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  1. I forget to check this section Soeren..........as before....a really good KV that. Th weathering is just right. maybe one day I'll go for a 1/16th.....if my other half conceded some additional room.....if I'm a good lad. Cracking job mate.....
  2. Really coming along Soeren........looking really nice. Lovely subtle weathering.......I do wish I had the space for 1/16th......would be nice to go to town on one, without the aid of a magnifier lamp..... Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing the final piece. Regards Simon.
  3. Really nice job Steve....I like it a lot .....so much that you've motivated me to move into dioramas and have invested in base's sized for the cabinet.......so, onward to get my first one done. I'll be taking some notes from yours. 10 out of 10....... Regards Simon.
  4. Cheers Ed.......... I agree, it does make the difference, and also researching any missing detail that the kit doesn't supply.....like the handles on the locking catch's on the front hatches for the driver and radio chappie...... Cheers Kris......
  5. Thanks Brandon/Darryl, appreciate you both taking a look. It's took some time to get this modulation technique in hand. I'm still playing with it on every new model to perfect my own style. My big battle now is actual colours. As I've mentioned, this is a more warmer "yellow" than the greenish one supplied by the MIG modulation set......so, I invested in the new revised edition of "Real Colors Of WWII" by AK. I'm going to stick to what I see in there. Have to say, if you don't have a copy, I well recommend it. It has confirmed to me that the Dunkelgelb of the Kursk period is greener than you think......so, in two minds whether to green it up a bit, or continue with the more golden yellow hue I was planning.....if anything, I might go with that as it will start to look monotone in the display cabinet....... Thanks again chaps..... Regards Simon.
  6. Hi Soeren....cheers mate ....all the paints are Vallejo except the last colour which was a MIG one from their modulation set. Camo' is going to be some green here and there from the 7th Company 52nd Abteilung, 39th Panzer Regiment in July '43. I believe it was part of the 17th panzer Division.
  7. THANKS ROB..........here's where I got to after a rainy day....all main colour on and modulated. I used a personal modulation set from the main paint stock. PRIMER - AV RAL 8000 Green Brown (Surface Primer) LAYER 1 BASE - AV977/125 Desert yellow LAYER 2 MID BASE - AV913/121 Yellow Ochre LAYER 3 LIGHT BASE - AV916/009 Sand yellow LAYER 4 BASE HIGHLIGHT - AV917/008 Beige LAYER 5 HIGHLIGHT - MIG-094 Dunkelgelb Highlight I still have to do highlight detail painting, and then on with markings prior to the filter wash's.
  8. Afternoon all.....just a quick update.......it's primed... I've decided on a more "yellow" Dunkelgelb, starting with RAL8000 Green Brown primer by Vallejo.....rather than the greener MIG 4 tone modulation set. Hopefully later this week I'll get started on final 4 colour modulation. Cheers all Regards Simon.
  9. Hi Soeren..... I would rate ET PE as equal to Voyager and Aber, easily...........Eduard for me to date, have been over complicated in some sets I've done and I only use them if I have to....and as you say, ET is very reasonably priced in comparison. I'd certainly get ET again. The Kursk specific Voyager set was OK....the cast engine parts on the rear deck were not a good fit at all, and I didn't use them in the end. The specific tool box for Kursk was to be honest, impossible to bend. I think who ever designed, it just didn't think about how it needs to be bent. A two part construction with seperate angled panels attaching to flange side walls..........and separate hinges would have been better.....5/10 for that one... The side skirts are Aber, as I couldn't find the ET skirts which are a separate from the main set which has the brackets. The ET brackets are more accurate than the Aber from what I can see in my research, as they come with the receiving bracket that attaches to main hull. I'm keeping them for another Panther in the future. The handles I just bend with my pliers mate.....I have a bending jig somewhere...must dig it out and make it easier for my self.. The one comment I have overall is all brands do it, ( I think ).....they expect you to roll for example the gun cleaning tube nearly 80mm long.....as well as those tiny little 1.5mm tube sections on the tool racks. Trust me, you're better to get specific thin wall 1.5mm brass tube and drill the hole for the locking pins. The gun cleaning tube in scale is, if I remember is 6mm in diameter....a lot more easy than trying to roll flat brass pieces, even if heated to soften. Hope this helps mate....
  10. Thanks Soeren.......maybe they do, but you can't mould them thin enough.....like the tool racks, exhaust brackets, jack bracket, spare track brackets etc. This one is a 2002 production, can't imagine the new 2020 one is vastly different. Maybe they tried here and there......I mean you can't mould the tubes with the locking pin hole on the tool racks as that would be a slide mould part. There's the usual tool clamps etc that can't be moulded as sharp either. I would say though that Dragon kits are one brand that can be built without PE as they attempt more detail than most........I'd have to get a 2020 Panther by Dragon to see.....but at £65+....it'll be some time....... Where they need to improve though is the weld seams and detail that is welded on....... I'll take some better pics for you this week of the smoke dischargers. These are the layout on the final approved Panther D just prior to Kursk as seen on the factory test unit. They had to improvise as the lifting lugs got in the way. You'd have to check up on final production specs to see if they changed after. Regards Simon.
  11. Thanks Gerry.......it's been on and off; but nearly there. Same here Roger.....I always hate this stage as I get impatient and forget some minor detail........so doing my check list.....and then onto primer....thanks again. Cheers Chris......I love plenty of bling.... Thanks Darryl.....and yes, itching to get some primer on. It's surprising when you do a full detail build, how much is missing on a standard out of the box build.....hopefully when painted it'll be visible... Thanks Krisjan......look forward to seeing that after your Stug build was so enjoyable to follow..........is it a full interior Panther? Thanks all Regards Simon.
  12. Nice job on the Jeep Steve.....going to make a nice scene on the dio' when complete.....looking forward to see it...... Regards Simon.
  13. Morning all.......before I kick off todays outside chores I thought I'd post some work to date on this Panther at Kursk. I was waiting for 1.5mm thin wall brass tobe to come in to complete the tool racks and rear tow cable connection point. Well here we go, nearly there....just tracks, track racks at the rear and some minor details here and there like the chain on the tools. I'm also considering scratch build a commanders hatch support I've seen on a Panther at Kursk. I spent most of the day yesterday on the side skirts which still need the locking brackets added. I've kept the battle damage to a minimum as they were in combat, but as we know they didn't perform well and spent a lot of time being fixed. Along with the missing side plates the front mud guards will be missing; bar the left one you see in the pics. The hatches will be open in the final along with the communication one on the side. I've spotted some figures that will go with it too. Hope you like and chat later maybe. Cheers all.... Regards Simon.
  14. I must try this hairspray technique one day...... nice results on this PIII
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