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  1. Funny you should mention the fighters of WWI book i actually ordered a 2nd hand copy just this week. More detail will certainly help. The cad is very much a work in progress and probably has quite a way to go until it's ready for translation into the real world. Since I posted that view I've made quite a few changes to the tail, wings and fuselage. I tend to use the balsa because I have it to hand and it's easy to shape, not sure if I can get bass wood, but I am using some deal on my ju87 a canopy mold as it is more robust and has much finer grain, which won't show on a clearmolding.
  2. Marklo

    Year of Doom - The Aircraft

    It's a hobby, so long as your enjoying it then that's ok. Theres a vast range of skill levels across the forum, that's what makes it interesting. But I do like the Dinah build.
  3. Marklo

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Commiserations, I too suffer with Fibromyalghia/CFS (more the latter than the former) so I can understand your pain, thankfully I'm in the mild to moderate, so I can more or less function, but it's still a right royal pain in the a** (should that be a*** oh you decide ). I find that modelling takes so much of my concentration that it distracts me from the nerve pain. I;'e recently started CPAP so my sleeping is improving and the general tiredness (but not the overall feeling of being unwell) is improving. Enjoying the build and the random walks around the edge of sanity.
  4. Marklo


    Amazing work, starting to have trouble telling the model from the real thing
  5. Fuselage almost ready for molding, Blank cut into three pieces after extensive filling and sanding. Painted in (black as happens) enamel to see if any more sanding is needed. The cowl has a bit of a visible seam but the sides are ok. Hopefully will get molding at the weekend.
  6. Working on the plugs for the molding. The spat plugs are pretty much done and the canopy rear decking is getting there. I've used a piece of deal instead of balsa for the canopy it's a bit harder to work but as it's easier to seal the grain and the finish is a bit better than balsa.
  7. Marklo

    Curtiss Tomahawk IIB

    I'm afraid I fall into the trap of only reading the instructions when I get stuck. So I ended up literally jamming the wheels on then cutting them off drilling the oleos and putting .0.5mm brass rod through them and reattaching hte wheels, OH well....
  8. Marklo

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    Took some better photos with my new portable lightbox showing the current state of play with the build. I'm stuck waiting on my aftermarket seatbelts before I can proceed. Then I can button up the fuselage make good any gaps and get the upper wing permanently on. In the interim going to try to focus on the getting the DH4a done.
  9. Marklo

    Curtiss Tomahawk IIB

    I've only finished one of these last week, in Russian markings, there's an rfi thread in the forum. I didn't read the instructions and had a bit of trouble around the nose with the fit of the top decking, fixed with filler, but could have been avoided, also got the wheels the wrong way around and had to repair that, they're molded with a flat spot... Otherwise a lovely kit and a nice build. My Tomahawk
  10. Ooh hadn't seen those, yes the Hungarian one looks pretty good, decisions decisions
  11. Marklo

    P40 Tomahawk

    TBH it's definitaly a missing from my skillset, while thge hairy stick or even the odd makeup sponge can do a lot, there are some schemes that just need to be airbrushed. Now I am a firm believer in the hairy stick and with the right paint and technique it can deliver god results, I also wouldn't have the patience to break out an airbrush for small jobs like detailing interiors. Exhibit A, this ws done with a sponge (no not by a sponge ) and although it's ok it really should have been airbrushed. In fact if Io do get one I think this will be making a date with some oven cleaner, as I still have some spare North Vietnamese decals left for another attempt.
  12. Yes according to my Haynes book the SCW ones were regular A's (I do like the Pig), while any export models were designated K's (which means I think the R's supplied to the Reggio Aeronautica woul;d have been K's as well, but they identified them as Picchiatelli which apparently translates as 'slightly crazy')
  13. I did consider the Italian ones, but they're just JU87R's with the German markings hastily over-painted and very rudimentary Italian ones added. Besides I love the three colour camo and I think the A model spats are much more elegant than the subsequent ones, so I reckon it's worth the pain (which I happen to enjoy anyway ) The Japanese model K is an A with a wavey version of the three colour splinter of the SCW scheme, so I may end up with this as it's a pretty interesting looking finish., think of it an early model Stuka in three colour camo with hinomaru on it is going to ook pretty striking.
  14. Stash clearance and seeing as how I enjoyed my Tomahawk I thought I'd try to keep an Airfix build on the boil as I tackle more complex builds for therapy? This was a Christmas present last year. Santa brought this this year A little research on the interweb led to this and this They came in the same box so they're getting built together. Plus it will help clear out the 1/72 kits in my stash. (I'm going 1/48th for all my main builds) Now seeing as how I'm under a ban on German (ahem) tail markings (which is quite ironic as I'm the one with the Jewish ancestry) and how I like to bring in the slightly esoteric if possible, I've decided to convert the Stuka to an A model in either Spanish Civil War colours or possibly Japanese (hence the K, the designation for all export models), the Gladiator was always earmarked for an Aircorp build, just not sure which of the two possible schemes I'd do, but I'm veering towards the green and silver one. Comparing the Stuka to the plans, it will need new spats, some work on the rear decking a new canopy and some remodelling of the chin radiator with perhaps some other small work. the Gladiator will just need a paint job. The cartoon pig on the spats is Jolanthe btw, this was actually the Luftwaffe nickname for the Stuka So to work, first order of business is to make a blank to mold some spats. Here it is prior to some filling to close the woodgrain. It's a sandwich of Balsa and card with the centre pieces double sided taped together so will be easy to split for molding once I get the shape right.
  15. Marklo

    P40 Tomahawk

    Yes. Never got the hang of an airbrush, but I feel this may be the year of the airbrush as Last years Mig 21 really should have had it's camo airbrushed and I have one or two subjects in the pipeline that really need to go this way too, Thank for the feedback. Looks nicely scruffy on the shelf. Funny how sometimes destroying your careful work can be fun It's the Airfix Tomahawk OOB, definitely a P-40, maybe not an N I can be quite cavilier when I oob, I rivet count when I scratch build