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  1. Beardie,yes it must have been awful,but we didn't have dealings with the family of the deceased,just the vicar and the bishop. Must agree with you too about the consequences of alcohol in society.
  2. When I worked in the NHS,we had,from a local parish,a vicar admitted who had a very serious drink problem.It had been tolerated for some time,even his philandering with congregational members of the opposite sex,until the day day came when he had to provide a service for the funeral of one of his parisheners. He had over imbibed of the wine,had started to perform the service,then slid into the open grave onto the top of the coffin.He received about a months treatment at our local institute,and was then passed onto a drinks dependency unit.
  3. On straight pieces of railway track,overhead wires for a pantograph,the overhead wires zig zag above the track to spread the wear on the pantograph equally and increase its durability.The contact between the pantograph and wire is maintained and lubricated by graphite contact carbons. Dave.
  4. I watched this with an open mind (shock,horror,I even enjoyed the Tom Cruise version!!!) and thought the adapted story line was quite good in the first episode.Then last nights episode,IMHO was utter garbage.I do wish these drama making companies would stop flitting about with time scales in the story lines,its very confusing(or is that just me?) without any indication on the screen as to when it actually is supposed to be.Last night it kept flitting from the (then) present,to the past,to the future.Very disappointing. As to these companies doing remakes of some of the classics,is this similar to model companies churning out endless kits of Spitfires,Me-109's,Fw-190's etc????
  5. The Swansea and Mumbles Railway,opened in 1807,was the first railway in the world to accept fare paying passengers.
  6. The Burbage Spitfire,of 74 Sqdn, was lost 27th June 1941 nr Adinkerke,Belgium.The pilot was Sqdn Leader John Colin Mungo Park DFC + Bar,12 confirmed victories to his credit. Believed to have been shot down by pilots Major Rolf Pingel and Major Walter Balthasar flying Bf-109's of 1/JG26 and JG2. I believe there was a total of 13 Spitfires raised in the county of Leicestershire. Dave.
  7. My grump of the day.My 'smart' phone indicates that I'm in Kegworth,nr Loughborough,when I am actually in Burbage,nr Hinckley,a distance of approx. 25 miles.Its a good job I'm now retired from truck driving otherwise the phone would be imploding on itself. As to the matter of other dimensions etc,isn't the answer 42? I'll get my coat...…………. Dave.
  8. We have a friend,now retired,who ran an appliance repair shop,who told us to steer well clear of these cordless appliances.Very expensive to repair,if you could repair them.Some you had to send off to the manufacturer,OK if under warrenty though. The hose had been glued into the nose,not very well apparently,and it had come apart.The new hose doing well! Dave.
  9. Hi Merv, try Aviattic,they produce some Gotha decals. Dave.
  10. Back in June we bought a new 'Hetty' hoover,the same as a 'Henry' but in pink(don't ask,wifeys choice!),but unfortunately recently the 'nose and hose' separated.Yesterday after lunch I rang the company in Chard,Somerset to report the breakage.The chap I spoke to assured me that there wasn't a problem and that the replacement part would be with us sometime this week.At 0800 hrs this morning the postie was ringing the doorbell with the replacement hose,what a fantastic service,well done Numatic International. Dave.
  11. Put happy laughing face for last comment/side note,had a brain fade.
  12. Okay,what about windscreen,don't some other countries call it windshield?
  13. I see there are a couple of minor mods needed to the G.I and UWD,nothing serious.Details are on the Wingnuts web site if you go onto the relevant kit pages. Dave.
  14. When I worked for a large food retail supermarket,I had been assigned a month old Mercedes Actros 6 wheel artic unit.I did a couple of deliveries in Nottingham and one in Leicester.I was travelling back to the depot along the Narborough rd in Leicester when all engine power started to fade,and the truck nearly came to a standstill on this very busy road.Then engine power was restored until about half a mile further on when the same problem occurred,but there was no fault readings whatsoever on the ultra fancy,computerised dash board..Nearly came to a standstill again,but again the engine picked up power,car drivers behind me were starting to get impatient and the honking of a few horns became prevalent.This problem happened another two times,and then I was able to pull over to the side,not easy in a 40 foot artic.Rang the workshop at our depot who advised a drive slowly back to Hinckley,approx 12 miles and take vehicle straight round to garage.Managed to limp back to depot,dropped trailer off and took artic unit to garage.The next day the truck had been collected by Mercedes and taken to their premises in Coventry.It was analyised,but they reported nothing wrong,and it was duly returned to our depot.The following night it broke down again,it eventually ended up with a new engine management system after being taken back to Coventry a total of 3 times,and each time the computer stated that it was OK. Dave,(now retired,and glad he's out of it all!)
  15. Gotha UWD has just arrived,thanks Duncan.All I need now are some scale figures of Dick Dastardly and Muttley to finish the image of a wacky races contender! Dave.
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