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  1. Very pleased that everyone enjoyed the images and took time to comment - Thank You! Bill
  2. Many thanks for the kind comments! Decal for the rudder was printed with my antique steam powered HP 6210xi inkjet printer on clear decal paper so that only the red, blue and black are printed. Inkjets can't print white, so that portion of image comes out as clear. The rudder part from the kit must be painted white so that it will show through the clear sections of the decal. I sized the decal image slightly larger than the rudder part to provide better coverage on the edges. After printing the decal, I sprayed it with gloss clear to seal and protect the ink. Several very light sprays o
  3. Comments are very much appreciated! Thank you everyone for having a look! Cheers, Bill
  4. Well done! I like the subtle weathering, just right. Cheers, Bill
  5. Greetings! Recently completed plank on frame wood kit from Artesania Latina which I decided to name "FLOWER". I made several changes as I went along with the build, adding and deleting various items to give what I believe is a better looking result. Working with wood is a real pleasure and makes for a nice change from plastic and resin. Thanks for having a look, questions and comments always welcome. Cheers, Bill
  6. Thanks everyone for all the kind comments! The water display base is a textured blue tinted styrene sheet from Evergreen or Plastruct. I don't have the packaging to provide a better description, but I think it was called "Agitated Water". Trimmed a piece to fit the wood base, added some details for the floats and glued it in place. On other builds I have used textured clear plastic ceiling light panels which are more difficult to work with and require painting - these can also provide a very nice base. Cheers, Bill
  7. Greetings! Finally this project has come to completion! No decals with kit, so I ended up brewing some on my steam powered inkjet printer. Beautiful flying machine and a nice change for me. Many thanks for having a look, your comments and questions are always welcome! Cheers, Bill Deep in Covid Country
  8. Many thanks to everyone for all of the kind words! Cheers, Bill
  9. Thanks for the comments! Big influence from 2001: A Space Odyssey on this build, especially with the grafted wings from the Space Clipper kit. Bill
  10. Greetings! Just completed Pan Am Boeing ESS-1B designed for rapid global and low earth orbit VIP travel. Starting with the Amtronic concept car kit, I glued all of the body parts and sealed everything up to get a sleek appearance and then carefully grafted on a pair of wings from the Moebius Space Clipper kit. Added simple scratch built landing skids and some enhancements to the interior while leaving out many of the Amtronic kit parts. Various decals from the spares bin. I have to use a small shim to keep the cockpit windscreen in the open position. Passenger doors are very tight f
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