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  1. Edurd's kit is not a rebox. I think Tamiya is better (more details, easier to built...shake and bake) than Hasegawa.
  2. A little gem will be released soon... https://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=115723&start=75
  3. F-4B = Navy, the lower seat belts are for USAF....as asual with Eduard.
  4. Nice. Beware the O2 bottle (next to the back cushion of the seat) needs to be cut (it's for USAF seat only).
  5. The seat on the picture of the walk around is a GH-7 Phantom seat and not a GQ-7 F-104 seat (although the airplane next to the seat is a Starfighter).
  6. I've found (at last) the WIP section where I read it : please see member "109fan" built.
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