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  1. I am inquiring if there are any sites similar to the WW2 Italian Aircraft site Stormo or the Japanese Aicraft site J-Aircraft.com but for French and Russian aircraft Cheers Tim
  2. That's more than I Need for now but it's a really brilliant bIt of kit. The fact it fits in with thier modular system of storage is brilliant.
  3. It's simple and well thought out. The review is well done. Deffinetley leaning towards this jig. Seems the other ones get ridiculously complicated. I also like your afv one. Can use that for afv's or to hold fuselage halves to work on the insides. Very impressed with what your company has to offer. Any plans on a spray booth with an airbrush holder and turntable? Tim
  4. I have been researching different jigs and watched some reviews. I think if I can find this one, it'll be the one I want. It's got a good price point, it looks simple and it does the job.
  5. Did they do any practice flights/drills? on thier way there, while at sea? I know they did before they left to go to Pearl Harbour. I got lost in creating beautiful Aotake lacquers and just enjoying the build. I know that's the fun of the Japanese planes is getting the right worn look on them and trying to recreate them as is. Sorry if my build was nails across a blackboard to some. Cheers Tim
  6. Firstly, this is my first Airbrush job, since returning to modelbuilding. so I wanted something easy. Secondly I wanted to do a torpedoe bomber. I didn't realize I was doing Murata's plane....hikotaicho....makes sense. Just figuring out the best flow for my paint has been fun enough. I'm going to create Mask for the markings on the fin. I guess I'll have to noob the worn paint appearance with some silver paint and a brush...I used Tamiya XF-12 for the bottom and Citadel Caliban green with a drop of Dark Angels Green. I will be building more Japanese planes. So all this info is very useful. Cheers Tim
  7. They wore very well designed black overalls. I believe the collars were wool or fur. I think thier helmets were brown. I would love some early war sweedish pilots in 1/72. If someone sent me info, I'd be down to do some drawings if someone had some good Autocad skills and a 3d printer.
  8. Hey Folks it's now time to paint my Kate. Early on when just checking stuff out about the Kate online I came across this website: https://japanese-aviation.forumotion.com/t46-16-pearl-harbor-raid-akagi-s-torpedo-bombers I am sadly no expert nor would I consider myself completely present with a hint of knowledge of Japanese planes and Camo. But the Kate build has changed that. I am not sure but I feel the colour templates show the planes in the right schemes. The gentleman seems to have had done his research. I want to do a Torpedo armed Kate from Akagi and I saw AI-311 Hikotaicho's aircraft. My question is, what is the way the paint was applies to the wings? Did it wrap around? Or did it meat halfway on the leading edge? Any other info people want to divulge is greatly appreciated. Tim
  9. Oh dear God! You did! Im so sorry Chris...I am a lil bit of a space cadet in the AM a cup of coffee needs to be ingested or I'm not much use. Again, Thanks! Tim
  10. I play War Yhunder as well, I'm doing Swedish, French, Italian and Russian. I prefer the early ww2 aircraft. MonsterMasha
  11. Oh Airfix! I thank you so much for helping me out. You forgot to mention parts 24 and 25 of the tail section that works with the wooden fins. I figured it out though. As much as I am glad Aifix brought this kit out. After building it and looking at the instructions. I can hazard a guess why they discontinued it. I feel a re-tool is on the way with a better layout of instructions. This kit could of been a three decal kit. It's like they had one plan for it and then something got lost in the process. But for those reading. I'd still recommend it, so much fun to build. Also why in box reviews are nice. But give me a build review any day.
  12. I am am finishing up my Kate and its been such a fun build. The Eduard PE has made the cockpit look so good and the add ons for engine and landing gear and exterior are wonderful. But I've been a good lil builder and done my research and am at a loss. Seems Airfix added the wooden fins for the Pearl Hardor torpedoes but forgot to add instructions on how to attach the item to the torpedoes. Also again as always and forever I shall be; thankful for input and help from my fellow modellers. Tim
  13. Awesome! Thank you John! I really appreciate your help!
  14. Read the pinned post
  15. Hey Bill! It worked like a charm. Now my only question. Has anyone ordered anything from Russia? I live in Canada. As ignorant as this may sound. I feel like ordering model stuff directly from Russia is a risky endeavor.
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