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  1. Now that's a rivet counter BSW,BSF,BA,AF and M*tr*c They're adjustable and by either Draper , King Dick, Snap-On/ Blue Point , Mac, Proto ,Stanley , Sykes Pickavant or Stahl Willi , Not sure about the TPI on the Hacksaw though !
  2. Gorby , Brengun do PE tools in 1/72nd and the other popular scales . The Spanners come in old style single end open type and the usual double open ended type or Special ( tools) spanners for a particular aircraft , ideal for your dio. One tool kit ,tool tote tray for 5.26 Euros inc VAT …. Have a look at about 10 pages of 1/72nd PE accessories while you're there , some good things ! 1/72nd tool kit http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-72-accessories-21/tools-627 10 pages of 1/72nd PE accessories steps etc. http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-72-accessories-21
  3. bzn20


    Yes they are. I remember my first day in one of the hangars at Lasham 78 ish they were bringing in a 4B the left wing only just cleared the office/stores roof. There were no wing men or watchers on the tail ,the tug driver was doing it blind. Ducking around in his seat trying to find something to hit with his Comet . He barely made it past some 727/707 jacks . People walking around hands in pockets giving him no help. We were on a weeks contracting from Brize while we were on stand down . We would have had at least 5 people, 2 on tail one on each wing tip and somebody in charge of the towing team at Brize in to a hangar . We soon gave this place the name Lashup ! It was a weird place to work and some of the funniest things happened there.
  4. bzn20


    Great job ,brings memories back of working at Dan's engineering base at Lasham , near Basingstoke, late 70s/early 80s . Looks really good . All the lettering and fin logos etc were done by a sign writer , arrived in his Moggy Thou van ,usually had an apprentice with him . I could sit and watch him with his long haired brushes ,makeshift compass thing , a master at work. Well done ,thanks for showing !
  5. bzn20

    Sheds .

    That's good , should be good !
  6. bzn20

    Sheds .

    Those verticals on the feather board shed aren't very meaty are they ? Put a big bolt( quarter to half inch ?) through it and wood has a life due to the humidity and start creeping elsewhere. The shiplap sheds .. The skin takes some load ,you can lean on it for support , a kind of stressed skin . I removed nails and screwed it. I do tend to over engineer things ,belts and braces . I 'll add a second piece to carry the load across the joining frames instead of just a few bolt through the end frames . I treat mine like a fuselage structure . Big stuff is on the frames and screwed to the floor . Any benches, drawing board actually hold the shed square.
  7. Well done . Too much to mention but loved the one legged stencilling Herren . Just a great diorama . Trap 1 with the mags and poster and the Air Diagram board with assembly instructions ! Brilliant ,well done again .. I must have missed your RAF hut build ... Got a link pretty please ? Wot rivets ?
  8. bzn20

    Sheds .

    Sure did … Brilliant !
  9. bzn20

    Sheds .

    If anything I'd join up the Shiplap sheds . The feather Board shed won't last as long anyway. Weaker than Shiplap and rough cut wood absorbs moisture too well . Width difference will be a bit weird and you will need to beef the join so they don't want to go in different directions. I added two extra roof frames to stop roof sag (3 in a 12 footer ).. That was when it was new in 2004 . I 've had to change 5 ship lap planks due to the weathering/rot mine gets on the back even though I paint it every year with expensive gloss black outdoor stuff . On the second lot of roof felt this year.. 14 years later , Hut 104 stalag luft iii is in very good condition . Another thing I doubt both sheds are exactly squared up with the different loading and ground beneath and with what wood does , a bit of jiggling required. Good plated Phillips/Posi screws , not nails btw !
  10. bzn20

    D.H.88 Comet, French A.F.

    No idea , didn't know these Comets went to French AF . Russian website is a blast . nicht spreken wrong way letters . Love the DH88 though. Art Deco Mosquito !
  11. My Dad's equivalent of the 1966 World Cup moment . He told me the story as if it was a current competition in the 1960s . Couldn't wait for the next one... When is the next one Dad ? …….
  12. bzn20

    £50 names nomination list- 3 aviation related

    Like Whittle vote Sir Sidney Camm… Top British aircraft designer … Hawker Hart ,Fury , Nimrod , Hurricane , Tempest ,Typhoon , Sea Fury, Hunter , Harrier . And another 40 odd . Saved the Country They needed an engine .. How about Rolls and Royce ? Either or both . Saved the Country
  13. That's the stuff , now we're talking . The Chemical Cosh
  14. Airfix didn't have Swastikas on the box art or decals . Has that ever been changed ?