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  1. Colour matching is a thing. Dk Blue won't do it for you will it ? I have an airline issue postcard but not conclusive . Have a look at this page . Hard to work out if the titles are in black or Blue . Think they changed colour at some point or looks like it did . East African Airways (mccrow.org.uk) This link won't work direct . Put this link in to google and find the East African Airways - Malcolm McCrow page ,should be the 1st of 3 on the search results
  2. I'd go long with this advice . You have several photos with various markings .. Not sure what your point is , you know what was there . Just pick one and get on with the one you want to do out of your collection .
  3. That Jetway looks and sounds like a bit of a game !
  4. Vortex Generators .That was a Super VC10 trait and is a bit different on the ex East African Tens . If I'd spent a lot of time on one of the others ( RAF C.Mk 1s,K2s , Standard ) and then walked a Super wing . I was always tripping over them . Those spoilers are sitting slightly off their beds unless they were caught moving and if they were thats why the ailerons are up a tad . Otherwise , check out the Aileron upset , slightly up . This is to put a down force on the wing to relieve spar tension . Boeings, Douglas had the Engine mass to the same job .The bolt heads highlighted ( not on the s
  5. Very , very good . Can't beat the BOAC Gold Speedbird schemes ,this from April1965 when the very 1st Super VC10 PAX service started ( to JFK) ,the first Gold Speedbird ( "The Meat Cleaver" ) only lasted a year April 64-April 65 as the official colours . My dad was a BOAC Flt Eng instructor on both from 1959 on the 707 until 1962 ,transferred to VC10 training , back on 707s 66 ish until his Boeing 747 course at Seattle course in late 1969 . I've Been on both of those ,flown on PFJ and either been on, flown on or even worked on all their VC10s. What is the VC10 registration G-ASG?
  6. Got a photo of the area and airline have you seen it on please ? Chances are not anti corrosive treatments back then and don't think they'll be anti glare either .
  7. In 1973 I had an Israeli A4 kit . Is that hump a fuel tank ? Anyway that was a separate piece ,not part of the Fuse moulding but I didn't know that was included in the kit . I made the kit and made that hump from plasticine ( didn't have anything else !) painted it all decals and done .. Then found the hump under the table ! If it wasn't another version of the Matchbox it was Frog .
  8. That's ace , really good . I'll have to see your WIP to find out what that is on the front though . . I worked at Boscombe Down a few times and I was on the Line for the last Sea Kings built at Yeovil 1994-1997 . That crew door and steps etc is sublime takes me right back . Installing the 3 gear boxes and transmission shafts , ,trans covers ,dog Kennel ,FOD and Pylon fit for swing and lock, dressed boxes and rotors .My youngest and final Child was born while working there in 96 ,he's 24 now , not ready for inspection ready on him and forget the WIP ! Well done ,really is and
  9. ...............................................................................................................................................................................................
  10. Knew it would be the Kemble bomber . My mate is a member of the team that looks after it , another ex Brize Brit man . It's back in it's original RAF colours now and got it's RAF Serial XM496 back . After the RAF went to Monarch's engineering for converted to 253F config . and flew with Cuban and two other country's Registrations that I know of anyway . Done a great job at Kemble . Open once a month in the Summer I think , should know really I'm on that Brit FB group . Thanks for putting that up !
  11. I have a stack of Aeroflot postcards issued by the airline during the 50s and 60s . I can email them to you if you PM your details
  12. Probably not .What about the photos that are bought and sold from VHF supplies ,Aviation Hobby Shop and the like or copywrite holders selling their photos without the copywrite . Then those get resold , it's a minefield . The whole copywrite thing makes me laugh really because I'd bet your money at some point most copywrite holders taped records instead of buying , lent a book instead of buying sold a book etc., It used to stated inside books that you couldn't lend ,sell the book ,might be IAW the Copyright ,Designs and Patents Act 1988. (UK). Not an excuse for this thread's photo question b
  13. I know the airliners . net rule as far as BM is concerned ( not whinging !) but they pay no attention to other peoples copywrite , none . The site is swimming with them . Selling something online and showing photos of the item , Book pages , photos. slides, postcards . What is that ? Not educational . Could/would you use this as the Fair use/Fair Dealing excuse ?
  14. Foil , Remember a 1960s Airfix mag had a WIP and using Foil a brand new thing ,called it Metalskin and the WIP was on a 1/72nd P-47 . Bit scary !
  15. Going to look good all that shiny NMF to control . Would you use something like ( 1960s warning ! ) Metal skin or paint ?
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