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  1. Redcoat2966


    Thanks to both of you for that......... Well, no longer a cad drawing.......it's had it's first round of B&W pre-shading..... I need to touch up here and there, and strengthen some of the white along the mud guards and fenders. Once that's in hand, some small detail highlighting in a lightened primer (50/50 with white). Concentrate on hinges and bolt heads.......then a final choice on main colour base coat....I'm considering Yellow Ochre 913/121 from AV as base then second detail coats of Golden Brown 877/125 then final shadow areas in Camo Orange Ochre 824/128 Maybe get on it Sunday for the detail and main colour....until then....nite all Simon.
  2. Redcoat2966


    Hi John...thanks for that....I do have a couple of jars of Tamiya knocking around.....but I'm mostly using AV Vallejo Model Colour.....I picked up a complete set off Ebay for £150 a few years ago.....so for now I'm chugging through them. I only recently dug them out, and a few have settled and so I have to cut open the bottle, and give them a good mixing and strain them for airbrushing and transplant to a new bottle.....I'm planning on mixing a blend to result I hope with a lighter version of the colour which will darken with weathering. Thanks again. Thanks Sleeper, and no; you carry on. Always good to have this info....not just for my builds; but if another member is planning in the future. I intend to also build the standard Cromwell as I have a PE set for it......as all this info on this and Bullbaskets Centaur will definitely come in handy. Cheers ================================================= Well here she stands after final detail readied for the B&W phase. I managed to get the rear exhaust hoods popped off...........much more preferable a look and I can see the grills now..........tow cables attached, all tools ready for off vehicle painting and added at the end. Also the lifting lugs for the turret will be added after those complicated decals on the turret are finished.......It'll be a few days on the B&W. I need to work out which details and directions to do etc.
  3. Redcoat2966

    RMASG Centaur.

    Hi John.........I agree, it's needed on some areas of some kits.........I start to draw the line at replacing perfectly good engine deck hinges with brass.......I would prefer if Voyager had supplied the rear fenders. I know they also sell a fender kit, but as the Centaur (possibly ) had the rear step one's; it wouldn't have hurt them to put them in this PE set. I mean replacement hatch covers would have been helpfull for those wanting to have them open.....but hinges.....you really need that special tool I've seen for putting those together....I think I'll stick with my new method of grooved rod....lot cleaner...... Simon.
  4. Thanks Ian.....appreciate your comments Regards Simon
  5. Redcoat2966


    Hi Kris....I'll try and photo the sequences as best I can. I chose the grey Ultimate primer as it "hopefully" will soften the line between the B&W areas. Just an idea as I noticed when I did the B&W on my Steyer and on the 20mm Flak, there was an abrupt delineation between the two areas. So experimenting to see if I can soften it a little. I'm also going to hand paint after the airbrush some lighter shades of the primer mixed with white on specific details etc....then on with a coat of this brown. Still have to look through my Vallejo's to find something yet. Hopefully over the weekend, or tomorrow even with some movement on colour if I get the final onboard detail done. Simon.
  6. Redcoat2966

    RMASG Centaur.

    Hi John, yeah....they were a tough one's to do as I wanted to have one set working so I could pop the tool in after painting....many an hour screaming and swearing Simon.
  7. Redcoat2966


    Hi John.....thanks mate......I'm going to try and get all the final details done this week. I'm looking forward to starting the painting on this one, as all that I have read this Centaur brown, that it's a tough one......so looking forward to see how it turns out. I'm going to try a tight B&W effect, and see if I can keep the brown alive somewhat. Thanks to everyone for your input. I don't want to sound ungrateful to that gang in anyway.....in fact it's impressive the depth of detail you all have......if I let my burgeoning OCD get the best of me, I'll never finish a project....... Cheers John
  8. Hi both.....just got back and have internet access, so sorry for the delay in my reply....thanks for taking a look and your very positive comments, really appreciate them. I'm contemplating the Hornise as my next build Badder, it's neck and neck with the 8ton semi track with 37mm flak.....so once my Centaur is finished I'll have my next build decided on....although I still have the finish the 20mm addition to the Zugkraftwagen still...... Thanks
  9. Redcoat2966

    RMASG Centaur.

    Hi Chaps.....I think I'll leave mine on the kit.....for the pure reason those dam brackets took some time to put together and I ain't taking them off....... Simon.
  10. Redcoat2966


    Hiya gang....I'm back......and have just run through above and on Bullbasket's Centaur build thread........seems I've built a real hybrid.....and I now this may be seen as heresy ..and taking a risk of being chased through the village by pitchforks .........but I'm sticking with it as it is.....except I might see if I can pry off the rear exhaust covers....they cover over the nice grill detail.....so I'll see where I get with that as the cryo is pretty strong stuff I use..... Thanks again chap's, enjoyed all your input......... Hi Soeren, it actually is just brass rod, with the lines grooved in with a large snap off blade. I marked the increments of the hinge and just ran the rod back and forth with the blade edge enough to indent the lines. There didn't seem to be any point trying to do the hinges they supply, as the lids weren't going to open or close types.
  11. Redcoat2966

    1/35 Jeep

    Ditto on that Carius, really nice job......love the base.. Simon
  12. Redcoat2966


    Evening all......not been around much lately and only just catching up with the recent posts on projects. But got some time in this week on and off and managed to get it to the primer stage. Had some issues with the Voyager here and there....but nothing too bad......a few parts that just had bad measurements, or were just beyond reason on the complexity.....on some parts , it would have been better to make separate parts. The rear exhaust units for one........ Anyway, here's naked without primer. There are few parts missing like the lifting lugs on the turret. But they need to go on after the ranging decals.......looking forward to putting those on..... (not ) A few tools missing as they need to be painted off until final application on the fenders. I did the tracks Friuls first, but couldn't be bothers for the pics....I don;t want to handle them too much as issues in connections and scratches etc. Here we go Here she is all primed up. Certainly looks better and all the detail is visible. I decided even though Voyager supplied hinges and other detail for the back deck. I decided the Tamiya was more than adequate for the look. Sometime, PE can go a little too far. It would have been better to have the rear mud guards than pointless hinges and catches..... Nite all....off again for a week or so......so see you all around and will try to pop in on new posts on work in progress postings......cheers Simon.
  13. Redcoat2966

    RMASG Centaur.

    Glad to see your back on it John, and looking really good so far. The actual kit arrived Friday and managed a few hours so far over the weekend. I concentrated on the turret mostly and the chassis this morning for a couple of hours. The more I get into the Voyager PE, the more Iwished I’d chosen another brand..... I dry fitted the already size incorrect stowage bins, to discover they overshoot the location by nearly 2mm.......nothing really to worry about, but confirms the wrong sins on the stowage bins is an error of overall size and not just the lid being wrong in width. Anyway.....I’ll post where I stand on my Centaur tonight............we got ourselves a mini group build..... Catch you later Simon
  14. Really nice piece BM........an interesting subject and project I’m considering myself Lends itself to allow the top opening and seeing the internal detail.....big thumbs up Simon
  15. Redcoat2966

    Marder III Panzerjäger - DAK

    Nice job Carius, love the whole look. Nice weathering, even though heavy it hasn't overwhelmed the look...certainly looks like it has been through some hard use.... Simon.