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  1. Moa I think your friends suggestion with the particle accelerator is by far the most practical and it behoves you to suspend work on the HP and start building one On the computer thing I agree somewhat but rationalise the laser cutter as being the equivalent of using pe parts. Probably an arbitrary line I know, but I have forsworn using 3D printed parts in any model as the making is half(at least) the fun. Btw the input is fairly simple as it will take BMP files created with Paint,
  2. An odd evening today, we`re definitely in three steps forward two steps backwards territory. So I'm about to close up one of the wings when I realise I've left off the upper wing pylons and rigging,. So a little drilling and threading and I have the above times two, so far so good (three steps) then I manage to drop and crush a wing section, it's ok the riggings held it together I can re (times ? already) attach the struts and glue the broken one, ok l leave it to set, then I have an rtfm moment ( and do read the instructions) and realize that I was not missing two struts from the kit, but had erroneously added a sixth strut to each wing assy because I had misinterpreted the photos of folded winged O/400s and hadn't read the f@#&ing instructions. So to cut a long and rambling story short, I've deleted the offending extra struts and redistributed the kit struts so each wing section has the correct number pointing in the correct direction and secured the upper wing upper section to the wing assy I didn't crush (that's two steps right ), ho hum....
  3. I like the triebflugel I was quite disappointed that there were so many it’s available as I was pretty much gearing up to scratchbuild one but haven’t. Only last week I was seriously considering buying the same 1/32 kit in my ( not so) local model shop. So will be watching. Plus I sort of like the general insanity ( no I don’t mean Melchett) of these threads.
  4. Another suggestion my neje laser engraver cost €90 and cuts masking sheets just fine. (Bought from Gearbest I went for the 1w version but there are higher output models) it’s easy to use, you just feed it a bmp file and then set the width or height. The max size is 39mm x 39mm now at the moment I’m using it for seats (so far I’ve made 16 seats for the hp and a nice bucket seat for my Snark) but it strikes me it would be perfect for cutting rib tape masks to order. Early trials, Celtic bosses for some IAC projects I', working on. The beast itself. Made from repurposed DVD drive mechanisms so you're also saving the planet a little bit. My Seat
  5. Assembly started. Base glued together (some gaps) and started adding the domes.
  6. Well to extend the argument ( just for the sake of kicking it about a bit) if you were to take the albatross family the 100 filter would rule in the DI, DII, DIV and DXII but rule out the DIII and DV. Similarly for the contemporary Fokker the DI to DVI would be in and the DVII and DVIII would be out. i can see how splitting the forum might be be decisive and tbh, although I find the mainstream builds less interesting, I do still learn a lot of techniques from reading them.
  7. Poor Pip has sadly passed on but the Pup is still on my workbench, however the end is in sight again. To summarize, made a new lower wing, attached and painted it. repaired the undercarriage. made and fitted new interplane struts, added eyelets for re rigging and have partially rigged it and reattached the upper wing. Just need to finish redoing the rigging, add cabane struts, touch up the paintwork and refit the Lewis gun and the pilots face guard. BTW the photo shows what I refer to as the cardboard box method ( although I've resorted to tupperware as I didn't have a suitable cardboard box in reach at the time) for aligning biplane wings, works a charm and no expensive jigs needed (nice and all as they are)
  8. I more or less remember tackling all of those kits in their day. Mainly because there wasn’t any internet and whatever the local newsagents had was what you built, still living the nostalgia. loving the builds so far.
  9. I’m with Moa I think Britmodeller should have a ban on any type that they made more than 100 of ( although I do occasionally build some of them) I despair ( ok maybe too strong) but at least am disappointed at every new Spitfire, Mustang( with the exception of the Lopez hope build where they’re doing amazing work, and of course my Israeli one ) me 109 build. As a modeller I’ve always liked the unusual even when I used to specialise in Luftwaffe types I built 109H s and avia 199s. These days I tend to mostly favour the eclectic or at least less mainstream. As an engineer where I’m always being told to think outside of the box I love the quirky one offs. But over the course of my career it’s apparent that even in R&D groups industry is inherently conservative. A lot of the radical thinking in aviation was borne out of necessity e.g. the 1945 emergency fighter program arguably fuelled developments for the next 10 to 20 years and came about because conventional types weren’t keeping up with the allies and weren’t efficient to manufacture. ( sorry to cite a military example Moa) So there you go; my idea for the moderators split work in progress into mass production types ( more than 100 built) and everything else
  10. Thanks for the heads up, heavy stuff, image duly changed to nearly the machine I'm intending to model ( I don't like the multiple stripes)
  11. Lovely subject, way to plumb the depths of wierd Moa I'm presuming that it's of interwar vintage.. You do wonder how the FW design team became so conventional given these early designs ( which I had hithertofore been completely unaware of)
  12. Now I've taken a different tack with my ribs but might I suggest the alternative of plastic weld and 10 thou strip? Rather than tape and primer.
  13. Seeing spots yes 50 of them cut sanded and sprayed. (Tis more of a rose gold than a copper, but it's done now and does look good irl)
  14. When I do one it will be 1/32 I was bidding on a Caudron and a Williams in that scale lost out in the last 60 seconds and ended up buying a 1/48 ford flyer on the rebound, which I had mistakenly thought was1/32, still probably karma for the 1/48 gee bee I bought that turned out to be 1/32
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