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  1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. The windows on the launch are PE parts. Thank you! The rigging was done with a few different materials. The sagging ones are 0.03mm metal wire, which sags almost naturally. The base is water color paper, painted and covered with acrylic gel. Thank you. Yes, she is like a baby BB:) Thank you all!
  2. My latest finish is this tiny 1/700 coastal defense ship used by Thai navy just before WWII. HTMS Thonburi was built in Japan for Thailand. She and her sister, HTMS Sri Ayutthaya, were commission in 1938. Together, the two sisters represented the largest surface units of Thai navy until long after WWII. Packed with 4 7.9inch guns on such a small hull, they had a very respectable fire power. They had such an aggressive appearance that the local people called them battleship. Thonburi was engaged by a French light cruiser at the battle of Ko Chang, during Franco-Thai war, in Janua
  3. I'm not a jet person but Harrier can be an exception. Your AV8B is especially well done. Great job! Nanond
  4. Excellent result! I always love the appearance of late model Ju88's. Great camouflage scheme too. Nanond
  5. The spinning propeller shots are especially nice. Very well done model. It looks bigger than 1/72. Nanond
  6. A nice looking 88. I also love the group photo. Nanond
  7. Excellent result! Great work. I enjoyed your WIP a lot. Nanond
  8. Hi Nikola, I used a large sheet of glossy coated paper, bought at an art supply store, and two 5500K bright white lamps. I did a little simple editing for brightness and contrast on paint.net app. Thank you. It is strange that I made them at the same time, but somehow the 'fineness' of Eduard kit made it look much better. Thank you all for your kind comments! Best/ Nanond
  9. #5 and last of Bf109's I finished during the summer. This is an Eduard Bf109G-10 WNF/Diana profile pack. Unused decals from this kit was also used on another Hasegawa Bf109G-10 that I posted here earlier. Nanond
  10. I think it was not the right term that I used. The armoured sleeve/jacket is part of the ball mantlet, What I meant to say was that the rifled part of the barrel ends before the muzzle end. From from photos taken in the assembly line, the unrifled part appeared to be left unpainted. This was more difficult to verify on combat vehicles. I chose to paint mine in dark yellow though. Nanond
  11. Thank you for your comment! The masking dots were masking tape cut to size using DSPIAE stepless circular cutter. It isn't as convenient as buying a pre-cut masking set, but the cutting tool is very easy to use. I cut over a thousand dots in just a few hours. Thank you! Regarding your questions. The spare wheel is an all-steel type. It is unused, so I left painted in dark yellow paint. The barrel you see is just the outer armoured sleeve, while the actual barrel sit further inside. I painted this part dark yellow and gave it some dark soot. I could have probably paint
  12. Thank you for your comment and an informative discussion. For some reason, I found overall RLM76 scheme like this very attractive. I think it extends to include the pale PRU Spitfire as well:) Nanond
  13. Wow! That thing must be huge. I heard complaints about this kit before, but you have done a great job. Congratulations! Nanond
  14. Eduard 1/48 Bf109G-10, Mtt Regensburg, finished as white 43 of NJG 11. Nanond
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