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  1. Love that Eric . The Dash 80 was 5 abreast seating fuse width . Pan-Am's Jaun Tripp who more or less told Boeing increase the fuse diameter to give me 6 abreast seating ,I'll order 20 707s now . They would and he ordered there and then . He also ordered 20 DC-8s and a couple of years later some 720s too .
  2. The Dash 80 Fuselage is a different shape cross section and narrower . 720 Inboard ( between fuselage and No 2 and No3 engine ) wing has a thicker Chord , leading edge extension .For station numbers you'll need a Repair manual Chapter 53 . Might find one on ebay scanned to a CD. One seller that specialises in these CDs is superchalk64 .
  3. Reading these answers ( including mine) we can see how these museums get in to the too many planes / not required ,wrong planes / don't know how we got here etc. problem . Someone will find a way to include or get rid which is where they are .
  4. This where the RAF Museum has to nail it and decide what and where they are . Is it Test frames and another version of the Science museum ? Would have though RAF was the subject not someone elses plane or a plane that never flew for the RAF . TSR2 and FD2 ? Magic words are Royal Air Force Museum not General military Aviation and experimental museum because that's why there is a pile of planes going out the doors . They're all important ish in a catch all aviation museum .
  5. I think that museums buy with their hearts not heads .Avro 707s aint RAF , Duke's Hunter isn't , Prone Meteor either . MoA ,MoS , Boscombe ,Bedford ,Cranfield , maybe but not RAF . Prototypes is another non RAF thing as they didn't enter service . The difference between RAF and non RAF bought with a brain and not heart . This is obviously a black and white thing instead of the grey . Aviation museum is the catch all for these planes
  6. That 144th scale GE ,steps etc . is just ace . FMC was very popular at most airports but I went there ( Newcastle Airport) a few times in late 92/93 and the Buyer for the Airport Cargo handling GE swore by Hobart stuff , its all he ever wanted to spend the Airport's cash on .
  7. How apt ..I've just got a piece of Avro Lincoln forward fuselage skin with 61 Sqn Badge , with your Lincoln Imp on it ! Dad cut it out while it was being scrapped at Waddo . I also got the Flight Engineer's Throttle's off ex BA Super VC10 'SGR while that was being scrapped at Abingdon 1992 That Lincoln also flew with 101 Sqn at some point . I was working on a 101 Sqn K2 at the same time I got those throttles . How's that for a coincidence ?
  8. Bet this is a hole in most people's archives Can't really help you on the colour schemes with any real accuracy . According to Ian Allan's World Airliner Registrations 1967 ish ,68 ish and 74 issues Lucero de la Tarde was the name ( El missing) Lucero of the Afternoon . de la is USUALLY in lower case I have a photo of AHS at Lasham ,Dan-Air bought just about all the Comets that were left and either broke them for spares or re registered them and back in to service LV-AHS is listed as Alborada and not LV- AHR which is listed with the name Arco Iri
  9. We had ( shift storeman's really ) a RAF Bedford TJ Tipper truck with that engine in on Role equipment at Brize Norton in 1973 , went like stuff off a shovel . Used to do laps of the airfield V 3 Bedford TKs , Bedford RL , Austin Ju crew bus ,Bantam Garbage truck ,flat top and drop side . Last one in at Britannia Line Squadron paid for the Doughnuts ! TJ never came in last . Storeman would be going nuts looking for his lost steed !
  10. Love that . Never seen this kit although I remember the Custom Car types series you mentioned . Airfix were up against it in the Custom Car kit market with AMT , Revell and Monogram producing some really very good Hot Rod / Custom car kits . Mate had a FD Victor saloon with front bench seats and column change . Well done !
  11. I've lived in this house since 2002 , would have moved by now but still looking for a 144th VC10 Pitot . I did find 3 batteries , small bulb for SWMBO's cabinet , short stroke bike pump , battery charger , a small clip I thought would come in handy ( if I could only find the other thing I wanted to fit it too) ,spare Stanley blades . I've worked it out , go looking for something else and the previous thing will turn up ………. Can't be far away ,you and "IT" are in lockdown
  12. That Pan-Am 720-021B kit sounds like a much better alternative . Used to see those at Heathrow . Don't like the shortened 707 bit on the ebay description , not really ..Lighter structure , wing is different . 720 has a thicker chord inbd of inbd engines so the leading edge sweep is cranked , Wing span was the same as the 707-120 ,about 15 foot shorter span of -321B ...Just saying .. A QANTAS 707-138B was a shortened 707 and still not a 720-021B . But 2 Hot Rods all the same .
  13. The Pan-Am 707-321 has a different wing to the BOAC -436 . There are quite a few differences apart from RR Conways on the kit you have and the -321 of Pan-Am . Pan-Am got the first ever 707 , a 707-121 That wing is the same trailing edge wise but shorter fuse . You've bought yourself in to a corner , 707 wise as there were only a handful ordered/operated RR powered 707-420s . EL.AL , Varig , British Eagle , Air India , Lufthansa and BOAC . BEA Airtours used BOAC 707s in BEA flying Jack scheme . If you're not that worried about accuracy it won't matter but the wing trailing edge Flap Fil
  14. Rigging it was a pain , that's after drilling quite a few heads off to get at it , great design though .
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