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    Painting/drawing/airbrushing, aircraft, cars, Motown/soul/jazz/funk. History, Geography. nearly forgot modelling!

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  1. bzn20

    Airfix 1\144 Vickers Vanguard

    Blimey, what a find ! If it's BA they're called a Merchantman , Vanguard Freighter and 9 converted during BEA's ownership during the Flying Jack scheme . 1969 ish .Window blanks ( Aluminium plate) and painted , freight door by Freddie Laker's Aviation Traders who built the VC10 freight doors for Vickers about the same time . I'm really saying you don't need windows but I hate short stories , can't do those . The wings have massive moulding things on them. I have one boxed unmade in the loft if you need a 3rd for spares (pay for postage only)
  2. bzn20

    Some of my dad's art stuff

    Great drawings, great verse and a very sad, sad story . To read that story after seeing his work was a bit deflating . Difficult situation and just so sad and a bit frightening for your mother Who is a Diamond BTW.
  3. bzn20

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    Sorry , I thought you meant the big panels on the left side . That small one has the Earth symbol on it . or if you didn't...More info coming in over the ether Battery and cbs in the front Lh panel. Lox pot in a panel on the left hand side just forward of the intake. Rh open panels would probably be the refuel panel and the BITE panel
  4. bzn20

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    What's that for Pete ?
  5. bzn20

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    I got this off an ex Tornado rigger Electronic stuff, Circuit Breaker board and black boxes. Lox pack
  6. bzn20

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    Here the link for 3 photos of the open panel for Ground Power (socket missing) , Being NATO Standard the socket is the same as other Aircraft . Go about half way down the page, the whole page is probably useful to you with lots of open panel shots . https://twitter.com/TornadoZA326
  7. bzn20

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    Think they are Avionic bays slide in/out Black boxes (not that kind of black box ). I remember some of my mates on Tornado courses up at TTTE RAF Cottesmore in the late 70s talking about these Boxes up the front one ,I think was for systems checking . Someone with hands on will be more accurate. I've just asked my mate who was on them . Photo link https://www.urbanghostsmedia.com/2015/08/panavia-tornado-gr1-za361-new-york-lincolnshire-farm/
  8. bzn20

    Argosy 1:72 Mach 2

    Thanks .. Brilliant !
  9. bzn20

    Argosy 1:72 Mach 2

    Thanks for more photos … Looks so good , 1st one landing under a Brize November sky 1976 (isn't it ? ), lighting , weathering ,brilliant . Got a bigger load in the fuse than a real one . Pat yourself on the back ,top work. Thanks for showing . You've got a winner there should you enter it . Made my day .........…. again .
  10. bzn20

    Argosy 1:72 Mach 2

    That looks ace ,made my day . What are these motors you've used ? We had the Whistling T** in bay 1 Base Hangar , Brize on servicing from about 76 ish ,115 Sqn. I'm with the others ,need more pics pleeeese , Paint looks really good . Well done !
  11. bzn20

    Cutaway airliner kits ?

    Thanks all , found a few 747s and Tristars on ebay , prices what you'd expect . Thanks again for a rapid replies, took under 12 hours to get to where I wanted to go.
  12. bzn20

    Cutaway airliner kits ?

    Thank you very much Space Ranger and Turbofan . It was the old Revell kits that I must have had a memory of .
  13. bzn20

    Cutaway airliner kits ?

    Can anybody point me in the direction of a "cutaway" or clear plastic fuselage ,Airliner kit . Can be Airbus 320 series ,330,350, Boeing 737 ,747,777,787 ? Scale 1/72nd is preferred but 144th is better than nothing . I have searched but found nothing . In the back of my head somewhere there was a kit with a partial clear plastic/polys. fuse and some cabin view with seats etc. That was probably eons ago . Is anybody doing them ? Thanks very much in advance . If it exists somebody here will know .
  14. Amazing . I wonder if he uses a hidden structure to hold some of those things together , brilliant work anyway . I was forced to use Plasticene as a filler on a Frog Beaufort belly /wing join gaps and bad fit also built the humpback for an A-4 Skyhawk only to find the hump laying at the bottom of the box and some other things because I was out in the sticks at the time and not much shop wise near me . Worked like a charm , takes Humbrol paint really well . Thanks for uploading .
  15. bzn20

    Down among the sprouts

    Great model , great back story with photos . I had a set of a Do 217 photos in a field in Kent , ****** lost them years ago I went on Google Earth it's between Milton Rd and Blawith Rd , Wembley , MIDDX ( I'm getting the old county in) now a carpark for Harrow Council Gestapo , a mosque , Sizzling Spice and Punjab Grill fwd of your kite. Samaritans are over the other side of Station Rd from those . The Dec/1945 G/Earth shows that ground as either extended gardens (of those white houses) or some kind of allotments . Thanks for showing , well done !