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  1. Great solution to improve the fit of the windows, that's another one I'd have let slide - Andy
  2. Great foiling as ever and the flocking between the front seats and the centre console looks particularly effective - Andy
  3. It all looks fantastic but especially the engine - Andy
  4. Great Colour scheme and very nicely done - Andy
  5. I know next to nothing about rallying, but from a purely aesthetic point of view I'm with Spiny. Plus great work on the masking as ever - Andy
  6. Thanks @dbostream, @dnl42 &, @Fnick for the kind words as always there very much appreciated. Thanks @keefr22 & @klubman01 thanks for the technically info. Initially I thought I would attach the harnesses to the roll cage. However if I attach them to the rear bulkhead I can sort the seats and harnesses before I install the rollcage. Decisions, Decisions 🤔 - Andy
  7. As always progress is continuing at a snails pace, however its definitely going forward. I bought some cobra classic racing seats from prettymessystudio.com and they suit the build perfectly. I made the bases for the seats out of some scrap styrene and attached them to the seats with 5 minute epoxy. They were designed so they would be easy to install after painting. One question for the Mini aficionados, do the racing harnesses attach to the horizontal bars in the rear section of the roll cage or elsewhere? The front arches are now on, which involved the nerve racking process of having to cut them in two so that the front can still be removed. I also had to make a new bolt hole as without it there would have only been 1 one the rear section. A steering wheel from the spares box is now installed, it obviously come from a race car as it have a built-in display, which is ideal as it means I won't have to add any extra gauges. Yet another mock up! But the best news is that the engine still fits Thanks for popping by - Andy
  8. I assume on the door trim you painted the whole thing black and then sanded the Aventador script to get such a neat job? - Andy
  9. It was like they were meant to be together. Have you thought about removing the rear wheel arches altogether and grafting is some flat sheet? It might make the join between the two elements appear more cohesive. Great work - Andy
  10. The mock up looks great and the colour really suits the car. It also lets you get a feel of the size of the thing, which is enormous and the overhangs are ridiculous - Andy
  11. You may not be sponsored by Green Stuff World, but you should be as they are definitely going to sell some of their products on the back of this build. Great work - Andy
  12. You know you're a good builder when someone can look at you work and know who did it and this can only have come from the mind of one person 😅🤣. Great idea - Andy
  13. Excellent, looking forward to them already. Inspiring work as ever, can't imagine what you do next, all I know it will be fascinating to watch - Andy
  14. Wow you're definitely pulling out all the stop with this one, thanks for sharing - Andy
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