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  1. On the cover we can see a Spanish F-104 with an empty / uncomplete Phantom seat in the cockpit...quite strange for the accuracy of our kits...
  2. Don't forget beautifull Lion Roar (now GWH) Zundapp and R75.
  3. MK4 : soft parachute pack (protected by upper sides of the seat bucket) and MK6 : hard shell parachute pack (fiber glass) therefore no need of "bucket protection". MK6 is zero zero, not MK4.
  4. The display stand is a good idea.
  5. 1/35 diorama built by a friend of mine : Miniart wall, Hero Hobby Kübel Wagen (looks like copy of Tamiya's kit) and Masterbox figures.Scratchbuilt or laser cut vegetations.
  6. IftTamiya could do the same with their DO-335 and HE-162...
  7. Really nice box-art ; I always like all the Me-262 wrecks along the Deutsche Autobahn.
  8. The latest diorama built by a friend of mine. Tamiya's Kübelwagen, Scale75 feldgendame, 2 Gazoline figures, scratchbuilt base.
  9. B-wing ...at last ! perfect !! next a 72 scale Snowspeeder please Bandai-san.
  10. 1/48 Jaguar ? 1/48 Viggen ? 1/72 AV-8A ?....ESCI probably.
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