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  1. Nice to see something not rusting to bits in the desert for a change. Nick
  2. Such a shame that Edgar couldn't have seen this . . . Nick
  3. That looks great - congratulations. And it would look good in a perspex box on legs. I'm also on the scrounge; I recently had a 'wanted' request for an empty box of this particular version (mine is damaged where the seller just put a skin of brown paper around it; also he'd written my name and address details with a marker that bled through on to the box art ). If it's surplus to your requirements now, may I buy it please? And all associated costs . . . Nick
  4. There was a Heavy Section that used a White and Mack trucks - I guess they'd be used to stock up fuel supplies. Nick
  5. I, too, am having ‘fun’ with this kit - I started mine today. I have a question. Everywhere I’ve looked tells me the wingspan (in real!) is 38 feet; Airfix state 40 feet. Help, groan . . . who’s correct? Nick PS I’m doing an F1 using Wellsprop’s conversion sets - so wingspan dimension for that specific mark would be useful to confirm also. Thanks
  6. Yes, Revell, ex-ESCI, but it’s a MkII from the mid 70s. Nick
  7. I can’t tell from the photos; does this kit have the canning as per the Typhoon and Hellcat? Nick
  8. Like others have said, that is superb workmanship! How long has it taken you so far? Nick
  9. Are you thinking of Kit Form Services (KFS)? They seemed to have concentrated on military vehicles more recently. And I think some of his other lines have been sold off to others - I’ve been trying to get a Ford Transcontinental but am getting nowhere . . . The proprietor is going into retirement shortly. Nick Ha! Posted same moment as Keith!!
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