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  1. Another 4 week of procrastrinations.... But I have finally installed the HUD, masked up the canopy and run the primer/fill/sand-loop more than a few times. So there! Today I also managed to lay down the first coat of paint. Not Mission Models, but Real Colors instead. It performs like a charm with some Gunze self levelling thinner. The smell is not so bad either, actually a lot less offensive than MrPaint. This now needs a little postshading to make it more visually appealing. In other news, the house project is clearly not run by me!
  2. Nothing beats having "fun" with a CA kit... That nose gear leg is pure master class!
  3. That looks fantastic Paul!
  4. I'm very grategul and relieved that Gul Fredrik (Yellow F) is one of the marking options. It looks like a great kit!
  5. Detailing up a Classic Airframes kit is part of the fun with them, isn't it? Those wheel wells look amazing!
  6. Lately I've been beavering away with balancing the not so little bird. I'd very much like it to stand on the nose wheels, so now the quest is on to really stuff it full of lead. By hollowing out the resin nose ring like this: I seem to be able to fit even more lead! The little compartment under the cockpit floor and above the nose gear bay was filled with fishing weights, flattened BB pellets and Liquid Gravity. Since the rear nose gear bay doors will be closed I added some weights there too. There is still some little space left if needed. Time to do a test
  7. You finished it! Great job Werner! It looks splendid, with an immaculate paintjob I must get cracking om mine again...
  8. Dual Forts? That's like 24 yellow propeller tips and not to mention the 20 .50-cals Have fun Ced!
  9. I rate this kit higher than Hasegawas 1/48 offering, in terms of ease of construction. When I did my 1/24 sharkmouth Tiffy a few years back the info of that time pointed to aluminium gear bays, black upper cockpit with aluminium lower parts. Not much of that lovely grey/green used anywhere! But really nice work with those pesky ejector pin marks!
  10. Thanks Steve! Thanks CJP. Those belts are Eduard generic RAF belts https://www.eduard.com/eduard/seatbelts-raf-late-1-48.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=49007
  11. With some of the distractions now safely tucked away, it's time to look into the cockpit. It was about time that some paint actually went onto the model, and I started with an even coat of Tamiya XF-69, NATO Black. Its slightly grey, but once a clear coat comes on, it will darken considerably. Using the Aussie Gannet walkaround here on BM as a guide, the pilots seat was painted red brown, similar to other pilot seat of roughly the same vintage (like the Sea Hornet, Vampire and so on). The leather appears to be brown so that's what I aimed for. Then I started to pick out a few d
  12. Thanks Tobbe! You're guessing right, it's located in the north-eastern part, or it will be a part of the town in a few years when a couple of more blocks have been zoned, approved and built. Current status of the house is 4 walls, all windows, no front door, exterior insulation in place but no roof... See you for a beer and a rummage in the stash when it's done!
  13. Great build and painting! If my F-101B turns out half as good as that I'll be happy.
  14. Hi Colin! I think I read a review here at Britmodeller some years back where they praised the it. When I saw it on the shelf in the local toy store I figured why not? Big Interceptors with big rockets is such a alluring concept. I'm very happy that it isn't an old Matchbox kit though! Thanks Rob! Yeah, I'm enjoying this one quite much already. I'll go and check out the RFI then. The decals in mine looks fine, so I'll use them. The Oregon bird looks fancier than the Texas star so I'll go with that one. Thanks for the input Dave. I'll have a look at t
  15. This thing is long! The wings are quite tiny too...almost like a F-104 (well not really) The intakes looks quite nice, even though there was a few ejector pins badly placed. Nothing that smear of filler cannot solve. On the fuselage the guide pins caused a few sink marks that was filled at the same time. When boxing in the wheel wells, a few things are apparent. The top wing is supposed to go onto the bottom win first before the complete wing is mated to fe fuselage. However, the top wing has tabs to lock it into the proper place. How do you insert the top wing
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