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  1. Well that was one of the flaws in Nazi strategy medium bombers could be built quicker and more cheaply than heavy bombers and were successful tactically in the early stages of the war. Later in the day the Luftwaffe needed to have had heavy bombers in quantity as a strategic weapon and of course they weren’t there. The Grief and the Amerika bombers were disastrous attempts to address this but too little too late. Well the Grief was started early enough but proved too technically complex to get right in the time available. The 111 is coming along very well, interested to
  2. The Eastchurch gets its upper wing stuck on.
  3. Filled sanded and assembled just need to mask the canopy ( stuck in with ova) and blue tack on the bay doors and we’re ready for paint.
  4. Tape and clamps off. Although the parts are pretty well flush there is a very wide gap, may fill it with ppp and rescribe. The rear section between the exhausts also needs a smidgen of filler, but otherwise good.
  5. That’s the wing panels skinned and roughly trimmed. Need to neaten them up. Next job is to make an IP and control column so I can close up the cockpit. I also need to skin the struts, rig the main assembly and we’re ready to start assembling the outer wings.
  6. I used the have at least a dozen built 109s including an S199 and a H, but I left them in my Dads when I left home and unbeknownst to me my elder brother dumped them when he moved back home and took over whet had been my bedroom I now have one built Airfix E and one heller K( raised panel lines argh), two Airfix Es, three Revel G10s in the stash and two KP S199s ( hopefully) in the post. I just need three G6s to build all the schemes I want for the GB.
  7. It’s Sunday yay. Time to start sticking things together. My new pit turned out to be a bit deep and interfered with the nose gear well and both it and the lower fuselage needed a bit of trimming to fit. The fit of the two fuselage parts while great in plan was awful In elevation, with the lower wing being about a millimetre too thick on one side giving an ugly looking joint. After much filing, fettling and fiddling they were coaxed together, hence the tape and the clamps. At this point I noticed six ejector pin marks on the exhaust area so these had to be sanded off. A dispropo
  8. eBay is your friend and they’re very cheap too. And yes the law of the lever applies; the effect of the weight is it’s mass multiplied by its distance from the center of gravity.
  9. That camo looks really cool, should look good with the upper wing on. Definitely one to consider for the collection.
  10. Left and port are the same length, that’s how I remember it. Like lefty loosey, righty tighty which is how I remember threads ( I am an engineer so this is one that should be intuitive, but isn’t) thankfully I don’t need to resort to hay foot straw foot !
  11. I also ended up drilling a hole behind the cockpit and putting more poo-poo on there too. If yours doesn’t sit right that would be your last option. Making sure I get it right in my F117
  12. Actually I think your navigator looks like Monty Don. The Beverly is definitely one of those uniquely quirky British aircraft that I’m learning to love.
  13. Omg that cockpit detail is looking amazing. Well the perpetrator ( still don’t know if it’s alien or Human) has a sort of five bladed claw which it uses to shred internal organs. Seeing as how you’re all tentacles you’re probably off the hook.
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