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  1. I've lived in this house since 2002 , would have moved by now but still looking for a 144th VC10 Pitot . I did find 3 batteries , small bulb for SWMBO's cabinet , short stroke bike pump , battery charger , a small clip I thought would come in handy ( if I could only find the other thing I wanted to fit it too) ,spare Stanley blades . I've worked it out , go looking for something else and the previous thing will turn up ………. Can't be far away ,you and "IT" are in lockdown
  2. That Pan-Am 720-021B kit sounds like a much better alternative . Used to see those at Heathrow . Don't like the shortened 707 bit on the ebay description , not really ..Lighter structure , wing is different . 720 has a thicker chord inbd of inbd engines so the leading edge sweep is cranked , Wing span was the same as the 707-120 ,about 15 foot shorter span of -321B ...Just saying .. A QANTAS 707-138B was a shortened 707 and still not a 720-021B . But 2 Hot Rods all the same .
  3. The Pan-Am 707-321 has a different wing to the BOAC -436 . There are quite a few differences apart from RR Conways on the kit you have and the -321 of Pan-Am . Pan-Am got the first ever 707 , a 707-121 That wing is the same trailing edge wise but shorter fuse . You've bought yourself in to a corner , 707 wise as there were only a handful ordered/operated RR powered 707-420s . EL.AL , Varig , British Eagle , Air India , Lufthansa and BOAC . BEA Airtours used BOAC 707s in BEA flying Jack scheme . If you're not that worried about accuracy it won't matter but the wing trailing edge Flap Fillet would be a bit of a rat's nest to sort out . Engines and Pylons have been mentioned above . Early 707 -320s including Pan_Am's 707-321 had the tail keel Fin/tail bumper ,they were removed a few years later. BTW There were 3 different tail keel Fins , in size and shape but that's a bit too deep . You'll also hear somewhere …. The Airfix nose is wrong anyway . How much do you want to change ? Wing, Engine and Pylon combo ,Nose ? See how much a 707-320 kit is . Probably best thing to do .
  4. Rigging it was a pain , that's after drilling quite a few heads off to get at it , great design though .
  5. What do you think that would be in 144th ? About 1.5 " max off the line in real life . Bit of a hassle for a gnat's ? to scale it , those 3/16th Lead edge bolt heads (visible left to right singl line ) are roughly 3/8th dia . Note ..The fence runs parallel to the fuselage … Good luck !
  6. I'll check tomorrow. Can you pm me your email so I can send photos ?
  7. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    What a great man and at his age , outstanding . Knighthood would be brilliant . I can see it happening with the support of the vast majority of the UK Some really good news in a bad news world .
  8. Used paint ? Really ? How much are full pots ? I've noticed a drop in end prices since C-19 kicked off here on things I follow .
  9. bzn20

