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  1. Finally got round to taking some better pictures for the gallery.
  2. 🇷🇴 MiG-21MF-75 LanceR C 🇷🇴 861st Combat Aviation Squadron. 86th Airbase, Borcea, Călărași County. Romania. March 2009. 1/48 Wolfpack (Academy Plastic)
  3. Added the fuselage section to my base. The airborne badge was ordered of eBay. Can now start constructing the figure.
  4. Paint applied. Still some tidying up required. The carpet monster struck this morning, snaffled the starboard entry hatch. I checked the desk, and my waste bin (twice) to no avail. So will need to scratch build a replacement. Decided to put the kit aside for a few days rather than rush into it.
  5. @Geo1966 @JOCKNEY Agree they have a really good range of figure kits. One of my must visit traders when at Telford to see what new has been released. Getting back to the project in hand, basic painting has been completed,
  6. Construction of the doorway is complete. Once the glue has properly gone off, I’ll tidy it up and get some paint on it.
  7. Finally got round to starting this. There are no instructions so I downloaded a series of photos from the interweb to help me. Decided to make a start n the fuselage, first task was to figure out which part of the sub floor structure fitted where. Number the locations once I had figured out where each part fits. Having cleaned up the parts, I broke out the adhesive and construction started.
  8. Been a while since I posted. Progress has been slow, been concentrating on completing my NATO GB entry. It is now ready for primer.
  9. Add me to the list please. I have the 1/48 Hasegawa F-104G ‘NATO Fighter’ boxing in the stash.
  10. I have looked at card models a few time without taking the leap. During my searches I came across the following, maybe of some help. https://www.fiddlersgreen.net/faq/home http://www.cardfaq.org/
  11. Calling this one done. Really happy with the way it came out.
  12. Thought this had gone MIA. Like the fact the box includes a wing fold option. Will be looking to get at least one.
  13. Paint job touch up, gloss coated and ready for decals. An extensive decal sheet came with the kit. Could be in for a long session! 14 decals, 30 mins job done. With gloss coat the decals and then time for some light weathering.
  14. Over the course of the week made progress with painting. Ready for the moment of truth. Happy with the way it has come out, a few areas of overspray to sort.
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