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  1. So Keith, is Frozen White whiter than Diamond White? Or is it the same white under a different name does ya reckon? I always thought Diamond White was a very white white . . . Nick
  2. Excellent! The company that bought SEF is called Squires; they are a well known supplier of modelling tools and supplies here in the UK. Here's a link to their homepage: http://www.squirestools.com/ Nick
  3. You can . . . http://www.sefinecast.co.uk/Car Kits/1 24th Scale Car Kits Page 2.htm
  4. Have a look here . . . https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2467_engine-kits---1----12.html Almost the full Ford range – they are stunning although I haven't yet fitted mine. Nick
  5. Oh dear . . . Yo need to put this in the relevant section - this section is NOT for modelling related issues (It says so in big red letters . . .) Nick
  6. Hi Nick Just came across your Escort MK1 Build, which is amazing,  I am just getting back into modelling and have ordered an escort and picked up a built 1 on ebay for disasembly and rebuild..may need a few tips if thats ok..

    how did the IPMS go, wish i could have gone as i am also in Bristol Sea mills Nr Shirehampton, but work demands..




    1. Nick Belbin

      Nick Belbin

      Hi Phil,


      Apologies for not getting back to you sooner - I saw this pop up but then couldn't see it in my messages folder so I don't know how it arrived – or even where it is!


      Thank you for the compliment on the Escort; I'm a very slow builder so I don't post much. If I can help then fine.


      The show went very well. I think a lot of people were just pleased to get out and attend something. In case you don't know, IPMS Avon meets at the BAWA Club every third Wednesday (you just missed one!). We're a friendly bunch of about 40 regular attendees of all levels of skill.



  7. Likewise, I had no idea and am shocked by this news. He was so informative and helpful. RIP Chas. Nick
  8. This is seriously impressive stuff - love it! Nick
  9. He’s really not getting any better . . .
  10. I bet the original turns up as soon as you’ve finished making another . . .
  11. Another one here who's just heard this tragic news. Nigel was a regular attendee of IPMS Avon for a while before moving to Aberdeen (I think). RIP Nigel. Nick
  12. Hadn’t forgotten either; Olimp Pro-Resin Bristol T.188 waiting on the desk. Nick
  13. Not very far - just modified the resin nose but not touched anything else on the kit. In fact, I'm keen to get on with the 1/72 , so made a start on that one's nose this week; work in progress: Nick
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