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  1. Looking good. I’m building the version with the full interior. Really enjoying it. Are you still after the le Tigre decals? Mine will be going spare as I am not building that option.
  2. Second vote for the Saturn V
  3. Upper camouflage applied using AML painting masks. Will give it a couple of days before masking up to apply the black underide.
  4. Bit more progress to report, really nice kit, going together nicel
  5. I listen to a few. My regular ones are Plastic Posse Podcast and On The Bench. Occasionally dip in to some others if the topic for discussion interests me.
  6. Wow, love the cockpit. The placards really bring it life.
  7. French early tanks do have a certain je nais se quois about them. Having decided it was to hot to airbrush by Blenheim for the Bristol Aircraft GB, I decided to make a start on this. I printed a copy of the instruction off Scalemates as the colour callouts refer to Vallejo which makes up the majority of my paint, the instruction with the kit refer to Meng/AK colours. Made a start on the engine.
  8. That is a difficult question, but helped the afternoon pass whilst following the F1, golf, cycling and cricket. Too hot to model. 1/48 Airfix Walrus (+ AM resin catapult) 1/48 Airfix Sea Hurricane (+AM resin catapult) 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen 1/24 Airfix Hellcat 1/12 Tamiya Tyrrell Ford F1 1/350 Zvevda HMS Dreadnought 1/32 WNW Sopwith 2F1 ‘ships’ Camel 1/32 WNW Sopwith Triplanes 1/35 Meng mk.V Male Tank 1/700 Trumpeter USS Nimitz
  9. Add me to the list please, have a number of kits that qualify.
  10. My entry is Meng's 1/35 Renault FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret). Plan is to finish it as a tank that saw service in 1940, to sit along side my Tamiya B1. Looks a cracking little kit, includes a interior & engine.
  11. Found a couple of willing volunteers from the spares to crew the Blenheim. Wanted some that looked a bit more modern than the Airfix provided pilot. Engines added and a coat of primer applied.
  12. A great set of photos, better than the ones I took. Was nice to be at an air show again. Enjoyed the Sea King, amazing to think that are now privately operated ‘warbirds’! My personal favourite was the DH.88, first time I have seen that flying. A couple of stalls had kits on, the only proper model trader was Kit Krazy.
  13. Sure I can find something in the stash that fits, so count me in.
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