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  1. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Thanks Gents, that's just the beginning Woodwork done, this time not by me, which is obvious, because it's straight
  2. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Little progress Cheers Mick
  3. Michael M

    Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    I haven't forgot about this one, range finders:
  4. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    OK so to make sure I'm getting it right, for the steel parts of decks and flat horizontal surfaces I can go for 507A/G10 and for the semtex patches either darker gray without bluish tint or green? There is a fairly new publication about Polish Hunts, that's Krakowiak prior to transfer from Mediterranean in April '44. I don't know what is it based on. Looks cool but..... does it make any sense? That's basicly box camo for that model, funnily enough IBG's instruction doesn't mention green decks, it says grey......
  5. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    OK so that's sorted G45 and G20. What about decks?
  6. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    No to all your questions, that's the only photo I know about, all the descriptions are enigmatic to say the least. There are some drawings showing her with kind of dark grey with greenish tint to it on the lower part of the hull, but they are just drawings, based on God only knows what. Later photos I've seen show her with whole hull painted in that darker colour, but is it the same greenish one??? Who knows. That's why I'm asking here because whatever it was it must have been following some RN regulations. Something like this for instance:
  7. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    OK Jamie, I've read the article you have on your website about that 507a/G10,as much i don't like it I have to accept the logic of it, it wasn't greenish. Another question i have for you and dickrd is the colour for the decks. Ive seen some drawings ranging from dark grey to venomous green Please Help.
  8. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Sandwich in place
  9. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Strictly speaking that's exactly Krakowiak in June '44 so we're talking about these colours not Belvoir or Adrias, I used Belvoir's photo as an example of that camo, because i couldnt find this one
  10. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Could someone give me those nice colour numbers used by RN for this type of camo? I know it's gray and green, but I have to find some paints for it. Actually the number for the green deck would be helpful ...
  11. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    It's not on BM, it's on one of the Polish forums. If you don't speak the lingo, you can always look at the pictures https://modelwork.pl/topic/35242-projekt-grupowy-polskie - niszczyciele- klasy- hunt-1700/?page=4
  12. Michael M

    ORP Krakowiak, IBG, 1:700

    Those bits will just add a bit more of underwater 'depth' to be visible through waves. Im taking part in a bigger 'Polish Hunts' group build with it, if you want I'll send you some coordinates for Kujawiak build thread, when it starts.
  13. My new 'little project, I'm starting to like them 700's First cuts:
  14. Michael M

    Tsi Yuen, S-Model, 1:700

  15. Michael M

    Tsi Yuen, S-Model, 1:700

    Thanks gents None of it is my own idea, I'm just trying to copy what is shown here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=155661