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  1. Hi, Sure! I would be interested in your conclusion. Don,t worry, there are several others that I have spotted, and probably many more (I haven't spotted the tail cone issue before you highlighted it) ! More of it when I start rescribing the wings. For the fuselage interior: dark blue-gray. I generally use Gunze H55 Midnight Blue, highlighted by a light grey dry-brushing. For the wheel bays and engine cowling: same color as lower surface. Agreed. Happy modelling to you too! Cheers, Antoine
  2. Hello chaps, I hadn’t imagined creating such a heated debate around the length of Heller’s LeO451. The first thing I’d like to say it that, the length being correct or not, Heller’s model does represent the lovely shape of this elegant aircraft very well. One can obtain a very good replica with no modification. The second thing is that the surgery I made is based on my interpretation of the drawings I was able to compile. It might be accurate… or not… As already mentioned in a previous post, the total length of the LeO451 along its flight line is 17.17m. In 1/72 scal
  3. Hello, There hasn't been much progress on this LeO lately. Mostly due to my 'free' time being exclusively dedicated to baby duty. Anyway, the surgery is over and the plaster in place. All that remains is a final sanding session. As Dave ( @Rabbit Leader ) mentioned, I spent a good hour sanding the spacer to a more compliant profile. The challenge then was 1) to restore the nice clean shape of the fuselage, 2) to finish that elongation in a way that it will not be visible in the end. So regular filler was out of question: there is a good chan
  4. Hi, Thank you gents for your comments and your advises. The patient is just out of the theatre. It still needs some recovery though. The procedure went as planned. The fuselage assembled without glue and maintained by some tape. It was then cut where the model profile stops following the drawing. All four parts were split up. For the reconstruction, I started with the right side as it can lay flat on the mat. A 6mm insert made of stacked styrene sheets was glued to elongate the fuselage half. Just be careful that the back of the fuselage remains straight. No pro
  5. @RidgeRunner actually, the position of the tail unit is correct relative to the aft of the fuselage. Elongating the fuselage after the tail unit will place it in a wrong position. I'll try to take better pictures for you. @Rabbit Leader Dave, thank you for the recommendation. I have a rough idea how to get there. The plan is to build the inserts from the same stack-up cut in two and to glue them with the half fuselage lying flat on the mat. I'll be able to correct the position half way through the glue drying. Anyway, that's a plan and you know what one says about plan...
  6. Hi, With regards to the fuselage, the discrepancy looks indeed to be around the tail section of the aircraft. I decided to cut the fuselage close to the location where the kit profile does not follow the drawing anymore. So here I am tonight, with a split fuselage. By the way, this is the first time I venture in this kind of surgery... Next step will be to insert a 6mm stack of styrene sheets. Cheers, Antoine
  7. Hi Dennis, This is one of the Heller WWII kit I haven't built so far but heard load of positive stuff about it. Glad to see it here and looking forward how it will go in your expert hands. Cheers, Antoine
  8. You're doing a great work out of this kit. I built a couple of them in my youth: its shape is as bad as it is lacking details. Looking forward to see the end result. So far, looks very good!
  9. @CorsairfoxfouruncleThank you mate!
  10. In three of my references, the total length of the aircraft is 17.17m. In the gentlemen scale, that means 23.8cm. This is in line with the drawing I have. The 6mm I plan to add are an approximation though. But the tolerance should be around +/-0.5 mm. Close enough for me . Antoine
  11. Hello, Thank you all for your kind worlds. @Rabbit Leader, don't worry, I've got enough spare love for this lovely plane @alt-92, I already miss Alclad smell.. @TonyOD, thanks mate @JOCKNEY Mrs G thanks you. Your good words were much appreciated. @JeroenS Thank you! @Wez Thanks, I think I still don't grasp the amount of luck I'll be needing... This morning, after a good short night (we were indeed able (allowed?) to sleep for more than 3 hours in a row...) , I tidied up my workbench so I can accommodate a French twin engine bombe
  12. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I nearly missed the start of this GB. To be honest, I completely forget about it since I applied. So, during the last couple of months, instead of getting ready for the GB, I entered a building frenzy and stuffed my workbench with a load of new projects. I’ve to find some place to start one Heller LeO451 now…. I’ll try to keep up with you guys but, to be honest, our first baby girl arrived less than one month ago (best scale model I ever made), hence it is highly probable that I won’t be on the forum very often…
  13. Hi, @Marklo, thank you for your answer on the putty. I’ve just received AK interactive one and tried it straight away on the Me410. First impression is good. It is quite fluid (a much appreciated changed compared to an (very) old Tamiya Putty tube). Adherence is good. It is drying now so I’ll let you know my feedback with regard to sanding and finishing in a later post. On the model itself, I’ve added one last detail to the cockpit before starting the canopy jigsaw: the gunsight. It is not provided by Fine Molds. On the Me410, it is attached on the top of the windshield
  14. Hi, Thank you @Ray S Work continues on the Me410, and more particularly in the cockpit area. Between the two crew ‘offices’, there are internal frames that are quite visible and that Fine Molds hasn’t reproduced. With a few stretched sprues, this is quickly solved. The nose section and the bomb bay doors were also glued at that time. The latest required some putty and a couple of engraving update. By the way, as I am getting close to the end of my Tamiya Putty tube, I discovered that it is not produced anymore. Does
  15. Hi, For the wing root upgrade, I have posted a photo in the previous post. One of the first things I have done with this kit were the propellers. No big deal here. Just a small paint challenge for the version I am looking for. Fine Molds proposes a decal for the white circle on the front of the spinner. I was not sure of the end results: lot of decal softener would be needed and not sure that the white of the decal would match the white of the paint. So, to get a nice round shape, I used section of stroke temporarily attached to the spinner with PVA glue. The end result l
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