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  1. Arma is quickly becoming my favourite 1:72 aircraft model manufacturer. Surprise us! Nanond
  2. I really enjoy watching your build. Simply amazing how you brush-paint it to this level. Nanond
  3. This is really well done. Congratulations on the superb work. I also built this kit with the same PE set, so I know it is not an easy task to arrive at your quality. Nanond
  4. I'm back to work on this Tamiya Marder I, starting with painting the zeltbahn.
  5. 1:16 Centurion is all new. But this was announced back in November 2021, so not entirely new news. Still, let's hope that these are not all. We'll know soon. https://tamiyablog.com/2021/11/future-tamiya-rc-1-16-centurion-tank-mk3/
  6. Looks like there will be a 1:48 P-38 among the new releases. Taken from a Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/onefortyeight/permalink/5400745809953232/
  7. Whatever it will be, Tamiya will likely surprise me. My guess is a German AFV in 1:35 or perhaps French. Many possibilities with aircraft. Another version of F-4 or Bf109? I'd like to see something wilder as well. Tamiya has not released any new ship kits in the last few years. I hope there will be one this year. Nanond
  8. Very good finish on this Hawkeye. Congratulations! I also built this kit, so I agree with you that it is very good kit. Nanond
  9. Is that what keeping Hasegawa busy? I wonder what will be their next new tool aircraft model.
  10. Hasegawa 1/72 P1Y1 Ginga done in the markings of 522nd kokutai. Ginga is among the cleanest and sleekest looking bombers of WWII, IMO. The kit is still good despite its age. But, as to be expected, the decals are in bad shape. Anyway, I found masking and painting Japanese aircraft markings to be quite simpler than other nation's. One added benefit is the ability to weather them. This model is also my experiment at achieving worn and chipped paint. For this, hair spray was applied over aluminium-painted surface, then a heavily faded green paint went in, and the unfaded green was the last to go. The top dark green layer was applied in a way that leaves the faded layer underneath to show through. In addition to chipping by hair spray, I also used brush to add finer chipping. Nanond
  11. Thank you! I might weather the float further at a later date, but this is it for now. Thank you! Thank you! I'm certainly happy wit the result. The decal is always a challenge with Hasegawa kit. Now I am ready for it when Eduard will release their 1:48 Rufe. Nanond
  12. Hasegawa venerable 1:72 Nakajima A6M2-N, floatplane version of the famous A6M2 Zero. The kit is still quite nice despite its age, but the decals have become yellow and brittle. As a result, I masked and painted nearly all the markings, except the tail code and some tiny text decals. Nanond
  13. Ah! great that you've found that Tamiya shop. Good thought on the back up plan too. I hope you won't have to stay and build kits in Thailand though.
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