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  1. SUPERB !!!!!!...... outstanding Regards Simon
  2. Hi Wayne, and thanks......so far I have to be honest, there's not a lot to them really. Quite a plain Jane of a vehicle, you wonder where the 250,000 Reich Marks went... I thinks it's going to be the painting that makes it something......have to still decide on where that will go. My pleasure Vaastav......It'll be long one I feel as though I said to Wayne a simple vehicle....the devil will be in the detail. More the merrier Roger .......I'll try and post build stages best I can. I feel the build will be shorter than other....and spend the mos
  3. Evening all......need to build something, so I'm doing my first Tiger............ Picked this AFV one up and thought I'd give it a go. Also throwing in the specific Voyager upgrade and the ATAK Zimmerit. Not sure yet though, where and when and what unit. Still doing some reading. I need to then get a good few hours in walk around pic off the web fir any additional detail, welds etc. I think I might for the first time pick an actual vehicle in an image and follow it. I'll post that one I make my mind up....I have a feeling a tired old lady just before the end of line in April '45 He
  4. Real pleasure to follow.....nice work all round Simon.
  5. Cheers both for that. I'm battling with dust effects at present and trying to blend it all together. I'll definitely be able to carry over a lot learnt on this one for future builds. Thanks again Simon.
  6. Looking good Rob....I like the boxes on the rear, nice detail.....and I know the feeling of internal detail not being seen much.....nice work, keep it up. Simon.
  7. Some nice attention to detail there Vytautas. Taking a lot of notes myself for future builds.........keep it going....... Especially like the variable tones of brass, nice touch. Regards Simon.
  8. Cheers Rob, appreciate that......and yes, he does some really good demo vids, watch him all the time. Don't get much time to sit and review the forum as much, hope to the weekend and catch up on other members projects.. Hi Vytautas, how are you..........and thanks. As regards the camp', I couldn't agree more. Always thought the same, and proved it somewhat on a previous project......my rubble camo' Matilda....... It's a very feature and detail rich type of model with the rear deck, etc. After I did the camo, they; IMHO, sstep well back in it's dis
  9. Morning all.....quick catch up and post on the build.....finally got the running gear and tracks fitted. Bit of a fiddle, but got there in the end. Did some pre-dusting from the application of the MIG acrylic mud I tried out........not a bad product. Good for a base to be improved with pigments etc. So next on this project is to blend the running gear and tracks with dust and some pigments. Overall it's been a difficult build. Learnt a lot in some new techniques I'm studying.....so next project will be improved in some areas I'm not happy with as regards this one. So, a couple of m
  10. Morning all.....just finished the final oil pin wash for detail and shaping. Next is another go of the oil dot technique....which I'm having trouble getting and satisfaction from to date....have to see on this one. I'm going to let is dry for a few day's first. Off to jump to another project. have a good day all..... Simon.
  11. Morning all....change of project, back on the Sturmtiger. I usually forget to put time into the running gear, but with some research on YT; I decided to put time into them. After watching Nightshift and his Hunting Tiger series, I liked his treatment of the wheels, so gave it a go. This is where I found Abteilung oils to be my fave material at present, and might replace a lot of the powders and potions by MIG and AK. I started with the usual MIG 4 colour modulation set, then discovered a great colour for chipping....MIG Dark Tracks 035. Perfect for chipping. I think wh
  12. Cheers John, appreciate that......I wouldn't think the make of oil though makes much difference to the outcome......unless it's a really cheap set from a pound store. The trouble with those is the grain size of the pigment is rough and large. I imagine Windsor and Newton are just as good as Abteilung 502, but 502 has specific colours to what modellers need. Thanks again mate..... Regards Simon.
  13. Thanks for that Stix .........and yeah, would have been fun as with the Panther GB. Just posted my recent progress on the Panzer III N...........mainly been experimenting these last few weeks........some up's and downs ....... Regards Simon.
  14. Afternoon all.......decided to spend some time on this Panzer III that I started back in Feb 2020.......some changes to the original plan of Winterketten tracks etc. I've shifted over to standard Dunkelgelb colour scheme in summer late war. Main reason is, is that I'm doing some new weathering and colour techniques I've seen on YT, so didn't want to complicate the whole project as I've done on the Sturmtiger with a fancy camo' on top of all the standard problems......anyway, here it stands. The big change for me anyway, is the switch to oils as a major painting material. I've inves
  15. Same here.....really enjoyed it and thanks to Dennis.....and thank you all for your votes. I'll plan on joining another in the future.....all the best Simon.
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