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  2. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for January

    16 JANUARY 1969 Docking of Soyuz 4 & 5 As Western observers had anticipated, Soyuz 5 began a series of orbital manoeuvres that brought it into proximity with its predecessor and ultimately the first docking of two manned spacecraft was achieved. Then, with the respective Commanders sealed inside their Re-entry Modules, the Orbital Modules were depressurised and Khrunov and Yeliseyev carried out an EVA transfer between the two craft. This was necessary because this version of Soyuz, unlike Apollo, had no internal tunnel. As the EVA began Khrunov's safety tether became tangled and though he was able to free it quickly Yeliseyev was distracted and forgot to set up a movie camera that would have filmed the crossing. The EVA lasted 37 minutes and the two cosmonauts entered Soyuz 4 where they presented Vladimir Shatalov with letters from his family and a newspaper reporting his launch. The Soviets announced the docking as "the world’s first experimental cosmic station with four compartments for the crew" which was something of an overstatement! The two spacecraft undocked after four and a half hours. 1978 Soyuz 26 landing Crew: Vladimir Dzhanibekov (CDR), Oleg Makarov (FE) Landing site: 310 km W of Tselinograd The Soyuz 26 spacecraft had been launched on 10 December the previous year but its crew on landing had only been in orbit for less than a week, having carried out the first 'Taxi Flight' where they left behind their fresher capsule for the future use of the resident Salyut 6 crew. Flight time for the cosmonauts was 5d 22h 59m. 2003 STS-107 launch Crew: Rick Husband (CDR), Willie McCool (P), David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Michael Anderson, Laurel Clark (MS), Ilan Ramon [Israel] (PS) 113th Shuttle mission; 28th and last flight of Columbia Unlike most Shuttle missions of this era, STS-107 was not an assembly flight for the ISS but carried out independent scientific research designated US Microgravity Laboratory. However the mission would end in tragedy as the leading edge of the Orbiter's port wing had been damaged during the launch phase, which would lead to the vehicle breaking up during re-entry.
  3. Mikey-1980

    Enterprise D refit!

    I am tempted to do this wilth my Enterprise D that i built when I was 14......strip it right back and start again. May I ask where you got the decal from please?
  4. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    1:144 Star Wars Resistance Fireball (Kitbash)

    Interesting design ? Nice looking build
  5. Yesterday
  6. I finished this model ages ago, but it took a long time to get around to taking studio photos of it. The new animated show "Star Wars: Resistance" is a mixed bag, IMO. I love the animation style (I grew up watching Robotech, the US-import version of the Macross Saga, so I love the anime style applied to Star Wars) and some of the ship designs are quite cool, while some of the characters are.....anyway. I fell in love with the main hero ship, the constantly-in-need-of-repair Fireball, which came about from one of Lucasfilm's showrunners wondering what an X-wing designed around the F4U Corsair would look like. While the actual ship doesn't directly share any parts with the T-65 X-wing or the F4U Corsair, you can get pretty close my mashing the two together, which is what I did with a Bandai Vehicle Model T-65 X-Wing, and an AFV Club 1:144 scale F4U. The AFV club model was very nice to work with, with plastic that's compatible with Tamiya extra fine cement. I had to do a lot of chopping, filing, and repositioning of various parts, as well as replacing the X-wing wing cannons with music wire and aluminum tubing, since they predictably broke off in all the handling. The paint job took ages - SO much masking. There are 4 base colors, and quite a few odd panels. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I didn't really keep a build log outside of Instagram, but there are a bunch of WIP and primered photos in a flickr album.
  7. BadKarma75

    Bandai PG Millennium Falcon

    That’s a sexy bird you’ve built there
  8. Carts

    Imperial Knights

    Pure quality Will,Lovely.
  9. Cheers Guys! The last few days have been mainly "Egg" based (Which,In fairness,I never thought Id have to say..........again) :0 I lined the inside with tin foil then scratched away an opening so when lit it appears translucent,and as I guessed,you cant really see the facehugger,but it looks like something is in the egg.When not lit it appears fairly solid,So job done I reckon. In pitch black
  10. Carts

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    Very impressive,and the figures are excellent!
  11. BadKarma75

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    I got this Collected the part work and made a good start at it, then the mrs dolls house intervened lol
  12. Father Cool

    1:1400 Enterprise E photoetch

    I will be going ahead with the etches this week so please if anyone wants to order some you need to let me know. Cheers
  13. Stunning work @Carts - very, very high-quality paintwork there! I look forward to seeing more progress.
  14. Hunter Rose

