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  1. Alfisti

    Possible 'phishing' attempt from spurious PayPal

    Just received confirmation that it is a fake website from PayPal. Yeah I'm normally very suspicious of emails purporting to be from various companies.This particular one was actually addressed to me by name,first and surname, and looked very convincing,even down to hovering mouse over 'link',which had an https prefix,but gut feeling I suppose compelled me to log onto my account through the usual channels on my computer. Dave.
  2. Just a heads up about a possible phishing attempt from a suspicious PayPal account.Just checked my emails and had a suspicious email asking me to update my browsers to comply with PCI DSS legislation by 30th June.PCI DSS is data protection for business's using credit card machines and is really nothing to do with the general public.Went online to my PayPal account and there is absolutely nothing on there about updating browsers.Have forwarded suspicious email to spoof@paypal.com Be careful out there folks,there are some bad barstewards about. Dave.
  3. Alfisti

    Parrabellum Models

    Ah yes,forgot about the parking meters,good point Edge.Not too badly priced IMHO,and the shop is an aladdins cave of goodies. Dave.
  4. Alfisti

    Parrabellum Models

    Hi John, yes he is still in business.The shop only opens from Thursday 1100 onwards.Its in the Jewelry quarter.Take lots of money lol! Dave.
  5. Alfisti

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    Yes,and unfortunately,because of the numbers going through the door,it will be classed as a success,and the powers that be will see that as a reason to keep that particular business model on the go. Never been to Hendon,and it looks like it will remain so after reading that link article. Disgruntled Dave..........or what do I know,nothing!
  6. Alfisti

    Grump Britain.

    Just had the meds upped,feeling comfortably numb now,must go out and drive real slow to annoy those who have to get to work! Dave.
  7. Alfisti

    Who wants to live forever?

    OOh yeah,but what if you are one of the unlucky one's and are subjected to the unkindest cut of them all,castration! Dave.
  8. Alfisti

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    Went with a friend in 2014 to see the 1914-18 exhibition,unfortunately was really disappointed with the whole bundle.Couldn't recommend it at all. Dave.
  9. Alfisti

    Grump Britain.

    Yeah,but its not really English is it,its either Coddereze or Treacletownish lol! Dave.
  10. Alfisti

    Grump Britain.

    Whats with the wearing of a baseball cap the other way round?Do not get that at all,why don't they just cut the brim off,wear whats left and complete the picture of a dork.Haven't got anything against hats by the way Dave.
  11. Alfisti

    The Weather,

    Yes it was impressive,and a bit scary.But the thing that got me was the cat slept through the whole lot,normally if you bang a bucket she practically freaks out! Dave.
  12. Alfisti

    Grump Britain.

    I have a theory regarding the majority of brain dead drivers.I think they may be on prescribed medication.3 times in a week on 1 particular stretch of road near a doctors surgery,drivers have pulled out in front of me without looking.This is when I become very windmill like with my arm gesturing,but to no avail,they are clueless!! Dave.
  13. Alfisti

    East Midlands Model Show - Hinckley 20/5

    East Midlands Model Club would like to extend a very big thank you to all who attended today's show and made it another success.Great stuff guys. Dave.
  14. Alfisti

    East Midlands Model Show - Hinckley 20/5

    Just been into town and spoke to a traffic warden,there are no parking restrictions on the roads unless there is a sign stating restrictions or double yellow lines,but just check if you are parking on the road,there should be a little sign that states restrictions Mon to Sat only.If this is the case,you can park there all day. Dave
  15. Alfisti

    East Midlands Model Show - Hinckley 20/5

    See you all tomorrow guys,weather looking good with projected high of 22 degrees,light cloud with a slight breeze.Bring your wallets lol. There is FREE car parking on all public car parks in Hinckley on Sundays.Don't forget the Hill St car park off to the side of the leisure centre,its still not been googlyfied, even though its council owned now,but there are updated details on the clubs web page,access to the clubs web page by the link on the calendar page on this site. Drive safe,and don't forget the Corner Café,they're open from 0600 and serve a great 'Big boys brekkie',nomnomnom. Dave.