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  1. Great series of photos , with interesting comments , thanks very much . That hangar is called The Weighbridge Hangar . Because that's whats in the middle of it . Last time I was in there 94 ish ,they had a Blimp in it . I took nearly all of it and was a weird thing to see inside a building not far off the floor or roof ,blokes walking along the top . Boscombe were doing an evaluation for the Army . Those stretched Hercs were weird . The Station numbers of the original Herc remained the same ,the plugs got another set of new station numbers . Didn't follow the sequence . First day on it blew a brain cell trying work out what was going on . Brize had a Herc based there from Lyneham and looked after by Station Flight for the jumps made by No1 PTS . Anyway those add ons you've bought look great
  2. If you're interested I have a few Imperial/BOAC photos of The Empire Terminal at Victoria with Commer Commando coaches ,building etc. Must have been another world in there . Also of Croydon Airport terminal booking Hall . Pm me with email and I'll send them to you . I can remember that Victoria Terminal in the early 60s . This one took over about 1963/64 on The Cromwell Road is just up from the Natural History Museum going West . Boadicea House … Was pronounced BooooooDeeCar House . never understood how they could change the way it was said … How many recordings are there of Boadicea ranting at her Iceni tribe on a night out near Colchester in 60AD ?
  3. Buy their Grey K2 ,its 99.9% C.1K just get rid of the HDH stuck under the rear fuselage . As they say at Argos … You're good to go !
  4. Well put and well said . In a nut shell . Thanks
  5. That was the first jet allowed under some low Californian noise regs , think it was John Wayne Airport ,the rest o f the world fell in love with it and followed . It was a bit late ( 4-5 years ) and was dead due to the normal Govt funding attitudes .Eventually it was woken up ( Wedgewood Benn bless him )and one of the best ever British airliner in terms of sales . The early one would give you an allergy !
  6. The Britannia was refuelled with Avgas . Turboprop ,Turbojet, Turbofan all the same fuel just used it in different ways to propel .
  7. Have a look at the VC10 walkround with RVM post #2 and go down a bit ,great shot from wing tip to wing root and fuse farings I've also got a cutaway of a K2 which is a former BOAC VC10 and shows the complete plane. Those leading edges are the same . I can email that to you plus anything else you might need fridge pack fairing etc. photo . Anything else . I imagine you'll have to cut all the inbd leading edge off slats off inline with the slat lines No1 and No 2 slat and inboard fridge pack fairing (with the small intake) , reduce the chord so when you refit the cut off leading edge they'll be inline with the outer wing a straight line . The forward wing root join will have to tidied as it will be too far forward of the relocated leading edge . Make a note where the inboard Fence starts , a fixed triangular fairing between the fridge pack and slat No1 . You can see the front of the fence is slightly bent outbd as the fence is fitted further inbd than the RAF's C.1K /Super Tens and has to locate on that fixed portion of leading edge . It also sits over the top of first oval panel (forward outboard corner fuel tank access panel) Hope this is helpful , any confusion ,just ask or need more photos ,drawings sent by email. I have something like 2000 photos of just about every area and all 54 built ,around another 600 .
  8. That's right stever219 . That's my entry number at Halton ! The stubs are part of the rear fuselage . 2 beams run through the fuselage and inside the stub wings and fitted to the 2 Spectacle frames ,front and rear engine mounting frames on both sides . Made from machined billet and sit over the two Conways . Obviously big fuel feed pipes to the engines and electrical harnesses are running through the stub wing too . I've got a great Flight mag. VC10 cutaway drawing , I can send you that if you're interested .
  9. They used a few in hybrid BOAC and BA titles , RVG was one of them but that went to Gulf Air mid 74 as A4O-VG . Only three Standards were painted in full BA colours RVF,RVJ and RVM . RVF and RVJ spent next to no time in them as RVJ was leased out to Gulf Air (that was returned to Brize 1982 ish and scrapped over by the fire dump in 93 ish ) RVF was leased to the Government of UAE and ended up in a German Museum .
  10. Is that aimed at me ? I just told it like it is ,up to anyone what they buy . The wings are wrong for two of the 3 boxings , not a small mistake , HDU on a C.1K and boxed as a K2 and C.1K serial , XV107. That's it . I didn't bring up the C/pit problem . Just so you know ..There are 2 of us on BM that have done a collective 40 years on VC10s. 40 hour minimum per week for 20 years each . Our RAF F4820s (IIRC the form number) were Q or X annotated for the VC10 .The other guy that's got my respect built a VC10 masterpiece . 2 VC10 expert's by RAF definition and 1 putting all his knowledge in to practice building a VC10 to perfection . People reporting from Telford that the nose was off just by Mark One eyeballing and it is . What do you call them ? At the same time it's a hobby obviously so what ever people want from it ,how to etc. it's okay and hope it sells well to modellers that know what they want .thought that's how it should be anyway and I've said it in previous comments . This is a repeat too. What if a Griffon engined Spitfire was sold as a BoB kit ? The Flak would be instant and run for pages in to double digits . Do we/I /you let people who care about these things drift in to spending good money or do we inform them ? What is the BM Forum about if it isn't discussed ? .The great thing about this kit is all the extra little detail sets coming on the back of it's issue .
  11. Have you got a full set of VC10 APs , Vol6 and Vol 3 ? You want either Chap 56 windows or even maybe Chap 53 fuselage I've got a copy of the best Scale drawing of the VC10 (C.Mk.1) outside of Vickers own . Its zoomable and measurements can be taken . Using the passenger windows as 20 inch pitch between window centres. Give me your email and I'll email you or anyone else who wants a copy . If you have access to it . get Vickers drawing 79938 SHT3 , Vickers VC10 General arrangement of Fuselage , General . It's AO size . Got everything on there Stns ,cross sections ,you name it .
  12. Mines tomorrow ,pictures at 11 …….. Doh !
  13. Considering the size and free with your morning soggies In the right hands they look really good . Not the usual aircraft either . A nice couple of Mint Imperials !
  14. That's what I think has happened but hasn't stuck tanking pods , HDU ,underbelly camera and refuel probe on the BOAC "Standard" Ten
  15. No Alan , only shots on here and airliner café but there are problems . Can I send you stuff tomorrow ? Had a day and a half of it today , bank scammers on the phone ( didn't get anything but took a load of time up checking ) .3 internet deliveries incorrect to order which I'm still dealing with . BTW the info is external detail that isn't in any VC10 books or other sites unless I've written them on here or various VC10 FB pages . Most can be seen looking at photos , just need to know what it is . It was all gleaned working on them more or less, 5 different VC10 types . Which was really lucky . I realise some of it is pedantic , tiny details that wouldn't matter if they weren't there . EG 3-4 inches difference on the inboard wing fence on the real thing . That would be up to you in the end . The Mach 2 wing problem can't be ignored really . Mach 2 Tens on ebay already but that could be their outlet ebay account . Up to you but you can delete your email address from your post . I copied and pasted to my email account . So unless it's do or die tonight ,I'll contact you through email tomorrow . Cheers Alan
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