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  1. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Thanks Richard, appreciated. Won’t be back on it until early next week; but hope to wrap it up by next weekend thanks again Simon PS Looking forward to your next updates
  2. Redcoat2966

    Pz.kpwf.III ausf.N DAK - Dragon 1/35

    As the guys have said, nice airbrush work....subtle......will enjoy the progress....... Simon.
  3. Redcoat2966

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Hi Ironwork....nice build and paint job so far.....enjoying the updates....... Regards Simon. P.S.....just wondering......do you have shares or an ad contract for the paint company......
  4. yeah, back in the world of plastic that doesn't need a microscope...............look forward to this one Clive, as you say; not something I've seen. I might recognise it from a documentary I may have seen on Normandy and the breakout....looks vaguely familiar. Can't have been many as I'd definitely remember it based on how many doc's I have watched.. Regards Simon. P.S.....Have to say, it's not the most prettiest looking runaround town........reminds me of the Austin Allegro....more aerodynamic in reverse.....
  5. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Cheers Clive......nearly there.....
  6. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Thanks Roger Managed to get it all together today. I’m working on the internal equipment....ie, gas mask case, water bottles etc. Then some external jerry cans and stuff. Hope to get it posted by next week; all finished. cheers Simon
  7. Nice job Clive. I keep having to remind myself it's 1:72.......... Really sharp job, and some nice detail add on's too.... Simon.
  8. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Evening all........hope your all well........progress report. Upper hull "chipped" and main gun fitted. The side walls of the fighting compartment still need fitting permanently, once in they'll be chipped to match the hull Mud finished on lower, just needs blending in once the upper hull. Once the glue is dry and final upper to lower hull is chipped the mud effect will be blended to bring them together. Shot of the rear before the back plate goes on and the detail get's harder to see. Tracks fitted - just need some touch up on chipped areas here and there. Wheels and tracks need a dust coat to bring it all together.
  9. Redcoat2966

    Panther G early Dragon 6384

    Good decision on the Dunkelgelb Soeren, it’s something I do now more and more lighten all colours now by at least 25%.........nice job all round Simon
  10. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Thanks John......I’m putting the most chipping in the crew area and the gun. The exterior will have only near tools And hatches etc. Maybe some on the fenders and running boards. thanks again
  11. Redcoat2966

    Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    EVENING ALL.... A quick update on the Wespe. The main armament is "chipped" and awaiting panel lining. A;; the interior finished, and the lower hull had it's fIrst mud coat.... the tracks have their fist coat of primer and the base rust colour, next on them is a hint of mud dust as I want it to have a more dry mud behind the wheels, and only have wet areas in the running gear....so the track mud will have flaked off and just have light deposits remaining. I'll do a mud blend onto the upper hull once it's attached and the rear fighting compartment wall section is affixed. Quite a complicated build really, and have to make sure the sequence is on track. Doesn't seem like a lot has changed, but here she is........
  12. Redcoat2966

    A30 Challenger.

    I agree with Etienne, not my field of knowledge as regards unusual allied AFV’s......but learning definitely with your builds .....enjoying the progress Simon
  13. Don’t worry DA, I have the same problem when I am about to start.......trepidation indeed. I have to say though, there are some great vids on YT on weathering tutorials.......especially Mig and Wilder. He posted a 27 vid series on finishing a KV-1. It’s excellent as the techniques are transferable to all types. Worth a look. I’ve really brushed up on weathering from these. Don’t give up , Dunkirk spirit ‘an all.... Simon
  14. I don’t know DA, I think you’re holding your own just fine from the build threads I keep up with of yours....... Your stamp collection will have to wait But thank you though. It is really appreciated. Makes even the tedious chipping phase worth while...... cheers... Simon