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  1. Christer A

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    Thanks Håkan! The last 20 km had a quite strong headwind, which I'm had a strong allergic reaction to (out of breath, laboured breathing, heavy tired legs and my heart beat like crazy)
  2. Christer A

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    Extra update! Remember this? After painting the radiators and the assorted duct with Tamiya NATO Black (which will be my starting point for the Night paintjob), the radiator fronts were wriggled into place. Surprisingly,this worked quite well, which means that the Airfix instructions were correct, again. Then I started with another favourite activity: Hot Clamping Action! Some sainding here and there gave a quite decend fit. How decent we'll no doubt see once the primer goes on... All in a good days work! I also managed to bike 78km around the countryside in slightly less than 3 hours so the day was even better for it!
  3. Christer A

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    Thanks guys! The turrets have been resting for a while, sans masking just to be on the safe side. Instead, I've been focusing on finishing the corridor. After a simple wash and some dry brushing I decided that it was enough, after all almost nothing can be seen anyway... As others have noted, the guiding tab for the stabilizer is a bit underdeveloped, which can give lots of flexibility when trying to attach them. A few strips of plastic sorted out that, and then we arrived at the magnificient rear end all done. Gigantic stabilizer, fins that look like an afterthought and those bracers? Yes, this is early 30:s design all right! Bonus question: Should the flaps be deployed or not? Yes, RAF wasn't very keen to have them hanging loose and allt that jazz about raising them as soon as the wheels touched the ground or the crew needs to pay the beers on the mess hall that night, but as I intend to display the bomb bay doors open, I could probably get away with dropped flaps too. What do you think?
  4. Christer A

    FJ-4 Fury, with stripes and stars

    Sticker time! They behaved quite well actually, even around the nose. Ok, that almost all stickers sorted then. But wait! This decal was "interesting" to say the least. It had a notch for the wing fence, and a extra decal for the fence but that was not big enough. I guess I need do cut a few pieces to sort out the gaps. Almost time for a clearcoat!
  5. A very nice piece of engine porn that's for sure... The rest of the kit though???? Yikes!
  6. Christer A

    FJ-4 Fury, with stripes and stars

    Posthade? No thank you! Appearantly Light Gull Grey didn't fade or weather that much so i decided to just skip it alltogether. I'll add some other type of weathering later on. But first I had to deal with a few blemishes on the nose. After a slight sanding and repaint I had it all sorted. The top piece of the fin also hade some black paint on it. Don't know the purpose of it, antenna of some kind maybe? After that, I couldn't restrict myself any more, all tape must go! So I tore it all off (and one stabilizer, which was soon glued back again) Right, it all appears painted now. Did I forget anything? Otherwise, there will be stickers in the morning!
  7. A most excellent cockpit in the making!
  8. Christer A

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    Thanks for the heads-up Will! I've also got the tip that slighlty heating the masks with a hairdryer could help them to conform better. I plan to paint the turrets first, to evaulate the masks performance, and also not let them sit for too long (as I usually do) so that the risk for leaving residue lessens.
  9. Christer A

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    Reinforcements have arrived! I haven't done any proper testing of Montex mask before, so this will be interesting. They mask more windows than Eduard (the frgot a few), also includes masks for insignia and letters and cost a little less. What could possibly go wrong? We'll see, no doubt! I started with another dreadful task, Gun turrets! Bombers are usually filled with them, and it's an unholy combination of clear plastic, tiny windows, masking all over the place and tiny details. A real mojo-killer. Airfix provides quite a few things to make it look busy, and in this small scale that'll probably be good enough for me. I was toying with the idea to run some ammo bults to the lower boxes but I chickened out pf it. But I did replace the four plastic Brownings with some exquisite brass items instead. Just cut the original off, drill a few holes and secure the new ones with CA-glue. Hey presto! Unfortunately, no Vicker K was found, so the front turret will look a little more boring, but with just one single peashooter I guess it was quite boring to start with. A first coat of paint done, and there will be drybrushes and washes tomorrow.
  10. Christer A

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    You're welcome to pop in here anytime Mr Martian!
  11. Christer A

