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  1. Good job, not often one can see properly battered ship, I like the effect of structure poking through plating
  2. Hull straight from shipyard had a head on collision with reality new water in making: Cheers Mick
  3. Colour and general sculpt is more less OK but the oats are too obviously visible, so are the creases of paper on right angle to the waves themselves. Serves me right for 'improoving' something that was perfectly OK hahaha. No big deal it's a minor 2-3 day setback and I do have planty od other things to work on while the new water will be drying.
  4. Water of shame ah well you can't win all the time. It won't go to the bin, I always use mishaps like this for testing stuff I'll start new one tomorrow... Cheers Mick
  5. You can, but I just trim it with knife first, and then sand the lot.
  6. Washes done, I'll let it dry for a few days, then move on to fouling scratching and general destruction base with the socket... in the socket, in the tomb Thanks for watching Mick
  7. Sending them away and waiting for them is the easiest part of the job As for drawing part.... all depends how skilled and practiced are you with graphic programs. It's not really complicated as you only operate in four colours, nor is it 3d, any CAD type program or Illustrator will do, I myself use old Corel. Now turrets and the rest of the junk still needs wash, dirt rust and so on, before I move on to superstructures and other miscellaneous stuff...
  8. Well not exactly DIY, I've drawn them and sent away to be etched by specialist. My hands are marked enough even without acid around
  9. Now this girl was left alone for faar to long Blastbags painted plus deck gratings finally emerged from the acid... I can at last move on to the superstructures Cheers Mick
  10. Holidays done, time to go back to work Scum plus wash on G20. Cheers Mick
  11. Now THAT is one tiny little cool bugger
  12. Haha you just proved that my memory is really bad haha. I did post it here, as you already know
  13. I think I never posted that model here... That was before I joined... Sorry. Full build thread, in polish is here: https://modelwork.pl/topic/25062-faszystofski-batyskaf-u-zweihunderteins/ I didn't cut that long hole, that's just wash :) As for tracking down someone's builds you can and it actually is quite simple. You go into the person's profile then pick the content and then click on topics. That will show you all the topics started by that person. By definition that will give you all the WIPs and RFIs . Torpedo loading aparatus comes in the Griffon set along with the torpedo, my only addition was the winch which they managed to overlook ;). Good luck with yours I'll gladly watch it all over again. Cheers Mick
  14. Good start, reminds me of the VIIc iI've done few years back. I had that nice Griffon set as well for the earlier version. What goes well with this one is the Preiser Figures in 1:144. Sorry for off top
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