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  1. Nice and detail work on it! Also I like the model΄s presentation. Congats... Giannis Doxas
  2. Very nice and clean job on your models. Congratulations Giannis Doxas
  3. Yes, there are many Greeks model makers in my country that they have gone this hobby to high level. Pioneer and best Greek (aircraft maker) in the world in my opinion, is my friend Tsonos Megas. All of us are inspired by him from his incredible models and continue to keep our hobby and models to high level. It will be nice experience for all of you to visit and participate in our annual Hellenic (international) exhibition at the end of October, here in Athens. Ones again thank you all for your kind words that honor me! I am really happy that my RF-104G inspire all of you. Giannis Doxas
  4. Very nice and colorful Tupolev collection! Also very nice and your last model. Bravo! Giannis Doxas
  5. Sandros, thank you for your kind comments about my model. You are right for the bottom surfaces, but my choice was to keep the dirty effect in medium level. In real duty, the aircraft washed and cleaned approximately every 100 flight hours with chemical liquids but the weathered colours on the upper surfaces remained the same. This was my option for this model according the photos from the real aircraft. Thank you so much all for your kind comments! Giannis Doxas
  6. Nice work on your model Dragan. Congratulations
  7. Thank you all for your kind words. I am really happy that my RF-104G inspire all of you. George your (I think "exaggeration") words honor me. Giannis Doxas
  8. Here are some pictures from one of my detail constructions, an RF-104G in Hellenic Air Force duty. It’s a Kit from Hasegawa in scale 1/48. This model is the F-104G of Hasegawa and converted to RF-104G. The cockpit, ejection seat ΜΒ GQ-7 and exhaust are replaced with ones from Aires detail set. CMK detail set for avionics boxes, fuses, electronic bay and Radar is included as well. Conversion RF-104G detail set coming from Victory Production. I scratch-building the photo bay with the right inside camera and the centerline pylon with a trainer R.B.D. The model is painted in “Vietnam” camo, using colors provided by the Model Master and it finished with extensive weathering. Decal sets are from Icarus Decals, representing an RF-104G in the last years of Hellenic Air Force duty. I hope you enjoy my model. Happy modeling! Giannis Doxas
  9. What can I say for this job!!! High level skill modelling and nice presentation. Congratulations Giannis Doxas
  10. Phabulous Phantom with realistic painting "Gost " camo and weathering result! Excellent job! Bravo. Giannis Doxas
  11. High level skills and model! Keep up your good job! Giannis Doxas
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