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  1. Pictures refreshed because S. Uehlinger asked me to do. Best Regards Stefan
  2. Hi Guys, just released my last Bird. It is a surpriesing really nice Kit. Propeller from Quickboost, Guns from Master, Sandfilter from Alley Cat, Decals from Rising Decals: Deutsche über der Wüste. Paint Agama, done with Brush. I hope you like this quite unusual Würger used by the Erprobungskommand 19 in Africa and was found by british Troops in Benghasi 1943. This Bird was used to check the Worth of the Fw 190 as a Schlachtflieger (bombing Missions). Therefor it is quite interesting, that the Plane was found without any ETC. Best Regards Stefan
  3. Hi Guys, today a recent Build of this nice little Bird which was a real Pleasure to build. Superb Decals and a nice colourful Version Revell offered. Paints are Agama Silver and Alu from Model Master, done by Brush as allways. I hope you like this Bird. Kind Regards Stefan
  4. Hi Guys, today, I would like to show you a recent build. This Bird is mostly ooB, The Bomb is Revell, the Bomb-carriage is from Academy, Stencils and Roundels are from the "Spare-Department" out of the deep of my Stash. Paints are Agama, done by Brush. It represents a Plane from the 250th Squadron, Italy, 1944. This Squadron uses not repainted Birds, that's why this Plane carries US Camouflage and no British Camouflage. The Kit could not hide his age, so please be patient. But it has two-coloured plastics......... Best Regards Stefan
  5. Maybe this Photo is useful to check the different colours at this Bird. Best regards Stefan
  6. Hi Guys, today a really old Kit, with some improvement's. I used the Frightdog conversation kit with new Propeller und underside cowling to display a MK IV, Tanks are out of the Spare-Box, Seat is from Italerie, also the Wheels, The Roundels, as nearly in every RAF Kit from Matchbox, where out of Register and replaced. Stencils also from Spare-Box. Paints Agama, done by brush. Hope you like this old girl.. Best Regards Stefan
  7. Dear Steve, really nice build, but afaik, wrong blue colour around the Cockpit, and missing anti-glare olive between the blue stripes on top the cowling, wrong Propeller and wrong underside of the engine . You did a P-51D, as far I can see it on you picture, but Dooleybird was a Mustang MK IV with a different Propeller and cooling stripes on the side of engine cowling. I did this Bird, out of an Matchbox Kit some days ago: @Black Knight: You should use, as I did, the superb conversation kit from Frightdog: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/freightdog-1-72-n-a-mustang-mk-iva-conversion.html Best Regards Stefan
  8. Hi Mates, tonight, inspired by the on going Group build, I would like to show you my Helldiver, done several Month ago. Next to a lot of sanding paper, and Stencils of the superb Academy Helldiver, I used some Rockets delivered by an Academy Hellcat, Exhausts are from Quickboost.. Paints, as always Agama, done by Brush. Hope you like it. Best Regards Stefan
  9. Restored Pictures in first post, because of photobucket issue.. Best Regards Stefan
  10. Restored some Pictures in first Post because of photobucket issue.... Best Regards Stefan
  11. We have to stop, building less Model-Kits...

  12. Hi Dirk, I know that, one of the colourful options of this kit is, next to really nice French Version, a Spanish one. Best Regards Stefan
  13. They updated the Kit very smart. Some sense full Metal parts, some additional plastic parts and a fantastic decal sheet. They also reworked the hull sides with additional windows for example. It`s really worth buying and building. Best Regards. Stefan
  14. Hi Mates, it seems you like my Seaplanes, so I will show you today another one. The quite old BV-138 released by Supermodel, now re-released by Revell, with superb Decals. Really worth to build, even such an aged Kit earns much with nice Decals. Paints are Agama and Humbrol, done by Brush and a lot of Sandingpaper..... Guns are replaces by Italeri-ones. Hope you like her. Best Regards Stefan
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