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    Painting/drawing/airbrushing, aircraft, cars, Motown/soul/jazz/funk. History, Geography. nearly forgot modelling!

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  1. Hi, How are you ? Not especially , just look at any airfield/ hangar scene . Airport books , I know you'll have a stack of books ! Aircraft mechanics - Google Search Mechanics working on aircraft wings - Google Search Men working on aircraft - Google Search Hopefully clicking those will throw up a stack of images .. Obviously not . Please just search Google Images using those words
  2. I'd want more than that on with HTP around .. How about normal RAF ground crew 1960s/70s in overalls. ( RAF Denims). NOT in TACEVAL NBC gear please ( Airfix already did that in 1/72nd ) with loose tools ,hammers,spanners etc. and holding tools/drills etc. laying face down as if working on a wing . on their backs. Holding hands up as if lifting ,general working positions . Would be very handy . Stood about doing nothing , Cuppa Char and a cheese dog .... Just like the real things .
  3. B Class registration ... Love the trade plate comment though .comes in handy hitching !
  4. In Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth area I've seen .....The Ferkin Driving School ... Not too bad except they stuck a RED L in between Ferkin and Driving School n the roof and boot signage ... The Ferkin L Driving School ! In The Hamptons Long Island I saw a grass cutting and general gardening service Turf's Up
  5. Thats the same Drawing thats in the Book I mentioned . I think those books Drawings came from Flying Scale Models or Aeromodeller incorporating Model Aircraft or vice versa ...
  6. I've got a scale drawing of a BEA 4B , the window pitching will be the same but the gaps are not with differentToilet and Galley postitions and bedrooms and probably plugged with Alu/Alloy blanks . Check that in a Google image search The Fuselage is the same length . That's in the book Aircraft Archive Post-War Jets Volume 3 for the BEA Comet 4B . I saw that Comet 4C SA-R-7 taxi past and then take off from London Airport ,Summer 1962 . The last time I went to the North Terminal before it shut for good ( opposite ish to the Sheraton Skyline Hotel today on the A4 . I was only 7 ,my dad was telling me about it , gold water taps etc, .The colour scheme was like nothing else I'd seen before .Gold ,Green and White with the Sun glinting off it . Crashed in the Alps about 6 months later . I've got some photos at LAP and a colour Profile of it . If you want see them, PM your email addy and I'll send them .
  7. That is a great thing to have . Sure it's an MEA office and Travel Agent's model .
  8. Looks very good , Must be quite rigid if you can carry it around . Careful you don't rip the columns off getting it caught in that Australian rolling weed . Well done
  9. bzn20

    'Codger' R I P

    I only quoted the end but your whole comment is very well said .
  10. What ever windows you end up with ... Hope you won't see me struggling with the Coiled snake of a Cumberland Sausage gig they served me in 1993 .
  11. bzn20

    'Codger' R I P

    How sad . I've only asked him a couple of things in the past ( via pm ) he was quick to answer ,very helpful , interesting . I'll never be in the market for a Pocher but enjoyed his RR build and the conversations he an Matt Black ( remember him ? Gulf colours Jag man from Ipswich ) used to have . Really has taken the wind out of me this morning . Concolences to people on here that actually knew him and were friends . Please pass on my condolences to his family too ,thanks . Sad RIP Codger
  12. Was the same width as your garage ?? Blimey .. a good decision then .. Looks okay from here
  13. See previous post link . That's a great build as per . To save a bit of time Page 6 of that build has some details about the ropes/cables .You need to read the whole build though too !
  14. Not sure but I always thought they were for mooring up to buoys ,landing stage when on the water . Think I saw a painting years ago of an air sea rescue of a Spitfire sat on the water,a Walrus also on the water with a crewman standing on the forward gun ring throwing a rope to the pilot sat in a dinghy .
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