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  1. Oh crumbs! As of last night with only 48 hours to go . . . And a full day at work today – it's going to be very tight!! Nick
  2. Yes, I have a white one and a recent version for spares. Also got a couple of the Waldron sets - yours look great by the way - and somewhere, some resin wheels. I think it’ll be a retirement project in a couple of years! Nick
  3. Kudos for this build. I’ve a couple in the stash but haven’t the guts to start either yet. Nick
  4. Superb modelling from scratch - a pleasure to see! Nick
  5. Thank you, John. I must get on with the J Car!
  6. I've continued quietly in the background . . . I've had a bit of a rethink and abandoned the first fuselage sides (the thought of trying to reproduce the lapped panels on future builds put me off!) but I have persevered with the same style of fasteners I tried before on the cowlings. I've also repainted the Eduard resin seat as it looks fine enough to pass as a metal version. Eduard etch and some additional bits have been added as well. I had a bit of a struggle with the two cockpit tub walls because one was a bit banana shaped. I got rather ahead of myself and finished it before t
  7. It would help enormously if you cut away all the excess carrier in, around and between the bits you need, even if it means separating the letters, roundels etc. That would make it a bit more of a fiddle though! Nick
  8. I have made a start on the Mirage and the P68. My problem is having two or three kits to do first that I’m committed to. But yes, they are not far away. Nick
  9. Looking wonderful. Another fan of French resin car kits particularly in 1/24: '65 Ford GT and '67 Mirage M1 by LMM; '67 Ford GT MkIV by Renaissance; Ford P68 by Profil24 all in the stash. Nick
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