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Nick Belbin

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  1. Top job, Mark, great fun with an entertaining WiP thread to boot. Nick
  2. Nick Belbin

    Revell Ford GT Le Mans 2017 #67 1/24

    So you changed your mind then? That’s a great model you’ve built there - love it! Nick
  3. Really beautiful!! Nick
  4. Nick Belbin

    First Kit

    I was just thinking in terms of constant scale which 1/48 is ideal for but not 1/32. Tamiya really screwed up* with 1/35 - just imagine some of the vignettes and dioramas we’d have with the aircraft kits we have today. Nick *imho!!
  5. Nick Belbin

    First Kit

    Can I ask what you normally build in which scale if this is your first armour kit? nick
  6. Nick Belbin

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    Superb work, really good. I look forward to seeing the concrete put to further use. Nick
  7. Nick Belbin

    Airfix 2020

    Might as well add the next couple of decades into the mix . . . NjB
  8. Nick Belbin

    Tamiya 1/48 MM 100th kit ideas?

    A Cent' would actually be appropriate from a name point of view, but as has been said, that exists in resin from Tank Mania (not Workshop) as well as the old Aurora kit. The only Chieftains I'm aware of are the ASAM white metal and resin version, the ARII underscale version and, potentially, a Blitzkrieg Miniatures one. I believe the Scammell and Trailer is also an ASAM kit. Perhaps a Challenger would continue the modern Abrams and Japanese Type 10 Tank theme. Nick
  9. Nick Belbin

    Tamiya 1/48 MM 100th kit ideas?

    Chieftain for the 100th hopefully . . . Nick
  10. Nick Belbin

    Stand By For Action! - STINGRAY!

    No. It’s the time of year.
  11. Nick Belbin

    Stand By For Action! - STINGRAY!

    Oh, no, it didn’t . . .
  12. Nick Belbin

    New Ford Capri in 1/24??

    If my interpretation is correct . . . https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=52063 Nick
  13. Nick Belbin

    Ford GT: Revell and Tamiya

    Ok, I'll bite . . . There's always a chance. But how long do you want to wait? There are vast differences between the road going and race versions which is why Revell has two completely different models - there isn't one component shared by the kits - so it's not just a case of adding a few bits on an extra sprue. And would Tamiya necessarily do a WEC (Le Mans) car or an IMSA version? Apart from the two Revell versions of the Ford GT, I also have the Profil 24 kit (and several diecasts of the road car). I've a couple of other projects on the go at the moment so won't get around to these until the middle of the year. As you point out, there is an issue with the wheel size on the Revell race car kit (perhaps an after market firm will address that) but I will more than likely kit-bash it with the Profil 24 kit. Edit: I've just found this: 'Decalcas is suppose to be doing a detail set for this. PE and resin wheels not sure in the windshield wiper is part of the deal or not, re diffuser is for sure.' and: 'For anyone looking for a different building option for this kit, Shunko Models (Japanese decal maker) will be offering two sheets in January to use with the new metallic red/blue colors being offered by Splash Paints and Gravity Colors. One sheet is for the U.K. based team that ran in WEC, and the other the U.S. based team that ran in IMSA/Weathertech. Both sheets offer the 2018 24hrs of Le Mans sponsorships, in addition the specific team sheets will offer a secondary continent specific option.' Nick
  14. Nick Belbin

    Stand By For Action! - STINGRAY!

    The kit Andrew is showing above is selling here . . . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Doyusha-Atomic-Submarine-Stingray-Light-Sound-Model-Kit/192761644472?epid=1923155996&hash=item2ce17d45b8:g:OO4AAOSwXitcGCw7 Not long left though. Nick
  15. Nick Belbin

    Stand By For Action! - STINGRAY!

    Glad I held on to my Comet Miniatures copy. But there is this . . . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STINGRAY-EXTREMLEY-RARE-STINGRAY-AIRFIX-MODEL-KIT-MADE-IN-1965-/201837100746