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  1. In Bristol this morning, a pale yellow Morris Minor van with sliding windows cut into the van sides and a ‘67/68 fastback Ford Mustang in white. This afternoon on the way to Cheltenham, a early Lotus Elite in pale blue. Nick
  2. Does this help? https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/3/4/114934-61-instructions.pdf
  3. I sense a kit-bash coming on . . .
  4. You can request as many things as you want - in one thread. It's easy enough to edit and add or delete as appropriate . . . Nick
  5. Thanks Mike. I know about those online listed below - it’s the community bit that threw me! Nick
  6. I thought there was a tab to take one to the list of members on Britmodeller and now I don’t seem to be able to find it - am I missing something blindingly obvious? Nick
  7. Completely agree with you, Martian! Nick
  8. Is this a case of ‘no news is good news’? Perhaps you sell the old kit to a tanning salon - advertise with a unique freckle feature. Nick
  9. This is looking fantastic with some very neat ideas. Nick
  10. A simple sausage rolled from blutack works for this. And can hold the part in place whilst the glue sets.
  11. Out for a drive of my own yesterday - saw a Lotus Cortina MkII on the other side of a roundabout. Nick
  12. And that's the point! Great progress. Nick
  13. Thanks for that name, Alan. Not heard of them before. Nick
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