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    Thanks for the cheers guys! Summer is indeed upon us, and everything has turned green: Well, interior grey/green courtesy of Xtracrylix then...and due a very long period (with Swedish standards atleast) och high heat and no rain everything has turned yellow instead. I wonder what the function of the small holes in the corridor serves? Are the crew expected to hang their coats there? Is it a Wailing Wall? I have no idea... The corridor will recieve some aqua gloss tonight and will then be subjected to weathering before the windows are installed. It's kind of funny with a loose roof like this, but once one sees all the small roof windows the purpose becomes clear. Let's leave the corridor for a while and focus on the rather massive wing: Those wing spars are really high, but gives great support for the 36cm wide wing. Off course, the cord and depth of the wing is anything but slim! Note to self, don't forget to add those windows... Lets flip it over and see how it looks from the other side. Lots of pretty details to add to the gear bays. I reckon it's hard to paint it all with the top wing in place, so I took a gamble and added the framework first. Hopefully it wont break of due to clumsy handling. Fit is generally good as long as you keep to the modern Airfix standards of avoiding paint on mating surfaces and also religiously removes all traces of mold separation lines. The framework is surprisingly sturdy though. In the front end it attaches to the engine firewall, and it's also secured to the roof of the gear bay in the top wing. One could almost believe that it's supposed to hold the main landing gear, but no, that's not the case. MLG attaches in to soeckets on the wing spar instead which should lead to a very sturdy installation. Good! Then I just shot a few drops of ultimate black primer (gloss) in preparation for metallic paint this afternoon. After looking at a few build threads here and there on this site I found a trap that was taken care of. The fit between engine nacelle and the wing leaves something to be desired, but with a slight carving of the raised rib it improves a lot! The lip is sort of visible in the gear bay though but only if you're using endoscopy , and that is not allowed to be used at any model contests that I've participated in. Lucky that! Let's leave that instrument to medical proffesionals. Another tricky thing regarding the engines: Airfix would like you to assemble the radiators after the nacelle halves has been joined which is slightly awkward. On the flip side it is possible to smooth the lower part of the duct before wiggling the radiators in place. If assembling them before it will lead to a tricky join to smooth I guess? Everything should also be painted night but I guess the radiators are a dark metallic shade instead, since paint will hinder their efficiency. Plenty of things to ponder with the engine nacelles overall. Now I just need to survive at work for a few more hours, then the vacation starts!
  12. That's a huge pipe with wings on! Great to see you tackling a FM kit too...(and starting another kit....)
  13. The dreaded Airfix mold separation lines! Good luck with those, but remember to attack them vigorously whenever you see them (and they're on almost every part) since they have a nasty tendency to move everything out of alignment. Nice start on the cockpit innards, nevertheless!
  14. It is known that I probably have the worst self control on this side of @corsaircorp but this is actually @Roger Newsome s fault. I was looking at his Whitley build thread when it dawned upon me that this bomber should not been named for a suburb in Coventry, it should have been named after the king of the woods, the moose! After all, someone must have taken a close look on the muzzle of the moose when designing the nose of the Whitley. spot the difference? Atleast I cannot unsee it anymore But I digress... Vacation is getting closer by the minute, and the need to start another summer kit grows equally fast or even faster. Yesterday I couldn't stop myself anymore, I just HAD to cut some plastic and stick a few bits together, and whoops, another kit was started. But who's counting? Anyway, I started with the wings since I'm still waiting for some Eduard Etch to complicate the office a bit. After a happy evening snipping plastic and shoot some primer I arrived here. Very novel approach to the rear fuselage I'd say (it was called corridor, right?) Can't wait to shoot some grey-green on it and see how it looks... The engine nacelles was both tricky and great at the same time, but that's typical of moderin Airfix IMHO. There's a nasty ejector pin mark on the firewall and I didn't take the time to fix it since my judgement is that it'll be impossible to see! Right, lets try to work for a few more hours before heading home to start spraying.
  15. Two builds in 1/48 Ced? If the second one hadn´t been a Spitfire I would have started to question your sanity....but welcome to the dark side! This will surely be fun (and time to read up on that Vulcan, I think I was at page 2?)