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  1. So very sad. What a lovely guy he was. And he produced some really great oddities for the whif community. He’ll be much missed.
  2. The Airfix repop with BOAC decals is now available - my two arrived yesterday.
  3. Does this mean no Valiant B.2 conversion in 1/144? (I thought there was a plan for one on your website)
  4. That is fabulous. Really amazing work.
  5. Do we think Airfix is ever going to do the FGA9 in 1/48?
  6. VAT wasnt in fact invented by the French, even if they implemented it first, albeit in a narrow fashion. Denmark was the first country to have full fat, modern Vat in 1967. The true origins of the VAT have never been decisively settled but it’s generally thought to be down to one of two people: the German businessman Wilhelm Von Siemens in 1918, or the American economist Thomas S. Adams in his writing between 1910 and 1921.
  7. The smaller EU air forces should club together for a common pool of Gripens. These penny packet national fighter fleets are crazy.
  8. If i can find it i’ll post a picture of it
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