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  1. I find oils are the best Darryl for figures. I paint the main colours in acrylics and then the shading and detail in oils as it doesn't dry fast and easy to blend with white spirit dampened brush etc. Simon.
  2. Me too........I need to do more of them. Looking forward to seeing this one built, and see if there's anything I need to know (not that I imagine many issues with a Tamiya).........had this one on the radar since it was released. Looking good so far. Simon.
  3. Hi Darryl......that does look the biz now you have started the weathering, nice chipping and scratch work. I agree with Soeren, toned down orange does look the part. We should all learn to not feel "loud" camo is out of character for the Axis......far from it. Simon.
  4. Cheers guys.....appreciate that..... As regards stowage etc, thats in the works. The scale of the mud Mostrich was done right after posting. I find you need to study a project in photo form.....it's surprising how much you see, compared to in the flesh. I also changed the windscreen to no wiper blade mark and just hand cleaned like the rest of the windows up front. Thanks again. Simon.
  5. Just wanted to say thank you all for the big thumbs up on the GAZ, and yes planning on roof luggage. I might just have some shapes beneath a tarpaulin.....not sure yet. As regards a base and figures Darryl. That might be in it's future, as I intend to have a generic base on each of the 7 shelves I have in my cabinet. Individual base's for each finished piece is not on the cards at present as I have anywhere to put them........., maybe in time space will free up. Thanks again chaps.....
  6. Cheers Clive..... been a fun one to do......used it as a break from the Takom full interior Panther....thanks again mate... Simon.
  7. The bus itself is finished, but for the luggage etc on the roof rack....now in the RFI section.......
  8. Evening all.......complete this one this week. Just have to find and work out what will go on the roof rack. But for all but a few minor final touch's. Hope you like......
  9. Yes, I agree with all of the above. Really nice job that. Nice weathering......
  10. That's a nice T-34, and love all the upgrading. Nice clean work. That 50 cal looks really nice. Good work mate..looking forward to colour going on.... Regards Simon.
  11. Thanks to you both for that.......really appreciate you taking a look..
  12. Scratch that idea on the engine detail.........after a long look, it seems all that can be seen is the air filer and some side pipes......so why increase the pain............ In fact I might even leave the engine out, and use in a future diorama of a engine change on a Panther.....
  13. Hi Soeren, yes I think so too...........although I don't think finished this side of Christmas though......... I'm at the start of all the research for interior colour, engine/transmission details, etc, etc......so if anyone out there has some really nice B&W drawings of the HL230....wouldn't mind seeing them........ I have a few of photo's, but really need tech drawings showing all the minor plumbing etc. Going to continue searching the web.....need a Hilary Doyle type tech drawing..... Anyway.....on with the research...
  14. YES SEAHAWK.......Very much so. I saw a documentary where a Cromwell tank commander felt the round go through between his legs after I think decapitating the driver and out the engine compartment......it was alright saying the T-34 and Sherman won the war, as we had plenty of them, but usually that's said by those who didn't have to go out in them......
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