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  1. i recall buying their resin bang seat to put in the kit cockpit - it’s like it was made for a completely different kit in a different scale
  2. Vlamgat9

    737 Max

    I fully expect a US government bail out of Boeing
  3. What are the observable differences between the different production runs?
  4. The Rhodesian Bush War wasn’t against Swapo - it was against ZANLA and Zipra. And it was over by 1979. Swapo was a party to the Border War in Namibia/Angola and was fought from late 70s to late 80s. The Bronco/Rhodesia connection is definitely not true. No photos, no testimony to same from veterans etc. They nearly got hold of some Trojans/Fennecs however. But you could always do it as a whif? The Zimbabwe-Rhodesia government of 1978 gets international recognition, the arms embargo is lifted and Reagan presidency offers Broncos to Zim-Rho to fight Mugabe and Zanla, who continue the war.
  5. There’s a late 70s kids’ novel called Hijacked! by JM Marks that involves the lead character escaping from the plane via the toilet of a VC-10.... Read it when I was about 9 I think.
  6. Lovely! i wish there was an injection kit (or conversion for an injection kit) of this type in 1/48 - the Planet one is cripplingly expensive and all resin
  7. The way the rear fuselage is engineered half makes me wonder if they’re planning a distinct SAAF version with the rocket engines built in but I am guessing that’s probably unlikely.
  8. Typical.... I just bought some resin engines to try and convert the Revell kit into a -33.
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