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  1. Bet this is a hole in most people's archives Can't really help you on the colour schemes with any real accuracy . According to Ian Allan's World Airliner Registrations 1967 ish ,68 ish and 74 issues Lucero de la Tarde was the name ( El missing) Lucero of the Afternoon . de la is USUALLY in lower case I have a photo of AHS at Lasham ,Dan-Air bought just about all the Comets that were left and either broke them for spares or re registered them and back in to service LV-AHS is listed as Alborada and not LV- AHR which is listed with the name Arco Iri
  2. We had ( shift storeman's really ) a RAF Bedford TJ Tipper truck with that engine in on Role equipment at Brize Norton in 1973 , went like stuff off a shovel . Used to do laps of the airfield V 3 Bedford TKs , Bedford RL , Austin Ju crew bus ,Bantam Garbage truck ,flat top and drop side . Last one in at Britannia Line Squadron paid for the Doughnuts ! TJ never came in last . Storeman would be going nuts looking for his lost steed !
  3. Love that . Never seen this kit although I remember the Custom Car types series you mentioned . Airfix were up against it in the Custom Car kit market with AMT , Revell and Monogram producing some really very good Hot Rod / Custom car kits . Mate had a FD Victor saloon with front bench seats and column change . Well done !
  4. I've lived in this house since 2002 , would have moved by now but still looking for a 144th VC10 Pitot . I did find 3 batteries , small bulb for SWMBO's cabinet , short stroke bike pump , battery charger , a small clip I thought would come in handy ( if I could only find the other thing I wanted to fit it too) ,spare Stanley blades . I've worked it out , go looking for something else and the previous thing will turn up ………. Can't be far away ,you and "IT" are in lockdown
  5. That Pan-Am 720-021B kit sounds like a much better alternative . Used to see those at Heathrow . Don't like the shortened 707 bit on the ebay description , not really ..Lighter structure , wing is different . 720 has a thicker chord inbd of inbd engines so the leading edge sweep is cranked , Wing span was the same as the 707-120 ,about 15 foot shorter span of -321B ...Just saying .. A QANTAS 707-138B was a shortened 707 and still not a 720-021B . But 2 Hot Rods all the same .
  6. The Pan-Am 707-321 has a different wing to the BOAC -436 . There are quite a few differences apart from RR Conways on the kit you have and the -321 of Pan-Am . Pan-Am got the first ever 707 , a 707-121 That wing is the same trailing edge wise but shorter fuse . You've bought yourself in to a corner , 707 wise as there were only a handful ordered/operated RR powered 707-420s . EL.AL , Varig , British Eagle , Air India , Lufthansa and BOAC . BEA Airtours used BOAC 707s in BEA flying Jack scheme . If you're not that worried about accuracy it won't matter but the wing trailing edge Flap Fil
  7. Rigging it was a pain , that's after drilling quite a few heads off to get at it , great design though .
  8. What do you think that would be in 144th ? About 1.5 " max off the line in real life . Bit of a hassle for a gnat's ? to scale it , those 3/16th Lead edge bolt heads (visible left to right singl line ) are roughly 3/8th dia . Note ..The fence runs parallel to the fuselage … Good luck !
  9. I'll check tomorrow. Can you pm me your email so I can send photos ?
  10. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    What a great man and at his age , outstanding . Knighthood would be brilliant . I can see it happening with the support of the vast majority of the UK Some really good news in a bad news world .
  11. Used paint ? Really ? How much are full pots ? I've noticed a drop in end prices since C-19 kicked off here on things I follow .
  12. Sir Stirling Moss OBE Top top man … THE icon for 50s/60s kids .. He was a national treasure . So sad . RIP Here is a copy and paste of his greatest Race . The 1955 Mille Miglia . Can't get much better than this In 1955 Moss won Italy's thousand-mile Mille Miglia road race, an achievement Doug Nye described as the "most iconic single day's drive in motor racing history." Motor Trend headlined it as "The Most Epic Drive. Ever." Moss, then 25 years old, drove one of four factory-entered Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR sports-racing cars. Based on the W196 Grand
  13. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    I was thinking that … saw a jogger on the tv news running past a park bench with someone sat on it . That person was exhaling in to the jogger's path . He's hoovering up air and the sitter is getting blasted on his exhaust too .
  14. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    She's a witch … Burn her !
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