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  1. I’ve seen worse, particularly on my workbench. as for the superglue I find different glues work with different plastics and materials and I tend to use 4 different ones including zap and lecture. I also use revel contacta liquid and cement, plastic weld and two types of pva as well as double sided sticky tape ( For skinning things)
  2. Upper wing assembly, nearly complete, just needs the shhet that go over the Aileron joints, the cvapping at the wing joints and some small work to smooth out th ewing tips: some filing, filling and sanding, I'm thinking I'll try some liquir greenstuff for this so may not need the sanding. Shaping up well so far, it's going to be a big bus (for a WWI plane) it's going to dwarf the DFW and my interwar builds, but probably still smaller than my FW190
  3. Looks wonderfull. My HP42 is in the post; now contemplating schemes for the 0/400 might go for an airliner conversion as the military ones are all PC10 (PC12 ?) and boring.
  4. Yes I am, I.m pretty excited about this one. If you look at the real thing here the effect is very close to reality. This will also be a milestone for me as I am about to attempt my first airbrushed model.....Although I have a rattle can of purple waiting in the wings as a plan b.
  5. Getting there. enjoying the Junkers atm, but once it's finished I reckon this will be next.
  6. Got to spend a little time on the Junkres but tbh this was my main week end project. Looking very tatty from years in the garden, sprayed white then repainted. Sparrow looks a bit odd (but is accurate ) pleased with the blue tits. Current state of play with the Junkers. I have perfected my corrugation technique. Tried foil, soda cans, medicine foil wrappers, cat food containers and overall takeaway dish foil works the best with my die set, and the nice part is that it is stiff enough to register a section with the next one so I can emboss large continuous sections, so each panel is one piece. I might add they look way better in real life to the point that I'm contemplating a bare metal scheme if i can find one. The nice part is that being metal it is reworkable and can be shaped and pretty much behaves like a small version of the real thing. Will definitely be making a J10 and possible other corrugated planes in the future. Still need to work on the upper center section trailing edges, but you get the idea. Upper wing. Still have to do the lower wings and the Ailerons. But very pleased with the outcome so far.
  7. Looking even more like an aeroplane. Added the pylon for the lower wing and filled and sanded the fuselage a bit more. Nearly ready for corrugating the wings....
  8. For the padding I elrctrical heatshrink slit on one side then ca'd in place and painted. I'm using 1mm ~ 48mm in 1/48 you'd probab;y use 2mm for 1/32. Bought from ebay.
  9. For some reason I love this statement. Not sure why, I do use Pollyfiller and CA sometimes so maybe it's that. Sand/fill/paint/inspect rinse repeat, somehow I find this comforting By the last iteration it's starting to look very very good.
  10. I am currently bidding (and winning) on an Airfix HP42, 3 hours to go. 25euro, including the shipping, fingers crossed. I won, yay. mOf course mine will only be half the size of Moa's but I'm used to that in life
  11. Oh yeah, we happen to have found a couple (possibly a lot ) of False widows so we're getting there, which happen to be well hard compared to indigenous spiders so are rapidly spreading, granted nothing like California with the Black widow and Brown Recluse, but......
  12. I think I've finally got my head around the undercarriage, but I need to do a (rough ) CAD model to do it. Approximately to scale, imagine if you will that the T shaped thing in the middle is the airframe.
  13. Amazed I missed this one. Really wonderful build.
  14. Yes I'm afraid I succumbed too. My one question is how you got hold of a real Bristol racer for the photos and where did the model go Hope mine turns out even half as good.
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