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  1. Does home vac forming count? I’d love to join in but the only vac form I own is an ancient contrail 1/72 Zepplin stakken and I need a bigger house for that one I suppose I could acquire something off the interweb between now and 2022.
  2. I’d be inclined to drill two holes through the fuselage and put a length of brass rod through both then drill holes in the wings, that way you can assure alignment of the wings. butt joints rarely survive well. That’s the way I tackled the lower wings on the PB31 the upper ones are just pinned with brass rod. On my Taube the rods are actually through the wing acting as a spar.
  3. I think it was the fact that while I have plenty of experience of electrical soldering and I am an engineer, I wasn’t getting the whole idea of heating the parts and letting the solder flow into the joint, I was also struggling with my two soldering tools ( one gas and the other an ancient pifco electric gun) and also not having separate flux paste ( I’m sure I’ll find it tomorrow) But while I wouldn’t say I’ve entirely gotten the hang of it I have gotten a more than serviceable result. I’ll have to dust off the soldering iron for the interplane struts on my Albatros
  4. Loving the build far. If it’s any consolation I find molding can be hit or miss sometimes impossible sometimes a breeze although I think it does come down to how well thought out the molds are and having the right plastic at the right temperature. I now have a new homemade vacuum box, a little grill that I acquired and an old Hoover as well as an oven thermometer all living in the garage and I’m finding my molding sessions go a lot smoother these days.
  5. So Plan A is to assemble the cylinder from discs of .5mm styrene sheet to which ends I have spent an hour or so cutting and drilling sheet to mount on mandrels and turn to the required diameters on my little large.
  6. I’ve been letting this drift a bit but it’s a build I think I’m going to enjoy so time for some Alcock action ( hmm that just doesn’t sound right… anyhew… @CedB? ) Painted the stringers, cut done wing blanks ( the upper wing is all one piece with no diehedral so should be very straightforward) and cut and formed some soft drinks can alumium to make the front metal panels. I’ll need to mold a cowling and scratch an engine and some wheels but that’s the bulk of the components started.
  7. Haven’t been too well in the last few weeks so only getting back to the bench, but after much fiddling, furtling and fettling ( and possibly a bit of Anglo Saxon) we have a not too bad soldered brass tail boom (yay) And here it is with the horizontal stabiliser dry fitted. Next up the two rudders I think.
  8. Yes must start sorting the stash too. Plenty of little jets and 1/48th Albatri, might try finishing one of the Glencoes as an Austro-Hungarian machine.
  9. Nice subject. Red or blue? Hard to say which I’d go for. I miss Moa I don’t recall anything overtly political in his posts, aside from being slightly sarcastic about American culture.
  10. I think my Tamiya Brewster buffalo would qualify I also have some Tamiya armour including a Pzkpw II that was definitely around when I was a kid. So count me in.
  11. Some small progress; a scale pencil sketch for the wasp cylinder. My plan is to make a one cylinder from either sheet styrene or sculpey then cast the other eight from it. Not sure on the crank case, I may make a buck and plunge mold one, but maybe check the spares box and scrap bin first to see if I have anything close.
  12. Me too a thirty plus year old contrail vac form in 1/72 I also have an O/400 in wip so hmm maybe. It would be cute in 1/144 but probably a nightmare to build.
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