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  1. Made a start with the cockpit. As the kit seat is missing I am using an aftermarket resin replacement. Tried dry fitting the seat - it didn't fit, either the seat or the tub would require major surgery to get it to fit. I opted to take the razor saw to the seat. Photo shows seat after surgery. Seat in tub. Not fixed in place yet as I need to check that the canopy fits.
  2. Nice choice. I will follow this one with interest as I have The F3H-2M version in the stash.
  3. @Robert Stuart he didn't serve of the Renown. Served as a Royal Marine on Exmouth, Albion, Cumberland & London during WW1, followed by Eagle, Tiger, Revenge, Queen Elizabeth, Valiant and Furious. We only discovered his service record last year when sorting through old paperwork I do think the pre-dreadnought battleships are interesting ships. I have sourced kits for about half of them but have yet to build any yet.
  4. Looking forward to following this build. I am slowly collecting a number of Combrig kits with the aim of building a selection of ships that my grandfather served on.
  5. Would be rude not to. I don't normally go lots of stores but some aircraft call for it and I think the Skyraider is one of them.
  6. Sign me up, I completed two builds in the original, both subjects I don't usually build.
  7. My second entry in this groupbuild is another Light Gull Grey over White aircraft, Tamiya's 1/48 Skyraider. Finished as a machine from VA-176 as I like the colourful tail art, as shown on the box art. I will be using a Wolfpack Design wingfold for this build.
  8. My first build will be Tamiya's 1/48 F4D Skyray is the classic light gull grey over white. I will be finishing her in the colours of VFAW-3 as shown on the boxart. Sprue shot. The eagle eyed of you might have spotted that there are a few pieces missing, the ejection seat. Not sure if they were missing when I purchased it (eBay) or they were loose and I lost them when I took the sprues out of the plastic bags. In real life the original Douglas ejection seat was replaced by a Martin Baker Mk 5 seat, so that is what I will be doing as I happen to have a Pavla MB Mk5 resin seat in the spares box.
  9. With less than two weeks to the start, I have finally made a decision on my entry. I am going with Tamiya's 1/48 Skyray & Skyraider.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look for something that fits the timeframe.
  11. Can’t help on Iron Shipwrights models, but Combrig Models would be worth a look. They produce a number of pre WW1 ships from a number of Navies in both 1/700 and 1/350.
  12. 1/12 F-104 cockpit, hope this means that the 1/12 F-16 cockpit will be re-released in the future.
  13. Looking forward to watching this blitzbuild. Would like to play but just packed all my modelling stuff away as the room is required to do duty as a spare bedroom for the week. Good luck and Happy Christmas.
  14. Jb65rams

    JBs 2019

    A reasonably productive year, seemed to follow the pattern of previous years, productive in the first 6-7 months of the year, then a slow down. 1/35 Lanchester Armoured Car. Meng. 1/48 Tamiya Brewster F2A Buffalo 1/35 Rolls Royce Armoured Car 1914. Roden. 1/72 MPM XF5F Skyrocket 1/72 MPM XF-85 Goblin 1/72 Italeri Lockheed Hudson 1/72 Italeri C-47 Buffalo Airways 1/72 Airfix Hurricane Mk.I 1/48 Kinetic T-45 Goshawk 1/72 Emhar Lockheed F-94C Starfire 1/35 Tamiya M20 Armoured Car 1/35 Italeri Staghound MkI 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer (Old Tooling) C-57D Space Cruiser from Forbidden Planet. Polar Lights. and finally] 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW2. Xtrakit.
  15. I’ll being following this one with interest. She will look good displayed in flight.
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