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  1. I think I can dig up something Swedish... A Draken perhaps, or something with a prop like a J8 Gloster Gladiator, or a ASJA B5 divebomber. Could be fun!
  2. In the end I decided to just finish it. Link to the finished article:
  3. Well, sometimes I finish a kit or two that has been "resting" on the shelf of doom for a long time. I took some well earned time during the vacation to finish this one so that I can add another project to its doom-shelf space... Link to WIP here Pictures of the finished article comes next. All feedback welcome!
  4. Excellent job with the big brute! That weathering on the wing leading edge is superb
  5. Once in a while, I build something without a WIP anywhere. Very strange but it happens... I was given this kit as a gift, and I had thoughts of actually getting rid of it, but changed my mined and took it on as a summer project. That was also unusual in that I managed to finish it in the same summer as I started it! So, here is the model in all it's glory. I didn't do anything special with it, just clobbed it together for the pure joy of doing so. On to the pics: I managed to finish it, while suffering from a man cold! Painted with Gunze, Real Colors and Tamiya, decals from a Xtradecals sheet. Onwards to the next one!
  6. Hey ! That looks all kinds of nice actually! I'm no stranger of 3D printing with more than a few things designed by myself... For this Voodoo the standard weapons are the main focus, but I'm quite tempted to hunt down a Kittyhawk example to have something to fondle in the 1/48 scale...
  7. Wow, it's been over a year since I touched this one? Well, I have been building a house... @David H, intake covers might be a good idea! Well see... But travel pods is a no go. My plan right now is to have this finished by Friday night somehow, since I have entered it to a competition over the weekend. With vacation, where the wife is working and the man-cold is stopping me from outside projects it might work! I did find a few other nasty snags on this kit. That ingate on the search/indentification light goes up on the clear area! Thanks Revell... Well, I faired it in as best I could, and gave it a polish so it turned out decent in the end. After priming and more seam checking and so on, I gave it an even coat of RealColor ADC grey. Then I just kept on adding the other colors as well. The first attempt at weathering the rear heat shields were also performed, with some simple Tamiya -make up. I'll get back to that area later. I also managed to locate the decals, so that's the next stop I think!
  8. Aires phantom cockpits are a pain, that's for sure! The end result is usually worth it though. There are two sets of Aires engine nozzles for this one. The old one should be avoided since that has the smaller diameter, but that's not an issue for the newer ones.
  9. This kit is a real gem, especially considering it's age! Nasty sinkmarks on the air brakes though. I really should restart my attempt at it...
  10. Well, the tank was shown yesterday as the last teaser, so there should be something later on today. But I guess they're timing the announcement for the american time zones?
  11. Yeah, just keep the bracket is my current plan. We'll see how that goes...
  12. Well, it's not all gardening or all planning to build a sun deck with a pergola, I have managed to find a few minutes to spend on this brute! I'm calling the instrument panel done. The rest of the pilots office was mostly done as well I do have about 5 dozen levers to add and a few other etched details to try to fit. If that is possible or not without big blobs of CA-glue remains to be seen. Speaking of blobs/etched bits: Who thought it was a good idea to fold the trim tab actuator with two long flat pieces? That rod will never be straight. I wonder if I could cut it off and replace it with some brass rod instead? I guess it could be worth a try.
  13. The top layer turned out more or less as I wanted it, so that's a relief. Quite pleased with it too! I'm probably using a bit too high pressure when spraying since I get some orange peel effects on it. AK Real Colors are not as resilient as Tamiya or Gunze it seems. A light sanding solved most of the issues though, and I plan to hide the rest with some weathering. Time for a clear coat before more detail painting can commence.
  14. I think one of Eduards isses here is that you have both Airfix and Revell doing more or less the same kit with different levels of details. Eduard might not have the time to really dig in to the differences in details, but are more or less doing the same thing for both kits with some slight tweaks, and then you end up with details for parts that does not need the or vice versa. The good thing is that it's etch, so one could always leave it off if it doesn't really fit. You can't really do that with Aires stuff...
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