    Sir Stirling Moss RIP

    Sir Stirling Moss OBE Top top man … THE icon for 50s/60s kids .. He was a national treasure . So sad . RIP Here is a copy and paste of his greatest Race . The 1955 Mille Miglia . Can't get much better than this In 1955 Moss won Italy's thousand-mile Mille Miglia road race, an achievement Doug Nye described as the "most iconic single day's drive in motor racing history." Motor Trend headlined it as "The Most Epic Drive. Ever." Moss, then 25 years old, drove one of four factory-entered Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR sports-racing cars. Based on the W196 Grand Prix car, they had spaceframe chassis and magnesium-alloy bodies, and their modified W196 engines ran on a mixture of petrol, benzene, and alcohol. The team's main race rivals were the factory-entered Ferraris of Piero Taruffi, Eugenio Castellotti, Umberto Maglioli, and Paolo Marzotto. Journalist Denis Jenkinson was Moss's navigator. He had intended to go with John Fitch, whose idea it had been to take a navigator, but when Mercedes assigned a 300 SL to Fitch, the American agreed to Jenkinson riding with Moss in the faster SLR. Jenkinson had come up with the idea of pace notes in the form of a roller map of the route on which he had noted its hazards—an innovation that helped Moss compete against drivers with greater local knowledge. Jenkinson used hand signals to tell him about the road ahead. Radio communication had proved ineffective when they tried it, because when Moss was fully concentrated on his driving he was oblivious to Jenkinson's voice. Fangio, who regarded the race as too dangerous for passengers, drove his SLR alone, as did Karl Kling. Hans Herrmann drove the fourth car with mechanic Herman Eger as passenger. The race was a timed event, and competitors started singly at one-minute intervals. Moss's Mercedes left the starting ramp in Brescia at 7:22 a.m. (hence the car's race number 722). Castellotti's Ferrari left one minute later, and Taruffi's at 7:27. After about 90 miles, as Moss approached Padua at 175 mph (282 km/h) he saw in his mirror that Castellotti was closing fast. When Moss misjudged a corner and collided with some straw bales Castellotti went past and built an increasing lead. After 188 miles of racing the Italian had to stop in Ravenna to replace the Ferrari's tyres, and fell behind again. Marzotto's Ferrari started well but the tread separated from a tyre at over 170 mph (274 km/h) and he had to withdraw from the race because the spare turned out to be the wrong size. The petrol tank filler came adrift as they neared the Adriatic coast and drenched them both. Jenkinson's spectacles were blown off by the slipstream when he vomited over the side of the Mercedes; he carried a replacement pair. Arriving in Rome, he and Moss were told they were leading from Taruffi, Herrmann, Kling and Fangio, but from then on they had no way of knowing whether any of their rivals had gone ahead on elapsed time. Soon after Rome, Kling's race ended when he went off the road avoiding spectators and crashed into a tree. When Moss and Jenkinson finally arrived at the finish in Brescia they learned that Castellotti's Ferrari had retired with transmission trouble and they had won. Fangio took second place, nearly 33 minutes slower, his Mercedes delayed by engine trouble and running on only seven cylinders by the end. Maglioli, in the sole surviving factory-entered Ferrari, took 45 minutes longer than Moss and finished 3rd. Moss's time of 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds, and his average speed of 98.53 mph (159 km/h) for the 1000 miles, set course records that still stand. The race was discontinued two years later. Before the race, he had taken a "magic pill" given to him by Fangio, and he has commented that although he did not know what was in it, "Dexedrine and Benzedrine were commonly used in rallies. The object was simply to keep awake, like wartime bomber crews." After the win, he spent the night and the following day driving his girlfriend to Cologne, stopping for breakfast in Munich and lunch in Stuttgart . Mercs hammer Ferraris shocker …. We've heard that before
  10. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    I was thinking that … saw a jogger on the tv news running past a park bench with someone sat on it . That person was exhaling in to the jogger's path . He's hoovering up air and the sitter is getting blasted on his exhaust too .
  11. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    She's a witch … Burn her !
  12. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    The first casualty of war is..... The truth …. Don't need a mask ...truth ..there isn't enough masks to go round . I bought 50 in January before we knew and when you could , latex gloves the same. The way I deal with this virus is .. A mask is going on regardless and so are gloves . Anything when I'm out that isn't on me from my house is alien and dirty . Do not touch anything that is alien in the shop /where ever , don't go out is best ! . Hands in pockets (with gloves on ! ) Gel before getting in the car after opening door . Gel hands after getting out the car and opened the gate at home . gel after entering and shutting the world out every alien thing ( not much) is dumped on the hall carpet for decontam time , post/deliveries sits on the floor for at least a day (unless it contains frozen food , beer or wine) stowed in freezer or drink asap . I'm Paranoid big time outside . My wife has reduced immunity (polio as a child) and me doing all this stuff is important to her ,The Carer (Jeremy Clarkson voice ) Tablets for paranoia are in short supply so stop listening to talking heads in front of book shelves , don't read any papers .Stopped that years ago. The daily 5 pm Downing Street news conference is a case in point . Watched and heard .. Then the Journos come on to dissect and say something that wasn't said . Deaf and USELESS . The govt health people esp Mr Witty is a world leader in this ,lead the UK Ebola force in Africa . I'll take him before retired expurts (sic) like that bloke that turns up on BBC . Ex is a has been spurt , a drip under pressure . I have full confidence in the Govt's handling ,shortages that nobody could see , some caused by "just in time" supply .. Been all over the world like a lot of us and for all it's shortcomings , UK is still the best in the world. NHS being one big difference . We are an organised country Can't wait for Boris to come on and give us a boost , top man IMO Keep safe , bin the papers and the TV rent an expurt (sic)
  13. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    Could be …. or is the test correct and or high % chance of a cured result ? There was a RAF Flight Safety poster showing a Railway wheel Tapper , stack of useless wheels with cracks piled up behind him. Long ding or short thud … Then they discovered his hammer was cracked . Just saying
  14. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    Well said !
  15. bzn20

    Lock Down.

    Bang bang Microwave (800W) meals in lockdown town . SWMBO has developed shell shock from the banging forks through plastic film , just wait for a quiet bit in a movie …. Bang bang . Frozen ready meals , frozen anything is king . Fresh doesn't last and more trips to Stresscos . Ding ding ...Dinners ready . Not a clue what's coming Thai Balti , green Curry Chinese ...not sure , Baseball, cricket , rounders , fruit or Horseshoe Run away Mexican Tacos, Enchelados , Chile anything Con Carne Indian Jalfriezi , Rogan ,Napalm , Tonto Spanish Paella Italian Meatballs , Spag Bol, Chicken Parmigiana , English ….? Down to our last Christmas pudding already Ding ding
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