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  1. Hi, Now that I have decided to remove the kit's floor, the seat now has to be attached to the rear bulkhead, likewise on the real plane. So I spent most of today's modelling time cutting and gluing small plastic pieces. The result looks quite nice to my eyes. But is the assembly square enough? We'll see when everything is fitted in the fuselage. In the meantime, let's keep our finger crossed. Cheers, Antoine
  2. Thank you Greg, It’s good to be able to spend more time at the workbench: I've taken one week off with the little one still going to the nursery. Today, while the putty is drying on the cowling, I’ve started working on the cockpit. In fact, I started some weeks ago by re-shaping the cockpit opening, using the doors provided in the kit and cutting them into a (more) accurate shape. That being done, it was possible to represent the internal structure. Italeri provide a full interior though. It includes a rear bulkhead, a floor, an instrument panel and two side panels. This could result in a nice interior… but… the full scale aircraft would then be closer to a Hs-129 with side panels circa 15cm think. Also, like on a Spitfire or an early Corsair, there is no floor in the Hs-123. Unfortunately for a quick finish, I decided to take the long way and to replicate a cockpit closer to the reality. Hence the new internal structure. I also started to work on the “floor” by keeping only the part with the pedals. Those were upgraded too by adding foot holders and straps. The control column had to be lengthened and the additional length shaped so that it will go around a shaft that goes from under the pedals to under the seat. My guess is that this shaft is for roll control. Anyone to confirm (or not)? Some finishing work is still required on that stick. BTW, I introduced some bending into the kit part by using the good old boiled water method. As can be seen on the picture from the bottom, I used a drilled section of spare sprue to attach that shaft. Everything in a kit box can find its way to the finished model…Also added to each side of the shaft, two “cables” that link the pedals to the rudder. The pictures show that some finishing to do… but that’s for the next session. ... and I've finished painting the main wheels that still require some weathering. So a good day modelling, today. Hope you had all a good day too. Cheers, Antoine
  3. Hi, Progresses are slow but steady... I've completed the engine and it is now in its cowling. Both underwent several upgrades through. For the engine, the ignition cables shall go up to the top of the cylinder, instead of down as proposed by Italeri. Then I added some plastic bits at the end of the metallic rods to attach them to the cylinder head. And, just for fun, I added the engine manufacturer logo (not perfect but will do)... The cowling needed some thinning down, especially on the rear part, and the gun holes drilled out. Before (with gun holes already drilled): After: So far, it looks like that: Still need a fair amount of work to hide the seam line, scribe the panel lines and add what looks like a radiator. But that is for next time (hopefully soon...) Cheers, Antoine
  4. Hi, Since last post, modelling sessions have been a rarity. And whereas progress on the Henschel has been slow, improvement plans in my head are burgeoning... In addition to the already mentionned magazines (SAMI March 2014 for the scale drawings, Aerojournal n° 25 and Cocardes International n°5 for general documentation), I've purchased an additional reference and also some "goodies" : · Valiant Wing Airframe in Detail n°7 · Yahu instrument panel (4861) · Eduard seat belts (FE860) · Brass MG-17 from Aber The engine was the first subassembly I started while waiting for VW volume. So logically I intend to finish it first. As provided by Italeri the engine is detailed and can produce quite a fine representation … but not for an Hs-123. The first obvious thing to improve is the push rods that are a tad short. One can leave them as they are, as this will be mostly hidden by the cowling. I decided to replace them though, using metallic rods as illustrated. So far, they are only glued with PVA glue for a test fit. Just need some more work on the head of those rods. What can also be seen on the last two pictures are the nicely moulded ignition wires that come from the central hub. In fact, they should come from the head of the cylinder. We’ll correct that next time. I also completed a test fit using PVA glue again. It helped to check the position of the fuselage’s struts and confirmed something I’ve read in another post: those struts are too short. Well, in fact, it seems that itis their attachments to the fuselage that are positioned too low. I’ve tried to illustrate that on the following picture: the feet of the struts, the lower part of the cockpit doors and the horizontal stabilizer should somehow be all aligned. Otherwise, the rest of the assembly looks okay. There are some (minor ?) shape issues though. We’ll come later on those. Cheers, Antoine