    Imperial Knights

    Very cool Will, I really like the combination of the orange with the green
  15. Hi all, Between computers at the moment as my out of warranty Surface went back to MS for replacement owing to a hardware fault they *finally* acknowledged. So I'm a bit behind on the forums. I haven't done much modelling over Christmas but I did put some stuff together and finally got some paint on some of it. I know I should really be finishing unfinished things, but these are pretty cool models and have been calling to me for a while. They're two varieties of Imperial Knight from GW's new Adeptus Titanicus line. I really tried to avoid this because it doesn't have tiny tanks, just stompy robots. But I failed obviously, mainly because I read a novel about Titans by Dan Abnett which was really rather good. I'm quite fussy about my sci-fi so I was surprised how much I liked it, and it kind of sealed the deal on a purchase. The smaller Questoris knights come three to a box on a single sprue, and are pretty easy to build thanks to a sensible parts breakdown. They capture many of the details from their 40K scale brethren but are just 40mm high. The larger pair are two to a box, also on a single sprue, and are maybe an easier build with fewer fiddly parts. They also have nice non-poseable legs which put the feet in stalking positions which rather suit their lanky look. I primed them black and airbrushed the metallics freehand with Alclad. I think I used Jet exhaust and exhaust manifold for the dark areas, and light aluminium for the trim. I realised when I started painting details that I missed quite a lot of trim as it was hard to read the surface of the model in black primer. Copper bits are Exhaust Manifold with Copper over it, and the reactors are Brass and Pale Burnt Metal. After that I started filling in all the armour panels with thinned Loren Forest and Averland Sunset (oh, and Eshin Grey for the black bits). The green and grey covered in 2-3 coats, but the yellow needed 4-5 despite being a "base" paint because I thinned it quite a bit. The idea was to use the surface tension to find the edges rather than having to line them all individually which mostly worked OK. I was able to remove any blobs on the trim using a wet cocktail stick because the Alclad is quite tough. With most of the armour and weapon areas painted I washed the green with Athonian Camoshade, the yellow with Casadora Yellow, and the black with Nuln Oil. The yellow and black look nice and I like the colour of the green but I had some problems with the matting agent clotting and leaving little lumps in/on the surface which I've had to pick off and clean up. Luckily it only happened on one model, I think I probably picked some wash from the rim of the pot and got some dry bits with it? It's hard to see when you're doing it as they tend to have bubbles. I then spent a long time lining all the carapace panels and grilles with Agrax Earthshade and a fine brush. Which is quite impactful in real life, but not in this lighting. I might seal it and add some enamels, not sure yet. I've also been round the edges of some of the armour panels with this wash as well which looks quite good but is time consuming and invites more cleaning up. I'm currently trying to make the backs more interesting with some dry-brushing and detail painting, we'll see how that looks tomorrow. Cheers, Will
  16. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for January

    15 JANUARY 1969 Soyuz 5 launch Crew: Boris Volnyov (CDR), Aleksei Yeliseyev (FE), Yevgheni Khrunov (RE) Just under twenty-four hours after the launch of Soyuz 4, its sister ship joined it in orbit. Most Western observers had been expecting this, and now anticipated a rendezvous and docking between the two craft. This appeared to be the mission originally planned for Soyuz 1 and 2, curtailed because of the numerous problems experienced by Vladimir Komarov.
  17. I found the ones I use in a shop where they sell Warhammer 40K (other products are available! ). They're used for e.g. the antigrav-tanks etc. Cheers Hans J
  18. Good idea! The black rod was bugging me... especially as I was taking pictures. Just need to find one...
  19. Millennium Falcon Notes

    Detail parts for 1:2700 Star Destroyer?

  20. Last week
  21. monsterpartyhat

    1:144 T-16 Skyhopper Scratch Build

    Of course
  22. The Chief Smeg

    1:144 T-16 Skyhopper Scratch Build

    So big question - have you flown it around your apartment yet making the appropriate noises?
  23. monsterpartyhat

    1:144 T-16 Skyhopper Scratch Build

    I wish I had room to build models at that scale. There's a reason I stick to 1/144
  24. Pete in Lincs

    1:144 T-16 Skyhopper Scratch Build

    I should add, More please but scaled up to 1/20th. If/when I get time from all the other stuff I want to do I'll have a go at something along those lines.
  25. monsterpartyhat

    1:144 T-16 Skyhopper Scratch Build

    That's all there is so far! There's a few more pictures on flickr, but I still need to come up with a pod. That got sidetracked by the arrival of my T-16 parts :).
  26. Pete in Lincs

    1:144 T-16 Skyhopper Scratch Build

    Love those engines! More please!
  27. Pete in Lincs

    Redstone PGM11

    Texas eh? Tsk! Good to see a bit of space history. Men with slide rules and a mission! Thanks.
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