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  1. Replying to my own topic! I've just opened a really old book of fighters and there it is! Feel free to post replies telling me I'm a silly old ********. Off to drill some holes ......
  2. Sorry if this is a bit mundane but can anyone offer guidance on quite 'where' the 2 vertical antennae on each wing, top and bottom, would go? I can't find a picture that's better than 'near the end of the wing, one behind the other roughly central', if you see what I mean. Too kind...
  3. If you have a 'Works' in your town they will probably have them too, I use it all the time. Won't cut REALLY small circles but well worth having. For things like masking wheels on older kits with indistinct 'tyres' I have one of those hole punches with half a dozen different sizes, also quite handy. Usually good enough for that job. Good luck with the roundels.
  4. Think I've just answered my own question looking closer at the pictures, just ignore me.....
  5. So sorry, got distracted with clouds and things I don't really understand! I'm presently building the Hotspur, have made a little cockpit, with thanks to Aeronut for the detailed pictures which have helped greatly and removed me that I should have used the moniker BAD modelmaker! You'll see when I get 5 mins to upload pictures..... I'm about to close up the fuselage but it occurs to me there must be a spar running through, but I'm not sure I can see it in the pictures but I THINK you'll see it from the canopy, or rather NOT see it if I don't do something to represent it. There MU
  6. Thanks Aeronut, that'd be great. Any basic cockpit details would help, hopefully if not too much trouble. I'll try to do that bit justice at least. I'll post some pics of my Waco cockpit when I can remember how! Kindest regards JD
  7. 'evening chaps, I wonder if anyone has any pictures of the inside of a Hotspur cockpit? I always try to spruce up the seats particularly. There seem to be a few pics of the instrument panel and one photo I can find from LH rear showing the back of the pilot with an instructor (I presume) looking in, but not much else. Any guidance greatly appreciated, many thanks JD
  8. I've got a Waco I built some while ago.. the cockpit from the kit is just some sort of general purpose one fits all job, very poor. I'd just bought my 1st digital camera and we were going camping to Normandy! Lucky eh? If I can rescue it from my cabinet I'll re-attach the new one I made. I've got a little Novo Hotspur too that might be buildable. It looks a bit basic.......
  9. I was pondering how to make cannon blisters for a Mk II Hurricane, thank you!
  10. Fully concur with Troy's comments re: super glue and talc. Once any chasms are mitigated with plastic strip etc SG/talc will not only fill without shrinking but will add strength too, and can be sanded or scraped in minutes, or even quicker if you use an accelerator. I know better modellers than myself who swear by Milliput though, and the ability to smooth with a damp finger or cotton bud is very persuasive, although it dries slower. Mind you, that can be an advantage. Mike is absolutely correct. Swings and roundabouts.
  11. Completely agree with Dennis. To Hobo I'd say that I've had to bleach yellowed markings for many weeks, even months before. Yellowing has never come back in my experience.
  12. Assemble all the main pieces, tape together as best as possible. Doesn't need to be perfect, for example tail parts can all be taped in place on the rear fuselage in one piece. Next you need something to act like a jig to support it to see how it 'sits'. After lots of temporary jobs I hit upon some Wilko ertsatz Lego, one flat base piece, then just make up some little towers which you can place appropriately under the wings at the place where the u/c legs will eventually locate. Voila! It will probably tip backwards. Now tape your chosen ballast at the front end, and distribute it according to
  13. At risk of being ridiculed or at least told off I've gone back to good old fashioned Humbrol enamel grey primer, number 01. It dries in a couple of hours, sprays beautifully and feathers perfectly. 'bit old fashioned but it saved my sanity. Thin with ordinary white spirit and it won't continually clog your airbrush. It is quite a matt finish so you would need to just rub gently with a soft cloth to soften this. Worth a try, good luck...
  14. I gave a 200 ml polyurethane primer away as it was utterly useless. Looks nice but impossible to feather out should your preparation be imperfect, like mine often is. It just rips off, as well as taking a dog's age to dry. Hope others have had more luck. 'quite like their Matt varnish however. Sorry, gone off topic as always.....
  15. Salt weathering, see article by Chuck540Z3 within these forums
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