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  1. Great build, great tones, it looks like its been driven hard, but well looked after - Andy
  2. Really enjoyed catching up on your progress and thanks for sharing the construction photos - Andy
  3. Having tried and failed to get my Droid to stand on his STAP in the normal position I have some understanding of how hard it was to achieve your stance, which as I said in your WIP gives far more life to the model than the original. Really enjoyed watching this come together, your efforts were definitely worth while superb model, thanks for sharing - Andy
  4. Thanks Spiny, I'm sure it will and thanks for taking time to explain your setup. I'm being to learn that photography is one of those things that at first glance seems so simple, however everytime I stray from the automatic settings I get more and more frustrated with my results - Andy
  5. Sorry John I'm failing to see the charm , but I do like the Riley.
  6. Great choice for the christening of the cave, I'll be watching with interest - Andy
  7. There's an exception to rule https://www.wheelswithinwales.uk/aston-martin-mark-st-davids-day-and-new-welsh-plant/
  8. Great modelling and engineering, he looks far more animated than the standard pose. Looking forward to the Ready for Inspection photos - Andy
  9. Thanks Keith, The first half was simple, trying to make both sides look symmetrical, we that was another story - Andy
  10. Another cracking build and I must admit I'm very envious of your photography skills, your glamour shoot looks fantastic
  11. The ride height looks spot on to me too, as does your Cayman. I can honestly say I have never seen a Porsche in that colour, but if .I'm being honest I'm not surprised - Andy
  12. Now the nosecone is done the next area requiring modification is the front suspension. The top of the front suspension on a lotus 7 consists of a single arm and antiroll bar, were as my Caterham has a top wishbone arrangement plus an antiroll bar, plus there is an extra strengthening bar across the bottom wishbone. The addition of the bottom brace now means that the lower suspension can now no longer be removed as Tamiya intended as you have to push one end through the car in order to insert the otherside. Therefore this is now in three bits with metal pins inserted to achieve correct alignment. Thanks again for looking - Andy
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