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  1. Solar Panel Phil

    Best 1/72 SAAB Tunnan kitset?

    Perhaps odd to add to this post 6 years down the line - I have the Heller Tunnan and it looks a nice kit for its time. I also recently got hold of the MMP Scale plans No 36 on the 'Flygande Tunnan' by Dariusz Karnas and when comparing the model to the 1/72 scale plans the Heller kit comes out as significantly smaller - yet from other reviews it is considered reasonably accurate...has anybody else (perhaps our Swedish friends) noticed this? I'm mindful of the various caveats I've read about using scale drawings (and I presume these drawings are the same as those appearing in Mikael Forslund's main MMP book) , but from what my eyeballs are telling me the Heller kit is more of a 'flying keg' than a 'flying barrel'...any views?
  2. André , thanks for the extra info, and yes I do hope the orange decal colours have been fixed in this second release of the 1/72 kit. I also read somewhere about the original roundel sizes were RAF standard, not Swedish standard, and were gradually replaced/repainted as and when the aircraft came up for a new paint job. Would you agree the 1/48 kit colours were ok?
  3. Yep, I think the date on "Yellow Nose" is 1949 whereas "Red Nose" is mid-50s (according to the Airfix 1/48 kit which replicated the original 1/72 decal set). The red nose version is in the Aviation Workshop Publications booklet on PR Spitfires in worldwide service, which claims as source the MPM booklet (mostly in Polish) - although the date in the latter is April 1949! From what I've read elsewhere I think there is some doubt about the red nose anyway on 11/60, with green and PRU blue alternatives, as spinner colours varied by Flight of Flottilj 11, the only unit I think which used this aircraft. Maybe our Swedish colleagues can comment/advise further on the red/yellow spinner options.
  4. Solar Panel Phil


    Deleted - not the wanted area. PDF scans requests risk action being taken against the site.
  5. Solar Panel Phil

    No other options for an HP Victor 1:72...

    ...and today comes the announcement that Airfix are releasing a Victor B2 next winter - can't wait!
  6. Solar Panel Phil

    Couple of F4F-4 Wildcat related queries

    Really fascinating data from Dana and Nick and others - many thanks for the information, this forum and the internet that such information can be shared so swiftly!
  7. Solar Panel Phil

    1/72 MATCHBOX Brewster Buffalo

    Evening, I may be able to help. Can you ping me the relevant part of the instruction sheet? I think I have this somewhere in the attic!
  8. Solar Panel Phil

    The Most Dangerous Enemy

    I endorse all the favourable comments about this book - I bought it a few years ago after seeing Stephen's appearances on TV; a fascinating read and it clearly shows how much we are indebted to Dowding (for building the system before the war and running Fighter Command during the battle) and Park (for wielding 11 group so effectively in that battle). I've recently bought the Alamein book to see what new things I learn from that 1942 encounter!
  9. Solar Panel Phil

    Heller 1/72 Constellation

    Thanks for the information, all the best for 2015 modelling!
  10. Solar Panel Phil

    Heller 1/72 Constellation

    Seasonal Greetings all, having recently obtained the Heller Air France/TWA version, wondering whether anybody has the FSM article February 1991 as a PDF? Or any other review? Would be appreciated to attempt to do justice to this big kit!! Regards Philip
  11. Solar Panel Phil

    Spitfire underwing stencils - Sky repaint

    The new Airfix 1/72 Spitfire has the usual underwing stencils to add after painting Sky/Sky variant. I was under the impression that the swift repainting in Summer 1940 by Squadrons and MUs would lead to stencils not being added back. Any views?