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  1. Lovely little project, very detailed, and well painted!!
  2. I love the three types together. Beautifully done, all of them.
  3. Very nice. I like the looks of these older light cruisers, and even better in camouflage. Nanond
  4. Hi, There might be something with Imgbox. It looks ok when I access it though. Maybe it's time to look for another site to put my photos.
  5. My model depicts IJN heavy cruiser Aoba at the end of WWII as a wreck in Kure harbour. Many photos of the wreck are available, except for the starboard side. I was also inspired by Marijn Van Gil and his wreck of IJN carrier Amagi. I used the Hasegawa 1/700 kit of IJN Aoba as a starting point, added a Rainbow model PE set for the kit, and various other modifications. The WIP photos are available here on this forum. Nanond.
  6. Brilliant job! I like the mottling on this one even more. It is very subtle. I doubt I can do any better with an airbrush. Nanond
  7. That's not bad at all. Very well done actually. The prop really makes a big difference.
  8. Superb work! The camouflage is nicely done and it looks to scale. I remember the kit needed quite an amount of nose weight when I did mine years ago. I wasn't happy with the PE radar antenna either. Nanond
  9. I was pretty much in the same situation as you do when I pulled this one out and finished it. Now I'll have to do the Flyhawk one quickly. It will look good side by side. I think I'll finish it as one at the battle of the coral sea. Thanks all for your kind comments! Cheers! Nanond
  10. Thank you all. I'm glad this small model looks convincing enough to you guys. Yes, I can see that this is not a very interesting plane. With the canopy closed and no bomb attached, it looks almost like a boring trainer. Thank you. The flaps are really what make the biggest difference in this build. It is also the item that put me off for a long time. Flyhawk Dauntless is a gem of a kit. The plastic flaps are thicker but should be good enough. I hope someone will release a TBD Devastator in 1:72. Hard to believe Airfix is still the only option in 2022. Thank you! I hope the weathering is not too heavy. Nanond
  11. Hi! This is my latest finish just in time to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the battle of Midway. It is the old Hasegawa kit released in 1992 or so. It is still very nice externally. The cockpit is rather basic and the canopy is provided in a close position only. The new Flyhawk version is an improvement in every way. I started this kit many many years ago. Along the way, I added a set of PE flaps from Eduard. Finally, I added my own 3D printed bombs to replace the badly shaped and oversized original. The markings are masked and painted on, except the B1 and number on the wings. Nanond
  12. Fantastic finish! I have one of the Fujimi versions I finished a few years ago. I was thinking of getting another one when I saw Hobby2000 release. Seeing your great piece, I think I should really get it. Nanond
  13. What a story. Thanks for sharing. The model is very nice and I think it's a good thing you finished it to share with us. Nanond
  14. Very nice. I like the painting and finishing of this 190 a lot. The weathering is very well done. Nanond
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