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  1. Yesterday
  2. Getunderit

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    If possible, try and add material to block the light from entering unwanted areas. I had used a sheet of card, glued next to the LED, as a blind. Also have used aluminium foil (don't short the LED leads with this!), to block areas out. The trimpot has three connections. You only need two. One must be the centre connector, the other can be either one of the other two.
  3. Put a large claw on the end of your crane which resembles the beak of a flamingo.
  4. rockpopandchips

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    Thanks guys will have a go at adding another resistor. Not seen these before very interesting, I will look into using these. Thanks. For now testing the lights, you see the upper cabin is going to need some filler.
  5. Getunderit

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    Yes you can add another resistor. I would add anything between 100-500 ohms. Or even add a 500 ohm trimpot, and vary the brightness to your desire. The build is looking great. The blue light in the front cockpit (mouth) is a fantastic idea.
  6. Jaktis

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    Looking good! No problem, add a series resistor and it will dim the light from the led
  7. Thanks Andy! The more i look at him at the minute with just the base colour he looks like a tau fire warrior! Cheers Pete! Yeah I've actually given the plant colour a lot of thought, im a little torn. Green would be good because it makes it obvious they are alien plants and its a good base colour to make the inner parts really stand out with colour. But i do really want to make them very alien with a garish colour, im currently thinking im going to do them blue, and maybe airbrush on some darker blue (or some contrasting orange??) patterns to the petals and tentacles with purple blood/slime oozing all over.
  8. Short update, back in town again and time to glue. This time the starboard side. After the usual treatment we get something like this (sorry for the bad picture, perhaps it's time to bring forward the real camera). And now, it's time to sleep. Good night!
  9. rockpopandchips

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    Cheers all now back to the usual cock ups, I'm working on the cabin lights as an after thought,never a good idea. I only have blue LED's so blue it is. The upper deck leeks light like a culender lower deck is OK, front viewing space is a mess. Totally drilled the hole in the wrong place and the LED is way to bright. I made a defuser for it but it still a bit brighter than I would like. These are 9v per wired LED with a resisters already in place, anyone know if I can I add another resister?
  10. My pocket thanks you (sarcsatically) for this news Now where's my B-Wing?
  11. Thank you @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @oileanach, @The Chief Smeg, @Brundledonk, @harveyb258, @Gorby, @Jaktis, and @rockpopandchips for your . _____________ Not much to report today. Have been busy cleaning the abode. Came across a pair of scratched polarized sunglasses (found on beach a few years ago). Decided to use them as a window for the ADLIB-1. Will attach one lens to an RC type servo for rotation purposes. Have the amount of polarization automatically change according to whatever sensor I use (light, Infrared, or ultrasonic). Both lenses will mostly be hidden within he vessel's shell. What will be shown is a portion of both lenses (the window). The rotating lens will be the bottom lens. In effect, it should not be noticeable that two lenses are used and one is rotating.
  12. GordonD

