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  1. I think there were two major contributors to the defeat ( and many minor ones) , Blitzkreig was successful because it was an extremely strategic and directed strike and used combined forces in a way never seen previously; the Germans defeated arguably superior Polish and French forces by striking hard at key objectives and destroying the enemies fighting capabilities. On the Russian front the strategy employed was to seek out a super Cannae and destroy the fighting capabilities of the red army, which the Wehrmacht almost achieved, but basically it came down to economics not strategy with Russia ( and the allies) having larger resources and being able to out manufacture Germany. The other factor was the Anzio landings and the need to withdraw divisions from the eastern front and reinforce Italy. Again arguably if Anzio hadn’t happened Zitadel might have ended differently, but thankfully it didn’t.
  2. Current progress; the hull’s just about ready for details and the wheel looks about right so I’ll try taking a mold from it tomorrow.
  3. Made my semi annual pilgrimage up to the big smoke today. Finally got to IKEA and got some extra shelves for my display cabinet, and one or two other bits and pieces…
  4. No but not a bad idea, must look into it. Done and done. 8mm which would be a scale 19mm which is perfect.
  5. A bit more framing and lots of dots!!! I’ll drill through and use 1mm rod for the rivet heads.
  6. Aieeeee, so many models so little time. Let’s see, my Mig and my first ground attack are done , if I can get my TF1 & TF2 done soon, which I should be able to, then so long as I don’t forget my two matchbox builds, which are both fairly far advanced, no problem with finishing my Wolverine on time
  7. Plastic has been cut. The hull floor and the firewall ( probably unique in a WWI tank) are assembled. As I said the hull construction is an angle iron frame with armour plates riveted on ( bolted?) and I’m going to try to replicate this.
  8. The hull is just about ready for details and the wheel just needs a bit of work on the tread.
  9. Well technically we had the losers, it was the first major battle where the red army managed to negate Blitzkreig tactics and use combined arms as well as the Germans, but I think I know what you mean. Probably my favourite book on the subject.
  10. I was thinking of that or 1/18 but as there’s a Meng kit in 1/16 I decided against that and 1/18 worked out at 11 inches so just that bit too big for my scaling abilities ( I only have an A4 printer) and available shelf space. I should also add that if this goes well I may try to replicate my WWI tank collection in the same scale ( except for the k-wagen) all of which scsle nicely to 1/24 ( except for the K-wagen ) The Schneider, the Saint Chamond and the Sturmpanzer are scratch built the others are kits.
  11. Needs a little filler, should progress pretty quickly after this.
  12. Just caught up with the PZH thread, it looks amazing. Can't wait to see it in camo. I'll probably take a similar approach to the running gear but my plan for he tracks was to make a styrene master and resin cast the individual plates.
  13. Mojo is a delicate thing. I find myself working on whatever I’m most in the mood for not whatever’s been on the bench(or shelf) the longest, and then again RL can impinge on my modelling time so much.
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