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  1. Finally decided on my entry, I will be building Airfx’s 1/48 Vampire in the kit suppled scheme for No. 442 ‘City of Vancouver’ Squadron. Not sure when I will start as I have two ongoing builds in the Century Series GB, a build still to start in the Revell-Monogram GB and the F-5 STGB starting soon.
  2. This brings back memories. I remember building this on holiday many years ago. Didn’t paint it as I recall but do remember playing with the working bomb. Will be following with interest, good luck with the build.
  3. Primed and main wings painted white, use Humbrol gloss white.
  4. Seats painted and installed. In primer, hope to get some paint on this weekend.
  5. @raafif I have this in the stash, a quick measurement suggests the diameter of the tank is about 9cm. jb
  6. My entry for this GB is Revell-Monograms Grumman F3F, first produced as the civilian Gulfhawk in 1960. So the moulds are older than me, just! First surprise was discovering two kits in the box when I opened it, I don’t remember buying a second copy. One (loose) in silver plastic and one (bagged) in grey. Looks like the original decals have had it, so will be using the Yellow Wings aftermarket decals which I also don’t recall purchasing. As I said the kit was originally released as the Gulfhawk, from reading around now the internet it appears Monogram did update the the cowling to depict the F3F-3 but didn’t update the upper wing. The F3F had a 32’ wingspan compared to the Gulfhawk’s 28’7” wingspan. Lone Star Models did make a wing correction but doesn’t seem to be available any more. A change to the cockpit is also required as the as kit retains the DF loop behind the pilot's head as fitted to the Gulfhawk but the F3F-3 has a headrest there instead. Got some thinking to do, do I use the second kits to extend the wings or do I except them as is and build them both (easier to fit into the cabinet). Decisions, decisions. I do like the instructions from the older boxing.
  7. Reporting for duty. Only one kit in the stash qualifies, so I am in with Tamiya’s He 162.
  8. With my Voodoo waiting for paint, I made a start on this, the plan being to paint them together as both are in air defence grey. Will be using a pilot from PJ Productions 1960 NATO set. The cockpit as supplied is simple. The kit has few parts and is a simple build, got carried away and before I knew it I had this. Pilots painted.
  9. Add me to the list please,I have a F-89 Scorpion in the stash.
  10. Good call on the metal pin. I’m building the same kit, a metal pin a couple of mm longer at each would be an improvement on the plastic pins. Not convinced mine is going to survive many rotations. Actually thinking of fixing it in position displaying the falcon missiles.
  11. Interestingly the parts breakdown looks very similar to the 1/72 version.
  12. Made some progress today, fuselage halves joined and cockpit tub installed. Instructions have you install this from underneath after the fuselage halves have been join. I found this a bit of a faff, knocked both the instrument panels off doing this. Wings attached, joins nicely, might just need a smidge of filler. Finally for this day I installed the rotating weapons bay. Bit of a tight fit and doesn’t rotate smoothly. Tempted to fix it in position, will make painting easier, with the Falcons missiles showing as they are the more colourful of the options.
  13. Started by tidying the workbench in preparation. Transferred the Voodoo parts from Revells end open box to something more user friendly. And with England doing there best to lose the Cricket, made a start on a few sub assemblies. The instructions have you assembling the nose wheel and bay first, not convinced it will survive construction unscathed.
  14. @modelling minion Agree starfighters look there best inflight. @Dansk I won’t be using acrylic rod. Will be using something similar to the stand in the photo below.
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