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  1. [ The DUKW progresses. And nearly done. The T 34 gets a touch up and some decals. And the same on the Churchill. Weathering on all of the above and then to build the Tiger, I think I need to do the Panther too then I have to admit I'm done. Enjoyable builds but way too simple to keep me amused long term.
  2. Some more assembly, think I'm almost done with the fuselage/lower wing assembly, mid and upper wings now stuck together but the joints are going to need some milliput.
  3. Ships really aren’t my thing ( although I do have a kit of the Bismarck lurking in my stash) so I’ll wait for the next aircraft wip.
  4. Liking the beaufighter so far, I built so many in my youth. I bit the bullet today and ordered an Iwata cn off the interweb, not the top of the tree but should be a much more precise tool than my current air brush.
  5. And assembled, bit of mismatch on the wings, nothing a little filler won't fix.
  6. The bridge layer is complete, just needs weatherig. T34 next, this took about 10 minutes to build, still I wanted one for my collection, some filling and touch up still required and if course weathering, the DUKW next
  7. Loving the 262. On the led strip, the ones I got are white about 300mm long rigid and have a mini usb connector. I think I got them off www. Gearbest.com and I think they were only a fiver. I think you can find the same on eBay. The one you have is more for pc modding than photography.
  8. Sorry to hear about the health. In the same time I’ve been made redundant ( but I got a semi decent settlement) and diagnosed with diabetes ( but I seem to be doing ok managing it with diet so far)hmm. (Thank you for listening) I used to work with someone who was support crew for naval helicopters and he used to tell stories of broom handles and jubilee clips being used as field repairs on the z linkage( whatever that is). Mind he was also in the merchant navy for some years and told many a lurid tale about those days.
  9. I once worked on a project where we were having issues with flocculation in our ink, it took many weeks to say this ( or indeed deflocculation) with a straight face....
  10. I have that spitfire in my stash.so interested to see how it goes, torn between a silver and red post war scheme and a Belgian airforce one. Unless of course I can find something more esoteric.
  11. Funnily enough, although I've vac formed quite a few parts, I've only ever plunge molded canopies. More by chance than design. I'd look around the forum and see what clear material is best ( for some reason petg sticks on my head, I have a number of sheets of clear material that is used to make blister packs it molds well, but I'm not sure what plastic it is) and maybe go again with the bucks and figure out how make smoother.
  12. You can buy decal sheets specifically for inkjet printing. I got mine on eBay. I've used them a little bit. You do need to varnish them after printing.
  13. looking good, Can't wait to see the full reveal.....
  14. Suspension and tracks done, just need to detail the drive wheels. Lots of paneling and fabrication. And a coat of paint, starting to look the part.
  15. Dry fitting oops the centre section chord is too short, more filling and fiddling I think. After much filling and sanding and extending of the wing roots with thin sheet, nearly there.
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