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  1. bzn20

    737 Max

    It's the routing of the wiring that's the problem . The wiring used is fire resistant and used all over the aircraft industry.
  2. VC10's toilet assemblies have tank attached ,, Front is a double unit , 2 seats on a bigger tank , with a two piece sheet of wood to divide the seated !
  3. Yes Jelle . As you know the flight test phase threw up all kinds of weird things that didn't last , were redesigned , were moved other bits added . Right up to the last VC10s for East African which BOAC retro fitted their Super fleet with ( conical Beaver Tails except SGB and SGC ) Lost count of how many Beaver mods there were , we had racks full of boxes with all the different MOD states . Ghana's under wing leading edge fence is another , removed a short while after .
  4. Hi Jelle .. I 'm trying to remember the baggage hatch right at the end … I don't remember an internal handle , I've obviously been inside working ,using the hatch for access while working ,don't remember opening it from inside . The RAF Movers would be looking at a full freight bay from the front end and no clear pathway as its all curtains (20 odd from memory) tied to the floor rails (exactly the same as seat track , holes at 1" pitch) and curtain posts that fit to floor to ceiling roof hard points in the roof rail and full of baggage ,small items of freight etc. , the hatch for a conveyor belt loading/unloading would be fed by someone inside . Hell of a drop BTW . Possible to go down the conveyor though . I bet the inside of the hatch is the only thing I don't have a picture of too ! Lifting out a toilet on anything of that age … The toilet waste pipe is about 4-5 inches in Diameter with a King clamp , V band with a fitted threaded stud on a swivel , 1/4 or 3/8ths UNF and wire locked nut . VC10s is under the floor at the front toilets ,access through nosewheel tunnel , rear through the bulkhead at floor level , and be hanging upside down to cut the wire undo the V band clamp with out freight bay access . Need a small tool kit ,side cutters/snips and range of either deep sockets , ratchet handle and extension , spanners ranging from 11/32nd - 7/16ths AF. Before that , trim removal .. It's a tight space ,door is shut … Best of luck ! It isn't a noisy job ,the swearing might be , wire locking wounds , scuffed knuckles and at the end of all that , lifting out a toilet doesn't get you an escape hole you can travel through , designed for one thing only and the Honey truck is at the other end ! I haven't done a toilet since 1976 ,what my head has stored and never thought I'd be having to go through reliving it all again .
  5. Myrtle Avenue off Hatton Road . Media make a lot of noise about that green ( no pun intended ) . We had places that were much better , perfect but security , road and building changes , Crash Gates removed etc. all gone . We had the whole perimeter road , Crash Gate op Caines Lane . Glad I don't live on that road with your front view full of anoraks all day ,every day . Otherwise ideal back when they weren't nearly all white or start with 73 or Airbus . To put that in to context . All the years I was watching then spotting at Heathrow , never been in Myrtle Avenue . I will add that I wish I was there that minute ( I want a TARDIS) , that angle looks like it's heading for the short runaway across the airfield between BEA Hangars and Central area
  6. I just put this up on a BOAC FB page . That where it came from ? Just put another belter on there waiting for page scrutinising crew to approve it .
  7. Thanks again ! The Beautiful Putdown Ad..... Interesting shot , first thing you can see the Nose tyre chines sticking out . 2nd thing some weird shaped air splitter around both Fridge Pack intakes , (near the wing root ). Don't remember those splitters , they must have been removed sometime early on . RAF C.1ks hasn't got them ,BUA had a straight length splitter outboard of the intake ( check Sultan's photo from walkrounds below ) , pretty sure the K2s and K3s didn't have them . I checked some various BA Supers and K4 scans (ex BOAC Supers) and they're missing . Don't you just love the VC10 weirdness ?
  8. Vid is a Super VC10 I know the son of the photographer that did most of these brochures and Marlene Dietrich . Shoot was in a London studio . The tension of her turning up with an attitude and reputation of her being a diva etc. was soon forgotten . She arrived with her staff, BOAC execs etc. The photog explained what he wanted her to do … Sit in the seat here and recline it ,stretch your legs forward . She gets in the seat ,it's already moving and reclines …. The whole lot goes over backwards ,she's a heap half in the seat and pile of books that have raised the seat feet off the ground ! The onlookers are terrified . Miss Dietrich ! Are you alright ? She's laying there laughing her head off . All was well and the shoot continued . I have a pre-publication shot of her in the seat on books with a white sheet over those ( was photoshopped out for printing obviously ) Also in shot is a bloke holding the back of the seat . You can't sit in a PAX seat that isn't fitted to Seat Rail/Track unless it's the centre seat on a triple or outboard seat on a double , it's unbalanced . If you want a copy of the unpublished photo let me have your email . I have several others too . BOAC cartoons from papers and BOAC Review about Ms Dietrich's advert . One of those above , "Our Flighty Birds" has used the prototype as it was on it's 1st flight and touched up in the 1965 BOAC scheme . The VC10 Economy Class seat ad was a pull out in a Flight magazine , bought the mag on ebay for £2 ,making sure the ad was still attached ! 1st was ad . Bit of weirdness with the later mark Super Beaver Tails , like spikes . I got the 25th BOAC Anniversary special the day it came out ,also got the previous years ( April/May 1964 ) VC10 service entry special . I had no idea I would be working on VC10s 6/7 years later , none at all . Great collection of VC10 ads . Anyone wanting the original Dietrich ad shot ,PM me with email address .
  9. Formed 1st August 1967 . First AOC appointed that day .Transport Command was active to 1st Aug 1967 . Had to go digging ..According to a Transport Command book I have the Aircraft Fleet went on Air Support strength 11th Aug 1967 . Did it take 11 days to get the VC10 , Belfs, Brits etc. ? Bit confused now .
  10. I have a fin shot . PM your email Mark , I'll slide it across !
  11. Is it Brize Wednesday already ? Thanks , great collection and reminder of happy days at Brize . Love the Black Bomber Air Transport Command wasn't at Brize very long ,gone by Aug 67 Air Support Aug 67 -Sept 72 38 Group ,Strike from then on , no titles . 1st Grey Radome was 1978 / 79 . Big improvement ! 75 years of 101 Sqn scheme , Surprise ! I can't remember that , brain is a blank . I was still there but at Abingdon on a sick K2 for most of 92 Thanks for that lot Mark
  12. Love this ,never seen that before ,thanks for putting it up
  13. bzn20

    737 Max

    It's a bag of rats on there usually . I don't know what their admins do . But that is interesting .
  14. Thanks Codger , bearing in mind the size and cost of these cars , surely they can get very close , if not more or less spot on to the correct dimension with nowhere near as much difficulty as 1/24th or 1/72nd /HO/OO scales .
  15. These Pochers are something else . So judging by whats been said the model is wrong dimension wise ? Are all the photos of cars , models or real , the white ish one ? I can't tell the difference . Is it possible for posters to say if it's a model or real ? Great looking models and the work required on another planet .
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