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  1. Sorry to see whats happened to your paint, unfortunately I cannot give any advice, just moral support - Andy
  2. The Chap who owns it hopes to have it running in about a years time and judging by the quality of is other work I saw I have no reason to disbelieve him. I have to be honest when he told me what it was I just pretended I knew and then Googled it when he wasn't looking!
  3. If mine turns out half as good as yours I'll be over the moon, great work
  4. Some very original touches that really add to the final result
  5. Bonnets done! Thanks @dnl42 for the pencil tip (no pun intended ) worked a treat on the carb scoup. The fits not perfect, but I doubt that it was on the original cars. As you can see this has been a long journey! Installed a couple of magnets into the front cross member and into the nose cone, therefore it will be removable when it finished. Finally a better shot of the engine in situ. Thanks for looking Andy
  6. A lot of modelers can build well a lot can build fast, but hardly any can combine the two. You are most definitely in this elite group. Andy
  7. I've never heard of a Hindu Contessa, but I like it....a lot. Great model
  8. I agree with all the deserved praise, especially love the weathering.
  9. Whilst working today I noticed this interesting tarpaulin. Despite the hard top I knew it wasn't an MX5, it looked a bit like a corvette from the front, but really didn't have a clue. Now before scrolling down does anybody really know what it is?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Well 10 out of 10 is you said a Gerry Anderson UFO car Believed to be based on a humble Zeph
  10. This came today, as a life long Caterham obsessive it was always going to happen, even more so when it comes with the exact wheels that are fitted to my car. When I first ordered it I did think it was a bit too expensive, however now its arrived and I can see the quality and there's also a lot more in the kit than the photo on the website eludes to. So I most definitely stand corrected, thank you @mbdesignart
  11. Cracking job on the interior as for the missing part of the A, if you have any old decals with black on it might be easier to use this and cut it to shape rather than painting. - Andy
  12. Stunning build, I would never have believed its humble origins unless I had seen your WIP
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