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  1. I’d be inclined to pack out the tail with milliput first then cut it as you said then sand the parts and prescribe them.
  2. Haven’t gotten near the bench in the last few days owing to my Dad and my ME flaring up a bit. But I started reading this I’m only as far as Fokker but it’s proving to be a goldmine of source material. So far I want to build an Aviatik DVII, a Halberstadt DII and at least one of the Fokker V1,V2 and V3 series ( the line which more or less led to the DVII)and a V4( the Dr1 prototype) This is the V1, way ahead of its time. Of course trying to find drawings led me to this, and I managed to order up a copy for less than a tenner including postage. I’m positively dizzy with anticipation or maybe that’s my ME.
  3. In my infinite ( what’s almost but not quite the opposite of wisdom) I went and googled ugliest aircraft and mostly disagreed with the lists but I did find the Wendovers ugly French cousin. The Arsenal Delanne 10-C2. I really have to add one of these to the collection
  4. Oh I don’t know I’d still vote for the Blackburn Blackburn or the AVRO Bison One or both of which I may add to the collection next year ( I think they’re so ugly they’re cool) I’m enjoying the build so far a great mix of old school and modern. Plus I have a prediluvian Lizzie in the stash ( hawk or testors) and this is giving me ideas ie with a new tube of silicone sealant I could copy the wings and forward fuselage for my own Wendover, hmm might save that for the prototypes GB if it goes ahead.
  5. I think I get it and it’s quite clever. So pick a subject an depict it at two times in its life, my immediate thoughts are a panzer 38(t) that became a marder or ( although I’ve already built one the Aercorp walrus N20 that is now back in RAF trim as a museum piece. Or one of the many Aer Corp aircraft that were crash landed RAF planes ( actually quite a bit of scope there) Ok definitely count me in.
  6. The Vampire would predate the acquisition of DH in 1952 so it wouldn’t fit technically, but of course it would work for the Airco and DH GB proposal.
  7. My Dad passed away last week and we had the funeral today, so not a lot of bench time, but I did make a little balsa chuck glider as a gift for the service to remember him, modelling was the biggest shared interest we had, although he was more into flying models he was a keen scale modeller too. I thought this looked suitably nineteen fifties and would have been the kind of thing he would have built as a kid. im hoping he’ll be looking down with approval on my future modelling activities
  8. I did a Panther in the schema a while back, I think I airbrushed the dark yellow but the rest was done with a very fine brush. ( it was 1/72 after all) I’d love to do a 1/35 hetzer in the same scheme.
  9. Some Tamiya clear orange and paint on the spinner.
  10. Oops, something just wasn’t right with the upper wing, until I realised I had attached the lower wings about 10mm too far forward, ouch, any hoo after some field surgery snd a bit of filler, I decided to jig the upper wing.
  11. Thanks for you messages of sympathy. This is what I love about this forum, as well of course as the top notch modelling. Seeing Dad off is my number one priority but he would have appreciated that a little bench time is a good way of helping with the stress. In his younger days he was a keen modeller, mostly flying airplanes and railways but I do recall him putting a lot of time into a B58 hustler when I was a kid. Hmm might even try to track one down to build in his honour. Couldn’t find anything in the decal box for the large balkencruz ( or at least the first set fell apart) so I resorted to white and black decal film. The power of Microsol, took a few applications but the decals are nicely in the corregations. Just the prop and some spandaus left to add. Pleased with how it’s come together. Atm this and the Graham white are capturing my attention.
  12. Started on the moldings for the sidepods.
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