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  1. In the Harry Woodman book,'Early Aircraft Armament-The Aeroplane and the Gun up to 1918',there is a description and drawings of the mount designed by Eteve.These are on page 81.The images can be viewed on www.worldhistory.biz HTH........Dave.
  2. Can you take this to the ombudsman?Its seems a bit ropey to me.They like to take your money,but sure don't like paying out on legitimate claims. Dave.
  3. There's going to be a forthcoming article by Mike Kelsey for next year on the use of a AW FK3 6219 in Cross & Cockade International.This machine was captured from British forces in Macedonia and used by the Bulgarian forces until lost in action.
  4. About 3 years ago,our cat had a very bad case of constipation.Took her to the vets to remedy the issue.A shot of something was squirted directly into her nether region,and the vet said I had probably 20 minutes to get her home and into the garden before the inevitable happened.No worries,only lived a 5 minute drive from the vets.Bundled her into cat basket and placed it on the passenger seat.As soon as I pulled out of the vets car park,there was a low growling coming from the cat basket,and then the most awful pungent smell pervaded the inner car space.Even with the window open the stench was
  5. Alfisti

    A date in history.

    If memory not playing up again,when I was in the Army in the 70's,weren't German troops allowed to have long hair and were issued hairnets?
  6. Just googled a new electric shaver thats being advertised on TV.I thought cordless vacuum cleaners were very overpriced even with free toolkits worth £50,but £330.00 for an electric shaver,get outta here!
  7. Great song and video,had never heard of this one by Kate Bush. There was a DJ who was a bit partial to getting records etc banned,Frankie goes to Hollywoods 'Relax' springs to mind as one that was banned in the 80's.
  8. Its not a celebrity/politician/political advisor(delete as appropriate) is it?
  9. I usually ask for the winning lottery numbers!That stumps them,or ask for my money back on a lottery ticket that has not won anything.
  10. Just been watching the Vera Lynn funeral and tribute on one of the news channels.The film showed 2 aircraft on a flypast.SWMBO commented that somebody would criticise the colours they were in,when the commentator stated that 'A Spitfire and Hurricane were performing the flypast'.The wife was incredulous,the aircraft were 2 Spitfires.Is the commentators remarks an indication of the education/social system in this country at present?
  11. Alfisti

    Cataract op?

    I had both cataracts removed 3 years ago.The procedure was carried out with lasers,absolutely painless and a very quick op.The left eye was operated on on the Monday,and the other the following day.By Wednesday I was reading stuff that would have not been possible prior to my op.I had to apply drops for about a fortnight after,and wear these eye protector coverings at night,SWMBO said I looked like something from a sci-fi 'B' movie with them on lol,its to stop you rubbing your eyes in your sleep.Colours were extremely intense after too,who needs recreational drugs lol,but this soon settles dow
  12. What about Slaithwaite in Yorkshire.First time I ever went there and was trying to get direction(pre satnav),locals would say where,until somebody cottoned on to where I wanted to go.Slawick,go figure. Great build,eagerly awaiting the finish. Dave.
  13. Used to take a book with me when wifey goes shopping.Now find plenty to keep me entertained as punters try to enter,park and leave the supermarket car park. Dave.
  14. A couple of years ago I had cataract replacement performed.Our brown sheds definitely were purple after the op,well for a couple of days anyway. Dave
  15. Hi Bob,also have a look on the Hyperscale site,Bruce Salmon builds the Roden D.III in 32nd scale.He shows the frame attachment points in his build.Sorry can't provide link for some technodinosaur reason lol! Dave.
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