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  1. Main colors DONE, I think this approach has future, some bits could be done better and will be done better next time General views: Plating close-ups: Superstructures: Screws: Thanks for following Mick
  2. Grey on hull done, now i have to mask and paint the black strip between grey and red There are little problems, but in comparison to the whole thing, they're nothing Cheers Mick
  3. It'd definitely look cool in dry dock on the blocks, covered in all that mighty Pacific scum I'm using all my willpower to prevent myself from buying one. I'll wait for U and do one of the Polish Navy ones.... maybe
  4. Skilled craftsman at best Rob But thanks anyway.
  5. Decks done. I guess I'll have to mask them off now..... Cheers Mick
  6. Time to go for horizontals....... Cheers Mick
  7. It's camera and fully artificial light, so weather is no issue. There's never a problem with any other type of color. I'm not saying I'm a photo-master, but I think that I can do decent photos, as long as it doesn't involve hull red-ish
  8. As always with this color, what's on the picture looks nothing like the real thing It's more brown-ish and with a bit more contrast. Maybe it'll be better visible after lumping all the seaweed and other sh..... If anyone knows why I'm always failing in taking pictures of that kind of colors, I'd gladly get educated Cheers Mick
  9. Done, now it's time to put proper color over that undercoat. In upright position Don't worry I won't bore you with the whole process for all colors Just wanted to show the process itself on one example. Cheers Mick
  10. Recessed streaks ready for final color. Now i have to mask it all off.... Cheers Mick
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