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  1. The smaller EU air forces should club together for a common pool of Gripens. These penny packet national fighter fleets are crazy.
  2. If i can find it i’ll post a picture of it
  3. I think Maintrack did one that was just the intakes but it was really designed to fit their forward fuselage hence the fettling required to fit without it
  4. This is really super stuff i have a Maintrack conversion in the stash for an S1 - has a whole new forward fuselage to address the intake/fuselage join. It’s an intimidating lump of resin. Dont know if i’ll dare use it given its rarity - fear of botching it.
  5. This is my fear. There’s no way all the cottage industry decal makers etc in eg Brazil are going to register for UK vat. It’s just no going to happen,
  6. It appears to be aimed more at sellers out of Asia than anything to do with Brexit. Thats where the low value / gift declaration issue really seems to come from. I just dont understand how you enforce it against a seller in, say, Hong Kong who is selling kits from his own website rather than via ebay. Its not as if HMRC are going to be able to go to HK and do anything to that seller. So what’s their plan?
  7. Ta i can see how this can work with eg eBay But what will happen if eg LuckyModel just refuses to register and keeps sending packages? Are they going to impound them?
  8. Are we about to find a load of non UK model shops stop shipping to the UK as a result of these VAT changes?? https://twitter.com/williamshatner/status/1316887009198141441?s=21
  9. Awesome! I am in for two sets!
  10. Imperial Hobby Productions are planning an injection moulded 1/700 CVA01 if they get a minimum of 400 orders (I have no connection to them though i have ordered a kit) http://ihphobby.tripod.com/700shipkits/cva01.html?fbclid=IwAR1PkOzDJUhEVMI6vrLfPmMRGsRdUp05WaVsZRNXQZah4Z-Eohxc6sz9gak
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