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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. But then I wouldn't expect anything less!! Nick
  2. That's come out really nicely. Must admit, I've been toying around with building a proper 'backdrop', the model cars look so much better for it. Nick
  3. That’s a beauty! The wheels look very convincing. Has anyone compared this with Heller’s? Lots of comments about the screen on this coupe and now not really 21st century moulding - be interesting to know which kit is the most accurate overall. Nick
  4. That's astonishing, absolutely gorgeous! So what's next? Nick
  5. So what type of film was this shot on? Is that a yellow outer on the roundel or has it been painted over - it’s stronger tonally than the blue? Nick
  6. That’s a great picture of a great picture! Nick
  7. A magnificent project - a joy to see! Thanks for sharing. Nick
  8. At last!! Good luck with this venture and please keep us posted here - not everybody does 'social' media. Nick
  9. The same Centurion you know of, Troy. As for the ASAM Chieftain, it’s expensive as well. And it lacks detail. But I’ll probably end up getting one out of desperation. Nick
  10. Please, please, please let the 100th kit be an early Chieftain. Nick I realise the Centurion would suit the figure perfectly but there’s already one available.
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