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  1. More work in progress photos. Swing arms need detailing before attachment to the LUT. Various pipes, conduits, and cables to be completed. External walkways to be scratch built and attached. Finally, a multitude of smaller details (including figures) will be added to finalize the build. Many details remain to be done, but the major work is now complete. Cheers, Bill
  2. Great work Tom! Looking forward to this build. Regards, Bill
  3. Very impressive work on this build Roman and excellent photos! Many thanks for sharing this beauty. Regards, Bill
  4. Hi Glueman, Wonderful work on this ancient Lunar Models resin kit! The early release of this featured a square void in the command sphere and a very simple pod bay. With some effort, it is possible to include some details and lighting that greatly improved the appearance of the completed model. Not as good as what can be done today with the Moebius kit. Here is what I managed to do with the kit: Good Luck, Bill
  5. More progress images on the LUT. The Saturn V is complete and waiting for installation as soon as the LUT is ready.
  6. Many thanks! Your work has been a inspiration for me on this project. Cheers, Bill Thank you very much. The strip LED lighting with 90 degree fittings has worked well. I made a power bus from very long music wire soldered at each level. Regards, Bill
  7. The Apollo Saturn V is now finished and ready to be mounted on the LUT base. I need to add some details to the LUT swing arms before I mount the rocket and will post a few photos of the rocket on the LUT soon. In the meantime, here are some images of the completed rocket components. Regards, Bill
  8. Many thanks! The aftermarket detail parts and decals really help to make a decent 1/96 Apollo Saturn V. Bill
  9. Thanks Kevin. I like the engine details, one of the better parts of the Revell kit. Placed on the LUT base not much of the engines can be seen. Bill
  10. Hello Kevin, Many thanks for having a look and commenting! You are correct - the real F1 engines were wrapped of "batted" at time of launch. There are some aftermarket items available for this, but the Minister for Internal Affairs (my wife) refused to increase the budget allocation for this project so I had to make do with the kit parts. Regards, Bill
  11. A few progress photos. Some small details remain to be completed and a coat of flat clear. More to come...... Cheers, Bill
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