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  1. Great work with such an old kit! The clear parts in the kit are a challenge - you did these very well. Cheers, Bill
  2. Such a beauty! Great to see this subject done so well. Bill
  3. Very impressive! The paint scheme looks fantastic! Cheers, Bill
  4. Very Nice! I have that same Printscale decal set and would like to it out with old Airfix kit! Cheers, Bill
  5. Thanks for the kind words on the shuttle build! The Avian Monster is about 18 years old. My wife and I hand raised him and an Congo African Grey from cute little hatchlings. Today, they are spoiled rotten feathered thugs that must be obeyed at all times. The Grey has a horrible potty mouth (picked that up from me) and started to pluck feathers about 8 years ago - she now has to wear a plastic cone (known as The Cone of Shame) to prevent further plucking - this has only increased her propensity for swearing. Do not get one of these creatures, they are very difficult house pets
  6. Thanks! The computer panel as a base really made the lighting possible, especially with the push button switches. Many thanks for having a look and commenting - this is really a great kit that goes together so very well.
  7. Fantastic results from such a very mediocre kit! Bill
  8. Thanks everyone for having a look and commenting! So nice to finally use that old computer panel! Cheers, Bill
  9. Almost complete now. Rear landing strut and a small adjustment to the display base and then done! I did not like how the paint dried on the landing strut and decided to clean it up and repaint. So, here are the final work in progress photos . Apologies for the quality on some of the low light images., I was trying to show the lighting. This is a great kit, well designed, excellent fit and impressive at 1/32 scale. Thanks for having a look! Bill
  10. Many thanks! Lego are great for things like this . . . . Bill
  11. Fantastic creativity at work there Pete - can't wait to see what this chimera looks like with some primer . . . . Bill
  12. Sensei Moa, It would seem that your wife has been sharing notes with my bride regarding gems and such! Single element carbon versus finely crafted styrene - there is no doubt which is more beautiful. If only I could get her to see the light . . . . . . Bill
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