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  1. Another Gem Sensei Moa! Your skill in photography is also very excellent! Cheers Bill
  2. Many Thanks Moa! I am not particular about the livery, the kit comes with decals for Lufthansa and Condor, but are more brittle than the Book of the Dead. I am keen on a civilian float plane version and it appears will probably have to seek a solution beyond the Arctic. Bill
  3. Moa, My plan is a civilian Ju52 float plane utilizing the 1/72 Italaerei kit reboxed by Revell with Lufthansa decals (which are very ancient and belong in a museum). Many thanks . . . .
  4. Thank you Alan! The conning tower was a challenge to be sure, Bill
  5. Sensei Moa, Your results are stunning! I find myself tempted to pursue Arctic Decal for a civilian JU-52. How did you find these to apply to the corrugated surfaces of the JU-52? My experience with Print Scale yielded the following which required copious amounts over several days of Micro Sol, Micro Set, Walthers, and even a touch of Tamiya extra thin cement. I found it to be an unpleasant ordeal. Can better be realized with the Arctic Decal solution? Your guidance is much appreciated, Bill From the Abyss of Southern California
  6. Many thanks everyone for having a look and commenting! Initially I did consider using the Amati part, but decided that modifcation of the Revell parts would be easier and yield better results. U-45 was the prototype Type VIIB, not a Type VIIA. This build depicts U-45 at the time of commissioning in 1938 with a deck mounted 20mm and smaller wintergarten which were similar to the VIIA boats.
  7. Well done! The photographs taken in direct sun are especially nice. Bill
  8. Greetings! Inspired by NERVA powered vehicles from the Apollo Applications Program of the 1960’s, I used parts from two MPC Pilgrim Observer kits along various other bits in this conceptual manned spacecraft build. Modifications to the kit include clear observations domes, interior with crew figures, expanded forward and rear body sections, styrene girder support for the NERVA engine, a scratch built dish antenna (based on the XD-1 in 2001), LED lighting, various spare decals, and other scratch built details. A threaded brass tube supports all of the major spacecraft sections which are detachable to facilitate transport and repairs if needed. Batteries, resistor and switch for the lighting are contained in a external case with wiring running through a brass support stand mounted in a custom built display base. Photographs were taken with a black felt background in low light with polished geode spheres to represent planets. Many thanks for having a look, questions and comments always welcome. Cheers, Bill
  9. Thanks everyone for having a look at the images and commenting! Moebius Models describes this kit as being 1/144 scale which seems to agree with the crew figures recruited from my spares inventory. Bill
  10. Beautiful work so far. Great to see an unusual subject receive such attention to detail! Bill
  11. Well done! Love the falling bombs! Bill
  12. Greetings! Based on a Krafft Ehricke design for the Convair Manned Nuclear Interplanetary Vehicle from the 1950's, I used the recent Moebius Models Convair NEV as the basis for this build. Not a reissue of the 1957 Strombecker kit, the new tool Moebius Convair NEV is well designed with good parts fit and recessed panel line details. I modified the kit to include a steel rod for the spine, LED lighting, crew figures, a clear frontal dome, and re-purposed custom decals including the "Sky Princess" name and emblem. Batteries and switch for the lighting are mounted in the kit display base with the wiring running through a channel cut into the stand. Photographs were taken with a black felt background in low light with polished geode spheres to represent planets. Many thanks for having a look, questions and comments always welcome. Cheers, Bill
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