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  1. Hi Vytautas Thanks for that, and yes I see what you mean. I looked at the instructions and I don't see a part to fill that.....strange. Maybe I'lll have to fill and sand to get rid of it. I'll look in the parts bag that's left over, maybe there's something they omitted from the instructions also. Thanks again.
  2. Afternoon everyone, and I'm so, so sorry for long delay in posting progress on this Hornisse. Time has been tight, with many interruptions, so ploughed all the spare time into working on the build and just take pics when I could.....so sorry for the low quality. So, where do I start. It's been an interesting build. Nice kit as always from Dragon. I mixed some multiple photoetch set's. One for a Shanghai Dragon version (their first), along with some specific to this kit as regards foot plate and interior and exterior detail. If you do decide to build this version by Dragon you're going to have to do this......... for some reason they didn't put a positive catch/connection for the top plate and the slopping front armour the marry together.....if you don't there's no way of gluing them inline with each other. Additionally, make sure you widen the weld lines on the lower section of the front plate.. so the weld lines as in the actual vehicle can be done along with others no represented on the kit. Here's some interior shots of additional detail and the PE..... The gun itself is an impressive effort by Dragon, really well done. I did buy the Aber barrel for this Hornisse/Nashorn, but discovered the kit one was perfectly fine with some slight sanding. One last shot of the interior. As you can see in the background, I'm working on the ammo boxes. I'll try and get some shots of where I stand later this week. One last shot showing the welded upper armour and exhaust details. Anyway, that's it for now.....see you all soon....
  3. Thats a nice job on a Panzer IV. Border seems to be doing some nice versions of this AFV.......
  4. Hi Stef, thanks mate ......and yeah, the original Shanghai version didn't get many gold stars for accuracy etc. I've read it was their first German AFV model, Hi Patrykd, and yes; I've been taking a look at your build. Looks like the Nashorn Dragon 6166, as it has the arched strengthening bar for the gun shield. I have that one also in the stash, but your build gives me many pointers on some details. Thanks Gents all round for the welcome back........taking some time to get back into it after such a long time shut down. I'll post as much as I can on progress, but t present just working through the lower chassis and wheels. Cheers all.....
  5. Afternoon all. Well it's been some time since I was on the forum due to my bench being dismantled and closed down for house renovations, so did absolutely no modelling it seems since way back in June. Now everything is back in place, I'm getting back into it. I did have a plan to start the Takom full interior Jagdpanther G2, with all the bells and trimmings from barrel by Aber and PE by Voyager......but, I just couldn't face the multi phased construction with painting in the required stages as the build progressed......so after a dig I came up with this one. The Dragon kit from 2002 of the early version Nashorn. I quite like open top pieces as the opportunity for PE upgrading and up-detailing is wide. Sd.Kfz.164 Hornisse (Nashorn, Early Variant) Dragon No. 6165 I have the following Eduard PE set's to go with it, so it'll be a long build, but I'm OK with that. Eduard No.35618 Hornisse - Kisten und Bodenplatte #1 Eduard No.35606 Sd.Kfz.164 Hornisse (Nashorn) - Interior/Exterior Update set. ABER 35L-128, BARREL for GERMAN SPG NASHORN - fo DRAGON MODEL, 1:35 I also have dug up an Eduard set from the bottom of the stash that is actually for Shanghai Dragons very early Hornisse from 1992. I can't imagine the parts can't be fitted to their newer version. I won't be getting the 1992 version, so chance to use up a large part of the set here and there to back up the 35606 set. Another new thing on this build will be the first time in soldering the PE where required. Invested in a super fine blow torch with soldering tips etc, and liquid flux. Just now have to get a soldering mat and I'm ready to go. Well, off to make a cuppa and sit down to study instructions and make some notes...have a good day all and chat soon. Regards Simon.
  6. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. From what I've read it took 250,000 man hours per vehicle and 300,000 Reichmarks in cost. I have to take my hat off to that young chap, very talented in metal work indeed - even down to making the wing nuts from scratch. I wonder how long before they embark on the full interior and up and running.
  7. Hello all.....had a chance to do some catch up on the forum. I wanted to drop this in the thread. Not having sen all of this thread, it being a long one; but I came across this on Youtube. Thought it was a good one as you get to see a lot of details on the Tiger one in restoration, especially some components and how they went together. Impressive work they have completed to date.
  8. That's a nice Sturmtiger. I don't think enough are painted in plain Dunkelgelb, as this is. Really nice variations to the colour overall.......it's a colour scheme I intend to do more of in the future, as I've fallen into the trap on some projects to do a camp scheme........really nice job...
  9. Interesting build I must say, with some very nice scratch building. Enjoyable to follow along........
  10. Hi Rob, yes I know the one. I put one in the sale section on here a few months ago....but no takers. I sold it on Ebay in the end. Thought as I already had the spaded version it could go. You should enjoy the build as it virtually the same internally. Good luck with it.....
  11. Here's the finished piece if you haven't seen it.......
  12. Hi Rob, how are you and thanks for the kind comments. I take it you mean the Umbau version D, is it by Takom?.......if yes, to my knowledge it was released after the order for Zim to stop being applied. I might be corrected, but it was without. Thanks again mate....enjoy the build. I enjoyed this one a lot as a full interior as you can expose more than a standard Panther interior kit.
  13. Yes, I have to agree with all of the above comments above. Nice job on build and weathering, Panzer Grey isn't easy to do..........
  14. That's a nice job Stix, love the diorama. I have a Firefly waiting for its paint job, you've motivated me to take a look at it again. I'll probably follow your lead on the paint and weathering, really nice job you've done. I wish I had the space for such large diorama's.
  15. Coming along nicely Steve. My bench is still shut down, much to my disappointment. Hope to be back up and running in a month or two. I'm enjoying the build so far......
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