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  1. That sounds like suicide! What if you stopped in mid air from applying the brakes?! As a matter of fact I did get my education from Warner Bros. cartoons.........
  2. Wow! Lovely work there! I especially like the worn away paint on the back of the prop, an often overlooked feature on weathered aircraft.
  3. How I found my way back after being stuck on "advanced modeller syndrome" for years: I thought back to when modelling was the most fun with excitement and wonder for me. I decided to build a model as a 10 year old "me" would have. That meant tube glue, very limit Testors square bottle paints, 1 brush and no filler. It was decidedly liberating and fun! Here is the proof.......the hardest part was NOT using any techniques I learned as an adult.
  4. What an enjoyable topic! I would expect that the answers would depend on your age , where your from and which side of history your country of origin was on. WWI - Zeppelin WWII - P-40 Early Cold War - MiG 15 Late Cold War - F-4 Phantom/ F-15 eagle Latest Gen - F-22
  5. I agree, it does look rather anemic in both diameter and chord.
  6. Pacific Coast Models released a 1/32 Fw190 A-1 through A-3 http://mail.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/kits/pcm32011reviewbg_1.htm If the picture above is the aircraft in question then it most likely an A-2 or A-3 as the A-4 had louvers replacing the cowl slots. Unless there was some cross over for very early -4s.
  7. I have to say that you've done a wonderful job with that! I am captivated by the look of the Sycamore. To me it has such a biomechanical insect look to it that I can't seem to look away! Well done!
  8. Reminds me of the models airmen would make who were in a prisoner of war camp. Very cool!!
  9. Combine them all into a MeJu 459.
  10. Though probably not related to Series 1 vs Series 2, another change is the wingtip lights. At some point they went from clear lenses with colored bulbs to colored lenses with clear bulbs. You would have to check reference photos for any particular aircraft as I am unsure when the change took place. Could have been a maintenance depot change as well.
  11. Did the Sea fury have any offset to the vertical tail plane to counter torque?..and if it did, does that mean it had to be changed when some of the privately owned aircraft switched over to the R-2800?
  12. My observations, I don't know diddly about the colors. I do think that most of the holes in fuselage were made with and axe and or pick. Bullets or cannon shells usually don't make square holes, but I wasn't there so it's just my opinion which is essentially worthless. I had to write something. Edit: Yeah, it made more sense when I wrote it. Upon further inspection it looks like some of the holes were made with a knife possibly from souvenir hunters?
  13. Excellent build and photography! That plane looks like it was designed to have ordinance slung under the wings.
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