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  1. UVs attack some plastics . Cheap PVC . They even made garden furniture out of it . By the time it's second Summer came around the tops of the legs where it curved for the seat had a nice collection of break down/crazing and sitting for a nice drink... you get the pint down in one . Shirt and Chinos to be replaced .
  2. Looks more like Polythene, Polypropolene kind of plastic .. I have coiled hose like it and it's not rubber, parts of it look shiny . Looks like it's been stored in the original box out of the light with it's tie still in place. Things do degrade over time but that looks a bit more than what you'd expect . Had mine for 20 years plus including 2 and bit years on the Costa Blanca and had no effects from that .
  3. Some funny things on here... great subject though. 1. What do you call the small arthropod that lives in wet conditions, often under decaying leaves or rocks that rolls up into a little ball when startled? Carpet tank 2. What do you call the small freshwater crustacean that resembles a small lobster? Langoustine 3. What term do you use to describe the weather phenomenon where rain falls while the sun is simultaneously shining? No idea … But usually it's only 2 seconds away from somebody rubber necking for a Rainbow . 4. What do you call a public water dispensing device you can take a cool drink from? drinking fountain 5. What do you call the person who cuts your hair? A Barber  6. Does the kinship term for your mother's sister sound the same as the word ant?  No 7. What do you call a knit closely fitting winter hat? Benny/ woolly hat 8. What term do you use for shoes used in athletic activity like running or basketball? Trainers 9. What term do you use for a long narrow sandwich? Baguette
  4. Great story . London Airport (Heathrow) North Terminal ( long Haul flights) was like that . Visited it 58 til closure 1961 (?) not sure but The Oceanic Building (later T3) for long haul flights was opened late 61 . The fences were low for big kids but I was 3 and half the first time, tables and chairs. Startocruisers, Connies , Starliners and DC piston props , you could almost touch . no jets the first time . Never get a refund for nothing happening there … It was free for a start and plenty to see anyway . It is my favourite aviation memory . Just magic.
  5. Sounds like you might like to read.. Nazi Hunters by Damien Lewis … Tag line. The Ultra Secret SAS Unit and hunt for Hitler's war criminals . It's a mind blowing read . Operations Loyton and Grassy . August 1944 , 60 SAS troopers to attack the enemy , Jedburghs to link with the Resistance and Phantoms to establish communications with London with kit inc Jeeps parachuted in to the Vosges area of France ,500 miles behind the lines . Base of operations to cause havoc , supported by regular supply drops . Even driving to Stuttgart in air dropped Jeeps, attack and drive all the way back to their base. I'm going to read it again ! If it was a movie.. You'd think it was a bit far fetched. Nazi Hunters ISBN 978-1-78429-389-5 There is a photo of an Air drop Jeep on the front cover Amazon link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nazi-Hunters-Damien-Lewis/dp/178429389X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=7SCMDY6D1590&keywords=nazi+hunters+damien+lewis&qid=1557602232&s=gateway&sprefix=Nazi+Hunters%2Caps%2C222&sr=8-1
  6. It is and thanks for digging it up for a second dose of I'm amazed ! I'm still amazed .
  7. Great job . I'd forgotten these Bright Skyvans ,saw the Yellow one once , funny planes . An Oman Air Force Pilot fell out of his door after it came off in flight over Al Kassab, Oman in 1985/86 when I was there. Well done ,thanks for showing.
  8. Neat job but is there a reason you don't fill with super glue or Milliput etc. ? Those sunken windows were really bad weren't they ? How would the decs sit on those or are they windowless decs and need cutting out ? 3 questions ,sorry !
  9. bzn20

    737 Max

    That was well worth reading and quite a bit has already been said by a few on here . Going back to a design started in 1964 and tweaking it beyond 1967 (First Flight April 1967, entered Lufthansa service early 1968) 737 type certification . Oh and don't tell them anything until they need the QRH in hurry . Thanks very much for that link .
  10. Was he Army ? Aldershot is just a stones throw from F/bro
  11. The last National Service man left in 1963 . TSR2 didn't fly until 1964 wasn't scrapped until 1965 by the Wilson Govt . He must have been on some other RAF kites. Not even sure any RAF guys were on them to scrap as they weren't in Service. A few ,can't remember were at Colley's Yard in Feltham,Middx . waiting for the breakers . We could see them from the road under tarps on wagons .
  12. I noticed your kit packing boxes and loose bits so they don't come off in transit . How do you fit them and make them removeable ?
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