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  1. Though probably not related to Series 1 vs Series 2, another change is the wingtip lights. At some point they went from clear lenses with colored bulbs to colored lenses with clear bulbs. You would have to check reference photos for any particular aircraft as I am unsure when the change took place. Could have been a maintenance depot change as well.
  2. Did the Sea fury have any offset to the vertical tail plane to counter torque?..and if it did, does that mean it had to be changed when some of the privately owned aircraft switched over to the R-2800?
  3. My observations, I don't know diddly about the colors. I do think that most of the holes in fuselage were made with and axe and or pick. Bullets or cannon shells usually don't make square holes, but I wasn't there so it's just my opinion which is essentially worthless. I had to write something. Edit: Yeah, it made more sense when I wrote it. Upon further inspection it looks like some of the holes were made with a knife possibly from souvenir hunters?
  4. Excellent build and photography! That plane looks like it was designed to have ordinance slung under the wings.
  5. I would be thrilled to have that sitting on my shelf! Very nice!
  6. Agreed- though off the top of my head I can't remember whether there are any four engine WWII birds that did have washout. I always assumed it was more suited to fighters since they are doing much more extreme maneuvers and the purpose of the washout was to delay airflow from separating from the control surface portion of the wing last. Two of the most obvious fighters with washout are the P-47 and the Ta152. In the end everything I've stated here is factual only in my head and is not backed up by anything more than my own suppositions and faulty observations. Don't provoke me though, as I may resort to posting a picture of a P-40 with as many red lines..........oh who am I kidding? It took me almost half an hour to draw two fat red lines on a four engine patrol plane. I'll get my coat After reading more on washout (Hat tip to the guy that invented reading. It actually works! Who knew?) I have come to the conclusion that I don't know near as much as my ego says I do. Is there an Ego removal kit available? I'll take the cheap one.......
  7. Yeah, I meant the Vertical stab not horizontal...
  8. My very first "red lines" post! be gentle.
  9. It appears to me that the horizontal vertical stab is exactly perpendicular to the wing chord line. It does look like it is at an angle compared to the fuselage. Edit: It looks like the same could be true of the B-24.
  10. Oh,that is pretty! Now I will have to poorly replicate that using my meager skills. Well done!
  11. But weren't the inner gear doors eliminated around the time the Fw190-A5 came around?
  12. The first AN-2 I ever saw was in the mid 90's at Travis AFB CA. I remember it well because of the metal bucket placed under the engine while it sat on the ramp to catch all the oil that was leaking from the engine. Fun Plane to watch lumber into the air.
  13. Absolutely brilliant! You nailed the paint job and weathering!
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