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  1. Alfisti


    Cripesamighty,just seen an Airfix 1:48th TSR2 starting at £140.00 + £15.00 postage.
  2. Got to agree with those sentiments.My copies have also arrived,top marks.
  3. There is a selection available in the Hinckley W.H.Smith store.
  4. Pom awake here.Ploughmans pickle is a sweetish relish that is great with cheese and cold meats.We usually use Branston pickle which is much the same,I like it on corned beef sandwiches.Piccalli has a sharper,tangier taste due to the mustard content and usually consists of more than one vegatable. Dave.
  5. Have received 2 SMS text messages stating that I have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for covid.The text states to order a test kit,and click on the link,which appears very genuine.The problem being,the 2 links are completely different,and I have never been active with track and trace,nor have any of my friends. Dave.
  6. My 2 magazines arrived today,great reading,they are going from strength to strength. Dave.
  7. Not too sure about this,but wasn't the steaming process used in conjunction with getting the image onto a T shirt.You would probably be better asking in a craft forum or a craft shop.All the best with it as there is some cracking box art out there. Dave.
  8. Alfisti

    A new email scam

    Yes,had the McAfee on Monday,wife had the Covid passport scam email yesterday.
  9. There is a chain of shops that sell American style 'candy' bars etc here in the UK.I bought some Twinkies a while back,not too bad,but love the jelly beans they sell.Went to the states 30 years ago,had to try a Hershey bar after seeing it in movies,highly disappointed,too sweet.
  10. Alfisti

    Ear protection

    I have noticed that if I have a couple of alcoholic drinks,the next day the tinnitus is quite severe.In fact it reminds me of how I used to feel with the noise in my head when hungover,which was many moons ago,any more than 3 pints these days and I've had it.
  11. Hinckley WHSmith had them in yesterday. Dave.
  12. Alfisti

    Possible Scam

    Another possible attempt to fleece you of your hard earned.Just had an email purporting to be from the NHS Track and Trace,stating that you could be eligible for upto £600 hardship benefit if you cannot work,or can work,but you have suffered financial difficulties.It made me smile after the clickable link buttons,it states that your investment could go up or down.Hovering the cursor over the links reveals a non NHS page.Beware folks,they are still out there in the shadows waiting to scam you. Dave.
  13. Yes,just received my 2 issues,and the sanding pads.Good reads both,they are going from strength to strength,keep up the good work lads. Dave.
  14. Hi Mike,just seen the AA kit,a bit eyewatering on the price.The only other kit was that marketed by Airfix to 1.32nd scale in their ready made series from the late 60's,early 70's.These can still be found on auction/second hand kit sellers sites starting at roughly £25.They are basic though,but could form the basis for a well detailed model. I seem to recall an old magazine article about building an RL from scratch,but can't remember which magazine,its an age think,or I may have dreamt it lol.You could also try MAFVA members if they have any info. Dave.
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