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  1. Absolutely fantastic, the addition of the furrels (which I assume are just cosmetic? ) make a hugh difference to the realism
  2. It would be an ideal first kit, because the worse it's made the more realistic it will be . Not very viable but I'd love to see a Ginetta, preferably a G4.
  3. Lovely build and the photography not too shabby either
  4. Hi John, Just Googled it and you are quite clearly correct. But I can honestly say that I have never even heard of one.
  5. Well I've finally made it to my first RFI, thanks for all the encouragement along the way - Andy
  6. Sorry to read about this. I think most of use hear at one point have thought if I was just to.......and then 20 minutes later thoroughly wished we hadn't. Don't give up as its going to make a great piece when finished - Andy
  7. I don't know if this really counts as a spot of the day, but anyway last week whilst visiting a client I ended up in a room I have never visited before and this painting was on the wall. Apparently its been there that long no-one knows who did it or how long its been there. Whilst I can obviously recognise the Ford's and the Triumph, can anyone identify the blue car in the centre? Andy
  8. The good news the wait is over, so I can tackle my paint run. The bad news I made it worse . Even sanded through to the white layer I not going to repaint, I'll just find a way of touching up over the white and it will join my collection of models with a good side. But hopefully I have now reached the stage were I shouldn't be able to bugger it up. The bodys finally on. Very tight fit and very glad my son was playing on his playstation with his headphones on during this operation as otherwise he might have learn a few new expressions . The metal transfers are no
  9. Hi John, you're correct according to the Jeremy Coulter book the Lous 7 the engine used came from a mk1 Cortina. But what the doesn't say it what they called it at the time, because they could not have called it a pre-crossfow .
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