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  1. You sure nailed that paint finish! I like that a lot.
  2. Nice start! The Swedish interior green is just plain Olive green, the fabled W25 though Most of the time!
  3. That work on the flaps was excellent Thom! Keep it up!
  4. That B18 is a replica made mostly from a wreck IIRC. It was made some time during the 80s for a TV mini series and then donated to the Flygvapenmuseum. It's the only example of a B18 in existance though, so one can't be too picky. I wouldn't use it as a reference for how a S17BS was painted though
  5. Wow, that's just beautiful! MrP is awesome to spray with, that's for sure. Too bad that the rest of the family don't appreciate the smell, otherwise I'd switch over to them for everything!
  6. Hello again. Now I had had the time to start looking properly in my references. All B17, be it bombers, recon or floatplanes had their underside painted light bluegray. This was W26 before 1948, which is supposedly slightly greener than FS36176 (according to Kronmärkt that is) http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=36176 Humbrol Hu87 was a good match back in the days, how the current ones matches I have no idea. Either you match directly to FS36176 and be happy with that, or trying your own mix starting with Tamiya XF-66 as suggested by the IPMS Stockholm color site: https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/urbans-color-reference-charts-part-i/urbans-colour-reference-charts-sweden/ Years ago, I used a Xtracrylix FS36176 bottle for a J21 that I was building (also W26 on the bottom) and I was quite happy with that (sadly, no pictures exist of it) Now, I'd probably use MrPaint Swedish colors (Blågrå 058) and be happy with that. As for the top side, the story goes like this: First, Flygflottilj F2mixed their won color from Olivegreen W25 with 60% black in it. This was later on standardized as W84. W25 Olivgrön is very close to FS34079 (just add 60% black...) W84 Svartgrå (Blackgrey) which supposedly is slightly darker than FS34031 http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=34079 http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=34031 The camouflage at this time would then be http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=36176+34031 If they repainted the aircraft after §948, they'd used the new colors which are 058H Blågrå (bluegrey) for the underside and 338H Mörkt grågrön (Dark green-gray) H stands for Halvblank (satin) 058H is slightly darker than FS 36329 338H is darker than FS 34086 This looks like this http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=36329+34086 Which is totally different than the old Widevåg colors! Worth noting is off course the old story where a bunch of IPMS members went to the Swedish Air Force Paint supplier and actually mixed the colors to the correct specs according to the actual documentation. However, the people doing the actual work there just shooked their heads, muttering that they were NEVER this precise when making the actual paint batches...
  7. Thanks Rui & Mike! It's good to hear that GWH improved on the kit, even though it's too late for me to get the new edition That Eduard set looks like the business, too bad that Eduard has discontinued all GWH P-61 sets now.
  8. Let's do a short update before I start with this weekends modeling lark. The guns are a tricky thing to handle. GWH wants me to assemble the Hispanos first, and then slide them into one fuselage-side. That might work fine there, but then I need to slide the other fuselage half over the cannons, and then join the fuselage. That won't work, I'm sure. My idea is to cut of the barrel, and try to slide them into the cannon later on. We'll see how that goes. Inside the cockpit, work is under way. I've added the plastic stuff to the right side: Looks ok actually, but I was having so much fun at the rear so I'll start to add a lot of wiring here as well Let's get it on!
  9. This was a very interesting approach! I will follow with great interest.
  10. What Torbjörn says is true. F2 devised their own mix, called ubåtsfärg, which they mixed from the standard olive green with black, in the 40% / 60% ratio. At home I have both the B17 book and Kronmärkt, so I can have another look at that later on.
  11. Now this is interesting! I've got the same kit, and intend to do the same markings whenever I get around to starting it . I'll follow along, with great interest.
  12. I sure can't resist a J8 Gladiator! This should be very interesting.
  13. Thanks guys! It's time to have some more fun with the GiB:s stuff. First up, this panel: It's not too bad, but it looks a bit baren't boned. I know that all this equipment looks very different on the B and C models, and when one trawls the net for suitable pictures it's a bit of a guesswork what it actually looks like. In the end, I just went for a busy look, and started to raid the spare box for suitable parts to use. There are pieces of Mosquitos and Phantoms on there now. Loose wires might not be proper, but it adds to the clutter... Ok, the spirits were up after doing that panel, so I started then to dig into the gondola itself. The internal wing fillet piece was a poor fit, so I had to resort to adding some plastic sheet to cover it up, and add a few more ribs. My stock of plastic sheet is just 0,25mm thick and I've learned the hard way not to use too much glue to attach it. This time it worked like a charm though. A pair of entry handles was also added. Then I was supposed to add an oxygen hose. But just adding that to the sidewall would've looked a bit strange so I added a few pipes and something that could look like a regulator for the untrained eye (that's me!) After that I could add the hose I'm very pleased with how that turned out. One could always add a few more things but I think this will do. For now. Front cockpit work has started, but its very time consuming so there is not much to show for now.
  14. He sure gets around in Europe a lot!
  15. Wow! Great work on the big beast! The chipping and weathering in general is very effective, and I like it very much.
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