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  1. Thanks for the cheers guys! There will be bit more riveting later on, but I probably need to put them together first. I've very interested to see how it will look under a coat of primer... Speaking about wheel wells: The main ones are both simple and clever designed by Special hobby, especially for this scale. It will be a challenge to look up there once all struts and doors are in place! While doing all riveting I used the plans found in Mikael Forslunds book above and I found a few things that were a bit fishy. While the inner wing from the booms to the fuselage was ok, the span quite short! It seems like a cm or so is missing in span! If the drawings are correct (which I haven't verified in any way) that's to say... But what I did find, thet is wrong with the kit is the locations of the wing tanks. They should be 4-5 mm further forward. Look here Left side is according to the plans, right is according to the plastic. In this case the plans and photos match up, so this means the all tanks shall be modified accordingly.
  2. A couple of year back there was three Klemm 35 (or SK 15 as they war called in Sweden flying around) A cute little trainer. Nice start with the plastic too!
  3. Nice! If I may fill in with a correction: the sidewalls, rear face and upper sills are black, but the side consoles , instrument panel and the tub itself is light grey. https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/jas-39-gripen-in-detail-part-1/ Just a friendly reminder
  4. The AJ 35 already have a WIP here Regarding the colors of the little boat: remember that the boats in service were brush painted by conscripts, who used colors mixed by some other conscripts that couldn't care less about the exact shade of grey/green/black....
  5. You got the Globetrotter upgraded cab! Nice! But to call that an engine, (well you have the radiator, engine and gearbox!) is some kind of joke, right? Good luck with those parts anyway...
  6. Ohhh, the nice apache/Indian/ marked JA37Di. I think @flarpen might know a bit more about this. There are no readily available decals as far as I know
  7. Stickers on! This was done in a little bit above one hour! I used the Trumpeter ones, so it might not be that surprising after all. They didn't provide full stenciling, and from what I can see of what is there it's wrong... But they got on quite all right, so that's always something!
  8. The paint used was marked with M for matt, so all of them should be quite matt. However, in reality they are / were a little bit satin...
  9. I really hope that this GB will give me the kick in the rear side to finish up my J35F, Johan 57 And finish my AJ35G Whif: For the first time in AGES I feel the need to Build Swedish stuff.
  10. I agree with you that the lack of intake and compressor blades are a real miss. The wheels bays are quite ok to my eyes in this scale, especially since they're very small. Let's get on with the build then! I quickly separated the major parts and had a look: The fit is not stellar, but it's far from being bad. I think that gluing the top wing to the fuselage first is the way to go here, just like with poor fitting Spitfire wings. The ejection pin towers are plentiful though But I got a strange idea...RIVETS! The real aircraft is quite smooth, but I wanted to have a go with my very unused riveting tools. A bad idea, since it was so time consuming. It took about 8 hours to do all this, and I need to redo quite a few places but the skin looks more interesting now. Not 100% realistic but it was a fun exercise.
  11. It will take a lot of modification to a resin Viggen pilot to be able to fit in a Draken cockpit. This is partly due to the very reclined bang seat of Draken compared to Viggen but also that the Draken cockpit is small! It almost look 1/72 scale in 1/48. For a stalled J35F , I bought a Pilot Replicas Viggen pilot an no matter how much I boiled him, it was impossible to fit In the end, I sent all Bader on him and chopped off the lower legs... Edit, found a picture of this! Sorry for the thread drift. Neat job with the elevons!
  12. Well, you can't fail with a Mersu....
  13. I'll check in this once I sit in front of a computer again. That Google translation sounds fishy
  14. Those colors are totally great for Viggen , but all grey Drakens recieved a slightly darker shade of the dark color (the paint shop added 10% black to the Viggen mix) The reason was that Draken operated at lower level and needed a darker tone to blend in better towards the ground/water
  15. That Meng F-102 kit was impressive until I bought their F-106. Massive difference! But how could I have missed this lovely thread? Superb job getting all that resin to fit on the F-16, but the Deuce looks like a winner to me.
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