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  1. Honestly, doesn't look like they have to go too far to beat the zvezda kit from what I've seen of it.
  2. Many say kitty hawk chopper kits are their best, and aren't plagued by the problems found in other subjects.
  3. I think you're being a little harsh. what I hope this has over the older kits is fit. If it goes together well, for the average modeller that'll be great. "you need to add cockpit..." is strong words. Yes, the kit lacks details in these areas but there is no "need" to add anything. I'd be happy to spray the cockpit blue and lay down the decals. Its not a part of the kit I'm that bothered about and if I ever put out pictures of my work, it won't be what anybody else sees. Infact the lack of cockpit detail is mildly attractive as I won't feel a need to concentrate on the parts of a kit I don't enjoy doing. I'll wait for Kitty Hawk's release, but after that I'll buy the one that goes together best and i won't feel a "need" to add anything.
  4. They had me at £30. At £40? No. I'll wait and see how Kitty Hawk's kit turns out. Has anybody come across a huod of this yet? Do we even know how well it goes together?
  5. I didn't know they were flying su-35s. Btw, does anybody know how well the gear bay doors fit in the closed position on this kit?
  6. Obviously it's a very bare bones build to show off the kit, but it does look very toy like.
  7. I'll be sorely disappointed if this doesn't go together well. I don't have time for kits that don't, and I want thi kit.
  8. Nothing there that does anything for me I'm afraid.
  9. Yup. Here we ere taking about the 2020 lineup and they've yet to release all of the 2019 lineup!
  10. Complete coincidence I'd say. People hav been "predicting" a new Vulcan as the big announcement for years now.
  11. Of course. But that's what this whole thread is.
  12. I can't help but feel that might be some kind of clue though. My knowledge is non existent in this kind of thing but is there anything known for flying with that tail code or something?
  13. 2020? I'm still waiting for the 2019 release of the 2011(?) tooling of the Sea Vixen that is almost 6 months delayed...
  14. Any idea when this is likely to be out and at what price? I almost pulled the trigger on the PLAAF version but the air to surface missiles would be nice.
  15. Yes actually with a practical example involving cotton and some kind of plaster of Paris and how when combined they take on each other’s strengths.
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