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  1. That’s some really nice detail work……really nice
  2. Yes, it did and heavily. Especially at the beginning on the first day and the lead up
  3. I like that one. Really cool rare subject…..nicely finished with the Opel in the back, nice touch
  4. Thanks POTW…thought it needed some scale. When you add one, it really shows it was a beast of a vehicle ..
  5. Morning all......little addition to the Bergepanther to complete it......a crew member.....
  6. Evening all.......took a change of project and slipped back onto this Panther. It's been waiting for its camo' for some time, so I got on with it. Here's the first base colour (Vallejo German Camo' Bright Green 080) of the single colour green camo'. I have to do some lighter and darker shade to match the base Dunkelgelb modulation..then an overall softening dusting of Dunkelgelb base colour....hopefully sometime this week.
  7. Thats an interesting approach with the rust effect....must remember that. Might give that a go some day. Nice so far. Regards
  8. Hi Echen, the best tip I can give you on hand painted camo' is many thin layers of a high pigment acrylic.....like Vallejo. On my Tiger with the splinter camo' below....I'd say I needed at least 4 coats. In effect you lay 25% of the final colour at a time. Trying to hand paint camo' in one shot can lead to issues. I tried at first to do it that way, and found that you get raised edges where the paint dry's thicker, and brush marks and will show up at certain angles. The thinner you paint the better, same as airbrushing really. In a way also, you "sculpt" the shapes edges..........as some of the chap's said, weathering will smother a certain amount, but I feel the tighter it is at the beginning the better in the long run......below the Tiger is the Sturm' with hand painted camo' post weathering. ....as you can see, weathering does soften it somewhat.....but I do agree some camo' was applied with a broom or rag's, especially winter camo'.....but from photo's, it seems on most occasions the tankers took some time........as they say, combat is 95% boredom, and 5% absolute terror. I think to fill the 95% they kept themselves busy.....before I forget....the other bonus with very thin paint is you can at the outset; literally draw the final shape, without leaving a raised edge....which you then fill in with the 4+ coats of thinned paint. Hope s this helps somewhat..cheers Simon.
  9. Thanks Ed......appreciate that. It was a fun build and allowed some experimentation in weathering. Building the rear deck from scratch was a task also made the difference in using real wood. Easier to weather. Regards Simon.
  10. Thanks Filippo, the wings. Not sure, maybe stop rain dripping. Does seem a bit of over do, but 'eh, the German's had issue's with that approach..... Cheers Ceser......some said on here that a figure set's off a vehicle and I have to agree. Gives it scale. Thanks Sanfrandragon..... Thanks Vytautas........got the idea of the weld beads from a build I saw on the web. It's one of the reasons I do more Axis armour and vehicles, with the adhoc they had to do the make ends meet. The Flak is a Dragon. Nice kit and an easy build. Thanks again for taking a look mate. Thanks MM.......
  11. Afternoon all......just an update on the RFI from some time back......finally added it's figure. I'm concentrating on figures this coming weeks to have a break from AFV's. Still need to practice the face side of figure painting.....but I think it's down to the sharpness of the figure from the outset...only thing I've noticed from taking a pic is I forgot his cap markings........anyway, here's some update images of the Zug finally done. Maybe next step is to get the diorama started......
  12. That's one hell of a up detailing of that engine....bravo..........excellent so far. Regards Simon.
  13. That's a nice little Panzer III, nice clean work and well done on the diorama.....nice build all round.. Simon
  14. Thanks guy's, appreciate you taking the time to take a look. It was an enjoyable build, but I think Border Models will have that with any one that builds one; as you do with a Tamiya. Perfect fit and really crisp detail. I'd say a brand that PE can be used, but not always essential. I'm looking to trya dnpick up some more Border to put in the stash for the future. Thanks again.....
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