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    Painting/drawing/airbrushing, aircraft, cars, Motown/soul/jazz/funk. History, Geography. nearly forgot modelling!

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  1. bzn20

    Douglas DC 7C

    Might be.. I had the Matchbox Cadillac Fleetwood just like this one. That's outstanding.
  2. bzn20

    Douglas DC 7C

    That nose isn't sharp enough, too DC-4/ Argonaut shaped . Still a great job, thanks for showing . These 'planes and era are what kicked me off ….and the English Electric P1 .
  3. bzn20

    Douglas DC 7C

    I flew on a BOAC DC-7C (Seven Seas) G-AOIE back in 1958 from the A4 London Airport's North Terminal to...…………………………… Yeah...Ringway (Manchester) . Got my first Airline postcard (now have over 5000 ) a honk bag ,some route maps and sugar bags. I was nearly 4 but I remember it . Came back by Britannia 'OVE . Look forward to seeing his evolve. This and the Lockheed L1649 Starliner were the last word in Piston Props BTW The PAA DC-7Cs all had the Pan-American Blue Globe on the fin then . Always brings back some great memories.
  4. bzn20

    Vickers Vanguard - long shot

    Might like this
  5. bzn20

    Vickers Vanguard - long shot

    I remember the DC-8s in to Heathrow 67 had the Expo 67 stickers on the white above the cheat line ...… Which is where they just held the Canadian Grand Prix. So I'm sure you'll need a set with Expo67 on the sheet too.
  6. bzn20

    Vickers Vanguard - long shot

    CF-TKM is 913 . So All the Vanguards would have fin numbers in the 900's starting with CF- TKA 901 . From there M is the 13th Letter + 913 If you have a fin number you've got the reg. CF-TKA 901 to TKW 923 with no breaks in letter chain. Cheers
  7. bzn20

    Vickers Vanguard - long shot

    Hi..Pretty sure I do somewhere . I'll have a look .
  8. Pete.. Your Avatar looks like the Romanian Tennis star Halep after her Serve was broken ….by Sharararpovarova
  9. Superb ! Great job. That's the best KLM scheme . Well done !
  10. Thanks Mike. As far as I know I'm not having any other problems . I have Chrome and use it sometimes . I don't find it quicker though . It takes an age to ramp up so I can use it.
  11. It came back ! Didn't do a thing. It now says "Quote Selection" (Black letters in a white box instead of the previous "Quote " ( White letters in a Black box) or was it Quote this ? Anyway its back !
  12. bzn20

    Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    Very good ,very Brize . Great Paint finish , decs all of it . C/pit windows came out well , the ground clearance came out well . You can be proud of that job. Just need B Shift's Cpl Snowy White reversing the Role Equip tin top Bedford TK in up the ramp and crunching the Stbd tail strake ,1972 . Great job, thanks for the wip and showing us.
  13. Great job , really like that. Something about the look of the Fokker Friendship that the HPR Dart Herald ever got near to. Decs are good too, not sure about Hannants £32 hike for them though. Wouldn't worry about the flag. We converted an A300 from Pax to cargo at Filton. It was going to a Turkish Crate carrier Apollo The painters started on it. I looked at the Turkish flag on the fin. That's the wrong way round ,no it isn't, 'tis, isn't. Crescent should be nearer to the Hoist, that isn't. Look at the other side ,Crescent is nearer the Fly End and facing the wrong way. Oh Yeah. Then excuse they dreamed up was ....On a real flag...One way is correct, go to the other side and its the other way 'round ! Oh yes I Just noticed the titles on the other side too. OLLOPA !
  14. bzn20

    Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    I've go a great photo of a ramp down . You'll be able to make an educated guess of the dimensions.The outer seat rail is about a foot from the outbd edge of the floor part of the ramp both sides. I can send it by email to get a roughly accurate ( Makes no sense!) idea. Just need your email , promise I wont become a cloned Bootneck Mk2 and buy mail order Bayonets and tins of compo Baby's heads with your pension !
  15. bzn20

    Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    If you are having the Ramp floor Lashing Points ( are they lashing points ,those dots ? ) you going to have the 4 seat rails too ? Just asking and about to hide somewhere . Bringing back the memories with this build ,not all good but some really funny times too .