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  1. Am I reading this right? Tamiya to do a 1/48 F-4B? https://www.tamiya.com/japan/featuredreleases_early2021.html
  2. I managed to quit the job early today, so what is better than to sit at the same spot using the same computer, but working for yourself instead? Just started to whip together a few thingies to spruce up the interior. First, a second radar for the rearwards facing guy (he must surely have a proper title?) Second, there is a gear of some sort right between the rudder pedals, and that could be fun to have too. I won't go full crazy in detailing these, since at 3x4 mm in size there is no real point in detailing further. Time to do the rear bulkhead and other s
  3. Thanks Chris! I got a notification today that I need to pay Swedish VAT and an administrator fee to release my package from the customs to have it sent to me. Hopefully it will get here by next week
  4. Welcome aboard Bob! I'll leave the wings for a bit, to shift my focus to the innards. A bomb bay was ordered from Alleycat on the 8:th of January, but I guess the rickshaw carrying it has some Covid and Brexit issues to get from UK to Sweden(where upon the arrival it will get lost in the notorious postal company PostNord, but I digress). There are other things to occupy my time, like a cockpit. What you get in the kit for the front cockpit is this: The control column is a bit coarse, but serviceable, and there was a nasty air bubble in the left resin cockpit wall tha
  5. Well, the personal life does take away too much time, but that was gorgeous!
  6. Thanks Chris! Cutting the wing apart was the only way to thin it down again. I have a feeling that this project will take a long time...
  7. So, what has happened on the actual plastic parts that I have? Well, I decided to sand down the trailing edges of the wings, but since sanding sticks will flex too much I decided to use a large sheet of sandpaper. I bought a really cheap 10 pack off a local hardware store and went to work. This no-brand paper was of real terrible quality and it quite a lot of the sand comes loose when using it. Once again you get what you pay for... Despite this, I managed to get the thickness down to an acceptable level and started to glue everything together. Usually I use TETC for everyth
  8. Where does this "fishplates on the rear fuselage for Series 1" come from? Neither the Valiant wings book, nor the pictures found in the Eduard Royal class books shows any plates, other than on one of the prototypes.
  9. That cockpit is great! Is that a red-brown carpet for the GiB that I spy there?
  10. The DE/DG looks ace! The discussion about windows was interesting to samt the least. It always a minefield trying to do the "right" thing
  11. Thanks! Both sets are now ordered. I'll hope for a smooth delivery in these "interesting times" to quote Terry Pratchett...
  12. Having recently acquired a B.II this thread is a must. Those cowlings were magnificent in all aspects. Great stuff!
  13. Nah, that wing-fold is crazy complicated, I wont budge a micrometer on this. Wings will be spread. Pictures of the bay can be found here https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/fairey-gannet-weapons-bay-classic-airframes-6362-p.asp Weapons here https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/fairey-gannet-internal-weapons-set-classic-airframes-6363-p.asp
  14. Fold the wings and spoil those pretty lines? That would be crazy!
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