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  1. Really nice build. One critisim the intakes appear to be upside down.
  2. Character assassination? The guy has been convicted of fraud THREE times! The latest involving £200,000 of his employers money for which he was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Defend that if you will! I will go make a model but not an Air Graphics one!
  3. Hi All, The strip part is obvious in the pics but the tease is where are they all going some blurb about a survey but does anyone know ? Just a few from the mant pics I took last Wednesday. Hope you like them. MODeller
  4. Hi John, Glad I found this WIP AFTER I completed mine or it would have stayed on the shelf of doom! Excellent work and it was nice to have a chinwag at Cosford, by the way those IKEA crates you showed me, I have just won a pair of them on ebay for a grand total of £2,70, my son will pick them up for me so no postage! Hope to see you at MK next weekend. MODeller
  5. Hi All, Here is my recently completed Italeri Wessex 1 Commando which I thoroughly enjoyed making. Lots of small extras have been added to enhance the kit and note the early aerial fit. I found some photos of the actual machine which was sadly lost with all onboard after a collision with sister ship.Revell Aqua used throughout with Beige 36314 and Bronze Green 36165 for the camo which I think look spot on. Who would have thought that a company would release 3 different versions of the Westland Wessex so thanks to Italeri ! Hope you enjoy this one as much as I had making it! MODeller
  6. Given that it is a new mould kit I was hoping for more refined mouldings, guess the aftermarket boys will make a killing! MODeller
  7. A very nice pair of Provosts and regarding vacform canopies Aeroclub did one CO 32 not sure if it is still available though. MODeller
  8. There is a write up in todays Oxford Mail, the scheme celebrates 28 Sqn centenary which was last November but could not take place at the time Chinook lurking at the back of photos. MODeller
  9. Just seen this flying into RAF Benson whilst in the garden with my grandaughter, for once I had a camera handy! MODeller
  10. Hi All, Here is my take on the 1/24 Fujimi Ford GT40 Le Mans winner 1969, a nice kit apart from the rubbish see through decals which were replaced with a set from Hobby Link Japan along with a small etched set. If you are building this kit I would recommend fitting and fairing in the front lights first as the clear covers do not fit too well other than that the build went smoothly. I have used Humbrol acrylics 47 and 18 for the body with several coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss over the top cut back between coats with Micro Mesh, One of my favourite cars in the best colour scheme and there is another kit (1968) in the stash! Yours, MODeller
  11. Hi All, Here is my recently finished Boscombe Down Britannia using the excellent 26 decals set which performed faultlessly. The Roden kit went together well with just a small amount of filler around engines and a smidge on the wing roots. Usual acrylic paints used, Revell Aqua, Humbrol and Xtracrylics. Now awaiting the release from Mikromir of the Argosy! Hope you all enjoy this one! MODeller
  12. Hi all, Just finished this Alleycat conversion on the Airfix B2 Canberra, not the easiest to do as the replacement cockpit section did not want to play but I eventually beat it into submission! Inspired by seeing the real thing at Bruntingthorpe but took too many photos with too many details on! Paints used Revell Aqua, Humbrol Acrylics and Xtracrylics with the markings coming out of the spares box. A very pleasing result but I could have spent a lot more time on it but ended up just wanting it finished! MODeller
  13. Nice kit ! Shame about the tiger striped finish! MODeller
  14. Beautiful result Wally, very inspiring! MODeller
  15. Hi Ray. the Minicraft top radome was too skinny and the side view curves not right so I added plasticard and filler to reshape, bottom radome I just blended in to the Revell fuselage. Have you got "Legend of the sky Constellation" by Dominic Breffort a book I go back to time and again a true work of art! Search Hannants site for 1/72 C-121 and see what goodies are available for the Heller kit, you get a SEA set of decals on the Caracal sheet and I can recommend the Plus Models replacement engines. MODeller
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