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  1. Interesting build I must say, with some very nice scratch building. Enjoyable to follow along........
  2. Hi Rob, yes I know the one. I put one in the sale section on here a few months ago....but no takers. I sold it on Ebay in the end. Thought as I already had the spaded version it could go. You should enjoy the build as it virtually the same internally. Good luck with it.....
  3. Here's the finished piece if you haven't seen it.......
  4. Hi Rob, how are you and thanks for the kind comments. I take it you mean the Umbau version D, is it by Takom?.......if yes, to my knowledge it was released after the order for Zim to stop being applied. I might be corrected, but it was without. Thanks again mate....enjoy the build. I enjoyed this one a lot as a full interior as you can expose more than a standard Panther interior kit.
  5. Yes, I have to agree with all of the above comments above. Nice job on build and weathering, Panzer Grey isn't easy to do..........
  6. That's a nice job Stix, love the diorama. I have a Firefly waiting for its paint job, you've motivated me to take a look at it again. I'll probably follow your lead on the paint and weathering, really nice job you've done. I wish I had the space for such large diorama's.
  7. Coming along nicely Steve. My bench is still shut down, much to my disappointment. Hope to be back up and running in a month or two. I'm enjoying the build so far......
  8. Seem's you have a handle on it so far Maddox.......nice weathering on the parts..
  9. Cracking piece of modelling that. 10 out of 10. Nice layout and positioning of the figures. All looks very natural, great job......
  10. Wow, that's nice. Really nicely done weathering.Great job.....
  11. That's a nice piece of modelling, very nice. All very vivid, but at the same time so subtle to give a really well used and combat worn look. Top notch.......
  12. Not my subject matter, but bravo on the build so far......nice clean build and lovely paint job..............
  13. Seems like you're having some little issues, but it's look really good mate. Defiantly a kit I'll look for in future, but as you say maybe check out the Miniart one. I'd lie to know your overall opinion at the end. Painting it looks to be a mamouth task as it does have quite a lot of detail. I have a Jagdpanther on the cards next, with the same issues.
  14. Really like how this is turning out Rob, nice job. I think the Wespe itself is spot on. I know there are some out there that lean towards very light weathering, wear and tear. If you study images, especially the Eastern Front, the AFV's and soft skins were well dogged. I think you've achieved that look. Nice all over.
  15. Nice work Filipino, really nice. Wish I had the same patience. I take it you had plentiful images of the real thing. looking forward to the paint job
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