knight That make sense that they would build on site. Hadn’t occurred to me. I was basing my colour choices on the box art.
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