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  1. Step two make a plaster cast. The tail didn’t work out but I only need the canopy area. Happy with that will let it cure a bit then time for surgery
  2. Could it even fly? French labourers were notorious for subtly sabotaging German materiel.
  3. Well, I have about ten. Means I can do a bit of whatever suits my mood at s as my time is, building, molding painting etc, it’s also why I build armour as well as aircraft. Now I do generally finish them too, there are lots of serial starters out there
  4. Started the Seabee, by making a silicone mold of the fuselage preparatory to molding a clear canopy, Painted the T55a, Syrian army btw. Finally finished the Stuka The study is now repainted a rather nice battleship grey and my work bench cleaned, painted and reorganised, so that it is now unnaturally tidy. The T55a can be seen on the bench. I will try to maintain this level if neatness, of course I haven’t a hope, but you have to have goals.
  5. Lovely kit, looking forward to watching it come together. I used to be quite the Luftwaffe enthusiast, these days I’m pretty diverse. As far as I know. The luftwaffe employed rutstatze and umrutbausatze ( my spelling may not be correct) literally factory modifications and field modifications to fit the various bomb racks and rocket packs to the A series, which were later rationalised into the various F and G models hence you will see designations such as A-8/R1 or A-8/U1 etc, so this could be a valid configuration.
  6. Thank you for the kind feedback. In fairness this is my second JU87A I did this conversion of an Airfix 1/72 JU87B last year. I’m actually now tempted to go find a suitable 1/32 kit to complete the set
  7. I have formulated a cunning plan. Step one take a silicone mold from the kit fuselage halves. Silicone sealant and washing up liquid, makes a mouldable putty which cures in an hour or two.
  8. It’s generic petg so I’m hopeful if all else fails I have a very small amount of moldable clear sheet and things like coke bottles are fairly good too once flattened.
  9. Camo on. Just needs to retouch the road wheels, some detail painting and weathering.
  10. Personally I’m blaming @Moa for this What with him completing his spectacular kit salvage in 1/72 and me repainting and reorganising the modelling room and repeatedly coming across the Glancoe and then finally this Arriving in the post yesterday. I shall now attempt to make this. With the help of this and Moa’s WIP Into this. or this or this Or possibly some other colourscheme. And hopefully it will be at least half as good as Moa’S build. Wish me luck.
  11. No that’s just the voices in your head. Your conscience is saying let’s just see how those halves look together Great progress on the Gurnard. Makes me start thinking of my next molding project, might be a new front end for my Sea Bee hmm.
  12. Lovely work. Looks extremely realistic. Definitely raises the bar for me when I gat to my Sea Bee ( it’s 1/48 I might add and possibly a worse kit ?)
  13. Strange as it might seem pink is supposed to be the best primer for yellow.
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