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  1. Perhaps it's a challenge but the result worth it. Congratulations.
  2. You forgot Z-37A Čmelák and Kunkadlo. The series of Mig-21 is a good production. When I look at what I get for the price I paid, is good value. Could you remember when Hasegawa, Revell, Heller put same quality for such low prices. Today Tamiya is very expensive with minus quality, Airfix same thing. On my table I have Z-37A, P-51 and Spitfire and very satisfied with Eduard. Longue vie pour Eduard. Manuel
  3. Good job, could we have more pictures?
  4. Two points : are you sure of the address of the pictures and second because these pictures are hosted in google are they shared, because if you are connected when published you see them but we couldn't ? Manuel
  5. Hello, no pictures here but "no-entry sign" on firefox and chrome.
  6. Wow I like Raspberry Ripple and a lot the Avro 748, my only regret no one does in 1/72 plastic kit (I never achieve an vacform kit ). Good work. Manuel
  7. Hello Steve, where do you get the transparencies, it's one of the big problem with Mach2. What plane is G-ETPC? Manuel
  8. Happy family :). Is it Ecureuil from Mach2? Manuel
  9. Nice model with exotic colours. The universal carrier came from IBG? Manuel
  10. Good work, the mirage in natural metal is a beauty.
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