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  1. Slightly off-topic and certainly not plastic and possibly expensive, there is also ASAM Models; http://www.asam.co.uk/ A good range of military vehicles but be prepared for a frustrating visit as a lot of the links don't work. Nick
  2. I don't know why, but he looks like he could have come from one of the old 'Commando' comic books we had years ago. It's great . . . Nick
  3. That's great. An unusual model; something different. Nick Edit: I think you need to get this moved to 'Ready for Inspection'.
  4. Ah, cool. I have one of these to do and had thought about a repaint because there is some variation in the density of the white stripe on mine. What did you use to strip the paint? Nick
  5. What about here, listed in the Shops, Manufacturers and Vendors section, Above and Beyond: https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/aoshima/
  6. Zach, What do you mean by previous release? This is the first race version that Revell have done although Profil 24 have done the 2016 version. There’s a nice build in RfI although the builder did have questions and reservations before he started: Here’s the result: Nick
  7. Slightly off topic but it was such a shame the Vintage Fighter Series Mk XIV didn’t come to fruition . . . Nick
  8. I remember that from my 10-year stint on the Gower. Jersey Marine isn’t it - I remember the Gulf liveried ‘68/69 GT40 being in the rotunda. Coming on, Mark. Nick
  9. I think it’s time to drop the ‘Hamfisted’, Calum. That’s just great!
  10. And what’s the difference between a vitamin and a hormone? You can’t hear a vitamin. 5 . . .
  11. Just gone for one myself! Thanks for the help you’ve passed on. Nick
  12. Fabulous work! Got to ask about your decals . . . does the colour come out flat (like you painted on the paper) or is it made up of dots (like a photograph in a newspaper)? (Does that make sense?) Nick
  13. I'm sure someone over here could help out unless there are specific postal restrictions . . .
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