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  1. Depends upon at what point in SAAF service you have in mind. If you’re talking upon initial delivery then the build in this link describes the changes well enough: https://brexitmodeller.com/forums/topic/3610-a-pirate-of-24-and-a-couple-more/
  2. How sad. I loved Nigel’s Dinners. Rest in peace chef.
  3. Vlamgat9

    SAAF Gripens

    Doubtful there’s any budget for Meteor
  4. Vlamgat9

    SAAF Gripens

    List of current SAAF systems here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_weapon_systems_of_the_South_African_Air_Force
  5. So very sad. What a lovely guy he was. And he produced some really great oddities for the whif community. He’ll be much missed.
  6. The Airfix repop with BOAC decals is now available - my two arrived yesterday.
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