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  1. Thank you all for your kind comments. Although old with inaccuracies, like the undercarriage legs which I corrected easily enough (thanks again Aeronaut!) things like the tiny little windows (portholes?) we're easy to glue in with large flanges on the inside and actually protruded slightly so that you could really do a nice job smoothing the outside of the fuselage and easily masking them. Old kits aren't always TOTALLY bad!
  2. It looks nice in the photos, and not TOO bad in my cabinet, thanks for all the positive feedback. I might do a little ready for inspection with all 3 of my gliders, Hotspur Horser and Waco. When I remember!
  3. Ah, that's interesting. And intriguing! I didn't see the 'K' on the fuselage in my picture. I might have to see what I can find in my box of transfers/decals. (I'm sorry I always called them transfers from my childhood, and indeed the instructions in some of the kits I build still do!)
  4. Hello Mr one eighth, no, sorry, there wasn't much work in progress to report really, and I didn't take all that many pictures because I didn't do THAT much that you can see apart from the cockpit, and I didn't really think that anyone would really be interested! It looks better underneath that great big canopy to!
  5. Good morning Alastair! I should have done a work in progress really, but the cockpit especially looks SO much better thanks to all your photos and design drawings. I DID eventually finish the Horsa, raised cockpit floor, modified skid and all. I'll do a 'ready for inspection' in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for all the guidance.
  6. Very kind. I do like making some of the less popular (crappy old) kits, in the theory that I might make them better, whereas I can quite conceivably make a good kit worse, or at least not done them justice. I get a satisfaction in making the kits I did in the 60s. Don't know what happened to them all but I can guess.....
  7. This was the picture in a book I have. There are lots of pictures (colour!) of this aircraft (I think) showing troops studying a map in the cockpit with a big Pegasus below them.
  8. At last I seem to have got the hang of inserting pictures I would like to present my humble little Novo, nee FROG, Hotspur glider! I started her a while ago and had much help and guidance from BMers, and especially aeronaut (thanks Alastair) to try to just improve the old thing a bit. To this end there is a fully home-made cockpit, tiny little transfers on the instrument panel, modified undercarriage and sundry odds and ends. Paint is Humbrol enamel, transfers were beyond my ability to repair so I printed the Pegasus insignia and BT671 identification, and roundels from spares. Hope you find it fun, I'm tremendously pleased with it.
  9. Phew! Flickr triumphs over OneDrive! My little tiny Airfix Gnat, onto which the transfers went with no trouble, in other words not pink. It needs a bigger brother hence the Hawk, when I get 5 minutes. Thanks again to Paul. And Flickr .....
  10. Was hoping to add a picture of my little Red Arrows Gnat but seem to be too dense to get from OneDrive on my phone to here. I 'spose I CAN do it from my mobile? I've no idea. It looks pretty nonetheless, even though you can't se it. And the transfers were opaque, they didn't go pink! Thanks Mr Airfix.
  11. I forgot to say Paul, that Hawk does look lovely! Out of curiosity I wonder what red you used? I'm an old fossil Humbrol enamel dinosaur (works for me though) and did my little Gnat Red Arrow in their gloss red no.19 and it looks beautiful, if not terribly well made (some fragile parts in clumsy hands)
  12. Thanks Paul, that's just what I needed to know. I have on occasion masked and painted schemes that would otherwise rely on the decals being up to the job (like DDay stripes), and always try to find a bit of un-used white to sacrifice first if I WAS going to try to use the transfers, just to see, but you can't always do that with a one scheme model if there is no 'spare' white. I always scan the decals/transfers first as well and have, occasionally, 'printed' on white decal paper with a little bit of colour around the white part then airbrushed up to the printed colour once applied, but it is a royal pain to do and always second best, (although better than nothing), to using the markings from the kit IF ONLY YOU COULD DEPEND ON THEM!! Cheers mate, really appreciated!
  13. Greetings friends, I've just bought a lovely little 1/72 Revell Red Arrows Hawk, the modern tooling from 2015, and I wonder if anyone has experience with the transfers/decals, specifically whether they are opaque enough not to turn pink over the red paintwork. I've learned from bitter experience never to trust light transfers over powerful, or dark surfaces. I used some 'museum quality' transfers once and they were basically transparent. If I know in advance I might consider painting as much of the white as I can. Any thoughts, or indeed if you know how they'll fare over the red I'd be very grateful, thank you.
  14. Thank you Mr Dogsbody, this is a really good start, I thank you. I've never been able to be sure quite what to do with the rearward facing lamps. I've just got to mooch through the differing opinions on the web about colours. The downside is it'll tax my eyesight/skill in '72nd! Many thanks though. Mr Dov. I agree with everything you've said-it will please me no-end if I can add these important little details. I enjoy building some of those older kits (some of which I built in the 60s, and spend my life cutting the corners out of Airfix (and other) wingtips! It raises my efforts a little bit above my childhood. A little.....I am intrigued by your wife and the Spitfire! Thanks to all so far. If anyone can guide me to the lamp colours I'd be grateful. Many thanks. JD
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