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  1. Hah! "Hughes 500 with legs"! I dunno why I never saw it before. There was always something about that shape that bugged me but I just never quite recognized it. I am certain btw, that you can find some space somewhere to hang a couple of fuel bottles for a flammenwerfer on that suit of yours. I mean, if you really must. Doesn't sound dangerous at all. Heck you already have a plate glass window in your armoured fighting suit... I seem to remember some movie..."Dances with Smurfs" or some such, where one of the guys had a window on HIS suit.
  2. I'm having the exact same problem as you. Interestingly enough I can see your pix just fine. Hmmm
  3. and suspiciously hairy toes
  4. That looks like a sloppy muddy mess indeed! Very nice! There are some nice water effect materials out there that might work for wet mud running off the track. Possibly some kind of thick vinyl caulking mixed with your mud colours would work?
  5. I'm kinda gettin' tired of telling you what a nice model you have cranked out. Ho Hum, another awesome model by Pete. Could you sorta screw something up? Just for the lulz? j/k It's very cool, like always.
  6. Hah! Yes. I've seen that, and you are right on the money. I suppose you have to try to bring a bit of drama when you do documentaries.
  7. and strong handed wimmin
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