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  1. Excellent work! Weathering is very well done. I too have these Panthers waiting and yours will be a very useful reference. Nanond
  2. Thank you. I'm glad painting is done. From now on it will be just weathering which is much more fun. Thank you! Thank you. I too have spent time gazing at it! There's just so much to see. Nanond
  3. Indeed! Thank you! My pleasure too. The fighting compartment is now done with the gun in place. Nanond
  4. And comes the winter camouflage. A common hair spray was used as a chipping medium. After chipping off. Nanond
  5. More work on accessory with AFV Club ammunition set. Base color is also finished.
  6. Nice job again. I'm not making any progress with either my Wespe or Marder I lately. I'll just enjoy your progress for now. BTW, where does the first aid box go in Marder I? I might add one too. Thanks , Nanond
  7. It's interesting that they illustrated up to 3 different camouflage variations of 2.(H)/14 planes in North Africa. As far as I can find information, all Hs126 in this unit had sand color squiggle over standard green splinter camouflage, including on top of the wings. New 1:72 Hs126 is sure a welcome news nonetheless. Nanond
  8. Nice job on the ammunition.
  9. Nice little fighter. Well painted and weathered too. Nanond
  10. Because the weather was too nice to be at home, just a little more got done over the weekend. Not an AFV but some crew men wouldn't hurt. Although released in 1996 and literally years behind the current standard, these Tamiya figures still look quite nice and will go nicely into my little Wespe vignette. Nanond
  11. I just sanded down the ridge. It is a very shallow curve when seen up-close on the model, but maybe a bit difficult to see in photos. That's a friendly price tag. Nanond
  12. Thank you! Hi! Yeah, I was looking at Phrozen to. The XY resolution is 0.35mm? That's like the best for the price. For software, I used Formlab PreForm which I can load STL files into. In PreForm, I can reposition, resize, add support, check printability and stuff. The finished file can then be uploaded to the printer. I don't know if other softwares work with Form printers. Nanond
  13. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I think I more I look at it the more I love those shells and crates. Thank you. Let's hope the exterior turns out as great. You're welcome. It'll be great if what I've done is useful for you. I still have another Wespe, the newer one, left to do. Nanond
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