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  1. One thing that made my brain take note was the difficulty that they had going through the electronic engine damage check list. From what I understand the difficulty was from the severe vibration. I remember a snip from the F-35 pilot article where he mentions having difficulty sometimes hitting the right buttons due to G/vibrations. Perhaps for civilian aircraft, just in case good old books as a back up should be in place? Edit: I am mistaken. Looks like they still have the physical books? Hope so. Perhaps some of these glass panel cockpits for civil/military may
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-airbus-design-boeing-idUSKCN2AU2RJ https://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/639005-boeing-cites-risks-design-newest-airbus-jet-2.html While I think it is important to listen to peers and test test test the heck out of these aircraft, well, I am not sure how to take this.
  3. F-1 getting in on the Mars landing https://twitter.com/McLarenF1/status/1362836379818987521
  4. Do not know how I missed these, but, I think they look great. Macchi C. 202 for the Japanese army. The 202 in KI-61 inspired markings. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17741-mc-202-series-8-skins/?do=findComment&comment=575147 And https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17741-mc-202-series-8-skins/?do=findComment&comment=583273
  5. Snippets of interviews. Very interesting to me. Sorry if already posted. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5-bVhJD0qTT0_A-zXKo0A
  6. That is a very nice setup. Looks to be the Bee's knees. I was looking at that bridge and thinking of the scene from piece of cake the series with the Spitfire and the bridge. Now do that in VR(though I do not think VR is 100% there yet) would be awesome
  7. That throttle quadrant looks pretty nice. You really did have a bit of fun getting those parts didn't you? I've read posts on other forums about how the shopper had the GPU/part in their cart, and by the time they input the payment/shipping info, it had been snapped up. I imagine by a bot. The scalpers/gougers. Meh. Double the price was madness. I saw on the sturmovik forum that someone created a benchmark mission for that game. The 5950X looks to be performing well. Hope it does as well for you in your sim. Enjoy your new hardware and have fun m
  8. Lots of demand for GPU's. Seems there is another mining recovery? I saw one video on youtube showing the miners are using stacks of laptops to mine. These used laptops will be well worn and then dumped on the used market. I would not get a new high end GPU unless it is critical i.e. Business/ design school.
  9. Great work. I really like the picture of the mech sitting down. Not a pose that I have seen before. Reminds me of Thanos in endgame. May as well sit while waiting.
  10. Thank You ICMF. Lots to learn/consider.
  11. Hello ICMF, Thank you very much for the response. Very informative. Not knowing what I don't know, I felt it best to ask. As usual with any purchase, I feel that it is necessary to research. One of the things that I am considering is using the public library system here as some libraries have 3d printers. There are some small speed bumps with that. 1) 2 Hour time limit 2) They only seem to use PLA. Not sure if that is good enough for this type of print? If not, then the library is out. Need the thing to last. As for my own printer, I would love on
  12. Had a price quote from a local person for the 1st one. $200 Cdn approx for the printing. Yes? No? Any thoughts?
  13. When I google Britmodeller, I get this as a result in the Google results page: "A Czech based manufacturer of quality scale model kits and accessories, with other brands including Special Armour, Special Navy, Planet Models, and CMK." Yes, even after clearing cache/cookies etc. Bit odd no?
  14. Just read that there is a supply bump/increase expected in April? should be in the news. Hopefully health care workers and seniors are prioritized. Since I am editing: I have always wanted to go to France and the Mediterranean. Ah if I could afford one of those 1$ dollar houses in one of those villages. We all know it costs more than a $1 to refurb.
  15. F-15 in Viggen splinter camo.
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