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  1. Looks great so far! Do you plan to have just the one pod bay door open? Bill
  2. Very nicely done! I remember seeing a few of these in Riyadh around August or September 1990. Regards, JeddahBill
  3. Many thanks! I used spare parts from the following kits: Monogram SeaQuest DSV Deep Ocean Transport 1/32 Scale Monogram Space Taxi 1/48 Scale Aurora Moonbus 1/55 Scale Atomic City Aries 1B 1/32 Scale Smaller details came from the spares bin or were scratch built from styrene and photo etch brass. Regards, Bill
  4. Very much enjoyed this update! Excellent combination of photos with descriptive narrative make it easy to follow your build. The tunnel lighting is especially well done and looks superb. Impressive work with the resin pod bay parts, looks great and really captures the complexity of the pod bay. Regards, Bill
  5. Many thanks everyone for having a look and commenting! Bill
  6. Thanks very much for the kind words! Certainly not an easy build, it was a struggle at times. Perhaps one of the major styrene manufacturers will come out with a larger scale kit, this one is just 8.5 inches in diameter. Bill
  7. Greetings! Direct from my imagination, a Long Range Rover concept vehicle intended for exploration of the moon or perhaps mars. Parts from several kits along with some scratch building and small items from the spars bin provided the raw material for this build. Nothing specific, I took inspiration from various images of similar vehicles being considered for possible use in the future. Added some LED lighting powered by a 9 volt battery. Many thanks for having a look, comments and questions are always welcome. Bill
  8. Many thanks! Nothing photoshopped. The "stars" are reflections from the black backdrop. The material is some kind of synthetic blend that catches tiny pinpoints of light depending on the viewing angle. Looks best in low, indirect light. Bill
  9. Perhaps some nice things in the works for the Orion. Image from Paragrafix.
  10. Excellent work! The pod bay test bench is very well done. I struggled so much with the Paragrafix part - it was not an easy thing, so very small and delicate. You have done wonders with these parts. Looking forward to more....... Bill
  11. Thanks! Yes, this was difficult to photograph. Less than half of the images were usable. An investment in better photo equipment would certainly make things easier and yield better results. Bill
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