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  1. We’ll adhere to the 25% rule i.e. some prep is ok so long as you haven’t exceeded 25% of the total build. If you want to keep going past 25%before the official start of the GB, then you can still post a wip thread but put the finished photos into the inspiration gallery.
  2. Couldn’t but agree great work so far. 73 build threads…. 22 finished builds… 33 days left….
  3. Looks fantastic. The radar aerials make it look that bit different too.
  4. Five weeks is toms of time and I can vouch for my hobbyboss kit as a pretty straightforward build.. I’m still dithering as I have many other builds in WIP and a distinct shelf space issue…
  5. Looking amazing at this stage…
  6. First off a drilling template for the oar locations. Which I’ve attached using double sided sticky tape.
  7. That’s the last of the decals and the prop added. I have to finish the interior and add the wheels and I think that’s about it.
  8. You’re welcome ( not that I could really stop anyone from participating )
  9. Well done. Looks great. I hope you enjoyed the GB
  10. You can thank Tamiya for that, the A3 kit that i converted to V1 had both styles of rear canopy.
  11. Thirty fairly similar chests nearly finish painted. I need to finish off the black framing then I’ll give it a dry brush probably with metallic grey. Rowlocks, shields and oats next I think.
  12. Looking very sharp. I’m continuously impressed by the standard of the builds in the GB I only hope mine are up to snuff too
  13. I bit the bullet and ordered up some more Ultimate primer €30 but the last bottle lasted three years….
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