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  1. I did that and found the run a bit on the tight side so I chucked another link on per run which seemed to work. Hope this helps.
  2. Have a shufty on Flea bay for police transits. There are a number of 1/43 scale PSU vans which are more or less the same as the ambulance.
  3. Hello Britmodeller world! have just managed to obtain the Eduard 1/72 scale Desert Babes Tornado GR1 which we all know contains the Revell plastic from 2000. Be warned there is a fair bit of flash on some of the Gulf specific weapon parts and the laser fairing glass is gonna need some attention with a decent blade to sort it out! There is also a spurious clear spruce which appears to have a spare fairing glass on it which is no better than the one on the main clear sprue! On the plus side the resin seats and wheels are lovely! Can’t grumble I suppose for £22!
  4. Nope!! Still waiting! its been over a week since they took the money! So glad I pre ordered now!!
  5. Me too! Spent a lot of time in the slat bays, forward freight bay and tail!
  6. There are more aeroplanes in the sea than submarines in the sky! All the bathtubs on the Titanic are still full of water!
  7. Got mine on Tuesday. Was worth the wait to be fair.
  8. Thanks for that! Not had any email or anything! Shall keep my digits crossed!
  9. Have just had the latest issue delivered as part of my subscription and the Hellcat supplement is missing! Has any other subscriber had theirs missing or is it just for those in the shops? Hope it’s not the case as I’m gonna feel mightily ripped off if it is!!!
  10. They would have been the normal very light grey colour. Even full size aircraft painters use the undercarriage doors as masks when they’re shut.
  11. Like Andwil says the little 2’s are lifting points. From memory the other yellow markings on the underside are fuel drain points!
  12. Excellent video however it wasn't filmed at Waddington (they haven't any HAS's there, or Tornados)! It was filmed on 27 Sqn, Marham around 1988-89. I was there at the time but must have been on leave or gate guard or something cos I'm chuffed if i can remember it happening.
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