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  1. Slowly but surely, my Aoba has reached the painting stage. The hull is the first to go through various painting steps to recreate the appearance of the real ship. Nanond
  2. What a lovely build! So well painted and weathered. Nanond
  3. Great scene. I had thought about doing such a setting but your execution is even better than what I had in mind. Very well done!
  4. Thank you! Diorama is not my thing either. I just practiced some small bases for some of my builds. Figure painting took me ages. Much appreciated! Haha half the credit goes to Tamiya. Their figure models of the 90's were not the best but I always found the posture interesting. Tamiya seemed to havre perfected it in the last few years. Thank you! Yes, I think footprints are what makes snow tells stories. The snow is Tamiya's product called powder snow texture. Thank you! Figure painting has never been m
  5. Very well done overall. When I do the coming Tamiya's new G, I'll want it to look like this. Nanond
  6. Thank you! Many thanks! On a final update. The model is put on a small diorama and considered to be fully completed. I put it in the diorama forum here. Thank you all for following. See you in my next project! Nanond
  7. I just finished this 1:35 Wespe recently and made a small scene to accompany it. The 10.5cm projectiles and transport crates are 3D printed that I designed and printed for this project. Others boxes are from an AFV club set. Nanond
  8. Thank you, Stix. Much appreciated. Thank you! Thank you. Even I can't stop looking at it myself:) Nanond
  9. Thank you, Ed. I used AK Real Color for base color and white camouflage. They can be sprayed thinly and chipped off well. Nanond
  10. Thank you! Thank you. I'm sure yours will be even better. Thank you. I wish yours will turn out great. I still have another one waiting. Thank you. They are certainly a challenge for me. Those tools and extra equipments around the exterior took me quite some time to do. Glad you noticed them. Nanond
  11. Thank you. Much appreciated your compliment. I'm happy my attempt appears convincing enough:) I'm confident it wouldn't survive an expert's glance. Thank you. I noticed I still missed it here and there, but I'm very happy overall. Thank you following my work. Seeing your work really helps pushing me along. Thank you! Glad you like it. Thank you! Thank you for your compliment! Nanond
  12. Good start! I just finished mine and still have another one for a later time. I'll follow you with interest. There will be things I want to do better in my next Wespe. Nanond
  13. Latest off my workbench is this Tamiya Wespe. It is the 1996 boxing which I added some improved parts from the 2018 re-release to the fighting compartment, in addition to may own scratch-built part. The driver's compartment was basically empty in the original kit. I used parts from Dragon Panzer II, including a gear box and transmission and floor, to form the basis on which I added my own scratch-built parts. The recent Nuts & Bolts volume on Wespe is my main reference. Nanond
  14. Finally I can call this one done! There will be a small base but that is later. Nanond
  15. Very neat job building this one. I'm following. Nanond
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