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    Painting/drawing/airbrushing, aircraft, cars, Motown/soul/jazz/funk. History, Geography. nearly forgot modelling!

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  1. bzn20


    This is a belter of a thread ..How do you say something …. Eeether or eye ther Ta mart o or To mate o I say Tam ee ya See yooo Jimmah as they say over the wall . Yer Ken ?
  2. bzn20

    What the Hell is Bit Locker ?

    I have Home version and no BL …. Whoop, whoop ! I feel sorry for you with this headache . Robert's post above sounds good . Could prove once and for all. Otherwise a PC fixer is your best bet or at least give you a "known for sure" remedy over the phone .
  3. Great job.. Whirly decal made me laugh. Didn't know what that was at first .. Bet that was fun ! Well done , very clean and neat looking That rain gutter over the pax door ,decal looks a pain too.
  4. bzn20

    What the Hell is Bit Locker ?

    I went in to control panel/system and security .. I haven't got Bitlocker , searched control panel ,nothing . I'm on windows 10 . I don't want it but why haven't I got it ? Am I looking in the right place ? I just want to make sure I haven't got a chance of getting this problem .
  5. bzn20

    Airfix 1/144 727 Fuselage Crease

    Having zoomed that photo right up , I realised that the job I was working in 85 was on the lap joint about a foot lower than the skin kink . You can see that quite clearly on that pic . The kinked / shaped skin is one piece.
  6. bzn20

    Airfix 1/144 727 Fuselage Crease

    This zooms up Click on Large and go to 200% . Quite pronounced on this one and looks sharper than your kit .
  7. bzn20

    Airfix 1/144 727 Fuselage Crease

    The top skin is over the bottom skin and flat ish but it does change section below that lap joint and not a crease as such , shaped . The thickness of paint can wreck the effect and white is harder to make out . The rivets were invisible and took some finding . The 727 has the same upper fuse as the 707 but different lower fuse , the 737s had a different lower fuse to both. Best view is on the NMF American Airlines first 727s in the AstroJets scheme (Red Lightning bolt cheatline )
  8. bzn20

    Airfix 1/144 727 Fuselage Crease

    I've drilled out hundreds of 3/16 Csk -DD rivets out of that lap joint on that section change to get the corrosion and remove the anti fret/interface Melonex tape between the joint on a Dan's ex Japan Airlines 727-46 G-BAFZ … I wished they didn't have one but I was stuck with it and was a pain . Luckily the Dan-Air guys decided to strike and I ended up on ex Northwest 707-351C and American -323 in the snow unluckily ! Lasham Jan 1985
  9. bzn20

    Telford 2018

    Sure did... Thanks very much .
  10. bzn20

    Telford 2018

    Thanks very much for taking the time to put these up . great shots . The models are stunning. My favourites are the Cutaways showing structure and components ,esp the stripped back Mossie, Both Yellow Wessex and that Spey engine with all the detail . Aircraft servicing scenes . That WNW Lanc is something else BTW. Too much to list really . Thanks again ! Edit I forgot the monochrome Spitfire dio which is brilliant and quite tricky to get right I should think , great idea.
  11. bzn20

    Livarno Display Cabinets at LIDL.. 'Heads Up' requested

    Their website has a "Middle of Lidl " page for obvious reasons, it's where all these things are stacked ! . Save that page to your Faves bar etc ,see link and check it twice a week . That way you'll know instead of wondering , I'd probably forget ! I can't remember seeing these cabinets before , must have missed out. How big are they ? https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/MiddleofLidl.htm?id=872&week=1 At the bottom of that page you can request an email update on their latest offers .
  12. bzn20

    What the Hell is Bit Locker ?

    That's a fair cop guv . I'm 100% confused by that Bit Locker thing . Got everything crossed I'm not on here asking the same questions at some point Take no notice wot I waffled ! See Mikes post above #13 !
  13. bzn20

    What the Hell is Bit Locker ?

    You're scaring me now . I've got a Lenovo LT . It's been good as Gold and, connecting with Oak , hasn't missed a beat in 3 years . If you are locked out your stuff isn't lost . You can remove the hard drive and plug that in to a External Hard Drive Docking Station . If you can't get hold of a External Hard Drive Docking Station ( I have one , under £10 ) any Computer repair shop can retrieve all the info off there you want to disc or another device using the USB for about £5 ish . That would also mean buying a new Hard drive and all the hassle that goes with that That works if the Hard drive crashes too , no idea how it works in a Docking Station but not in the laptop. Hopefully it will be okay . What a pain though . Docking Station link . It's ace BTW https://www.ebuyer.com/229065-startech-external-hard-drive-docking-station-satdock25u
  14. bzn20

    Peter Jackson's new film announced yesterday

    That was very well done and when it went from B&W to colour the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The war is here boys . I couldn't believe the clarity, colour and all the textures jump out. I don't think I've never seen actual war footage as clear and detailed as that . I agree what a great job . It was riveting . Glad I recorded it . HD sound shook the room .
  15. bzn20

    No TV for a week!

    Those 2 and CH4 and CH5's group of Channels are all available live on their respective sites . You have to sign up for them , takes seconds to do and you're away with it all. works very well ,don't have any buffering . BBC website ITV Hub CH 4 is All4 Ch 5 is My5 UKTV is already mentioned