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  1. Yesterday
  2. Well, it's not progressed much, the falcon got primed and had some aftermarket resin parts fettled and dry fitted. As for the trench itself, I've sourced some tiles, so 6"x6" resin tiles and some 4"x4" plaster tiles from eBay about to years ago, not to mention all the regular tiles from all the other kits I've assembled since this original post. I don't think that vacforming would get the level of detail necessary I'd like, but if do go down the tile replication route it would probably be silicon and plaster. I've rather entered the modeller malaise, lots of stuff started only to be shelved until another bright shiny thing comes along. There's what's left of my model railway stored in the garage, the kit stash, the ham radio gear and all the electronics odds and sods. Another decade or two and then I can retire and have time to do it all....... yeah I don't believe me either.
  3. She is a real beauty and a credit to your build and painting skills. Although the "biomechanical" machine concept has been ripped off ever since the first movie, I think Giger's designs still have a kind of chilling grandeur about them. What a shame Ridley Scott had to go and wipe out the air of mystery with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant... Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  4. That's because it has masking tape on it as it had been painted white
  5. looks good so far, maybe time for a look to the entrance of the bulge on top, in front of the fin, that one doesn't look smooth
  6. Scale Solutions lovely resin Derelict kit completed. Compared to the Halcyon Nostromo,they appear to be a similar scale. Very Happy to have a big derelict in the collection,its one of my favourite designs ever. Andy
  7. As it's such a lovely, bright, sunny, & warm day, a quick application of Zircon blue was in order: All the best Angelo.
  8. I think some wascally "creature" has stolen it; that's why he's so angry. And yes, he looks very good -- angry, but good.
  9. 22 MAY 1965 Project Fire 2 This was a Command Module configuration test, with an Atlas-D boosting a small scale-model of the spacecraft to high altitude before a solid-fuel rocket slammed it back into the atmosphere to test the capsule’s performance during re-entry at a velocity that would be experienced by a vehicle returning from the Moon. 1969 Apollo 10 Crew: Tom Stafford (CDR); Eugene Cernan (LMP); John Young (CMP) CSM: Charlie Brown; LM: Snoopy Stafford and Cernan undocked the Lunar Module and fired the descent engine to take it to within 15km of the lunar surface. This was the point at which the descent engine would be fired again to take the LM down for a landing but that was for the next mission: after a few more orbits the ascent engine was fired, simulating a launch from the lunar surface. Here there was a brief moment of panic as the ascent stage spun wildly out of control: it was later established that an incorrectly-set switch meant that the computer immediately began trying to locate the CSM. Had the crew not regained control when they did, it is likely that they would have crashed on the Moon. However the crew's skill ensured a safe return and after docking they reported back, "Snoopy and Charlie Brown are hugging each other!" 1981 Soyuz 40 landing Crew: Leonid Popov (CDR); Dumitru Prunariu [Romania] (RC) Landing site: 225 km SE of Dzheskasgan This was the final flight of the original Soyuz configuration (albeit modified several times along the way, not least following the Soyuz 11 accident when its capacity was reduced to two): the upgraded Soyuz-T was already in service. Popov and Prunariu had spent a week aboard Salyut 6, their Soyuz the last manned spacecraft to dock there. Flight time was 7d 20h 42m and 124 orbits.
  10. I use Vallejo glaze medium, which comes in the same bottles as their paint. You add a drop or two of the medium to the paint you want to use for a wash and mix it in. Adding it results in the paint becoming more translucent, and also has the effect of extending the drying time. The more medium you add to the paint, the more transparent it becomes. You can then use the paint as a regular wash, or as a glaze to tint underlying colours. Andy
  11. I forgot about that bit. If you feel tired, take a nap, they help a lot. Positive vibes! This is your second chance at this life business, don't waste it.
  12. I'm not sure, I don't have any plans but this build was the most fun build I have ever undertaken. I'm also not sure how AA would take to any challenge to him being the most Supreme Being in the household.
  13. Last week
  14. hi Pete! Thanks for the reply, yes, I am listening to the Doc, I'm having a bit of a bumble about, but get tired very quickly,glad You got sorted after Yours. Take care, cheers, Pete
  15. Hi. Great work, as always. And, as always, if you do not place a reference object near anyone would think about its actual size. ¡¡¡Amazing!!! Please, could you explain carefully what you mention of the glazes made with Vallejo paint and its Glaze Medium? Thanks. Cheers.
  16. Hi. I have been completely ecstatic looking at this incredible work. By imagination, by construction and by a perfect painting. Congratulations !!! Cheers.
  17. Yes, Lego! I think this is ok for this part of the model. We will see how it looks after the painting.
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