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  1. Very helpful, thank you.
  2. Stop it! I've spent hours trying to find something! Brilliant, that's wonderful. I'll see whether anything else turns up as I'm leaving this one until last. Very kind, thank you!
  3. Hello friends, I need advice if possible. Long story but I've ended up with THERE '72nd Revell Me262s, one nightfighter and an identical pair of A-1a's. (Thanks again to Invidia for the undercarriage legs). I'm absolutely fine painting the NF and the '19’ aircraft, but I'm struggling to find a y information regarding the JG 7 aircraft, the one shown on the box art, with the blue nose, defence of the Reich band and a rather indistinct squiggly RLM 82 pattern. I'm unable to find any picture of such a scheme despite going goggle eyed looking. Any thoughts gratefully received, many thanks.
  4. Vaseline! I've used Poundland glue for a while, although I've gone for the 3-pack myself,(although I think it might have been discontinued) and thoroughly clean the little plastic cap (not screw on) but sometimes I don't do it well enough, but annoyingly I'd not thought of Vaseline! of COURSE it would stop the cap sticking to the spout. I wish I'd thought of it! well done plastic surgeon.
  5. IF this stuff is a thinned version of the little jar of Mr Surfacer 500 I have, which had also started to set, I used Cellulose thinner. You might still be able to buy a small tin from car accessory shops (if these still exist?). Add a SMALL amount, bit at a time until you get to the desired consistency. Also shifts dried paint of most types from airbrush nozzles and more. Smells lovely, although strangely the fairer sex don't always (ever) agree! Should work.
  6. I'm a fan of superglu and talc like many of the other respondents. If you need to fill a big hole or actually replace a badly moulded or broken piece of plastic (I often build old 'classics') bicarbonate is good, used with superglue; you can't mix it like you can with talc, but rather apply an amount of glue, then use a coffee stirrer or similar to add bicarb onto it. Repeat until you have built up an unsightly carbuncle (I did this once with a damaged wingtip) and don't be stingy with the superglue. When dry (the bicarb works as an accelerant) you can cut, sand it, scribe it or anything else you can think of. Hope this helps, although best for more substantial repairs.
  7. Here are a couple of bad photos. Have sent a few more directly. Hope this helps. 'anyone wants them all please let me know.
  8. Certainly. Give me a few minutes to dig out the correct book. Back soon!
  9. The lids of margarine tubs ('scrape' as my dad used to call the stuff) is very useful if you have a homemade (or bought, I suppose, but that wouldn't be thrifty) vac forming codge up like I made. The lids vac form very nicely and are ideal, at least I find, for , undercarriage doors and the like. Less good for clear parts of course but THAT'S where clear plastic boxes that Christmas cards often come in, as well as sundry other things. Not all clear plastic works, and the results can be a bit thin, for better or worse.
  10. Yes! Me too! Ideal for a little puddle of superglue and a small amount of talcum powder, perfect for mixing as a filler.
  11. Thank you all for your kind comments. Although old with inaccuracies, like the undercarriage legs which I corrected easily enough (thanks again Aeronaut!) things like the tiny little windows (portholes?) we're easy to glue in with large flanges on the inside and actually protruded slightly so that you could really do a nice job smoothing the outside of the fuselage and easily masking them. Old kits aren't always TOTALLY bad!
  12. It looks nice in the photos, and not TOO bad in my cabinet, thanks for all the positive feedback. I might do a little ready for inspection with all 3 of my gliders, Hotspur Horser and Waco. When I remember!
  13. Ah, that's interesting. And intriguing! I didn't see the 'K' on the fuselage in my picture. I might have to see what I can find in my box of transfers/decals. (I'm sorry I always called them transfers from my childhood, and indeed the instructions in some of the kits I build still do!)
  14. Hello Mr one eighth, no, sorry, there wasn't much work in progress to report really, and I didn't take all that many pictures because I didn't do THAT much that you can see apart from the cockpit, and I didn't really think that anyone would really be interested! It looks better underneath that great big canopy to!
  15. Good morning Alastair! I should have done a work in progress really, but the cockpit especially looks SO much better thanks to all your photos and design drawings. I DID eventually finish the Horsa, raised cockpit floor, modified skid and all. I'll do a 'ready for inspection' in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for all the guidance.
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