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  1. someplace really, really bad
  2. micromaniacs for whirled peas (hmm, does Timmy get negative penguins?)
  3. Limpopo river elephant child (reading this back, I am confused on whether I am making a knowing reference or simply stringing together a random series of words...)
  4. kids are terrific spacklers (I use the word terrific in its earlier sense. As in 'To inspire terror.' )
  5. and sometimes bun fights (darnit, I was gonna make a marmite reference. )
  6. I am tempted to chime in a few paragraphs of my own take on this interesting subject.* However, most of what I might say has already been said and said better, by previous posters. We are doing this weird "hobby" thing because we find it entertains us personally. *but I won't because I'm lazy.
  7. and followed by regurgitation
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