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  1. Jb65rams

    SE5a STGB

    I would be interested, have a 1/32 Roden SE5a in the stash.
  2. Jb65rams

    Lockheed Hudson Mk.V

    Christmas is over, finished by builds for the Grumman GB, I finally made a start on this. Interior given a blast of green from a Humbrol rattle can, seat belts added from masking tape.
  3. Great collection. I really like the Hanger Diorama. See something new everytime I look at it.
  4. Jb65rams

    JBs 2018

    A productive year, although the stash has still increase over the year. 18 finished, although mainly an aircraft builder, this year 50% of my completions were non aircraft. Also 10 of the 18 were as the result of groupbuilds. F-104 Cockpit. 1/12 Esci. F-104 STGB. T24 76. 1/35 Tamiya M32 Recovery Vehicle. 1/35 Italeri. Sherman STGB. M10 Tank Destoyer. 1/35 AFV Club. Britmodeller 10th Anniversary GB Ford Escort RS1800 Mk.II. 1/24 Italeri. USS Saratoga CV-3. 1/700 Trumpeter. Carriers Ahoy! GB. Hawker Sea Fury. 1/48 Airfix. Meteor III. 1/72 Airfix. Airfix: The Golden Years GB. Vampire T55. 1/72 Airfix. T-62A. 1/35 Tamiya Soviet KV-2 heavy Tank. 1/35 Zvezda. Jet Provest T.3. 1/72 Airfix. Saab Draken J35O. 1/72 Hasegawa. Harrow. Schools Class Locomotive. Southern Region. OO Gauge Airfix. Airfix: The Golden Years GB. Ford Model T Ambulance 1917. 1/35 ICM. Eleventh Hour GB. The final three are all from the Grumman GB. F4F-3 Wildcat. 1/48 Hobby Boss F4F-3S Wildcatfish. 1/48 Hobby Boss F4F-4 Wildcat. 1/48 Tamiya. An enjoyable year. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Schools Class Loco, followed by the Ambulance and the F-104 Cockpit. For 2019 aiming to complete more than I buy.
  5. Jb65rams

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    Santa must have been reading this thread, found a copy of the book in my stocking this morning.
  6. Jb65rams

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    Thanks everyone. Happy Christmas.
  7. Jb65rams

    Grumman Gallery

    A Clowder of Wildcats All 1/48 scale. Hobby Boss. F4F-3 Wildcat. VF-72 USS Wasp (CV-7) Hobby Boss. F4F-3 Wildcatfish. Tamiya. F4F-4 Wildcat. VF-41 USS Ranger (CV-4). Wingfold from Wolfpack Designs.
  8. Jb65rams

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    Closing in on the finishing line, with a couple of decaling sessions. The wings proved quite difficult to fix, being resin they are quite heavy and the mounting points small. Took a few goes with superglue before it held. Below is the family photograph. Further photographs can be found in the gallery. One final photo, a comparison of the Wildcatfish with a "Floatfire". To me the float supports makes the Wildcat look agricultural, but the Spitfire has retained its grace.
  9. Jb65rams

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    Thanks for posting the photo, I will look at repainting the tips.
  10. Jb65rams

    Minicraft 1/48 XF5F Skyrocket -- FINISHED

    Looking good. Will have to have add one to the wishlist.
  11. Jb65rams

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    Thanks for tip, but Sod's Law I just painted them black with yellow tips before reading this. Were the blades black or metal finish? I've seen the stripes on aircraft with yellow wings and metal finished blades. Have't come across that book before, probably too late for this Christmas but added to my Amazon wishlist.
  12. Jb65rams

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    Been about 2 weeks since I posted last, that time has mostly been spent painting and starting the decaling. First up, the HobbyBoss F4F-3, used Vallejo Acrylic Metal Color for the fuselage, first time I used them, I was happy with the finish. I struggled with the decals, getting them to conform to the fuselage curves, in hindsight I should have masked and painted. I used some spare black stripe decal to tidy up the back of the nose decal. Next up, the Wildcatfish and the Tamiya F4F-4.
  13. Jb65rams

    Lockheed Hudson Mk.V

    Thanks @tonyot, some nice Hudsons there. Re the turret, probably going to have to go with the kit, don't have a Halifax in the stash.
  14. Jb65rams

    Lockheed Hudson Mk.V

    Thanks for your comments, from the various builds on here and online I realize I am in for a challenging build. To be honest I do quite enjoy the challange. Already have the Eduard mask, I tend to buy a pre-cut mask for most of my builds if they are available, especially if there alot of windows to mask. I been fondling the plastic this morning and doing a bit of dry fitting. Things I have noticed so far, quite a bit of flash, the mating edges on the fuselage are uneven and will require some careful clear up. The bulkhead with the wing spars seems to foul the fuselage locating pins, may need to remove the pin. Some builds suggest a shim is require on the forward part fuselage to match the profile of the clear parts, the Revell instructions for the Mk1 suggest you might need to remove some material. To my surprise Initial dry fitting suggest mine is ok as is.
  15. Reading back through the chat I realised I originally signed up for GB in 2013 with the plan to build a Hudson. My entry for this GB is Italeri 1/72 Lockheed Hudson, will be finished a 500 Squadron aircraft in the classic Dark Sea Grey / Dark Slate Grey over White.