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  1. and cousin 'Sane Harold'
  2. for Speed Racer, hoh
  3. I'm starting to think that you are just a bit crazy there Mr Brian. Talented certainly, but slightly mad... I like it!
  4. And if you have tracks you are probably either a treadhead, a train fan or some kind of junkie...
  5. of acrobatic anteater aunties
  6. Well, I own a couple of Fledermaus. (mice, mausers?) If I can help with anything just drop me a line. I have one built up and one in the box...
  7. Very nice, the eyes really make it work. Thumbs up!
  8. I always liked the look of this ship. I built the Glencoe and Lindberg issues of the original back when, but the Pegasus kit looks quite a bit better IMO. Your build looks to have done it justice I think. (The Spaceship Handbook is an excellent source of dimensions and details for this kind of thing. I picked up a copy when it first came out and it has been very inspiring.)
  9. Oooh! Futurey! That came out looking really nice. It ties together quite well and the camo is excellent! The underwing stores are intriguing, I like the way you added sidewinder fins on the wing tips of that rust coloured missile. Good work. Okay, what's next? Stop slacking and get back to work!
  10. health and safety regulations
  11. fishnets for young ladies (@Beardie We need a groan notification)
  12. This time of year I am busted, flat broke...
  13. Join the shuffling madness
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