  5. Hi John, For rigging is quite limited on this kit (it seems there is a few in the central section) which is good. The challenge of having both wings parallel remains though. From what I can read on other post, a rig would definitely help. I've seen some made out of Lego and that looks like a pretty cool option. Unfortunately, due to the young age of my daughter, I only have Duplo at home Cheers, Antoine Thanks Greg
  6. Hi, Waiting for the additional cockpit details to arrive and most importantly the book, I started with the one part is the most unlikely I will modify: the engine. It is a pretty nice representation of the real thing. A simple silver dry-brush over a black coat, plus some detail painting should do. Question is: is it too dark and shall I apply more silver dry-brush? Cheers, Antoine
  7. Hi Andre, Welcome on board! And enjoy your ale. Not a fan of Christmas special drinks myself but, hey! , there will be more for you! When Fly released their 'Ein-Zwei-Drei', I hesitated getting one but managed to resist (with a 250+ stash, you have to resist... sometimes). There are still a few on the H website. Might end up doing the same aircraft in two scales at the same time... What are your feelings on that Fly kit? Hi John, First impression and dry fit were actually not bad at all. I'll try to get a few pictures later today. Some small parts need thinning though (the footsteps for instance) The panel lines are finely raised. Compared to the available drawings (still waiting for VW volume), some are not in the right place. While they are quite acceptable, I will probably rescribe them (mostly because I will probably erase some of them while sanding seams). Cowling looks definitely a challenge to get it seamless. Cheers, Antoine
  8. Hello! First of all, I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas day and that you and your family are well. It seems I’ve been a good boy last year as Father Christmas dropped a lovely box under the Christmas tree. It contained Italeri’s Henshel Hs-123 in 1/48 scale (ex-Esci). Not my usual scale (I usually built in 1/72 scale). And it is a biplane, a configuration I managed to avoid for many, many, many years (there are lovely biplanes that I would love to build though but the rigging is keeping me at bay). So definitely a good way to get out of my comfort zone with a double challenge (maybe a triple considering it is an Italeri…). My first impression of the kit is… as you can expect from a re-box of an ESCI kit. It’s a kind of mixture between good, less good and… hum… even more less good. The kit is made of three grey sprues and of one crystal part for the tiny windshield. The decals sheet looks very nice, with five schemes proposed. My plan for this build is to keep it simple… or at least, try to… Last time I said that, some of you could have seen the result with the A-7… The only planned addition will be Eduard’s seat belts and Yahu’s instrument panel. The rest will be scratched. In term of documentation, I’ve found a few magazines (SAMI March 2014, Aerojournal n° 25 and Cocardes International n°5). I’ve also ordered Valiant Wing volume on the subject. So all considered, an attractive built that hopefully will end up fine. Talk to you soon. Antoine PS:my apologies for the blurry pictures
  9. Hi Joachim, Thanks for your comments. For the VHF, you mean the most vertical wire? For the others, I have recurrent tension trouble. Sorry for that. They seem to loosen after some time. I'm using nylon fishing line. It is more than 30 year old now so that might be why... Shall probably buy new one...
  10. Hi Andy, Thanks for your comments and for the story. The decals worked just fine and react well to microsol/set (always stumble to remember which one is the red one). I applied all four circles at the same hence ensuring they were all parallel.
  11. Thank you Chris. With regards to the landing gear, I first wrote to Airfix to get replacement. I'm still waiting for them... Then I moved to using Scale Aircraft Conversion replacement. They were also a bit wraped when they arrived but at least you can straighten them with no (less) fear of breaking them. I'm not an expert in white metal so I would just say that they do the job. In the end, I was happy with the result.
  12. Hi, Thank you. For the panel lines, I use a mixture of black oil paint and white spirit (over a layer of acrylic gloss varnish from Gunze).
  13. Hi Johnny, You are perfectly right for the red tapes. I took a small 'artistic liberty' here ... Cheers, Antoine
  14. Thank you! There are so many lovely schemes that were worn by the Mustang... it is endless
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