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  1. I do enjoy these obscure projects! Nick
  2. Hong Kong - https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10696909 I don’t think we’ve missed much. Nick
  3. I was there also. Quite a collection of ex-works cars in the DirtFish collection. The Le Mans green Mexico was owned by Phil Wylie from new. I know him and the car from the AVO Owners Club. There was a copy of the original bill of sale from Clark’s Cars in the front window - £1115. Nick
  4. Looks fabulous. I hope Airfix will now revisit the 1/48 Jaguar giving us the trainer option as well. Nick
  5. I’d say go with any of the superb newly moulded 1/48 kits and then move up to the same scale for any future aircraft builds to go constant scale (if you do them). There are loads of detailing etch sets around, eg Hauler, that make them look just as good as their bigger brethren. Check out @PlaStix kits for superb examples of what can be achieved - as a bonus, they take up a lot less room. Nick
  6. I like that a lot, a lovely restrained finish, beautiful. Research always takes hours of my time as well particularly cross checking when using the internet - there’s some funny things out there! Nick
  7. See you at Telford! Nick
  8. See you soon, Frank. Nick
  9. Nice to see something not rusting to bits in the desert for a change. Nick
  10. Such a shame that Edgar couldn't have seen this . . . Nick
  11. That looks great - congratulations. And it would look good in a perspex box on legs. I'm also on the scrounge; I recently had a 'wanted' request for an empty box of this particular version (mine is damaged where the seller just put a skin of brown paper around it; also he'd written my name and address details with a marker that bled through on to the box art ). If it's surplus to your requirements now, may I buy it please? And all associated costs . . . Nick
  12. There was a Heavy Section that used a White and Mack trucks - I guess they'd be used to stock up fuel supplies. Nick
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