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  1. Fantastic! and it's in 1/72. I really like the weathering. Nanond
  2. My Hasegawa A6M2-N 1/72. It's a nice little kit I got very cheap. I decide to use as little decals as possible, so I opted for masking and painting instead. Nanond
  3. A very well done and well presented model. Nanond
  4. Nice! I love the paint job, especially around the wing roots. Nanond
  5. Excellent! Isn't this their first 1:72 aircraft kit? It's looking great already. Nanond
  6. Great interior! This is precisely what I'm missing. Thanks for the recommendation too. Nanond
  7. Very nice. I actually had this vehicle on my mind when I acquired a kit from ICM. You just gave me an inspiration to finish it. Nanond
  8. I'm also excited by the news. I didn't expect it to come out this soon. Any speculation why Border mention the problem with the mold and that they won't issue it for a period after this initial limited release? "many production troubles and mold maintenance issues" Nanond
  9. That's one very good looking Hurricane. Zvezda appears to have done a good job on this kit but it's your skill that it comes out this good. An all-black model is one thing I don't know how to do well. Nanond
  10. This is seriously good. The attention to detail and the painting are equally good. I'm following! Nanond
  11. Yes, this was kit decals. I didn't have any trouble with them. Highly recommended. Nanond
  12. Wow! this is exactly how I like my Panzer II to look like. I had no inspiration to do the kit until I see yours. Superb, superbly done. Nanond
  13. Indeed a fine work. I especially like how you did the interior. Nanond
  14. Thank you. I usually enjoy painting and weathering more than building. Maybe that's a reason I have so many kits let unfinished at building stage. Nanond
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