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  1. Redcoat2966

    Panther G early Dragon 6384

    Hi Soeren Thanks mate......I learned a lot on the SIG 33, especially the painting. I know now that to lighten the colours across the board as the weathering takes takes it back quite a bit. I’ll lighten them by 20% next time and really accentute the modulation. Take a look at these http://migjimenez.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/modulation-and-weathering.html?m=1 http://rustandthecity.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/tutorial-dunkelgelb-colour-modulation.html?m=1 interesting read Nice camo you did there though. I know the apprehension just before you start..... You can’t beat a Panther for some painting fun Simon
  2. Redcoat2966

    Panther G early Dragon 6384

    I have a Panther waiting in the wings to build........tempted even more now , nice work to Soeren regards Simon
  3. Cheers Francis I managed to do a little more yesterday and finalised the tarp fold back. Then did a final mat spray. I have to say the Windsor & Newton Galleria Matt varnish is superb. Easily sprayedmixed with alcohol. Went down great with a totally flat finish. Great recommendation from Robw_uk i might add some slight areas with a slight sheen to it as actual paint was in areas not effected by dust etc. Probably around the top hatch. I won’t be back on it until later on the week. Anyway, at least I have the Hinckley model show tomorrow to go to Thanks again Francis Regards Simon
  4. Redcoat2966

    KV-2, Trumpeter 1:35

    Love it......a vehicle on my list. All very subtle weathering all round. 10 out 10...... Regards Simon
  5. Hi Kris Yes.........I'm yet to tackle the lower hull. I have to partially mud the inner hubs of the wheels and dust the vertical walls of the rubber parts of the tires. But I want to do the tracks first then match the wheel weathering colour to the tracks; once I have them on and fitted. Regards......
  6. Morning John...........thanks mate. I still have to tint one of the flaps to match the dust covered area. Then she's done......... You know, I was just talking to a family member and realised this is the first model I have completed since I was in my late teens, as the last 30+ years have been so hectic with my career and other obligations; I never found the time for myself and what I'd like to do......I'm on top of the world at the moment....enjoying every minute.. Have good day mate....
  7. Hi Vanelin Without a doubt a copy.....hence the free shipping I looked for. Thought I’d see what they look like.
  8. Well Gents....hope your evening goes well. I'm calling it a day on the upper hull and tarp. Just going to get the running gear finished and tracks. Maybe get to that on Thursday night.....I hope......... If not then next week it is. just got to also finalise the stowage as well......and pop it on....put that on the list.....
  9. Anytime Clive,........ there again....could be "the blind leading the blind"....only kidding ......you can always message me or ask on any particular points Clive, always pleased to help. I've started keeping a note book of formulas and sequences etc. Tough to remember sometimes what % mix for colours and mud etc. Thanks Francis..............the mud took a few layers with a toothbrush over the weekend......, but I like how it came out. Made a few mistakes in the sequence in doing the mud, but have made a note for the next one.....on to the canvas t'night, see if I can perk it up..... Thanks again both Simon.
  10. Hi Clive, cheers mate. much appreciated. I've learnt a hell of a lot doing this one....wash's, mud etc etc.....been fun. Made some boobs on the way, that took some fixing, but all part of the learning curve...... Cheers Simon.
  11. Evening all....I hope your all enjoying the perfect weather. Managed some time today after cutting the grass...... So got into final weathering stages. All thats really to do now is the blending of the wheels, tracks and the top cover. A final panel lining and the figure I got coming. Here's the front. managed to build up some mud where the fender is missing. I went for a dry mud look with wet areas more on the very lower hull as though is was going through occasional wet grass and puddles etc. The wet area's can be seen just around the running wheels etc. The rear ......another missing fender and the build up and water creep on the bottom sections. Also decided to paint the fire extinguisher to add some sparkle..... And finaly the top. Need to do some more work on the tarp to get some better 3D look and layers. And finaly the figure I picked up off Ali Express for £3.50.....with free shipping....can't argue with that.........I haven't painted figures in many a year, so looking forward to getting it done when it arrives. I might get some extra time in before the weekend. If not then back on the bench early next week. Regards....Simon.
  12. Redcoat2966

    Pzr IV/70(A) Sd.Kfz.162/1

    Looking nice Peter. Nice paint job.......I’m just about to doa mud layer on my SIG 33.....been experimenting all day. I like what you’ve done . Not to much and subtle ..... Regards Simon
  13. Redcoat2966

    Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Top notch job...,.....10 out of ten. I might have to nab those pics for my archive of finished builds for reference.....very nice and subtlety realistic Simon
  14. Redcoat2966

    AFV Club Churchill Mk IV 75mm Gun

    Tough to comment on this one Richard......it's a little bit beyond impressive. Having now the time to get into scratch building myself and issues of scale and making components, I can appreciate just based on what I've attempted myself to realise that this is top shelf mate. Maintaining this accuracy at 1/35 as you have, I can only say is an enviable skill.....10 out of 10... Simon.
  15. Cheers Richard, much appreciated. I'm thoroughly enjoying at last the time to do AFV modelling. I've spent years reading about it.......and looking at the results of others on modelling forums.....thanks again. Regards Simon.