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  1. Its not a celebrity/politician/political advisor(delete as appropriate) is it?
  2. Alfisti

    Grumping into the 20s

    I usually ask for the winning lottery numbers!That stumps them,or ask for my money back on a lottery ticket that has not won anything.
  3. Alfisti

    Grumping into the 20s

    Just been watching the Vera Lynn funeral and tribute on one of the news channels.The film showed 2 aircraft on a flypast.SWMBO commented that somebody would criticise the colours they were in,when the commentator stated that 'A Spitfire and Hurricane were performing the flypast'.The wife was incredulous,the aircraft were 2 Spitfires.Is the commentators remarks an indication of the education/social system in this country at present?
  4. Alfisti

    Cataract op?

    I had both cataracts removed 3 years ago.The procedure was carried out with lasers,absolutely painless and a very quick op.The left eye was operated on on the Monday,and the other the following day.By Wednesday I was reading stuff that would have not been possible prior to my op.I had to apply drops for about a fortnight after,and wear these eye protector coverings at night,SWMBO said I looked like something from a sci-fi 'B' movie with them on lol,its to stop you rubbing your eyes in your sleep.Colours were extremely intense after too,who needs recreational drugs lol,but this soon settles down.I regret not having had the op done years ago when my eyesight had started to go downhill,I wore varifocals for many years. All the best...........Dave.
  5. What about Slaithwaite in Yorkshire.First time I ever went there and was trying to get direction(pre satnav),locals would say where,until somebody cottoned on to where I wanted to go.Slawick,go figure. Great build,eagerly awaiting the finish. Dave.
  6. Alfisti

    Grumping into the 20s

    Used to take a book with me when wifey goes shopping.Now find plenty to keep me entertained as punters try to enter,park and leave the supermarket car park. Dave.
  7. A couple of years ago I had cataract replacement performed.Our brown sheds definitely were purple after the op,well for a couple of days anyway. Dave
  8. Hi Bob,also have a look on the Hyperscale site,Bruce Salmon builds the Roden D.III in 32nd scale.He shows the frame attachment points in his build.Sorry can't provide link for some technodinosaur reason lol! Dave.
  9. Hi Bob,if you go onto Eduards web site and look at their Albatros (OEF) 253 instructions,it should give you some details.The kit is 48th scale and the etched belts/harness are pre coloured but that shouldn't really be a problem.All the best with it. Dave.
  10. Alfisti

    Possible HMRC scam!

    Hi all,just had an email purporting to be from HMRC regarding the award of a £3650 grant.I have never applied for a grant being retired.It is aimed at reservists and former service personnel.Have emailed HMRC to confirm either genuine or scam,IMHO its the latter,even though the email looks good, but am not expecting an immediate response due to bank holiday.Pleas be aware out there!Stay safe all. Regards...........Dave.
  11. Went to this show,travelled from Lutterworth on a Woods Coaches trip,with 2 coaches full of aviation enthusiasts.We got stuck in the traffic near Newbury,and the other coach managed to turn across the dual carriageway and the driver shouted to our driver to follow him.Unfortunately we got stuck on the central reservation gravel,so we all piled off to push the coach free.At that moment a police helo landed in the field next to us,and the commisionar jumped out and ordered us to push the coach back,Sat for ages to get into show,but what a show,and thanks for posting. Dave.
  12. I wonder if he did string those hammocks between the struts?Lovely shots of the old bird,thanks for posting. Dave
  13. Alfisti

    Exhaust pipe colour?

    I read somewhere that exhaust pipe colours were not as badly dis-coloured as say WW2 exhaust pipes,being due to the fact that WW1 engines never ran at the same high temperatures.If this is the case,what colours would the exhaust system be on a WW1 aircraft,and what model paints would people recommend. TIA.......Dave.
  14. https://boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Boxart-Collection/AIRFIX/SCI-FI-AND-FANTASY/Airfix-Orion-Pan-Am-1st-box https://boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Boxart-Collection/AIRFIX/MILITARY-AIRCRAFT/PROPELLER/Airfix-Handley-Page-0-400-T3 Also the Tamiya Centurion box art,but I couldn't get a photo posted. Dave.
  15. Alfisti

    D'oh moments

    In the early 80's I was working nights at a hospital.After midnight it became very quiet,so I thought I would check my cars firing sequence as it had been misfiring.Popped the bonnet(hood for those of a different persuasion!),got out the plug socket and connected to spark plug,with engine running!!!Fortunately a patient who was outside the ward who was having a cigarette saw me juddering to the cars firing sequence and knocked me over to break the connection.No damage done to myself or car,but what a muppet!Lol.
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