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  1. I sure hope you haven't glued the outer wings... But your're right, it is a surprisingly large machine, and also quite a lovely model! Also the Aires resin wheel bays fit perfectly on mine, and lovely pieces they are. For a black cockpit like this, with such a small opening there's no real need for resin, but seats is a different topic so mabye use those? Could you perhaps detail up the rear of the pilot bang seat with some of the resin?
  2. Wow wow wow wow! Now that's how you paint a Tiffy! Did you go for MRP for the Dark green, 'cause it looks a bit dark to me or maybe it's just pictures taken whith flash on?
  3. Sorry! I got really distracted by a deHavilland Hornet and never got around to start it. Currently I don't have any plan to do so either, feeling a bit burned out on starting new kits but never getting around to finish them. It IS a simple kit though and should be fairly quick but.....
  4. Thank you so much Nils and John. Yes, I've read about a Mosquito that made an emergency landing at Getterön (literally goat Island) here in Varberg and then burst into flames killing both occupants. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=138540 Different Squadron though, but perhaps you were referring to another incident?
  5. Welcome to the Dark Side, we have cookies? Thanks Chris! There might be more in the future
  6. That sprue spine really sells it as an 30's hotrod design. I must say that it looks awesome!
  7. Thanks CC! Who doesn't like Coastal Command and Banff? I'm starting to feel the need for a Torbeau... Here are a few quick snapshots from my mobile. There will be a proper RFI later Until then! //Christer
  8. Thanks KM! Paul, your Mossie was superb and a great inspiration for me! Yeah, those Tamiya stickers were no fun, that's for sure. I've finished up all weathering now, maybe not to Ostfront Panzer levels, but this is more or less what I had in mind. img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48493330876_afa068db46_o.jpg[/img] Some small stuff left to do now, like all antennas, masts, navigation lights, ladder, rigging, and a bunch of other things that surely will pop up! Last day of vacation as well, so it MUST be finished by nightfall! Especially since it's competition time tomorrow. No pressure then... But I did finish one model though The teeny tiny sub!
  9. Hello! I usually do not touch anything outside of aircraft kits, but I stumbled across this one and figured I can have go, once atleast. Well, there were like 9 parts all in all including the stand so to call it an easy kit is a understatement. I have no clue how to paint or weather tiny submarines like this, so I just ran with it. Here are the pictures then: And a real life object set the size... This was a fun little diversion! There might be more subs in the future then.
  10. 5 kits to make a P-Dirty-8? This is proper crazy stuff! Have fun!
  11. I finally got all the stencils in place. Whew! Also, the wheels are also in place, so now everything starts to look the part. Today it will be stains, streaks and general muck about while I clean the bathroom sink tench trap and assorted gubbins. Quite fitting then to add stains, streaks and general muck to the Mossie as well (but not the same kind! )
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