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  1. Road wheels. Ready for paint. I’m now thinking primer, silver, red oxide then camo. But, I think I need to divert and make the set of wheels for the fifth chassis. More to follow when I can get around. At least I have some company while. Convalesce.
  2. Well I managed to slip and sprain my ankle so may not be modelling at all today, sigh.
  3. Plan for tomorrow. 1. Can of grey primer 2. Can of grey paint (dumbo afaik) 3. Can of dark yellow paint ( warm straw?) 4. More roadwherr er le than you can shake a stick at. 5. Some green stuff bluestuff 6. some two part resin Hopefully ready to build a few chasis by teatime 😀🤪
  4. You know it makes sense. They also have a nice multitool from Monday great for wood working projects….
  5. Fair enough. P for Porsch H for Henschel ? Prototype aircraft designations are so much simpler ( except for Fokker)
  6. Two items of note. It appears SWMBO has to work Saturday, alas, however I am now tentatively thinking of it as Tiger day 😬 Second LIDL are selling rather nice rotary tools ( dremel knockoffs) for €24 complete with an extension and some routing tools, seriously good value.
  7. My kit looks to have the same road wheels as the Ferdinand and I’ll probably copy them for VK4501
  8. There are no prizes (although I think we should have a vote) no returns other than the respect an awe of your fellow modellers so go have fun , show us your modelling skill and build something that fits in among the various tiger chassis and we’re good 😀
  9. I agree a lot of parallels with the Sopwith Camel, killed a lot of trainee pilots but in the hands of a skilled pilot superb.
  10. Started getting the road wheels ready for paint one down four more to go. Of course I will have to divert and cast a set for VK4501 From either the elegant or VK4502 Now that I think of it apart from the odd split line what’s so heinous about the Italeiri Tiger I turret? I’ve downloaded and scaled some plans to check it against.
  11. If it helps at all I find a cocktail stick and a black sharpie the best method for doing the rubber rims on roadwheels. Works best in 1/72 scale not sure about 1/5whatever. Method B is to paint em black then break out the DSPIAE circle cutter and some extra wide masking tape and paint the spray the base camo colour. Generally the method I use on 1/35 scale builds.
  12. That’s remarkable detail for a 1/72 kit. Looking very good so far btw.
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