    Astronaut Birthdays for June

    June 18th Vitali Zholobov (1937) USSR Selected 1963 Soyuz 21/Salyut 5 Expedition 1, 6 July - 24 August 1976 (49d 6h 23m) Retired January 1981 Information from Spacefacts website
  13. Sadly not. I don't think Bandai could do an R3 with their current astromech dome. There's too much internal structure that would show up if it was moulded in clear. I guess it would be possible to slide mould a clear dome so maybe they'll do one in the future. I hope they do, as it would be nice to complete the set. The two black ones are R2-Q5 and R5-J2, both Imperial droids. They were both shown alongside the reworked R2-D2 and R4, but they didn't have release dates or prices. The new promo shot kind of implies that R2 and R4-I9 will be sold together, like the previous R2/R5 set, but the info cards from the Tokyo show list different release dates and prices. September and 2,300 yen for R2 and November and 2,100 for R4-I9. Hopefully, they're not being sold individually now. 2,100 yen is around the price of the original R2/R5 set, so if these are sold separately at the same price it's a big increase. I suppose it's possible that we'll get one of the black ones included with each. R2-D2 with R5-J2 and R4-I9 with R2-Q5. The black ones make sense as releases as there's no re-tooling required. They just need moulding in black rather than white. It will make it a little harder if you want to repaint then as different droids though. Andy
  14. That 2nd one isn't an R3 droid, is it? It would have been cool to see a collection of an R2, R3, R4 and R5 together, although i don't know how they'd really do the R3's opaque dome easily.
  15. Last week
  16. Thanks Pete. I can relate. I wear glasses now to see things on my desk. Recently bought clip-on magnifiers at x 1.5 to see those small 1/144 and 1/150 figurines. There is not much more one can do about the visual. But there is another problem which can be overcome, and that is to have a steady hand. At first, fear got me to be tense with the fine paintbrush. No matter how hard I tried my lines were wriggly (and still is at times). It is trying that stuffs me up. Trying is like struggling with indecision/doubt, my hand does not know which way to go. Then I had to learn to relax. Accept stuff ups. I often say to myself "Oh well, if I stuff it up and can always paint over it." That often relaxes me, and then I can do a reasonable job of it.
  17. There is something in the water on this site at the moment as there is some serious micro surgery going on in a few threads. Looks great and I'm amazed that anyone can work with things so small and make a decent job of it. These days I'm struggling even with an optivisor and even though I can't see the parts in front of me I'm using lenses so thick I can see the future lol Pete
  18. Brundledonk

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    Mind blown !
  19. Brundledonk


    Wow just stunning work Will ! Honestly I'm blown away and the glow effect is lovely. it's not just your brush work that is impressive your pictures are lush mate and it looks like I could reach into the screen and pick a figure up, man I wish I could get pictures half as good as that. It's work like this that inspires to have a go at these kind of miniatures and in fact I have some stashed away and this has made me decide to dig them out and have a go. the wet pallete looks very good too Pete
  20. You were right: source PREODER STARTS ON 20 TH JUNE, 2018 1/12 R2-D2(ロケットブースターVer.)ROCKET BOOSTER VERSION 1/12 R4-I9 「ドロイド・コレクション」DROID COLLECTION
  21. Brundledonk

    Bandai Vehicle Model Millennium Falcon

    That's looking rather nice and will really come together once you get those panels painted in. Out of interest what scale I'd this kit ? I can't get an idea of size from the pictures and it has a lot of great surface detail on it but I'm assuming it's a small scale Pete
  22. I reckon that suit colour will look even more amazing against the base once it's painted. What colours are you going to go for for the tentacles ? I'm guessing green but as its an alien life form the world is your oyster for that Pete
  23. Brundledonk

    Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    The to do list is getting much smaller now but there's still a fair bit left to do. The waist amd shoulder armour has detailed parts that fit to the back so I need to get those painted then there still the shield to build and paint along with the bazooka, pulse rifle, and casing for the back pack as well as a couple of figures. hopefully I'll be back on it tomorrow and and get it closer to finished but I'll see what pans out cheers me dears Pete
  24. Brundledonk

    Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    The forearm armour can open and close to show a little of the frame detail And with the 1/144 real grade Gundam to show the size difference
  25. Brundledonk

    Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    It doesn't look like I've done much but all the remaining white armour now has decals, a bit of wash and has been sealed with a couple of coats of Matt varnish (Tamiya ) Not many parts in the pic above as I've fitted the others to the suit ( shoulders and waist blue tacked on ) leg panels open
  26. Looking really good HR,Like others have noted i really like the"Retro" colour scheme.
  27. Brundledonk

    Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    In a perfect world it would be nice to have 2 so one could be displayed fully covered and one with just the inner frame but it's ok with just half showing. I honestly gave no thought to which side would remain uncovered it was truly an unconscious decision, I'm left handed so when I fitted the armour I automatically used my right hand to hold the body and my left to fit the armour and that's how it came to be. it means the shield will end up on his right arm and the gun in the other so my Gundam is going to be left handed too lol. thank you for the kind words mate, much appreciated Pete
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