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  1. This one is in Norfolk, but I have only been inspecting it for 4 years and have never thought to ask the chap how long he has had it, or where got it from - Andy
  2. Looks good to me, the seams may have been a simple addition but make a hugh difference to the realism - Andy
  3. Fantastic build, I would never have had the foresight to believe you could modify a kit in this manner. Thanks for sharing - Andy
  4. I like this....I like this a lot! Cracking build - Andy
  5. Its been a while since I checked this thread, great progress and some absolutely stunning details - Andy
  6. Well spotted, it is indeed a 69, I was told it was a runner but needed a bit of TLC, sorry I could have taken a couple of photos of it. Maybe next year when I go back it will it will be back to its full glory
  7. For work I inspect pressure systems, steam boilers, compressed air systems etc often the energy from these devices is supplied to something that isn't that exciting or unusual. However today was my favourite job of the year when I get to inspect these beautys First up a 1902 Locomobile As you can see this is very early on in the history or the motor car and really is just a horseless carriage Although technically its mid engined This was followed up by the 1910 Stanley Now the real incredible thing about this car is that the owner has let me drive it!! Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better the owner announced he had brought a new one! A 1924 Brooke, only 6 are known to survive and out of these only two are operational and this is the most original and possibly the most original steam car in existence! The boiler, (sorry poor photo) which operates around 475 psi and burns vaporised petrol! And finally the coolest horn in the world of any car I know technically its not a spot as I was going specifically to see these cars, but I thought this was interesting enough for you all to forgive me. Finally I know he's not going to see this but I would like to thank the owner for letting post these photos. Andy
  8. I have this kit myself and a couple times I thought about starting it but looked at the decals combined with the louvres and found something else to build. Great job. I also never realised how small the car was until I saw your last photo.
  9. Sometimes if the internal labyrinth is too complex it is necessary to make this structure first out of a ceramic, then mould your wax around this. After casting you are left with the metal casting with an internal core of ceramic, this can then be removed in a pressurised vessel containing a caustic liquid. - Andy PS, I Also agree this is stunning work.
  10. The spring was made from 5 amp fuse wire, which in this case is 0.19mm in diameter. The rod linkage is the shaft of a broken drill bit, again 0.4mm - Andy
  11. Both the throttle linkage and the ignition leads are made from 0.4mm wire from Hiroboy, part numbers HB-IW-1000 (Black) and HB-IW1001 (Red). The copper wire is 0,5mm in diameter, it came from circuit board coil out of an old alarm clock. Thanks for the interest - Andy
  12. I'm no expert in rally cars, but you're weathering looks spot on to me - Andy
  13. If anyone ever needs to restore a real 312T in the future, I'm fairly confident they'll be able to use your model a a reference , as ever thanks for sharing Andy
  14. Great work and the display really brings your work to life - Andy
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