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  1. Thanks Marcello, photos of this particular boat are like hen's teeth I just used general knowledge and my collection of pictures from dry docks as an inspiration.
  2. Now this thing is not politically correct, but I have to finish it. It's nearly there... Cheers Mick
  3. Somehow I've missed your post. It's a real boat, Chinese converted one normal 033G to this standard. There was no follow ups, so they must have found her to under-perform
  4. No, it isn't. Contemporary French armored cruisers had up to six
  5. The information finally clicked in , those newspapers, is that a kind of unofficial standard procedure? That would look cool if I'll be working on something more modern, or maybe it's a practice with long tradition?
  6. Thanks, it's always nice to read comments like that. It makes me blush Brake fluid bath was necessary, because I have 'inherited' a model that was already started. I stripped off the paint with it. There wasn't much done, but the hull was glued together and painted.
  7. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Stuart, I got them at the source, They're on Facebook, you can contact them directly.
  8. It's DONE. WIP is HERE . Model itself is a bit on the 'primitive' side, but the ship itself is priceless. I've added Masts form universal Master sets, ratlines from Artwox PE and sailors form ION Model. I'll stop here for a moment, because they're BRILLIANT. I've used NS before and they did the job and were great a few years back, but these are light years ahead. Print is very good quality, they have nice poses, resin isn't brittle. I actually managed to brake off only one head in 30 sailors ( and I did glue it back, so no losses whatsoever ) and they're not like inflated version of Arnold Shwarzenegger like the good old NS ones Now enough of talking, pictures: Cheers Mick
  9. Steel. I see different problem. Both props are the same, they shouldn't be since they were turning in opposite directions. Left one anticlockwise and right one clockwise. So these are both right props.
  10. It's a bit of everything Stuart. There's sprues on the boats, stainless steel wire and 20 denier thread. Saggy ones are made of wire, as some of the straight ones as well.
  11. Ship itself is DONE. Time to add some 'accessories' I hope to post RFI by the end of the week Cheers Mick
  12. I agree wholeheartedly Boats and some of the rigging... Cheers Mick
  13. How did I miss this monster????? I already like you for the subjects you pick Mick I've built her in paper 1/250 long time ago in a faaar far away galaxy I'm watching.
  14. I'm glad you like it. My first attempt at white and yellow I did some black before, but not in that quantity.
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