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  1. Now that is a fine Amiesenbär! Tamiyas kit is just wunderbar to stick togetherm wuth excellent fit all over. RLM02 in the bomb bay makes a lot of sense, so from my perspective you made the right choice.
  2. Sorry, They closed down their page a while ago, so you just need to follow dinominhobby on facebook in order to catch their opening hours, and they are not many. Pilot Replicas RAT looks very much like I remember that bay from back in the days. Too bad that PR stuff are getting harder and harder to come by , and if you do, it's very expensive! Right, the extra sprue is needed then!
  3. I got lucky so to speak. The rather nifty hobbyshop in Borås is closing down and he's running clearance sale until the end of may. 50% off for everything! Since my stash is quite overflowing right now I didn't go totally crazy.... Very strange that the resin-RAT is that much larger? Also, that extra sprute that Special Hobby offers now, is that also applicable for the AJ family?
  4. The dust also put up a fight, but the hairy stick was sturdier in the end. I've tried to break off and reattach the troublesome wing, but the TETC welded that a bit too well to the fuselage so it wont come of. Oh well, it will have to do then....
  5. It does look a bit too stark on the wings, so some more blending is probably the Right Thing to do Roger
  6. Yeah, it's a bit surprising that the wings fit as bad as they do. Trumpeter usually don't have any issues there, even though they can totally fudge up the basic shapes...
  7. Wellenmuster joking aside, I decided to add some spots with Dark Sea Grey too, which were sometimes used according to Aviaeology. The plan was to just paint the spinners like that, but then I decided to do a few touch ups as well with that color. While priming the parts with Ultimate Grey primer, I noted that the difference between that and DSG wasn't big! Maybe a shortcut for upcoming builds then? In the end, I still felt that DSG was a bit too light for my Mossie so I mixed a batch with 50/50 Extra Dark Sea Grey /Dark Sea gray instead. I also wanted a hard demarcation to the other paint, so I took out my trusty masking putty again and added a few snakes. I took the phote 3 hours later and then the goo had started to run a bit, but that's life! It removes easily though On could think that by this time, there is no need to do more pinning/priming detail painting of small parts, but that's not the case! Oh well, I hope that I can manage to construct a landing gear out of all this: I drilled out the wheel fenders, instead of buying resin parts from Quickboost. Not as perfect, but should look fine anyway. Let's see if I can paint some Sky soon!
  8. After a lot of sanding I finally got this: It appears thugh that some dust has stayed further in... I wonder if I can rub it off somehow? A hairy stick or cotton bud might solve I hope. Also behold the misshappen lump that's supposed to be the nosemounted RWR The eagle-eyed also noticed something else in that picture? That's right, the wings are on. quite a lot of force was required to solve it, but after serious clamping action and both PPP and primer I though I had it under control. At least on the upper side. But the left inner flap is quite far from the fuselage. How does it look from below then? Oh dear. A 1mm gap behind the landing gear bay? Time to ponder what to do about that!
  9. Very nice and tidy paintjob. Great finish! Glad to hear the the decalling went well.
  10. I need to watch this closely... Cockpit looks great so far!
  11. That @trickyrich sure owes me money too! I just bought an AJ Viggen (at half price though!). Great to ser that you're back on the AJSF, Para!
  12. More or less. The remaining fuel in the afterburner rings is just dumped when the engine shuts down, so a small potty collects it.
  13. Masterclass Spitfire! Paint, weathering and detail are all excellent., but the thing is that it all comes together so naturally with nothing standing out more than the other. Superb!
  14. That turned out real well in the end! The colors do look very nice to my eyes, and the weathering is suitable for a newish aircraft. Great great work! (even though the wheel chocks are the wrong type, and you forgot to hang the potty underneath the ventral fin )
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