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  1. The Bourbon hasn't arrived?! I sent a 35 year old bottle of Suntori Yamazaki two weeks ago, should have been there by now. It cost me $125,000.00. Maybe I should have popped for the insurance eh? Bladerunner AND Vangelis fan eh? I knew there was something I liked about you. Oh, and the Falke looks nice.
  2. Oh yes, don't worry about me then. I swink and swive and none pay mind. Story of my life. I wander lonely as a clod... Wait that doesn't sound right... Hey, I've meant to ask, does the "Do you like our owl" line come from Bladerunner?
  3. Ah, but if it's perfect then it won't be a perfect reproduction! I built the same kit some years back and I used aluminium plate metallizer as a base colour with a brushed coat of thinned Tamiya transparent blue mixed with just a bit of transparent green, It looked exactly like someone had just sloshed it on with a paintbrush. I'll try to dig up the pic, I think it was part of an IPMS article on Japanese aircraft colours. I think part of the research was based on the Mitsubishi company Zero restoration as well as the Legend flyers Zero. Have you seen this? http://warbirdsnews.com/wp-content/uploads/C8A6496-Richard-Mallory-Allnutt-photo-Legend-Flyers-Everett-WA-August-24-2015.jpg
  4. That is VERY pretty! You sure this is your first? If I might mention. My research into Japanese Aotake blue seems to show that is was a transparent blue-green varnish that was hand applied over raw aluminium. I have a photo of a very small Japanese woman jammed into the back of an airplane with a paint brush. Lots of runs and sags in her varnish too.
  5. Thanks for the kind words @bigbadbadge! Okay. Time to squeeze all the interior goodies in. The way the kit is designed, I could basically build the entire interior and assemble it outside the fuselage shell. The kit seems to be very tight and precise so I did much fitting and testing to make sure I could close it all up. I don't believe that the original Nine-O-Nine had any paint in the fuselage from the bomb bay back (maybe in the tail position, but the Collins foundation plane had the whole interior painted as an anti corrosion measure.) So I compromised just to make it look good. We'll call it artistic license. Starting at the tailgunners position: I couldn't stop myself adding oxy bottles and retract mechanism and virtually invisible things like that... A very snug fit, but it all goes in perfectly! I would hate to try to get out of the tailgunners position in an emergency. There is a small hatch just forward of the ammo boxes on the starboard side under the tailplane, but if the plane is spinning around it'd tough to get through! A bit forward we come to the waist positions. Eduards ammo chutes add a nice touch (that you can't see). While I was tempted by all the aftermarket goodies available for this thing, it was simply not in the budget for a commission build. I still needed to add a few things like the antenna reel and the window frames for the gun mounts. I didn't bother filling ejector pin marks since you won't be able to see them but I did add a little gadgetry to the back wall of the radio compartment. Running out of time to-day so I'll just post these pix and add more later! Thanks for looking guys! Questions or comments are more than welcome!
  6. Love the hotrod headers! Up to your usual standards Hendie, both repartee and construction. Very pretty bird too. I always liked the front end that Hawker put on their early kites. If you are accepting votes on the finish, I like shiny!
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