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  1. All looks great, but got to agree with Keith the interior does look particularly convincing - Andy
  2. I think the lesson to learnt is that convertibles are not for you . The year before Covid (I get confused when that actually was) I drove the Caterham down to Spain and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The one exception was we got stuck in a small town (there had been a small bump at the traffic lights ahead), the misses and I were feeling a bit warm when she noticed the thermometer on the local pharmacy was reading 37 degrees! Let's just say at that point the shorts and leather seat combo started to loose appeal. When we got back to our villa, removed my wallet from my now very sweaty shorts and jumped straight into the pool...heaven.
  3. Good luck with the final assembly, she looking really good. - Andy
  4. Carbon fibre decals look good to me too - Andy
  5. Today I popped along to a local car show at a place called Carleton Rode Social Club, wasn't expecting much, but was totally surprised when I got there. Only about 30 or so cars, but there were some great ones amongst the field. Not seen an X19 for years Certainly wasn't expecting a Countach (not sure I ever actually seen one in the wild before) A lovely Jag A Vauxhall Viva Brabham (never even new such a beast existed). Only 6 left and this is the only one on its original engine. The a lot of American Iron Didn't recognise most of it, however I know a Pontiac GTO when I see one and a T bucket (quite an unusual sight for rural Norfolk) The rest were just very very large! And this is quite possibly the largest car I have ever seen Andy
  6. Unbelievably crisp masking as always and the floorpans not too shabby either (well it is but in all the right ways ) - Andy
  7. True craftsmanship and its been a real joy reading your tread. - Andy
  8. Great work on the cosmetic roll bar - Andy
  9. Thats not a shop, its just @Andy J's stash
  10. You've really captured the brutality of the original machine, by that I mean it really looks like it would quickly punish any mistake made. Its a lovely machine, but I wouldn't be brave enough to drive it! Great work - Andy
  11. May be so, however your results are stunning. I also feel your frustration with the load bay floor colour issue (I can easily make mistakes all on my own, without help from the kit instructions ), however with your polishing skills I'm sure your fix will be perfect. - Andy
  12. Time well spent, she's absolutely fantastic and crammed full of so many intricate little details (I've only just noticed you've added wheel weights). looking forward to see what you're going to do with Mr Presleys BMW - Andy
  13. Have to agree, this was my nearest model shop when I was a kid and it's really great to see it still going strong. I was working at Greene King on Wednesday so it would have been rude not to call in, the amount of stock they hold in such a small space is quite incredible and its definitely got the best selection of paints in the area. - Andy
  14. Today I caught up with and AMG E Class on a 62 plate (2012?; still don't understand this numbering system) at some traffic lights. A couple of miles down the road we both turned off on to one of my favourite B roads. So I decided to see if I could keep up with it in my company Corolla (purely for Scientific purposes) and the answer was no. Now most of you will be wondering why I thought I would be able to keep pace with it and the answer to that question was that it was towng a boat at the time!!
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