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  1. Thanks Lee...., the way it's going though, I'm doubting i'll finish by the deadline........let's see. Small update.....wheels are on. Deciding on doing a little dried mud on them, but again time is pressing. I've decided also, to go naked as regards camo'. There were some just left plain Dunkelgelb, and to be honest, they would (I suppose as intended)...obliterate the detail that's given me additional grey hair.. The filter's and wash's are also complete on the main chassis and upper hull. Wheels in detail.....shiny rims an' all.....
  2. Looks very nice Darryl......and don't mention knocking bits off. I can't pick mine up without some damage.....I dropped it the other night when the rear jack broke off I was using to hold it....that ended up with 7 pieces having to be fixed..... Really nice mate...
  3. Thanks Ozzy, I found them......not too expensive too. Cheers Simon.
  4. Thanks both for that.........I have to say Bob, the grab glue make's applying and manoeuvring easy; and you can cut stuff away over the build for parts or battle damage. Something a lot harder if super glued.....hence PE Zim' isn't my choice. I've been told though Bob that I can't post unless finished in the RFI GB....so better get my skates on. With that in mind, I took the opportunity to pop the last tinted layer on the main colour......a cream yellow. It looks quite bright, but I'm pre-empting the darkening with filters etc. Next some highlight detail work and the chains for the
  5. That's a really clever display idea, look tremendous, like it a lot. Nice modelling all round mate. Nice clean build, and I have to say that Zim' is really nice they created. Looks the part very realistic 10 out of 10...... Regards Simon.
  6. Another one doing two at the same time.........., make's me look like I'm dawdling along......nice job Bob, nice camo, very clean lines...nice control of the AB. Looking forward to seeing all finalised at the end. Simon.
  7. Nice work Lee.......on both......you must be a masochist on doing two at the same time on the same blog ....nice work all round though.... Regards Simon.
  8. Ah ha.....a cutaway......nice. Looking very nice Davey. I feel your pain with the internals, and like the bravery to tackle a cutaway version. What's the maker of the 75mm shells mate. I need some for a figure throwing one out on my Kursk Panther I'm still working on. Nice job so far, looking forward to internals exposed this way... Regards Simon.
  9. The one thing about this build is seeing all the alternate build details, especially camo'.....I like this disc camo look.....very distinctive....nice job Robert. Regards Simon.
  10. I'm distinctly getting the feeling mine will be photo finish at the end date........everyone seems to be buttoning up their builds .... Nice job Stef.......couldn't see the final pics as I get the grey blocks......but what I saw, really nice job. I must get back and use the Tamiya paints I have in the inventory....looks like a nice Dunkelgelb you put down.... Nice job all round.... Regards Simon.
  11. Hey, I like that scheme.....just like the pics...very nicely done. Sometime forget to do camo' with a brush as it was in many examples.....or even a broom....looks great.....another one to put on the list to try Regards Simon.
  12. Looking forward to seeing this one Stef.......and how the DW work's out in the build. Make sure you post the issue's as I had some with a DW Flak gun. Curious on how their bigger kits go together. Bummer on the grab glue size........ Good luck.... Regards Simon.
  13. That's a bobby dazzler .......very distinctive camo' scheme.......and thanks for the reminder too on shiny inner wheel rims....put that on my job list. I have a burnishable stainless Mr Color for that. I'll do some test pieces first. Looking good Bob. Regards Simon.
  14. Right.....my Sunday afternoon with a cuppa catch up on the GB, while cooking Sunday dinner......"where's me pinny".... Anyway..... HI Steve.......to my knowledge there's only a few of the PE set's out there and I think they are all Voyager. I tend to go for this brand more and more now.....I got this set of Ebay when I got the main kit. http://www.voyagermodel.com/productdetails.asp?itemid=PE35979 It doesn't come with the skirts or the 20mm cannon shield and barrel parts....they are separate, but I couldn't find anyone that stocked them
  15. Cheers Steve......I think if you did a full internal as well as all the additional external detailing you do as on the Ursula, it'll be a very, very long project......but worth it. I'll get some time to look through all the builds on Sunday....thanks again.. Cheers Lee.......I was thinking about doing something as after this I'm taking a long break from starting.....or even finishing the back log to move to some dioramas for general display....so might develop one. I was going to have the additional shell's for the Sturmtiger in the upper superstructure
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