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  1. Afternoon all.....just got some time to post an update of the final splinter camo'. Next step is to plan the red primer that's visible and some of the parquerization beneath in places due some primer loss. Not going to be easy as I want to airbrush the primer, so might have to liquid ask the Zim' and the Dunkelgelb....., hand paint the parquerization, then salt mask and airbrush the red primer in varying shades. The barrel I've decided to do as a replacement with the heat resist grey paint from the factory, and no Dunkelgelb.
  2. Afternoon all.....quick update and a impromptu poll......this is the camo' I decided on as it's vastly different to the usual 3 tone camo'. It's from the Grossdeutchland Regiment in and around Gumbinnen (Northern Poland) June 1944. It's in Rotbraun over the Dunkelgelb, specific to the III/Pz. Rgt. It's gonna be a few more hours once I get on to matching the design to the main hull. Anyway, any comments on proceeding with or switching back to a 3 tone welcome. Regards
  4. Hi Steve, cheers mate.......I decided to use the stock of Tamiya paints I had bought ages ago for this one. Thinning rations differed. On the main Dunkelgelb base coat stage one after priming with the flat earth pre-shadow I did it around 60/40 and sprayed a PSI of around 18-20. The highlight stage (XF-60 with some white) I increased the ration to approximate 70% thinner and same PSI of 18-20. This mornings additional Dunkelgelb tinting to bring it back, I mixed the ration really thin.....nearly 80% thinner at around 12psi (reduce overspray and drift). I wanted to introduce the colour back, wi
  5. AFTERNOON ALL......Finished the base coat. I left off where I thought I'd leave it but decided the Dunkelgelb was lost somewhat, so I upped the tone and left it there. Next step to paint and finalise the last components to add at the end, and then back to the main hull for it's original camo' scheme. I intend to paint the lost Zimmerit areas with a mix of the parquerization and and anti-rust paint. The filter stage and then pin wash with oils will tone it down somewhat. Cheers Simon.
  6. Evening Gents.....after a catch up on new post's; here's a quick update. Managed some time today to get the main colour on........used Tamiya paints for a change to the MIG and Vellejo...went down really nice via an airbrush. Must remember I have this paint for future builds........anyway....here's where she stands. The photo's aren't the best, my apologies. They seem to accentuate things like the Zim', which is really not as prominent as the pics show. Heres the base XF-60 with a pre-shade of XF-52....looks bright I know, but it's a new colour approach I'm trying.
  7. Afternoon all...........I've been asked to transfer my Tiger build over to this mammoth Tiger blog....... I've seem to have been working on it for what seems an age...haven't managed to take many in progress shot's....here are some of the early one's.....followed by where I left off today after priming. Not a bad kit this AFV one. Came with the barrel, which was nice not to have to buy separately. I'm using an ATAK Zimmerit set for the AFV Tiger. I intend to possibly use the left over bits of this set on the next Tiger, which is a Tamiya Mid production.
  8. Sorry Steve.......I would have, but I thought it was like a group build and I was too late......having started into it.., I can switch over and have mine deleted if you want.... As regards the turret top.....I'm not a stickler for absolute detail. My issue was I made a big boob on the turret roof. I didn't read enough before hand and made the mistake in that I thought AFV had got a fit problem and proceeded to scrape down the raised turret roof to be flush........didn't know at that point it was supposed to be like this, and I would then have done a weld bead around, up to the top
  9. Morning all Been some time since I've had the time to come on the forum. I've only had time (and motivation) to trudge along on this Tiger. Getting close to finalising the main hull and turret. I intend to still ad some more Zim here and there in very small pieces still hanging , to break up the bare areas a little more. Had some issues with Voyager PE set. The PE parts for the resin gun cleaning rods were were longer and holes didn't match up for the bolt and wing nut. That was irritating. Well here's some shots.. There was no point in trying to carve off a
  10. That’s correct......exact copies. Just can’t bring myself to pay some of those ridiculous prices on Ebay(or online shops sometimes) Simon
  11. Thanks Steve, appreciate that mate.......I'm trying to split one set of ATAK Zim' between two Tigers. Thanks again. Simon.
  12. Evening all.....a real quick question to the Tiger aficionados out there.....was there Zimmerit behind where the rear storage unit was located at the rear of the turret? Regards Simon.
  13. SUPERB !!!!!!...... outstanding Regards Simon
  14. Hi Wayne, and thanks......so far I have to be honest, there's not a lot to them really. Quite a plain Jane of a vehicle, you wonder where the 250,000 Reich Marks went... I thinks it's going to be the painting that makes it something......have to still decide on where that will go. My pleasure Vaastav......It'll be long one I feel as though I said to Wayne a simple vehicle....the devil will be in the detail. More the merrier Roger .......I'll try and post build stages best I can. I feel the build will be shorter than other....and spend the mos
  15. Evening all......need to build something, so I'm doing my first Tiger............ Picked this AFV one up and thought I'd give it a go. Also throwing in the specific Voyager upgrade and the ATAK Zimmerit. Not sure yet though, where and when and what unit. Still doing some reading. I need to then get a good few hours in walk around pic off the web fir any additional detail, welds etc. I think I might for the first time pick an actual vehicle in an image and follow it. I'll post that one I make my mind up....I have a feeling a tired old lady just before the end of line in April '45 He
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