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  1. The TL Jaeger gets some tail fins, a bit of scribing and cannon apertures. Almost ready for paint. I’m going to do it in a generic 74/75/76 scheme with a four letter call sign which seems to be how contemporary prototypes were finished.
  2. 14 now underway the S199 joins the pack. The mr craft kit is a generic F/G and as such isn’t 100% correct for either. To get a better F the oil cooler is made shallower, the wheel wells are rounded and the fuel filler moved.
  3. Have decided that this is the Swiss scheme that the Heller K ( now a G6) will end up as. My two remaining kits arrived, a KP S199 and a Smer G14, neither great kits but the KP has raised rivets and panel lines which are quite delicate and look ok l, but will probably have to go, hmm quite a dilemma. The Avia will be IAF while I’ve found an interesting Luftwaffe scheme for the G14( no swastikas in fact all the national markings have been overpainted€
  4. I thought that was just me !! Good to see these back in action .
  5. First some shameless canvassing for my three group build proposals. Stores on the two Typhoons, which means all four jets are very nearly finished. More work on the 109s. 14 and 15 arrived today an S199 and a G14 both slightly ropey kits but I suppose that’s half the fun. My father is in hospital and very near the end, so bench time may be a bit erratic atm, although I find it is a great stress reliever at times of crisis like this.
  6. stores on both Typhoons. Almost ready for decals all round.
  7. Have to vote for the Gladiator.
  8. I have two more in the list and have been eying up a new batch of Revel G10s at the local art and hobby shop. Tenner it’s a fine line between having fun and ‘somebody stop me !’. Although in my defence there were 35000 109s built and I’m only making 15 (so far) and there are just too many different interesting schemes, and they are fun to build having tackled the brain bending rigging and geometry of the Oertz
  9. Today’s update wings and tails on everything ( except of course the ones in the post) the Bouchon still needs a nose and 11 more canopies to fit and mask
  10. Thanks guys. Prizes are nice, (but in this hobby I feel the journey is the reward) but Kudos are more than enough. Thank you all. This is my workbench at the moment, just the odd 109 or two yes I’ve gone from one insane project to another
  11. A bit more paint. And some decals. Just rigging and wheels left to do.
  12. I might stipple on some deck tan to tone down the oxide a bit,
  13. Made a start in the office. As it’s going to be silver I’ve painted the interior brick red then dry brushed with pink. I’m not entirely sure what colour the frames should be.
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