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  1. There’s no money. They’ll have to rob other parts of the budget to pay for these 5 as it is.
  2. Vlamgat9

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    Are you going to do a Belvedere?
  3. Vlamgat9

    Jordanian Tank Museum

    Blimey, that must have cost a fair bit to build and fit out. Looks like a great space and fantastic presentation.
  4. Please someone do the AEW nose! @Colin @ Freightdog Models???
  5. Not previously unfitted! I have one in the stash from some obscure Taiwanese manufacturer.
  6. Vlamgat9

    BEA 2019 STYLE

    I am doubtful re Speedjack. 4th retro scheme surely has to be Negus BA?
  7. The final one has to be Negus. Surely?
  8. Vlamgat9

    Airfix Shackleton MR3...

    So it looks like Revell release the MR3 this summer - has anyone seen any pictures?
  9. Vlamgat9

    984 Radars in 1/700....

    Me too
  10. Vlamgat9

    BOAC Concorde from Airfix

    I think it’s cool
  11. Vlamgat9

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Once seen it can never be unseen.